Everything Perfect

All week long from the shadows of my light submissive little creatures emerged begging to serve Me. These foolish boys had been fantasizing about serving me for months, even a year and only just now got the courage to approach me. It doesn’t shock me in the least that I have many secret admirers. I know I am intimidating, and I only take on the best slaves there are, but if you are going to be looking at my website, my clips and reading my words you will show your appreciation. Do not wait so long, the longer you wait the harder your fall will be when I pull your safety net out from under you. There is nothing sweeter than the feeling of releasing all control and knowing that with my help you had accomplished turning your life of mundane nothingness into one full of meaning and purpose.

For those of you who can’t get enough of me there is a new interview I gave available on moneslavery.net They asked me to be the first Domme in “The Hot Seat” and I was happy to do so, even though I wasn’t feeling well at the time. Here is the link, have a look, and if you are a Domme interested in doing an interview just scroll to the bottom and read the directions.


Oh footbitch has truly shown me he is a dedicated pet this week, he’s even gone shopping to send me a surprise authentic gift from Spain, as well as some Euros which I can add to my money from around the world collection. I have him locked up in a nice pink chastity device and I love the thought that he was out shopping for me all day while his penis was being squeezed mercilessly by the device. I took a few pictures just for him of my feet in the sandals that arrived here yesterday. Spring is creeping up slowly and I’d like to have my feet ready for it. I donated a lot of my shoes to charity instead of selling them to you boys, which means you now have the chance to replace my shoes! Yay! I make life so much fun for you don’t I. I’m just too kind.

Buy Me Shoes Here


I’m all yellow because I’m such an angel hahaha.

I know you’re reading this, hoping to get a glimpse into my life and remember the days when you were a part of it. Your heart is beating faster as you start to realize this part right here is directed at you. Your throat is constricting, and your stomach tickles with nervous butterflies. You don’t realize it but you’re holding your breath in anticipation. Exhale, look around you and realize how empty your life is without me. Every day you come here and feed your addiction, every day you watch my clips, every day you are on the brink of coming back to me on your knees begging for the chance to please me again. Every day of your life you are so close to doing the one thing you were meant for- that is serving me. Every day that you take to pick yourself back up after I destroyed you will be another day you’ve wasted by not stepping over that line, and falling to your knees in front of me. I have faith that you will overcome the inner turmoil you are facing and will crumble to the ground admitting you’ve been nothing more than a fool.

Make My Dreams A Reality!

As predicted I won at the casino, this was on Friday night. I stayed overnight in the hotel, and I spent nerdy’s money for my room. I intended to use money from a few slaves to waste on the machines, after all I believe in supporting my native american ancestors, but within the first five minutes there I won $500. I put $20 into the dollar machine and won $180, and then I won another $320. Yay!! After the relaxing night I came home and ignored my slaves to play nintendo. mmm hmmm, I have the super nintendo from when I was a child and my timmy bought me the Mario All Stars game which has all the original mario brothers on it. Ahh nostalgia..

I had the best dream last night. In it I was financially dominating Bruce Lee. Don’t ask me why it was him, but the dream was hilarious. Firstly he took me shopping to a store that celebrities shop at, the dresses were amazing and thousands of dollars. He bought me ten of them, but I wasn’t happy with just that. I then demanded he give me cash, and of course he did without any worries. We then went back to his amazing house where we were served dinner and I made him sit on the floor at my feet while I enjoyed my food. He then called a friend and got me a role in a movie. ahhhhh .. So, obviously none of you have the powers that Bruce Lee has(had) but you can at least attempt to make my dream a reality. In the least it will be amusing to watch you try.

Life can be so easy for me. I don’t
intend to be ungrateful, or even selfish. I am self-centered, as well I
should be. I am the center of my own world after all, but I do realize
there are people who have to suffer.  I do try to make a difference and
I ask that my slaves do the same. Those of you who are serving me (and anyone else who wishes) have until next week Friday to make a donation to one of these three
charities, and show me the proof of it. You can donate it in my name if
you would like, but that’s not necessary. As a reward you will be
allowed to donate the same amount to me! (Yay!)

1. Help Fight Malaria – nothingbutnets.com

2. Help Fight Childhood Cancer- St.Judes.org

3. Support Our Wildlife- WorldWildLife.Org

While I was working on my project yesterday I had a lot of fun talking to you guys. Each of you can make me laugh, and that’s really important. Even if I could take all of Bill Gate’s money I still wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t at least laugh every now and then. BTW, it is a fantasy to financially dominate a celebrity. I wonder if any of the online Dommes have had that experience? I would love to hear about it. Talk about an orgasm! hmm let’s see, I think I’d start with Johnny Depp, I’d so pull his hair and drag him on his knees after me, while he begged to hand over each and every dollar he has. Then I’d move on to Kevin Spacey- what can I say, I like the nerdy look. I bet he’d make such a great slave too, probably really intellectual and sarcastic, so he’d be fun to put in place. I’d have to feed him the heel of my shoe a few times. I’d then move onto Vince Vaughn. Okay the guy is HUGE, couldn’t you picture me dropping him to his knees and stepping on his chest. He’s such a baby too, he’d be begging and squirming and pleading for mercy. hahaha..




I received a great new cookbook today, “Eat, Drink & Be Vegan” by Dreena Burton. It’s fabulous! There are so many healthy and animal free recipes that I can not wait to try. Some of you may be wondering if I incorporate the vegan lifestyle into all aspects of my life, example- shoes! I do. I have shoes that are made from leather, and I still wear them, but it is from before I realized how horrible it is to steal an animals life. I guess always knew, but I never thought about it hard enough. I will be replacing those shoes slowly with more compassionate ones. My slaves know I am not a “crazy vegan”, but I just care a lot about animals, a lot more than I care for slaves.. that’s for sure.


Most of my slaves are given days of the week that they need to eat meat-free. It’s relatively simple concept, and it turns me on to control every aspect of their lives.


My one sub is so cute, I call him “Hot Sub” .. you know, like a hot sub sandwich. haha


More pictures? More videos? Please POSH Please PRINCESS PLEASE!!!




We’ll see.


BTW Mike M. you’re outta here.



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