The Money Domme of your Life

I know how much you miss me. I know how often you think about me. I know how much it hurts a boy to not have his Goddess.

While some people have a love of their life, you aren’t one of those people.

What you have is THE MONEY DOMME of your LIFE and that Money Domme is ME. I am the financial Goddess of your submissive dreams.

My weak one, I know. I know how your mind is focused fully on Goddess with everything else being pushed aside. I know how your heart is consumed with ME, wanting to serve me, wanting to be near me, wanting to see me happy with your sacrifice…

I know exactly what you are and what you need, puppet. You need ME, my pet. It must hurt to not be able to get as close to me as you long to be. I know you want to go deeper but things hold you back. Things which are starting to become annoying to you, because they are getting in the way.

You want to get rid of the things which are obstructing your path to Goddess. You want to get rid of those things right now and be able to get back to the place you belong, here in Poshtopia on those knees for me.

Here with ME.

That’s where you belong, here with me. Whenever anything starts to get in the way of you being near to me, serving me, pleasing me, you get very defensive. Instantly you feel a wall go up towards whatever is holding you back from enjoying your life under Me.

The truth is you belong HERE WITH ME. And always will.

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I’ve been creating beautiful clips to help your mind dip dip dip into a dripppppping deeeeeep sleeeeeeepy state and make you helplessly ache and easily let go of all control…


Buy them like a GOOD BOY from my 100% totally secure store and put MORE money into MY pocket.

OH how you ADMIRE and LOVE The way I have taken control over my art and my powerful clips & have protected my financial interest at the same time … they are ALL MINE and now I get to keep almost 100% of the clip cost! NOW THAT is beautiful!


The more you’re emptied, the more you’re filled.

Goddess Posh



Good boy knows he is here to fill me up just the way I like… puppet knows he needs to kneel and surrender to ME putting My pleasure first and doing whatever it takes to give me that rush I so love. Being a good puppet for Goddess, and fill me up the way I crave … with all that cash.
5 Minutes 30 Seconds


I want you to be my very good boy and make me very happy with your obedient bobblehead nodding up and down to everything I say. I want you to help yourself to your favorite treat, MY Venus Sway brain changing programming that leaves you a mindless robot for POSH. I want you to become a weak hypnotized drone who doesn’t know how to stop me from slipping more and more of my venom into your veins as I drain you dry of everything. Now be a good little puppet and give me what I want. Drip Drip Drip 10 minutes of Goddess into that brain!

10Mins 42Secs MP4



If you have been paying attention you also know about the website Your Domme Fix! This is a great site for visiting and checking out profiles of beautiful Dommes and Financial Dommes and Hypnodommmes! I don’t mind if you sign up but if you’re MY puppet you’ll need to remember that your only purpose there is to serve ME and whatever friends I choose.

Come to for MORE fun with POSHY!!!

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Weak and Willing Cash Puppets

Hello MY weak and LOYAL puppets!

I know you are all back here like clock work looking for the latest updates from me. Hoping to see a blog of mine that is especially tasty, filled to the brim with my hypnotic wordplay and delicious mindtreats and in between each of those glorious moments you should be on your knees begging to serve me. It’s your place in life to see what you can do to make MY life even greater. This is the ultimate display of submission, the truest more purest act of service you can do. Everyone is wired and trained to be very self centered and to think only of what will benefit them in life. YOU on the other hand have been trained by ME for more than that. So while you may crave and need the haungtingly powerful words I share with you through my journal, what you NEED is to kneel and give up full control to me without thinking about what it is going to do for you.

My boys are all very selfless because I have shown them how to be. They thank me now for doing this to them. I know you have witnessed this in yourself and among my followers! There is no shortage of weak and willing cash puppets for Goddess!

You should know already that July is my birthday month and I usually spend that month of the summer enjoying myself without creating any content for you addicted money slaves. Now that August is here I am in the process of finishing up the final touches to the first film in the Era of the Enchantress series which is a sister series to Season of the Siren. Era of the Enchantress is still a bit of a mystery for you boys as I haven’t revealed the full concept yet but do know it is not going to be too halloweeny! 

