The Money Domme of your Life

I know how much you miss me. I know how often you think about me. I know how much it hurts a boy to not have his Goddess.

While some people have a love of their life, you aren’t one of those people.

What you have is THE MONEY DOMME of your LIFE and that Money Domme is ME. I am the financial Goddess of your submissive dreams.

My weak one, I know. I know how your mind is focused fully on Goddess with everything else being pushed aside. I know how your heart is consumed with ME, wanting to serve me, wanting to be near me, wanting to see me happy with your sacrifice…

I know exactly what you are and what you need, puppet. You need ME, my pet. It must hurt to not be able to get as close to me as you long to be. I know you want to go deeper but things hold you back. Things which are starting to become annoying to you, because they are getting in the way.

You want to get rid of the things which are obstructing your path to Goddess. You want to get rid of those things right now and be able to get back to the place you belong, here in Poshtopia on those knees for me.

Here with ME.

That’s where you belong, here with me. Whenever anything starts to get in the way of you being near to me, serving me, pleasing me, you get very defensive. Instantly you feel a wall go up towards whatever is holding you back from enjoying your life under Me.

The truth is you belong HERE WITH ME. And always will.

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I’ve been creating beautiful clips to help your mind dip dip dip into a dripppppping deeeeeep sleeeeeeepy state and make you helplessly ache and easily let go of all control…


Buy them like a GOOD BOY from my 100% totally secure store and put MORE money into MY pocket.

OH how you ADMIRE and LOVE The way I have taken control over my art and my powerful clips & have protected my financial interest at the same time … they are ALL MINE and now I get to keep almost 100% of the clip cost! NOW THAT is beautiful!


The more you’re emptied, the more you’re filled.

Goddess Posh



Good boy knows he is here to fill me up just the way I like… puppet knows he needs to kneel and surrender to ME putting My pleasure first and doing whatever it takes to give me that rush I so love. Being a good puppet for Goddess, and fill me up the way I crave … with all that cash.
5 Minutes 30 Seconds


I want you to be my very good boy and make me very happy with your obedient bobblehead nodding up and down to everything I say. I want you to help yourself to your favorite treat, MY Venus Sway brain changing programming that leaves you a mindless robot for POSH. I want you to become a weak hypnotized drone who doesn’t know how to stop me from slipping more and more of my venom into your veins as I drain you dry of everything. Now be a good little puppet and give me what I want. Drip Drip Drip 10 minutes of Goddess into that brain!

10Mins 42Secs MP4



If you have been paying attention you also know about the website Your Domme Fix! This is a great site for visiting and checking out profiles of beautiful Dommes and Financial Dommes and Hypnodommmes! I don’t mind if you sign up but if you’re MY puppet you’ll need to remember that your only purpose there is to serve ME and whatever friends I choose.

Come to for MORE fun with POSHY!!!

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Weak and Willing Cash Puppets

Hello MY weak and LOYAL puppets!

I know you are all back here like clock work looking for the latest updates from me. Hoping to see a blog of mine that is especially tasty, filled to the brim with my hypnotic wordplay and delicious mindtreats and in between each of those glorious moments you should be on your knees begging to serve me. It’s your place in life to see what you can do to make MY life even greater. This is the ultimate display of submission, the truest more purest act of service you can do. Everyone is wired and trained to be very self centered and to think only of what will benefit them in life. YOU on the other hand have been trained by ME for more than that. So while you may crave and need the haungtingly powerful words I share with you through my journal, what you NEED is to kneel and give up full control to me without thinking about what it is going to do for you.

My boys are all very selfless because I have shown them how to be. They thank me now for doing this to them. I know you have witnessed this in yourself and among my followers! There is no shortage of weak and willing cash puppets for Goddess!

You should know already that July is my birthday month and I usually spend that month of the summer enjoying myself without creating any content for you addicted money slaves. Now that August is here I am in the process of finishing up the final touches to the first film in the Era of the Enchantress series which is a sister series to Season of the Siren. Era of the Enchantress is still a bit of a mystery for you boys as I haven’t revealed the full concept yet but do know it is not going to be too halloweeny! 

