The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins
I’ve taken over, I’ve made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME.
I’ve created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!!

I’ve warped your life with my powerful mind altering clips and words so greatly that you can’t even remember what it was like BEFORE POSH. Before POSH was a lifeless existence, one that just floated along meaninglessly while the world spun around it. Now you have ME and a path to stay on, a light to follow, that leads you right into the warmth of my Venus Sway! Here you are programmed to achieve greatness for me, giving a new purpose to your days. As a VENUS SWAY mind controlled DRONE you have no say and you mindlessly bob your bobble head up and down to my will.

Now you may already follow me on but that doesnt mean you shouldn’t stock pile my original mind control brainwash clips for your own private collection. On you can stream all the clips, but you may not download them. To buy your own personal copies of my financial domination clips you need to CLICK HERE and USE your credit card or even PAYPAL to check out! Yes I have set up my own payment processor and they conveniently are allowed to accept paypal so you boys have no excuse at all to not able to buy MY hypnotic, trance inducing, spell binding, femdom clips!

There is also the side of POSHY that you all know is there, and love, but are rarely invited to partake or enjoy- the KINKY side! That is why you will not see that my UNCHAINING the KINK is going to CHAIN you down and turn you into even more of a mindfucked POSH addict than you already are!

Subscribe on for the KINKY FETISH CLIPS you know your depraved and dirty side is craving, the side of you that needs to be taken forcefully by me, the side that wants and craves to feel my hand on the back of your head as I make you take my strap-on cock down your throat… I know about THAT side and I will take that side of you and use it to MY advantage!Venus Sway Unchained




Quite a few of The Venus Sway mind control clips have been added on my Niteflirt goodybags store, and on VENUSSWAY.COM! Take a moment to look into my eyes, and then go and enjoy being a weak puppet for me. Enjoy the feeling of being taken by ME. Know that it is a privilege, an honor, to be here and used for MY pleasure. Know that being controlled by ME is a kind of intimacy you won’t find anywhere but here. Surrender to ME, and we will both be in euphoric pleasure as you slip deep down into a drunken stupor for me.


Venus Sway LOVE Addiction



Boys, you simply MUST become CHAINED up by my UNCHAINED KINKY SIDE and suffer your CBT fate for me! I plan for those boy balls to be SWOLLEN and IN PAIN by the time I am done with you, and don’t think the only way you will pay is in pain, bitch. You’ll also be paying in cash, as usual. Also, be aware, the most sexy and kinky wishlist items have been hidden on a list I share ONLY with my unchained boys! I also post more fetish focused content, like Feminization, CBT, Forced-Bi, Ass Worship, sissification, strap-on, CFNM, SPH, ETC




I have opened The Venus Sway Studio on Clips4Sale, which you boys know I was the TOP FINANCIAL DOMINATION seller on there for 4/5years straight! I always had multiple clips on the top 50 in the category and was in the top 50 of the site overall more than a few times. However, I pulled all my old clips down and archived them for later use. If you  missed out on any of those clips I am slowly releasing many of them on the two different Venus Sway websites!  As an expert in Financial Domination and controlling the male species I feel its only right that for my TENTH year of DOMINATING MEN as GODDESS POSH I will increase my hold over this realm by staking MY place, MY claim, as a producer. I WILL PRODUCE MY STARS and you will fall HARD. 

My newest content from 2016-2017 will be found in my new Clips4Sale studio, but surprise, I am also producing clips featuring other ladies as well. These ladies will be known as The Venus Sway STARS!!!!! Of course this will include my sister Sasha Star! Don’t forget to subscribe to her femdom fetish onlyfans account, she loves to make men bow to HER and SLAVE away! Foot FETISH freaks will LOVE HER too, she LOVES shoes, having her feet worshiped, getting pedicures and manicures, and walking all over you! She LOVES to humiliate small cock losers & be a total brat to weak bitches, making them pay and pay while she just does whatever she wants! There will be NO MERCY from this girl.