For the end of my birthday month I had all boys that reported their financial sacrifice to me (so I can add to their puppet points) round up with an additional tribute. Only TWO boys obeyed and both ended up at the exact same amount of tributes to me for July! So poshydrone and poshyfool are both kicking ass OBEYING ME and are at the top of the puppet points chart, while slave john is not too far behind… he didn’t round up his July tributes to me, but he did do better in July sacrificing to me than he did in June. 

Its a personal challenge you should be giving to yourself already, but since you are all mushy minded and thoughtless for me now I will have to show you the way — 




Its the ONLY WAY to become a better payslave for GODDESS! 

you want to OUTDO what you have done before. you NEED to OUTSPEND so you can see a true progression in your service to me. 

After watching my brainwash clips you have become empty minded enough to easily absorb MY will through MY powerful words. Now you are like a sponge for me, soaking up each of my greed fueled words with reckless abandon because deep down inside you know this is a dangerous path you are on but you can’t stop it. Why would you want to stop? This is the MOST erotic MOST intense experience you’ve felt, just admit it. There is nothing like being in the palm of my Goddess hands feeling yourself being controlled down to your very core. I manipulate you in such a deviously charming way that you don’t even mind, and I yank your puppet strings this way and that way in such a chaotic hypnotic dance you mindlessly comply… 

There is nothing like being a TRUE PUPPET to Goddess Posh. 


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets you can especially attest to this. I would like to see you enter the VIP portion of this blog now … to absorb MORE of MY message. 

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The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins
I’ve taken over, I’ve made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME.
I’ve created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!!

I’ve warped your life with my powerful mind altering clips and words so greatly that you can’t even remember what it was like BEFORE POSH. Before POSH was a lifeless existence, one that just floated along meaninglessly while the world spun around it. Now you have ME and a path to stay on, a light to follow, that leads you right into the warmth of my Venus Sway! Here you are programmed to achieve greatness for me, giving a new purpose to your days. As a VENUS SWAY mind controlled DRONE you have no say and you mindlessly bob your bobble head up and down to my will.

Now you may already follow me on but that doesnt mean you shouldn’t stock pile my original mind control brainwash clips for your own private collection. On you can stream all the clips, but you may not download them. To buy your own personal copies of my financial domination clips you need to CLICK HERE and USE your credit card or even PAYPAL to check out! Yes I have set up my own payment processor and they conveniently are allowed to accept paypal so you boys have no excuse at all to not able to buy MY hypnotic, trance inducing, spell binding, femdom clips!

There is also the side of POSHY that you all know is there, and love, but are rarely invited to partake or enjoy- the KINKY side! That is why you will not see that my UNCHAINING the KINK is going to CHAIN you down and turn you into even more of a mindfucked POSH addict than you already are!

Subscribe on for the KINKY FETISH CLIPS you know your depraved and dirty side is craving, the side of you that needs to be taken forcefully by me, the side that wants and craves to feel my hand on the back of your head as I make you take my strap-on cock down your throat… I know about THAT side and I will take that side of you and use it to MY advantage!Venus Sway Unchained




Quite a few of The Venus Sway mind control clips have been added on my Niteflirt goodybags store, and on VENUSSWAY.COM! Take a moment to look into my eyes, and then go and enjoy being a weak puppet for me. Enjoy the feeling of being taken by ME. Know that it is a privilege, an honor, to be here and used for MY pleasure. Know that being controlled by ME is a kind of intimacy you won’t find anywhere but here. Surrender to ME, and we will both be in euphoric pleasure as you slip deep down into a drunken stupor for me.