For the end of my birthday month I had all boys that reported their financial sacrifice to me (so I can add to their puppet points) round up with an additional tribute. Only TWO boys obeyed and both ended up at the exact same amount of tributes to me for July! So poshydrone and poshyfool are both kicking ass OBEYING ME and are at the top of the puppet points chart, while slave john is not too far behind… he didn’t round up his July tributes to me, but he did do better in July sacrificing to me than he did in June. 

Its a personal challenge you should be giving to yourself already, but since you are all mushy minded and thoughtless for me now I will have to show you the way — 




Its the ONLY WAY to become a better payslave for GODDESS! 

you want to OUTDO what you have done before. you NEED to OUTSPEND so you can see a true progression in your service to me. 

After watching my brainwash clips you have become empty minded enough to easily absorb MY will through MY powerful words. Now you are like a sponge for me, soaking up each of my greed fueled words with reckless abandon because deep down inside you know this is a dangerous path you are on but you can’t stop it. Why would you want to stop? This is the MOST erotic MOST intense experience you’ve felt, just admit it. There is nothing like being in the palm of my Goddess hands feeling yourself being controlled down to your very core. I manipulate you in such a deviously charming way that you don’t even mind, and I yank your puppet strings this way and that way in such a chaotic hypnotic dance you mindlessly comply… 

There is nothing like being a TRUE PUPPET to Goddess Posh. 


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets you can especially attest to this. I would like to see you enter the VIP portion of this blog now … to absorb MORE of MY message. 

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You Never Want Me to Stop Doing Whatever it Takes

Hello weak one! 

My puppet points system has been calling all the good boys to my yard!

I love seeing the obsessive way you are revisiting my journal entries & taking in MY programming. While you think you’re just being a good boy and obeying my orders you are really exposing your core even more to MY powerful programming and becoming even more of a pliable submissive bitch for me.

Poshyfool has made a mad dash for the top, moving up to Rank 3 (Venus Sway for Brainsssss) already! Of course MY weak and addicted Poshydrone isn’t far behind him. I love seeing MY lab rats working to be the BIGGEST BITH of them all, and just for ME. Yes you want and crave being a total BITCH for ME. I have gotten deep into your boy brain and now I’m draining you of everything. ITS YUMMY, puppet, the way you break and bleed for me. 

Robotoine and My little wallet mueller have also been trying very hard to rack up the puppet points. Robotoine is back to his old ways of staying up all night drinking in my sweet intoxicating venom just so he can spend all day at work in zombie mode and thinking about ME. Mueller purchased a 3 month subscription to IWFC but due to a family emergency we may not see him around for a while. Don’t worry mueller, you know I am always here whenever any of you puppets come crawling back. 

john had a pretty good start to his June clicking but he came to a stand still for NO reason! Its ok JOHN we all know that your slave ass is going to BREAK AGAIN and spilllll more cash for me. We all know just how weak and helpless you really are for me and besides all the other boys are waiting to see you pay the 1k you owe me for being SUCH a dirty pervert! 

To make it clear I am not doing a retroactive thing with the puppet points. I am counting tributes from June only and you must report your spending to ME when I tell you to. This way you get credited twice a month for your spending on ME. 


Poshydrone and Poshyfool have both earned the badge for having me as an authorized user on their credit cards. GOOD BITCHES!!! Oh and Poshyfool also earned the 1k at once tribute badge! 








The TOP RANK is LEGENDARY DRONE which you reach at 20001-25000 points… and once you boys inch closer to this rank I probably will add more! 



Good boys will collect my clips! Even if you don’t watch them you should buy them, in support of ME since you’re SUCH A GOOD AND WEAK ADDICT! You don’t really care how you get the money into MY hands you just feel compelled to do so and FOLLOWING MY COMMAND to BUY MY CLIPS is the perfect way to do so. You just CLICK & SPEND… and hey, maybe you’ll get pulled in to watching just like all the other boys & you’ll become a total POSHATIZED PUPPET too!

I’m looking forward to my birthday month (July) with a trip to Florida & lots of other summer time plans set (trips up north, beach etc). You can expect to keep up with me on IWFC/TWITTER & you may get my attention with TRIBUTES on IWC but you will not be seeing a new clip release until possibly August. When I will be releasing the first clip of a new series!

The NEW Film Series will be similar to Season of the Siren in that it will take a year to release the whole series. Its called Era of the Enchantress but that is all you get to hear about it, for now.