My Money Drone new FINDOM HYPNO FILM

I exist to be cherished. I exist to be studied by curious and admiring eyes, that thirst for MORE of me, because I am so exquisitely ME.  I exist to be adored for exactly who I am, every intriguing part. I exist so that you may release yourself into a world that’s based on so much more than just a shallow lust or an exchange of power. So much more than just a kink or fetish, submitting and surrendering to your beautiful Goddess is your LIFE!

It is your sexuality. It is your soul. It is your hope. It is your addiction. It is your MERCY. It is your salvation. It is your only chance for redemption.


Because you’ve been living blindly and selfishly for yourself until the day you found me & the path into a NEW WORLD appeared, one where MY energy is the center of it all,  and it astounds you, for it is greater, brighter, more omnipotent than anything you have ever experienced before.

The beautiful EYES of an ANGEL and the manipulative expertise of the DEVIL … pulling you in so close…
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.46.35 AM

There is nothing more intimate to experience than working hard day in and day out, my words and my will coursing through your veins, and your cash collecting in MY account.

MY Money Drone The Mindwash Mix Season of the Siren



I’ve always loved collecting money. I remember the feeling at 5 years old being able to count out 100 pennies from my grandpas jar. The delightful giddiness I felt then I still feel EVERY SINGLE TIME you boys TRIBUTE!




Write it down 100 times for me. ALL MONEY BELONGS TO POSH.


BURN it in your mind for ME.



Feel the words taking over your every thought.

The Word of POSH is so powerful, that is all it takes to send you spinning, spiraling, into dizzy lust filled addiction, obsession and OBEDIENCE for me!




Take a spinning spiral down into MY Vortex of Financial Slaughter and lose it allllll for me!

Oh and speaking of losing it ALL for me! You will lose your MIND and CASH when you see this list of top 10 FINANCIAL DOMINATION HYPNOSIS CLIPS on my ORIGINAL TOP 10 LISTS blog!


Dehumanized & Poshatized

Gift me with amazon and home depot gift cards to Read more“My Money Drone new FINDOM HYPNO FILM”

Dance to MY HYPNOTIC Chants MY little SLAVE toy!

Welcome to 2016 and another year of amazing helpless mindless bliss under my spell. We have six more films from the Season of the Siren series to journey through and then it will be SUMMER! I am going to stay nice and warm and toasty the rest of this winter season all wrapped up in boy worship and wallets!

I know you will be staying especially nice and toasty too, as a moth drawn to the flame, you can’t help but to get burned in my fire. Tantric Enchantments is a sensual weaving together of MY will and your soul, as you mindlessly chant along, each word driving deeper into your psyche pulsating out into your EVERY ACTION… you are in a TRANCE that makes you DANCE to MY CHANTS over and over… over and over…. puppet is trapped in the TANTRIC ENCHANTMENTS …

Tantric Enchantments The Mindwash Mix


My surreal hypnotic words are implanted deep in your vulnerable boy brain, each one a hot little mine just waiting to be triggered. Careful now my pet, you never know when one of my little Poshy bombs will be EXPLODING, blowing your financial future up in the process and wiping out ALL of your self-control. So many mines planted in that mind, so many little bombs just waiting to go off and here I am, holding the trigger. Dance for me now, MY slave!


Being able to gift/tribute Me, your SUPERIOR GODDESS, is your salvation. This is your path to redemption for your male soul, your selfish male ways, your inferior life now has a purpose in kneeling for me. Kneeling for ME is your connection to ME! When you kneel and accept your slave place we are lined up in perfect harmony. When you surrender control and let go of the fear and denial, you are granted the most intimate connection to me one can have. Being MY personal slave, serving MY desires, wrapped up in MY silky words, trapped in MY firm grip, closer to me than ever before.

I know you can feel it, My overpowering light and beauty forcing you to look down in humble submission. This is right, this is so right, you can’t deny it any longer. In my light everything is right. Consuming MY creations will only enhance the EVENT, bringing you into an intimate experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the mind altering joy of the Season of the Siren films.



Kneel before my hypnotic breasts, my hands weaving their will into your mind, compel you to send more money now. 


Remember, in MY world slaves pay and you are always, ALWAYS, going to be the slave!


Goddess Posh
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Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE



The Season of the Siren NOVEMBER FILM is HERE!!!!


