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Financial Domination: This is OUR Love

Yes I expect cash & gifts from men. No, I don't have an 'excuse' why. There are constantly reasons being given WHY on places like twitter, even hashtags designed around it (#giveyourmoneytowomen etc), you should tribute like 'women hold the power over men in their pussy', and 'men are always ...

The Mindwash Minx

Women have held a great power over man from the beginning of time, and most do not realize this. Most will cower in the shadow of a man, hoping for his approval. Most will feed the male whatever he wants for fear it will wander away if not. I won't ...

VIP Personal Message

NON VIP - ooooh no update for you .. but because I love to rub it in your stupid bitch face what you're missing out on you can read the description and see the screenshot from the newest clip I've made. Until you begin your journey serving ME the right ...

Puppets Provide Pleasure to their Financial Domme

Spend Puppet Spend Your mind is exposed for me once again, because as usual you are weak and helpless .. and as usual, I am the predator having fun with her prey. My little toy, just rubbing it in what power I have and what control I maintain over you.. you ...

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    ACCESS over 10 years of mindfuck, brainwash & findom blogs written by ME, your MESSIAH of FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION! Yes I will lead you into temptation and yes I will carve out your heart and your wallet, while making you crave it and need it more than anything. These 10 years of blogs include more than […]
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