I know you are all excited and looking forward to that mind melting soul crushing experience to begin so get ready puppets!!!

In the meantime I know you feel a compulsion to give me CASH for MY birthday (since you know I love it so). You may send me birthday tributes on IWC this week & next week so I have it in MY hands by my actual birthday. Which will be perfect timing since I will be in Florida blowing all your slave wages faster than you can earn them.

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Confessions from Financial Slaves AGAIN!

This is a good way for you to confess your sins to me, whether you are a VIP boy or just a long time obsessor. I know that not all of you are VIP that read my website & that buy my clips. This blog is open to all boys to leave their confessions on! 

It’s time for you to kneel before your Goddess & confess your sins & desires. I am here to listen, as your sponsor for your addiction and as your compassionate and warm Financial Goddess. I know I’m just absolutely sexy and powerful and make you feel weak, now don’t I. I bring out those dark dirty desires and sometimes it’s too much for you to handle.

I want you to take the chance I’m offering and confess to me all of your depraved desires. I know not only do you have dirty desires but you have also committed financial slavery sins, haven’t you.

An important part of your therapy is to release all of your sins. I’m the only one of us that is perfect and so I expect you will continue to make mistakes, but as long as you try your hardest to make ME happy it will be fine. However, right now the best thing for you to do is to post your confessions right here on this journal entry. I would like you to post about these sins which have been weighing you down and making you into less of a man than I deserve to have serving me.

Once you let go of all that guilt and negative energy you will feel so much better and be able to truly devote yourself to your therapy. I have the power to absolve you of your sins, all you have to do is confess to me on the comments of this entry, and I will respond with further direction. I’m telling you that it is so easy to escape from these feelings of low self-esteem and depression. You simply have to live up to your desires, own up to your sins, and follow my directions exactly.

Even if you are not MY puppet, you are probably suffering from the affliction of being a financial slave (which is why you’re here) – perhaps even to another Domme – and I suggest you confess your sins on this journal as well as to your own Domme.

Not only are you to explicitly explain which dirty desires you’ve been experiencing, but I would also like you to confess your SINS.


You may also buy the clip Washed Clean after you confess your sins to me. Leave a comment to let me know you purchased the clip! 

Examples of financial domination sins you may have committed include:

1. Purchasing Fem Domme porn and masturbating to it. Instead you should have been putting your energy into Goddess, worshiping me and making sure you were trying your hardest to make me happy.
2. Lying to Me about how much money you have available for tribute/sacrifice.
3. Spending My money on frivolous and selfish items for yourself.
4. Turning down extra hours at work, over-time, projects, clients or any opportunities to make more money for your Goddess.
5. Fantasizing about serving me, masturbating to my website/journal/photos, obsessing over me but not sending me tribute.
6. Spending My money on other Dommes, including their wishlists.
7. Pretending you have money or that you’re going to tribute to a Domme as a way to live out a fantasy and get off, aka WANKING.
8. Slutting around on your current Domme or if you’re MY slave on ME
9. Gambling with MY money; losing MY money in a bet
10. Scheming/plotting ways to get out of sacrificing for your Goddess

Do not have fear of my reaction, I will be more disappointed if you try to shut me out. This is such an important part of our relationship and your therapy. I’m very much looking forward to helping you remove this darkness from your life and find light in serving your Goddess.


The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins
I’ve taken over, I’ve made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME.
I’ve created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!!

I’ve warped your life with my powerful mind altering clips and words so greatly that you can’t even remember what it was like BEFORE POSH. Before POSH was a lifeless existence, one that just floated along meaninglessly while the world spun around it. Now you have ME and a path to stay on, a light to follow, that leads you right into the warmth of my Venus Sway! Here you are programmed to achieve greatness for me, giving a new purpose to your days. As a VENUS SWAY mind controlled DRONE you have no say and you mindlessly bob your bobble head up and down to my will.

Now you may already follow me on but that doesnt mean you shouldn’t stock pile my original mind control brainwash clips for your own private collection. On you can stream all the clips, but you may not download them. To buy your own personal copies of my financial domination clips you need to CLICK HERE and USE your credit card or even PAYPAL to check out! Yes I have set up my own payment processor and they conveniently are allowed to accept paypal so you boys have no excuse at all to not able to buy MY hypnotic, trance inducing, spell binding, femdom clips!