Honey Sweet Codeine Beats

Take a bite of this Poshy treat
I’ll be bringing you deep to sleep with my codeine beats
like a piece of meat you’ll be used and abused for the pleasure I seek
every bite gets a bit more sweet
every bite takes you just a little more deep


Fill your mind with my beautiful hypnotic songs, the sweet surrender you experience will leave you feeling like a dizzy dizzy dumdum for me and I know all you’ll want to do is have another taste of heaven.

The mindwash mix is available on clips4sale & niteflirt!

Buy Now


After you listen to the mindwash mix over and over with your headphones on you’ll realize that as you have been devouring my sweet honey treats, I have been devouring your will, your self-control, and your wallet. Mmmmm!

For me all year is like Christmas because I am always receiving gifts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t expect MORE at Christmas time! Of course I do and I also expect you to mindlessly supply all of the gifts I’ll be handing out to my family and friends. What a privilege for you to be of such use to me. My little wallet mueller knows this all to well as he has become more than just my wallet, he is now my cuckolded bitch! He is no longer allowed to even partake in viewing my films, because he is such a dirty old man for my perfect curves! He isn’t allowed to get a taste of his candy until after he satisfies ME with supplying money and gifts to MY lover, a real man and the only man who is allowed to enjoy the feeling of my creamy flesh pressed against his.

Read more“Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE”

PREMIERE of Destruction in the Key of Seduction

Destruction in the Key of Seduction is the fifth film in the series, and I can’t believe it! That means next month we will be halfway through our journey already … wow it’s going to be such a beautiful series once it is complete. I can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.13.32 PM

See I look excited to be taking you down, don’t I. Because I am.



Buy the mindwash mix now but be warned you may not be able to put together a sentence when it’s over, but you will be able to click and spend like a good payboy.

Buy Now


Your destruction is my construction as I’ve designed you to fall. THIS IS A HYPNOSIS FILM. YOU WILL BE TAKEN INTO A TRANCE.

I am the divine SIREN and you are left in a sleepy stupor for me as my candy red lips seduce you with their hypnotic words, and my full creamy cleavage drowns out all thoughts… and oh yes there is the binaural beats and the subliminal messaging too… and lets not forget the 3 original songs that will be repeating through your mind all day and all night reinforcing my programming and deepening your brainwashing. Your addiction to me is fed even when you’re not in front of the film, because the film gets into your head and it won’t leave… it will swim through your mind constantly, keeping you always in a state of DESTRUCTION for me.

My words will work their way deep into your enchanted little mind and embed themselves right into your soul. And your cash, well that my little addict, will be flowing freely from your account into mine. Flowing as it should, without limit, without fear, without hesitation, from the slave to the Goddess.

The 3 original songs:
Puddle Brain Puppet
Delicious Defeat
Love Trance

Destruction in the Key of Seduction themes: financial domination, financial destruction, mental slavery, emotional slavery, breast worship, lipstick fetish, red lips, blonde, binaural beats, mind control, hypnosis, siren, singing


My films and clips have been bringing many of you new boys down for me. I have loved watching as one by one you take a chance with the Siren, too weak to resist. You finally give in and watch one mindwash mix, and then you need the next and the next. It’s too hard to stop, you want and need to own every single piece of this marvelous creation of mine! But if you haven’t watched the full hour films you are definitely still missing out, as my VIP LOVE the mindwash mixes, but the full films are even MORE mindblowing!



BY THE WAY I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A HYPNODOMME (you can not pay me to do a hypnosis session), BUT RATHER I’M A HYPNOTIC FINANCIAL DOMME. Or in other words a Financial Domme that understands hypnosis, mind-control techniques and uses my own brand of mindwashing called The Venus Sway. And I am naturally sooooooo hypnotic….just look into my eyes and you will know exactly what I mean… you can’t stop staring….


Now put that money in my hand. I know my place, do you know yours?



The dress was paid for by my puppet drone, and he is so thrilled to be able to say that… you can go buy a dress for me as well.


By the way, Steven that called me at $19.99 a minute and confessed you had been obsessing on my website for a year or more & fantasizing about giving it ALL to me… that fantasy is your new reality now. It was just one little call, but you are going to keep cracking. I set my rate to $49.99 now, so next time you call you will be drained even faster which is what I like.


