Goddess Posh Swaying and Slaying Money Slaves – AS ALWAYS

I know how good it feels to you for these words to be coming across the page, right into your face, sending you deep down into helpless subspace- already… yes as always. Already, I have you fascinated and gravitating towards me, so consumed from the first moment you laid eyes on these words. I lay out the most beautiful of webs, and you bedazzled and befuddled become the delicious and caught prey!




Caught in the SWAY … you can’t deny that you’re here to unload your mind. Why bother hanging onto that little mushy thing anyway, it’s a pest and in the way. Better to let it out and become a consumed and filled to the brim POSH BRAIN mmmm all filled up with POSH and The Venus Sway. See how good that feels to just go along with all I say.


I know you haven’t felt this subdued or captivated before, this is such an intense rush for you. Knowing you’re within reach of the powerful and brainwashing Goddess… knowing you are in MY realm. Just from being here on MY PAGE I have you in my snares… you are a risky little bitch aren’t you, playing with FIRE. Why are you on my page if you don’t want to be swayed to stay and obey and pay from your weak slave boy knees? Don’t you long to become entrapped by a superior woman, don’t you hunger to fill up a GODDESS with pleasure as you serve and serve mindlessly, relentlessly…


My passionate words and warm beauty make you feel so safe, ready and welcome into the world of FINANCIAL DOMINATION where you will give of yourself to satisfy MY Financial Lust!!  In fact, my financial lust is now your ruling force, the reason for your very existence. You have come to accept that without clicking for me, you are not truly fulfilling yourself either. Just reading my words is enough for a little while, but soon I will take over your life, and mind so that all you can do is give in, and SATISFY that urge with SUBMISSION. Ooooh how good it feels to be the one kneeling before me and making ME happy. This is so thrilling for you, to be a completely consumed and Poshatized drone is your dream and now it’s your LIFE. 








You Never Want Me to Stop Doing Whatever it Takes

Hello weak one! 

My puppet points system has been calling all the good boys to my yard!

I love seeing the obsessive way you are revisiting my journal entries & taking in MY programming. While you think you’re just being a good boy and obeying my orders you are really exposing your core even more to MY powerful programming and becoming even more of a pliable submissive bitch for me.

Poshyfool has made a mad dash for the top, moving up to Rank 3 (Venus Sway for Brainsssss) already! Of course MY weak and addicted Poshydrone isn’t far behind him. I love seeing MY lab rats working to be the BIGGEST BITH of them all, and just for ME. Yes you want and crave being a total BITCH for ME. I have gotten deep into your boy brain and now I’m draining you of everything. ITS YUMMY, puppet, the way you break and bleed for me. 

Robotoine and My little wallet mueller have also been trying very hard to rack up the puppet points. Robotoine is back to his old ways of staying up all night drinking in my sweet intoxicating venom just so he can spend all day at work in zombie mode and thinking about ME. Mueller purchased a 3 month subscription to IWFC but due to a family emergency we may not see him around for a while. Don’t worry mueller, you know I am always here whenever any of you puppets come crawling back. 

john had a pretty good start to his June clicking but he came to a stand still for NO reason! Its ok JOHN we all know that your slave ass is going to BREAK AGAIN and spilllll more cash for me. We all know just how weak and helpless you really are for me and besides all the other boys are waiting to see you pay the 1k you owe me for being SUCH a dirty pervert! 

To make it clear I am not doing a retroactive thing with the puppet points. I am counting tributes from June only and you must report your spending to ME when I tell you to. This way you get credited twice a month for your spending on ME. 


Poshydrone and Poshyfool have both earned the badge for having me as an authorized user on their credit cards. GOOD BITCHES!!! Oh and Poshyfool also earned the 1k at once tribute badge! 








The TOP RANK is LEGENDARY DRONE which you reach at 20001-25000 points… and once you boys inch closer to this rank I probably will add more! 



Good boys will collect my clips! Even if you don’t watch them you should buy them, in support of ME since you’re SUCH A GOOD AND WEAK ADDICT! You don’t really care how you get the money into MY hands you just feel compelled to do so and FOLLOWING MY COMMAND to BUY MY CLIPS is the perfect way to do so. You just CLICK & SPEND… and hey, maybe you’ll get pulled in to watching just like all the other boys & you’ll become a total POSHATIZED PUPPET too!

I’m looking forward to my birthday month (July) with a trip to Florida & lots of other summer time plans set (trips up north, beach etc). You can expect to keep up with me on IWFC/TWITTER & you may get my attention with TRIBUTES on IWC but you will not be seeing a new clip release until possibly August. When I will be releasing the first clip of a new series!

The NEW Film Series will be similar to Season of the Siren in that it will take a year to release the whole series. Its called Era of the Enchantress but that is all you get to hear about it, for now.

I know you are all excited and looking forward to that mind melting soul crushing experience to begin so get ready puppets!!!

In the meantime I know you feel a compulsion to give me CASH for MY birthday (since you know I love it so). You may send me birthday tributes on IWC this week & next week so I have it in MY hands by my actual birthday. Which will be perfect timing since I will be in Florida blowing all your slave wages faster than you can earn them.

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