There is also the side of POSHY that you all know is there, and love, but are rarely invited to partake or enjoy- the KINKY side! That is why you will not see that my UNCHAINING the KINK is going to CHAIN you down and turn you into even more of a mindfucked POSH addict than you already are!

Subscribe on for the KINKY FETISH CLIPS you know your depraved and dirty side is craving, the side of you that needs to be taken forcefully by me, the side that wants and craves to feel my hand on the back of your head as I make you take my strap-on cock down your throat… I know about THAT side and I will take that side of you and use it to MY advantage!Venus Sway Unchained




Quite a few of The Venus Sway mind control clips have been added on my Niteflirt goodybags store, and on VENUSSWAY.COM! Take a moment to look into my eyes, and then go and enjoy being a weak puppet for me. Enjoy the feeling of being taken by ME. Know that it is a privilege, an honor, to be here and used for MY pleasure. Know that being controlled by ME is a kind of intimacy you won’t find anywhere but here. Surrender to ME, and we will both be in euphoric pleasure as you slip deep down into a drunken stupor for me.


Venus Sway LOVE Addiction



Boys, you simply MUST become CHAINED up by my UNCHAINED KINKY SIDE and suffer your CBT fate for me! I plan for those boy balls to be SWOLLEN and IN PAIN by the time I am done with you, and don’t think the only way you will pay is in pain, bitch. You’ll also be paying in cash, as usual. Also, be aware, the most sexy and kinky wishlist items have been hidden on a list I share ONLY with my unchained boys! I also post more fetish focused content, like Feminization, CBT, Forced-Bi, Ass Worship, sissification, strap-on, CFNM, SPH, ETC




I have opened The Venus Sway Studio on Clips4Sale, which you boys know I was the TOP FINANCIAL DOMINATION seller on there for 4/5years straight! I always had multiple clips on the top 50 in the category and was in the top 50 of the site overall more than a few times. However, I pulled all my old clips down and archived them for later use. If you  missed out on any of those clips I am slowly releasing many of them on the two different Venus Sway websites!  As an expert in Financial Domination and controlling the male species I feel its only right that for my TENTH year of DOMINATING MEN as GODDESS POSH I will increase my hold over this realm by staking MY place, MY claim, as a producer. I WILL PRODUCE MY STARS and you will fall HARD. 

My newest content from 2016-2017 will be found in my new Clips4Sale studio, but surprise, I am also producing clips featuring other ladies as well. These ladies will be known as The Venus Sway STARS!!!!! Of course this will include my sister Sasha Star! Don’t forget to subscribe to her femdom fetish onlyfans account, she loves to make men bow to HER and SLAVE away! Foot FETISH freaks will LOVE HER too, she LOVES shoes, having her feet worshiped, getting pedicures and manicures, and walking all over you! She LOVES to humiliate small cock losers & be a total brat to weak bitches, making them pay and pay while she just does whatever she wants! There will be NO MERCY from this girl.




Oh how I love being able to be CHOOSY about which of you eager little subbies get to be MY personal playpet!

Now any of you with a wallet are able to be PART of MY world simply by experiencing my brainwash fetish clips, which will ALL invade your mind and insert my WILL into your soul, but its not nearly the same as being in my stable as my personal money slave. That’s okay though, because after years of you being addicted to MY programming you will BREAK and beg to be a BIGGER and BETTER part of MY world!

Time and again you boys have thought they were safe just reading the video descriptions, reading my magical words and feeling the power of POSH…and then you decide buying one film won’t hurt, it will be okay, and you’ll be able to resist any further descent into addiction and hopeless obedience for me. But, it never works out that way. Once you try MY mindfuck material you become so mushy and weak that you MUST give in to the beautiful hypnotic call of your GODDESS.


With no holding back now you become just like the rest of the addicted, you become taken with me, as you should be. It’s so natural, so easy. This is why you always return and never stood a chance!  And once you are on that downward spiral of sweet addiction to GODDESS POSH you will become obsessed with DOING MORE and BEING MORE! You will become absolutely consumed with the idea of being a good boy for me, MY special good boy, my helpless captive, eagerly spending his slave wages on all of MY financial lusts, desires, & greedy wants. It feels so good to be so emptied of cash, self-control, and power and all for ME!