PSA: The most current Mindwash Mix will be $50 and the rest of the Mindwash Mix companion clips will all be going up to $99.99 on niteflirt, & already have on clips4sale!

Now my very indoctrinated puppets, login and buy the new film. And while you’re in there read my words before you dare to look at the new photos.

Read more“PREMIERE of Destruction in the Key of Seduction”

Pay your Sins Away – Season of the Siren Film



Become bedazzled by my sparkling dress and blonde beauty in the next film in the Season of the Siren series. As a Financial Domination Goddess of course I am going to help you find salvation for your sinning soul through your wallet. It’s okay to fail and fall, but you will make up for those sins by paying them all away. In my glorious magnificent superior presence you are forced to face your own inferiority and weakness.  Uncover your secrets and your sins so you may be washed clean and made better for Me! My glamorous beauty and sweet satin voice are the trap you’ve been longing for.

Season of the Siren Pay your Sins Away

with 3 original songs:

Bedazzling Beauty

Tones of Atonement

Redemption through Riches


The tones of atonement are so sweet to my ear, you begging and crying and pleading to confess all of your sins and pay them away for me mmmmm … this is the primal reaction to the SIREN songs which keep you mesmerized and in a weak trance for me.

Buy the Mindwash Mix now on Niteflirt or Clips4sale

Your journey with the Siren is deep underway and now its time for you to confess all of your bad boy sins so you may ATONE for them. I will make you pay those sins away, one after the other…

This is the MINDWASH MIX, VIP have access to a full hour film as well.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.26.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.05.37 PM


I know you’re nervous and scared about how deep you will be taken by me, but that is only going to stop you for so long. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for my gifts, cash etc to arrive, but when it comes to your downfall. Oh I’ll wait an eternity. I love setting the traps, and knowing that eventually you won’t be able to take it and you’ll stumble and crumble right on down to your knees before me.


You’ll break for me, and once you break for me you’ll break for me AGAIN, and again! I already know it, so yes I am patient. While you sit in fear I am enjoying being worshiped and served lavishly by my puppets, pets and slaves.


Read this CONFESSIONS entry to see if you have committed any of the listed sins, and then I want you to write me an email with your confessions, AFTER you watch the film!



Login my very indoctrinated puppets so you may buy the film Pay your Sins Away and begin your redemption.
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Pleasure Drones Pleasure Poshy for Life


Mmmmm this little habit of mine, you know the one where I liquify male brains and then make their wallets drain to empty on me, gives me such a rush. Of course I’m not going to stop, or take it easy, on you or your wallet. I’m trying to enjoy myself, get off at your expense, and benefit from your suffering, so you can believe I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I’ve created the most sticky of webs for you little wallets to wander onto… you’ve been spiraling into a deep obsession over me for some time now and it won’t stop. The web won’t stop spinning, spinning and spinning, and you keep fumbling, tumbling and crumbling into helpless, weak, submission for me. This is my world of Financial Domination where you exist to be devoured.

Oh how I love when you roll over and expose your neck for me, eager to accept your own defeat. You’ve been caught in my special Venus Sway, and there’s no getting away. Now you’re here to stay, and I will play play play with your weak boy brain …. all day, every day, any day… it’s MINE to do as I please, at MY leisure. As my slaves know, you’re given a place in my toy box and when I pull you out that is your lucky day. That’s how it works. Toys that are broken get tossed out. Some are picked up by lesser experienced women who play with them, but they soon learn those toys are worthless and move on too! All women are above all men, in my opinion and since I am the Goddess and you are the willing victim nod your little bitch head up and down and say, yes Goddess, you are always right.

I am always right. Which means when I say it’s time to tribute more cash, you don’t even have to think or argue about it. You just have to say, yes Goddess you’re always right, and go obey. It’s simple for you to maintain your place in my toy box as long as you play how I want when I want.

The toys I keep are mindless male drones, designed with only my pleasure in mind. Mmmmmhmm oh yessss I love having an army of drones that can’t say no! That can’t stop me from doing with them as I want, as I please. These drones just submit to my commands, my desires, and my demands, with no resistance at all. Oh how I love playing with my drones. Pulling one out of that toy box, putting in some special new programming, and pushing those trigger buttons… and then watching as it acts out my will. I program in, ‘send more’, and my weak drone marches off to SEND MORE!

