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Tribute Every Single Day

GOOD BOYS ALWAYS PAY [vc_single_image image="6990" img_size="large" alignment="center" style="vc_box_rounded" onclick="custom_link" img_link_target="_blank" css_animation="bounceIn" link=""]Hello puppet! Welcome to the year 2019 and another year of financial destruction and helpless addiction for POSH! YESSSS you love and adore ME, and everything I do to you. The way I send you spinning in a haze ...

puppets go where I tell them to go

Boys,  CLIPS UP FOR SALE:        You know your mind goes where I tell it to go.  You know your wallet is drained how I desire it to be drained. For instance, poshyfool was allowed to make love with his wife and give HER pleasure and tribute me 1k each time to ...


The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins I've taken over, I've made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME. I've created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!! I am GODDESS POSH, your ...

Mindless Boys Make Lovely Toys

    Be a good little mindless boy, and pay to follow me on OnlyFans. Because I said so. Because you don't have a choice. Because you're eager for every single PIECE of me that I allow you to have. Because you LOVE me. THEVENUSSWAY FAN SITE   CUTE & CURVY Goddess PHOTOS for you ...

Visualize ALL of your MONEY in MY HANDS

Pay attention to every word. Focus your mind here, right here, only here, with ME, here, under ME, here with GODDESS POSH. Focus your mind on every word. Every word of mine is another GEM in your life! A gem you will cherish and admire, with passion. A gem you will keep safe in ...

Dance to MY HYPNOTIC Chants MY little SLAVE toy!

Welcome to 2016 and another year of amazing helpless mindless bliss under my spell. We have six more films from the Season of the Siren series to journey through and then it will be SUMMER! I am going to stay nice and warm and toasty the rest of this winter ...

Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE

    The Season of the Siren NOVEMBER FILM is HERE!!!!   Honey Sweet Codeine Beats Take a bite of this Poshy treat I'll be bringing you deep to sleep with my codeine beats like a piece of meat you'll be used and abused for the pleasure I seek every bite gets a bit more sweet every bite takes ...

Financial Domination in Action My Addicts

See this image of me in front of a greenscreen... that's a sneak peek from an upcoming HYPNOSIS video! But this isn't just your standard hypnosis video... This video will feature myself and another Domme! She is alluring, hypnotic and oh so dangerous, and she and I are the perfect balance ...

PREMIERE of Destruction in the Key of Seduction

Destruction in the Key of Seduction is the fifth film in the series, and I can't believe it! That means next month we will be halfway through our journey already ... wow it's going to be such a beautiful series once it is complete. I can't wait! See I look excited ...
Lose yourself to The Venus Sway™
  • I only like boys that pay
  • Losers make me laugh.  I only let men serve me.  Not nasty losers
  • It's your job to verify for us ladies that you're not just another loser!!! Experienced sub boys know this but you newbies need a reminder.
  • Your #blonde Goddess is ready to be worshipped
.. with your wallet... #findom
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  • There's no reason to speak puppet.  You're here just to listen and obey.
  • I'm always in my happy place #dreaming
  • New photos for worship coming to my OF soon... #busty #goddess #findom

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