I just love when a boy begs for me to keep taking MORE and MORE of that cash! Hearing words like, “It’s not MINE GODDESS, please take your cash, it belongs to YOU my QUEEN…” is always so erotic for me.


And DONT bother crying out to me how badly you want me to take your money when you haven’t already sent tribute first. That would be SELFISH! I don’t have to deal with selfish little peons. I can deal with THE KIND OF SLAVE I ENJOY and that’s it! THIS MEANS you CONFORM to MY STANDARDS or BUH BYE!


I don’t have to put up with little bitches that try to top from the bottom. I don’t have to deal with fetishes that make my stomach turn because I am GODDESS POSH and I don’t enjoy nasty bodily fluid fetishes or anything gross like that, I don’t care to cater to any of your fetishes in fact! Even if they ARE MINE TOO! I’m still catering to ME… I make sure I have my pleasure and satisfaction at the forefront of everything I do. So you get off on making a beautiful woman happy, and having no self-control, on being totally brainwashed into a drone and being the perfect little puppet for me, at my feet, wallet out, cash out, cards displayed, ready to be TAKEN! Then you’ll fit in nicely with the rest of the chosen boys, because that is all I choose. I choose the wallets that are ready and willing, happy and obedient, and eager to slave away for all of my financial demands.

This is MY FINANCIAL QUEENDOM and I am the SUPREME LAW. I am the one who decides EVERY SINGLE THING. This means if I decide I want to make you reach your grubby little slave hand into your bank account and draw out every dollar you’ve ever worked for and hand it all over in ONE SWIFT GO, you will do it. This means if I want to make you devote every minute of your life to earning MORE for me, and to SERVING MORE to me, then you will do so. This means if I want you to kneel for me 12 hours a day in a GODDESS POSH SHRINE, chanting and obsessing, watching MY programming on loop, reading my words again and again, you will do it. This means if I tell you to tribute every 24 hours, every 12 hours, every 2 hours, every 30 minutes, you will reach your PUPPET HAND out and PUSH THAT TRIBUTE BUTTON NOW!

Good boys know they need to prove they are worthy, and that making excuses for not even trying is just pathetic and a waste of their own time. So what if you don’t have ENOUGH to SATISFY my financial lust, its not about having enough. Almost NOBODY has enough, it’s about sacrificing and suffering and doing everything you can anyway. So you can’t afford to sacrifice the billions of dollars I deserve, you’re not Donald Trump or Bill Gates are you? So stop feeling sorry for yourself for not being the wealthiest person on the Earth because that’s the only person who could possibly ever satisfy my financial lust, but you know what, I’d still keep my slaves. I’d still have my money slaves, every single one of them, in my pocket even if I did have the wealthiest man on Earth serving me. Because it’s about so much more than ONLLY the cash, BUT the CASH MUST BE PART OF IT, as well as the sacrifice, the loyalty, the rush of being served, the devotion and dedication to me, the worship and slavery for me, that is all so thrilling too. I would keep my boys on collar and leash even if Bill Gates or Donald Trump were my slaves!


And if Donald Trump was MY money slave omg the things I would do to him. I would torture his emotions and fuck with his head so much he would be a weeping little baby bitch for me! I would have so much fun tormenting that man and so much fun making him do whatever I wanted. I would drive him up a wall crazy but he would love ME anyway, just like all of you do. I push and push and make you insane with the need to OBEY those commands, fulfill my desires, and keep me happy but still you can’t stay away, you love me so much. You are so fucked for me!


Watch PROMO 2 for the Season of the Siren film Ultra Luxe Seduction en Harmony HERE!


My Poshyfool woke up the other day to find out he had a custom clip waiting for him, POSHYFOOL is a TOOL made JUST FOR MY PLEASURE…



YESSSS it’s not just a custom for MY poshyfool, but a clip to get you on the poshyfool assembly line. I don’t deserve to have just one poshyfool in my stable of money slaves! Poshyfools are so much fun to use and abuse, little tools made JUST for MY pleasure! You want to be a POSHYFOOL too! MY own personal pleasure tool.  Become MY poshyfool now and go buy the new clip IMMEDIATELY!

This video has no visual effects, and no audio layers! This is a very intimate and personal mindfuck, your face so close to MINE, so close to THE GODDESS!