Venus Sway LOVE Addiction



Boys, you simply MUST become CHAINED up by my UNCHAINED KINKY SIDE and suffer your CBT fate for me! I plan for those boy balls to be SWOLLEN and IN PAIN by the time I am done with you, and don’t think the only way you will pay is in pain, bitch. You’ll also be paying in cash, as usual. Also, be aware, the most sexy and kinky wishlist items have been hidden on a list I share ONLY with my unchained boys! I also post more fetish focused content, like Feminization, CBT, Forced-Bi, Ass Worship, sissification, strap-on, CFNM, SPH, ETC




I have opened The Venus Sway Studio on Clips4Sale, which you boys know I was the TOP FINANCIAL DOMINATION seller on there for 4/5years straight! I always had multiple clips on the top 50 in the category and was in the top 50 of the site overall more than a few times. However, I pulled all my old clips down and archived them for later use. If you  missed out on any of those clips I am slowly releasing many of them on the two different Venus Sway websites!  As an expert in Financial Domination and controlling the male species I feel its only right that for my TENTH year of DOMINATING MEN as GODDESS POSH I will increase my hold over this realm by staking MY place, MY claim, as a producer. I WILL PRODUCE MY STARS and you will fall HARD. 

My newest content from 2016-2017 will be found in my new Clips4Sale studio, but surprise, I am also producing clips featuring other ladies as well. These ladies will be known as The Venus Sway STARS!!!!! Of course this will include my sister Sasha Star! Don’t forget to subscribe to her femdom fetish onlyfans account, she loves to make men bow to HER and SLAVE away! Foot FETISH freaks will LOVE HER too, she LOVES shoes, having her feet worshiped, getting pedicures and manicures, and walking all over you! She LOVES to humiliate small cock losers & be a total brat to weak bitches, making them pay and pay while she just does whatever she wants! There will be NO MERCY from this girl.



You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 7.07.15 PM


You can’t resist the curve appeal.


Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made to be mindfucked into mindless obedience by my feminine form.

And behind my curves there is a brilliant mind, determined to take you down, and I will succeed. Every person who approaches me and says they are not into Financial Domination always ends up sending and spending the most cash on me. Live in denial all you want, the boys that deny it the hardest are the ones that fall the furthest into OBSESSION, ADDICTION, and WEAK MINDLESS SPENDING on ME!

Yes I intend to victimize your wallet, again and again. Yes I will make you feel compelled to empty all of your savings and all of your paychecks on me, and why shouldn’t I have it all?! I can’t think of a single reason, and neither can you.
Mindfuck Melodies Preview from Season of the Siren

This little snippet has already gotten into your head, & already is replaying through your mind on repeat… who knows which parts of your pliable little man brain may already be changing, for me! My brainwashing is VERY powerful, the exposure you just had is enough to get in… get in, and do what? You’re hungry for more, aren’t you…

Now that you know you have to wait until Friday you’re going to spend every day until then groveling for me, at my feet, begging for the next step in this journey.  I don’t have to release it to you, I can just dangle it over your hungry little head and make you wait and wait and wait… so you’re going to SERVE and SERVE and SERVE to MY hearts content in order to ensure you have earned this next fix!

Addicts can never resist getting that next hit, now can you? And I’ll fully exploit that ache of yours to get everything I want from you. mmmmm DELISH!


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login and leave me a LOVE NOTE! Love NOTES should also be accompanied by CASH NOTES!
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Season of the Siren Serenade Haze Preview

Ohhhh yay my little slaves I have for you the preview of the first film in the all new femme fatale film series Season of the Siren. This film is such a visual masterpiece of seductive beauty! I love that I am able to create such elaborate pieces of art, as an extension of my financial domination branding. I want your mind to be sooooooo indoctrinated for me, and this film series is the perfect way to do so! Every month you will experience another level of submission and surrender as I continue to take you under. Down down down you go for me slave boy, yes you do.. …mmm sooooo compelled to serve and be a good boy aren’t you.

You will watch this over and over right now! YES you will like an ADDICT, just get to those knees and PUSH that play button and then watch it on loop while you wait for the full release of this spellbinding film. How exciting, a full one hour of MOI to obsess over! A full HOUR to DROWN in! Drown in the sea of Goddess Posh and never come up for air .. just breathe me in .. like a good puppet.. puppet is in a daze for days in a daze for days. This is just the first of 12 films from the series!! These films have a central theme of being lured to your financial demise by the siren songs I so beautifully sing to you .. lured to obsession, to being a ZOMBIE, and of course you can’t resist..