Pleasure drones pleasure Poshy for life!!! 

And as you read my words and watch my videos you are deepening your programming, and enhancing my power and control over you. You can’t stop because after being lured into my hypnotic domain you were taken over and programmed to be SO addicted to ALL THINGS POSHY! I am your sweet intoxication, and you can never get enough. So you’ll keep reading, watching, and obsessing, and you’ll continue to spiral out of control for me. Just as I wanted, just as I had planned for you all along. There was never another life in mind for you, this is what you were destined for.


View the preview for Helplessly Ensnared, and if you haven’t purchased the new mindwash material yet you can go get it right now on niteflirt!


NOTICE: Provider9999 I see you have been locked out of VIP. It’s because you used the wrong password too many times. I’ve unlocked you. Use the correct password to login!
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All in My Name

All in My Name


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.

The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.

In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…

all his weak will  away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.

Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.

Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…

away to the Venus Sway.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.

My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.

The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…

every bit away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.

Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips

He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…

his wallet sliced open with perfect precision


the cash from within flows like blood from his veins

all in my name.

All in my name.


I know my voice is a pleasure you can’t resist, so CLICK HERE for a free mp3 of Me reading All in My Name!


Buy the photoset below & get lost staring into my gorgeous eyes as you play the poetry reading on loop.


So Sweet Danger Photo Set

you will worship my holy beauty, and love when you break.



Financial Domination with my puppets has been beyond amazing. Especially in the past year of my life, as my sense of freedom is growing more and more, thanks to the way I have conquered countless men and their wallets. I am able to live in luxury, comfort and relaxation in a way that most people only dream of. Yes I made this life for myself, but I was born for it. Just like you were born for me.

Send tribute now.

Goddess Posh
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Boy Brains FRIED by Goddess Posh

Oh how the lovely little wallets just keep piling up for me, one after the other crumpled on the floor emptied! Emptied but with great satisfaction, as being emptied for my financial lust is a privilege and a gift. This is the purpose of the wallet, to be emptied of the cash it carries.

And my mindfuck financial domination files are doing just that to all of you weak little toys of mine.

Even those of you who feel you have such strong resolve… you do not. Your will is weak. I’ve broken you already, you’re here again for a reason. Because you can’t stop me from consuming your will from the inside out, as I’ve already implanted myself deep in that boy brain of yours. You live with my triggers implanted and just waiting to be pushed.


Get down & worship ME now. I am not going to settle for your secrete admirer stares, or your long distance longings. I deserve to be SERVED & WORSHIPED. Submit, you inferior, weak, broken, bitch. 


Now maybe you haven’t been able to become a very indoctrinated puppet yet but you’ve really been thinking about it. This is the time you need to indulge in my newest video, Brainwashed into a Very Indoctrinated Puppet, which is available on niteflirt.

I’ve so generously created a little preview that is going to make you NEED the full file!

Click here to Buy Brainwashed into a VIP:

After you watch the video you can join VIP here:

Once you are a VIP of mine you’ll be able to buy other mindfuck videos such as the brand new videos Sweet Soft Addiction & Pretty things for Poshy, which you can preview right now.

My VIP you will login so you can be overwhelmed with all the new Poshy material I have waiting for your impressionable weak boy brain.
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Mindfuck Melodies Season of the Siren Premiere

Being trapped in the powerful spell of all things Goddess Posh isn’t a surprise. You’re weak and inferior, and it’s bound to happen. So it’s no shock that you’re incapable of stopping yourself from traveling deeper on your journey into helpless emotional and financial enslavement for Me!

Mindfuck Melodies may be a temptation that you know leads to your own demise, but you aren’t able to stop it, and so you’ll sink and enjoy the fall instead.

And oh how I must confess watching all of you little weak boys sailing straight towards me ready to be my mindless toys makes me incredibly sadistically happy. Yesssssss you want to fall, and yesssssss you will fall.