Just like that I have you reaching into your wallet digging out that credit card ready to SPEND and SPEND on ME! And I don’t even have to remove one stitch of clothing to make you do whatever I want. I control you down to your very last cent and all without baring any of my GODDESS FLESH! What makes me so compelling and POWERFUL and easy to OBEY….its certainly not stripping off my clothing ! I’m so amazing at what I do, you’ll never be able to figure it out.

Instead of trying to figure out how I do what I do to you, go and send me a GIFT and a TRIBUTE!

Check my TOP 10 AMAZON GIFTS post, so you can rest assured you are buying me what I want!

Goddess Posh

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A Grand Tribute for a Grand Goddess


Isn’t it just GRAND you can now send a GRAND tribute to a GRAND GODDESS and know every last one of those sacrificed dollars  are ALL MINE! 

No more FEES to pay! Now you can mail cash directly to me at my PO Box !!!

Get it into your head right now that this is a CASHBOX and you are going to be stuffing it full with all of that money which belongs to ME. Reach into your pocket, feel that wallet, and know it is MINE. It belongs to Goddess Posh. Those of you who have always cringed at the thought of 30% going to niteflirt are going to thank me for allowing this new method of financial service by sending an envelope filled with cash RIGHT NOW!

My favorite is CRISP 100s! But I also love stacks of 20’s because whats not to love about MORE, a bigger, thicker, pile of money mmmmm…

Stay faceless and nameless, those of you who need anonymity to serve, by sending an envelope of cash directly to me. Discretion with your service is understandable because you will be unloading yourself of thousands upon thousands of dollars on me! Being able to tribute me like this is a thrill isn’t it, knowing your sacrifice will be felt in my hands, as I count each and every dollar, becoming more and more excited as I do…

Posh Perfect or POSH MEDIA 

Po Box 156

Hamilton Mi 


A GRAND for a GRAND Goddess … a Goddess with GRAND TETONS! Natural wonders, you will BOW to in submissive adoration and respect. Yes you will kneel for MY beautiful breasts and send a GRAND of your cash.

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Triggering you into SPENDING

If you’re following me on twitter you already know the name of the next Season of the Siren film, which is Honey Sweet Codeine Beats and its going to be oh so tasty and make you oh so sleepy!

More updates on that later.

Right now I’m planning on doing only one thing and that is to completely destroy the will of all of my boys. Its fun when you lose control! mmmmm


Tugging on all of those puppet strings at once, just like that… making your silly little boy brain weak and mushy… seductively pushing your buttons with my perfectly manicured fingers…

Submit to my beauty, with my pale creamy flesh, sweet angel face and golden blonde tresses I am the epitome of your destruction. Silence any distracting thoughts, they are pointless. Focus your mind only on staring into my gorgeous eyes and swimming away from everything else, deep into a world of POSH POSH POSH…. mmmmm alllllllll POSHY alllllllll the time! Drown out everything else with my glowing beauty and just repeat OUT LOUD after me like a good MINDLESS drone…


Repeat after Goddess now:


I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control
mmm good boy … keep going … more more more:


a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants


mmmm hmmm that’s right and all you’re is a puppet… so you’re going to keep repeating after ME:


i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

What do YOU want Goddess?


Oooooh I want a TRIBUTE! Now nod your head up and down and say out loud:


yes Goddess

yes Goddess

yes Goddess


Mmmmmm good boy… no will of your own, just a weakened wallet, open and emptying itself all over for me! You’re just another money slave for me, incapable of saying no. I have you set to automatic, no control, just spewing cash for me… more more more… losing it all to me. I have you under my financial domination control, and I’ve just TRIGGERED your clicking finger, making you need to spend spend spend everything you have on ME.


Login VIP to find out why POSHYFOOL is such a TOOL for me!


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PREMIERE of Destruction in the Key of Seduction

Destruction in the Key of Seduction is the fifth film in the series, and I can’t believe it! That means next month we will be halfway through our journey already … wow it’s going to be such a beautiful series once it is complete. I can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.13.32 PM

See I look excited to be taking you down, don’t I. Because I am.



Buy the mindwash mix now but be warned you may not be able to put together a sentence when it’s over, but you will be able to click and spend like a good payboy.