Ohhhhh my my puppet you just can’t wait for this next piece of MIND VENOM you are sooooooooo helpless to eat up. Yes you will drift off in a trance, yes you will lose yourself totally to me, yes you will fall under my venus sway as you listen to the serenade haze. My soft sensual songs will lure you into helpless mindless obedience, you can’t say no, you can’t stop it, you can only sink, sink, sink, into the sea of Goddess Posh.

There are 3 original songs on the soundtrack of the film Serenade Haze:
In the Sea of Goddess Posh
Venus Sway Dream
Puppet Relax Relax Puppet

You’re about to enter the beginning of a years journey in addiction, obsession, worship, and financial enslavement to the song of the SIREN, to the VENUS SWAY, to the DELICIOUSLY GREEDY DESIRES of the one and only Goddess Posh. You’re going to be pulled and lured month to month, by the sirens songs. And at the end of the journey where will you be…. crashing into the rocks for me over and over? Finding yourself spending on me like a good puppet, without a thought or care at all for anything except OBEYING the siren sound.. always obeying, always serving, always worshiping, the siren sound. Can’t live without the siren sound, can’t live without the serenade haze putting you into a daze for days and days in a daze .. so easy to be in a daze.. in a daze puppet has no say and just loves to pay and pay .. puppet loves to pay and pay.. puppet is in a daze.. puppet loves to be my money slave.

The full HOUR FILM (FOR VIP) and the 20 minute mindwash mix (which will be available for ALL to buy in my clips4sale studio and on my goodybags) will be available in JUNE 2015.. which is this month, for those of you too preoccupied envisioning me to keep up.

Mark- stop sniffing around like a little puppy that misses it mama but doesn’t want to come home. You may contact me again when you’re ready to tribute, until then you may keep your little thoughts to yourself. I know they are there. I put them there mark, and more than that, you have a true connection to me that you can’t just pick up and find elsewhere. There’s a difference, and when you come to tell me you were thinking about me but then act apathetic toward me, it tells me two things. One, you miss me and there is a void that nothing else but I can fill and two, you are in deep denial of this. When you are able to send a tribute or gift card you may tell me you are thinking of me again, mark. Until then, not a peep out of you. Enjoy your escapades online without ME in it!

The Mindwash Minx

Women have held a great power over man from the beginning of time, and most do not realize this. Most will cower in the shadow of a man, hoping for his approval. Most will feed the male whatever he wants for fear it will wander away if not. I won’t feed you whatever you want, and if you wander away I won’t be scared to be without you. I’m not like that, because I know the power I have. I know what I possess. This is why you don’t see me tweeting photos all day every day of every single thing I do. My life is much too sacred for that. You peeping toms and perverts don’t get to just LOOK at ME! I am not here for you to STARE at you disgusting lowlife! I want REAL MEN WITH REAL CASH TO SERVE ME LIKE A REAL GODDESS.. not a bunch of jerking off perverts that can’t stop staring at my perfect breasts and beautiful face long enough to get their wallet out and SERVE.

My beauty isn’t on display. I’m not a dolly on the internet for various men to come look at and play with as they see fit. I’ve received a lot of messages from men asking to see my body, asking to see more of me, and I ignore them. Those men don’t get me. They don’t get what I want. The men who get what I want would never ask for something like that. I already feel you’re way more than blessed as it is because of the header I have on my site. Too much of MY beauty exposed for the masses to see.

It’s much better to keep my beauty locked away from all the UNDESERVING FILTH of the world, the disgusting predators and horrible dirty creepos that populate the internet. I shudder at the thought of those unworthy vile cretins being given access to me. This is why I limit how much I show on twitter, and I feel I have been much too generous as is. I am the kind of woman that deserves to be worshiped and served for all that I am, including my physical form. I am sensuous, elegant, elite, classy, feminine, femme fatale, dominate, adorable, and seductive all in one.. it’s too much for your boy brain to take.. the site of my curves puts your lust into high gear and sets you off on a path of destruction.. no thinking, just obsessing, over those curves, over that face… too much beauty for a boy like you to take.. just stare and obsess for me my pet..