Season of the Siren has yet another addicting addition with this months film, Mindfuck Melodies.


Enslaved for Life
my powerful hold over you can’t be broken
you’re trapped in my grasp
these hands that hold you
while warm and like silk
they squeeze the breath from you
and still you
gaze at me from your humble knees
with love and adoration
those chains keep you in place
locked under my spell
enslaved for life


For those of you who have yet to become a VIP you’re still able to sink that financial ship of yours on my rocky shores, just load up on MORE OF MY MINDFUCK with the Mindwash Mix!!!

Inferior boy brains will bend to the power of my  Siren voice. You will sink in helpless need for me, becoming more and more hungry for my mindfuck, as my hypnotic alluring beauty traps you. This is a perfect way to get a healthy dose of Posh, or watch as an addicted obsessed drone can’t help but to do before watching the full hour film.


Buy Now

Mindfuck Melodies


After I let it be known that I would be hoarding this beautiful intoxicating file all to myself if my financial lust was not quenched by you wallets this week you ALL rushed to provide that cash I love so much!  Mmmm how you all just love to GIVE of your wallets for me… this is good, very good, my programming is working.


Oh you didn’t think you were one of my programmed puppets? This is why I make it so clear you shouldn’t think. Just nod your head along to everything I say, and save yourself some time and energy. You’re programmed by me, to be an obedient drone that has one purpose- providing more cash for me!


Nod your head along and just agree… it’s much easier on you then. Say out loud ‘yes Goddess’, hear yourself giving in, know that my power over you is real and I will use it to get whatever I want.


Read more“Mindfuck Melodies Season of the Siren Premiere”

Just a Taste of My Power

I’ve noticed a huge influx lately of girls trying to be JUST LIKE ME. It’s incredible. I know when to brush something off as coincidence, but when someone has your exact style, phrases and personality as their ‘thing’ it becomes pretty clear where their inspiration comes from! I understand I am inspiring to other women who find this world for the first time. Just as others inspired me when I was new, but I also had my own path to forge and I did. I didn’t try to be like any other financial domme out there. Now many new girls try to be like myself, and other well known Financial Dommes without even actually trying to understand Financial Domination. They just mimic our style, our words, and throw out their photos. Hey here’s a little clue for all of you girls who mimic myself & the other top Financial Dommes, all you are is a replica and replica’s are cheap.

I am the FIRST EDITION of all those little Posh replica’s and believe me, I am not cheap. But you already know that, it’s why you’re here. You’re already well aware of all of this. You see the little copycat wannabe’s and all they do is remind you of the real deal, where you’ve experienced the most intense mindfuck you’ve ever had… and that’s with ME, isn’t it. I’ve given you the most mind blowing brain rape’s of all, and left you completely broken and empty and you still come crawling back aching for more. I’ve sliced open your layers and exposed all of your hidden truths, and made you my love-struck puppet JUST LIKE THAT… and you’ve begged me not to cut those strings. You’ve begged me to keep you chained for me.

That’s just a taste of the power I have.

And here is a taste from Mindfuck Melodies, the full hour film, available only to VIP.



The 3 original songs on Mindfuck Melodies:

Get Down & Worship Me

En$laved for Life

Mindfuck Addiction


Here are two screenshots from the Mindwash Mix version of this film!



Login My Very Indoctrinated Puppets so you can buy Mindfuck Melodies today at a special price.
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Prime your boy Brain with My Mindfuck Lure

Its time to prime your weak little boy brain with my mindfuck lure! You’re enticed by my curves and have been weak for me already but you’re going to listen to this brainwash mp3 and come out of it ready to watch my videos with an even deeper appreciation and love, addiction and helplessness, weakness and admiration, for my voluptuous feminine form than ever before.


Buy it now on niteflirt!



Stuey, you are commanded to buy this goodybag and leave your slave drivel in the feedback! This goes for all of you slaves of mine. As MY financial domination philosophy makes it very clear, everything I create you cherish and love and appreciate, which means putting your wallet where MY creations are!

With Mindfuck Melodies being released on Friday this is the perfect primer for you addicts! Get a little taste of your favorite juice right here, right now… listen to my Mp3 and then come to me, ready to serve the curves.


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