Buy Now


Your destruction is my construction as I’ve designed you to fall. THIS IS A HYPNOSIS FILM. YOU WILL BE TAKEN INTO A TRANCE.

I am the divine SIREN and you are left in a sleepy stupor for me as my candy red lips seduce you with their hypnotic words, and my full creamy cleavage drowns out all thoughts… and oh yes there is the binaural beats and the subliminal messaging too… and lets not forget the 3 original songs that will be repeating through your mind all day and all night reinforcing my programming and deepening your brainwashing. Your addiction to me is fed even when you’re not in front of the film, because the film gets into your head and it won’t leave… it will swim through your mind constantly, keeping you always in a state of DESTRUCTION for me.

My words will work their way deep into your enchanted little mind and embed themselves right into your soul. And your cash, well that my little addict, will be flowing freely from your account into mine. Flowing as it should, without limit, without fear, without hesitation, from the slave to the Goddess.

The 3 original songs:
Puddle Brain Puppet
Delicious Defeat
Love Trance

Destruction in the Key of Seduction themes: financial domination, financial destruction, mental slavery, emotional slavery, breast worship, lipstick fetish, red lips, blonde, binaural beats, mind control, hypnosis, siren, singing


My films and clips have been bringing many of you new boys down for me. I have loved watching as one by one you take a chance with the Siren, too weak to resist. You finally give in and watch one mindwash mix, and then you need the next and the next. It’s too hard to stop, you want and need to own every single piece of this marvelous creation of mine! But if you haven’t watched the full hour films you are definitely still missing out, as my VIP LOVE the mindwash mixes, but the full films are even MORE mindblowing!



BY THE WAY I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A HYPNODOMME (you can not pay me to do a hypnosis session), BUT RATHER I’M A HYPNOTIC FINANCIAL DOMME. Or in other words a Financial Domme that understands hypnosis, mind-control techniques and uses my own brand of mindwashing called The Venus Sway. And I am naturally sooooooo hypnotic….just look into my eyes and you will know exactly what I mean… you can’t stop staring….


Now put that money in my hand. I know my place, do you know yours?



The dress was paid for by my puppet drone, and he is so thrilled to be able to say that… you can go buy a dress for me as well.


By the way, Steven that called me at $19.99 a minute and confessed you had been obsessing on my website for a year or more & fantasizing about giving it ALL to me… that fantasy is your new reality now. It was just one little call, but you are going to keep cracking. I set my rate to $49.99 now, so next time you call you will be drained even faster which is what I like.


PSA: The most current Mindwash Mix will be $50 and the rest of the Mindwash Mix companion clips will all be going up to $99.99 on niteflirt, & already have on clips4sale!

Now my very indoctrinated puppets, login and buy the new film. And while you’re in there read my words before you dare to look at the new photos.

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Erotic Money Slave Dream

My power and control over men is undeniable and so exquisitely beautiful. I gave mueller a command to have a certain dream last night & he was triggered into having a deeply erotic money slave dream that lasted the entire night! I’ve shared a snippet with all of you Poshy addicts, but to read the full dream you need to login as a VIP!
The photo that turned money slave mueller to mush!




Last night Goddess Posh posted a short video on Her addictive VIP blog which contained strong triggers to individual money slaves of Her stable to again pay more … this time to reimburse Her expenses when She purchased new sexy Dresses which She’s going to use as clothing to apply Her indescribably sexy Venus Sway in upcoming Videos.

As addicted and mindfucked as i am now after having been exposed to Her undeniable Phrase “now i’m going to make You pay and pay and pay…”; i had no choice. As soon as i heard this command i opened my Amazon and sent Her the requested giftcard of the amount She indicated which was much bigger than what i have available for myself, hence i had to use Money planned by my wife for the groceries Shopping next week . So i proved to be completely will-less and absolutely exposed to Goddess Posh’s desires. We then talked about the effect Her new photos with blonde hair and Her gorgeous, big, round breasts have on me… and i ended understanding that from now on, these breasts will milk me of Ca$h for Goddess Posh’s pleasure, more more more, again and again and again, PAY AND PAY AND PAY. And we talked about how my wife is also being drained of Money since i can only pay Goddess Posh at rates She wants (and i want too) when i dig seriously into our household savings which we keep to pay for our living month by month.