My body is too beautiful and sensual to be on display for everyone .. ugh! You will PAY and PAY and PAY to kneel and worship under the divine curves of your Goddess.

Luscious Goddess Enjoys your Money Photo Set


Under Perfection Cleavage & Toes Photo Set:


Blue Dream Beauty Worship Photo Set:



Speaking of goodybags have you checked out my sister, Princess Sasha Star ? She has many to choose from.
I took the photos of her in this goodybag with my Nikon D800 .. there are two bonus photos that show me in the bg taking the pics.

Ruby Red Love – Lipstick Fetish Photos

My lips LOVE to be coated in this ruby red lipstick.. it glides on so smoothly. I’m so beautiful with these full pouty red lips…now it’s time to cash in on your weakness. Included are 20 high quality fetish photos of me applying ruby red lipstick & two bonus photos revealing the photographer, Goddess Posh.

 <— Princess Sasha Star goodybag!!!

Have you noticed my new twitter name? TheMindwashMinx @GoddessPosh



What is up with the lack of favorites (other than robotoine) and retweets on this photo? You boys are pathetic.

Despite your lack of devotion to me on twitter I have taken mercy on my addicts and released the new clip The Mindwash Minx anyway. It is in Poshtopia right now, calling to you .. tempting you .. here puppet puppet, here, come watch me… After watching you will be triggered by my name on twitter every time you see it.. triggered into sweet sweet surrender of yourself to The Mindwash Minx .. triggered into mindless obedience… triggered onto your weak knees with your wallet out!


My amazon wishlist has exploded with WANTS. Start clearing it. You’re worthless to me if you’re not spending, and if you don’t like being worthless FIX it with your WALLET. Pay penance with your PAYCHECK by spending it all on ME.


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A Beautiful Burn

Have you noticed the new header on my site and the new easier to read font.. I want you to kneel and stare into the image up there.. look at my beautiful eyes, see the glow of light, feel my superior power overwhelm you.. focus on me, focus on the cash in my hands.. I deserve to have it.. focus on the thought of providing me more cash…your mind loves to focus on me and visualize the act of sacrificing  yourself for me.. you want to live it, you want to experience it, you want to BE MY WALLET!

After staring at my face and drowning in my vision for so long I want you to visit the BE MY WALLET page and drink in all of those deliciously dangerous words I’ve shared with you. Expose your mind to the financial domination doctrine I teach, and discover just how weak you really are. Can you measure up to the expectations and requirements I have for my slaves? You will need to work hard to earn a place at my feet in worship, but you already knew that. Why would you serve anyone who didn’t require the best out of you? Someone that didn’t make you earn your place? Someone that didn’t know her own worth? You wouldn’t do that.. you know better right.. it’s better to serve ME, I will never waiver in my authority or position over you, I will always keep you down in your place and make sure you truly understand MY value.


It’s like you were made to be drawn to me.. destined to crawl to my feet.. on this path of financial slavery.. obsession.. addiction.. .like a moth to a flame you’re drawn to my beauty and you’re going to get burned.

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Dazzling Enchantress

OOooooh look what VIP get, a new financial domination mindfuck clip to buy.. which means MORE obsession, MORE addiction, MORE helplessness, and most importantly MORE being financially fucked over for Goddess. It’s just part of the territory.. you wander into Poshtopia you’re going to end up with your wallet out.

If you’re not yet a very indoctrinated puppet all you need to do is click the VIP button & pay for access. My files are original works of art that are unlike any other financial domination clips in existence. They are one of a kind, a truly special experience, and not just everyone should be allowed access. If you’d like to continue watching POSH MEDIA then you need access to POSHTOPIA, whether you watch as a financial slave or just as an admirer that appreciates my creations.