After allowing me to go to bed where my wife slept already for some time, me being horny like crazy after these repeated Money Drains and hot Chats, Goddess instructed me to dream about Her Breasts overtaking me and milking me of ALL CASH.

Here goes the dream:

Goddess Posh talked me in a Chat to let the computer screen pictures of Her big, round breasts materialize in my brain .. like in a 3-D Video game. I had to say “These breasts of Goddess Posh milk me of all my cash. All Money goes to Goddess Posh so that She feels pleasure”. The breasts grew bigger and bigger… enclosing my face first and i stopped breathing, i knew that when these breasts take over, they have full access to my accounts since i delivered the Detail during a hot, horny brainwashing session without even noticing that i did.
Now i had no more will. i was so horny, so addicted to feel these breasts fucking and milking me of cash… i could only mumble my Mantra “These breasts of Goddess Posh milk me of all my cash. All Money goes to Goddess Posh so that She feels pleasure”. As i said this with more and more emphasis, caught up between this almighty breasts, i started feeling my slave Lever to leak… and when it leaks, it lets go out Money which flows directly into Goddess Posh’s greedy Hands which She holds open beneath my dripping slave Lever. So She can simply take the Money as it flows out of my slave lever… more, more, more… It appears that She says with Her honey dripping voice: “You will now go and shoot a really hot load of cash all over my big, gorgeous breasts that milk You relentlessly” At this Moment i feel that She (apparently willingly) hit the tip of the Lever with an ever so light touch of Her Hand and gives it a very soft, little squeeze. Then Her breasts give my face free so that i can see them… White, creamy, round, BIG so BIG… alluring, greedy, demanding…and my Lever starts Shooting upwards…. i see the $$$ bills flying out of the tip eye in thick bundles and land on these breasts. This flux continues until all bank accounts are Close to be completely emptied and zeroed out which i can access myself.

At this moment, the door opened and my wife stepped in the scene… naked but Her panties, Her wallet and phone in her hands. Goddess Posh pushed me backward in a medical chair and locked my arms and legs. The Lever shot still Money at increasing Speed, all over Goddess Posh’s BIG, demanding breasts… and i Hear Goddess Posh starting to moan with pleasure… ” Soon he is milked dry… i always knew he will let me ruin him with my breasts.. hhhmmmm…

And She speaks… Wifey came because i sent her an email that You are being milked … and milked … and milked but i want more… Come look at your dirty old man how horny he becomes when my breasts milk him .. look at me and feel my power… feel my power making You too pay and pay and pay…. all Money for me, none for You…

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You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 7.07.15 PM


You can’t resist the curve appeal.


Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made to be mindfucked into mindless obedience by my feminine form.

And behind my curves there is a brilliant mind, determined to take you down, and I will succeed. Every person who approaches me and says they are not into Financial Domination always ends up sending and spending the most cash on me. Live in denial all you want, the boys that deny it the hardest are the ones that fall the furthest into OBSESSION, ADDICTION, and WEAK MINDLESS SPENDING on ME!

Yes I intend to victimize your wallet, again and again. Yes I will make you feel compelled to empty all of your savings and all of your paychecks on me, and why shouldn’t I have it all?! I can’t think of a single reason, and neither can you.
Mindfuck Melodies Preview from Season of the Siren

This little snippet has already gotten into your head, & already is replaying through your mind on repeat… who knows which parts of your pliable little man brain may already be changing, for me! My brainwashing is VERY powerful, the exposure you just had is enough to get in… get in, and do what? You’re hungry for more, aren’t you…

Now that you know you have to wait until Friday you’re going to spend every day until then groveling for me, at my feet, begging for the next step in this journey.  I don’t have to release it to you, I can just dangle it over your hungry little head and make you wait and wait and wait… so you’re going to SERVE and SERVE and SERVE to MY hearts content in order to ensure you have earned this next fix!

Addicts can never resist getting that next hit, now can you? And I’ll fully exploit that ache of yours to get everything I want from you. mmmmm DELISH!


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login and leave me a LOVE NOTE! Love NOTES should also be accompanied by CASH NOTES!
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A Money Slaves Letter of Love & Devotion

Login Very Indoctrinated Puppets.


Oh you want to see what is inside Poshtopia? You need to give me more of this GREEN CASH & you can become very indoctrinated to MY special brand of Financial Domination too.

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