As for my newest creation it is DAZZLING and ENCHANTING just like I am! This clip is a throwback in nature and style to many of my clips from the ’09-’11 era while still having a modern look and feel. This clip will become one of your favorites as it is a classic.

Dazzling Enchantress
Like a moth to the flame, the puppet is drawn to his beautiful temptress again and again. You’re so focused on me, your dazzling enchantress, you don’t even notice as I happily go about weaving a web of addiction, obsession and servitude in your weak boy brain.

VIP login so you can update your brain with the newest clip & there are some new photos added to the Goddess gallery for you to obsess over as well.

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Thank Me With Tributes

Your words are meaningless.

I scoff when you send me tweets and emails and instant messages with nothing but your words. Do you honestly believe your words hold any value to Me? When you thank me with your words you’re just becoming even more invisible to me. As such an addict who really truly deeply adores me you obviously don’t want to use JUST WORDS and disappear into the background.. completely overlooked by Goddess. You want to stand out to Me which means your thank you needs to be in the form of a financial tribute.

I’ll be accepting your slave wages in the form of cash or gift card. VIP login so you can see a couple new photos of me with a 1k cash tribute I just received recently. SEEING GODDESS POSH HOLD MONEY MAKES YOUR MIND GO SO WEAK AND HELPLESS FOR ME.

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The Wallet Rape of Robert

You need to be a VIP boy so you can read about my financial domination lifestyle, especially this post. Which is about a money toy of mine named Robert, and some of the things him and I have experienced together as a money domme and slave. VIP boys log in!

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The Mindfuck Artist

I’m not a slave to your need. I’m not a slave to the ache you feel consuming you, the desire that I have implanted into your core that now consumes every part of you.. you’re the slave here, not me. Which means I have all the control. I don’t kneel and bend over backwards to produce for you little doses of your favorite addiction. I don’t bend to YOUR craving for MORE Goddess, instead I hold it over your head and make you BREAK for me. I don’t produce one clip after the other, one tweet after the other, one blog after the other, one pay2view mail after the other for all your addiction needs, because I am not the slave.

I am The Mindfuck Artist!

When I cultivate more of MY art I am also cultivating your MIND. The weak boy brain just can’t help but to want and need MORE of ME. Each dose only brings you further to your knees in humble admiration of the beauty that I am. In all that I do, in all that I create, you are humbled by my superiority and filled with nothing but gratitude for the art that I share. I could just hog it all to myself but being so generous I allow you to admire and drink in MY art.. the art that ensues with each trigger I fill you up with, with each word I grace your addicted little boy brain with, with each release of a new financial domination clip or blog or pay2view the mindfuck ARTIST paints you with an aching NEED, a desire you just can’t help but to indulge in.

You are MY art, you are MY masterpiece, you ARE what I create, what I cultivate. You are the result of MY mindfuck. I have made you and I can break you, I can destroy you, I can choose to end what you are just like that. I hold you in the palm of my hand and mold your boy brain like clay. What I want is what goes. How I want you is how you are. I’ve twist around your insides and rewire your brain. Your brain is the instrument that controls your physical form, your every day life, who and what you are.. and I control your brain. I own it. My mindfuck IS the art, the art that consumes you. Art is beauty and there is beauty in being the mindless helpless ROBOT for Goddess Posh. It is beauty to be a weak money slave under my control, your actions a direct reflection of MY power, MY hands having been used to mold you into the TOY you are.

You are the slave under my spell, trapped in Poshtopia and on display in my gallery for ME to look at and think about how wonderful and amazing I am.. that I used my perfect Goddess hands to give myself everything I’ve ever wanted. I wanted luxury, I wanted happiness, I wanted to be worshiped and adored, and I receive all of that and more CONSTANTLY. I created a beautiful life for Myself using YOU like a canvas, a blank canvas, that I painted, distorted, controlled, contorted, with ease. Without much effort at all I turned you into a puppet for me and watch as you serve mindlessly my every whim. I deserve it. I deserve to have you as my drone. I am THE mindfuck artist, I deserve to be bowed down to and catered to by you and all the other drones in my gallery! I deserve to have you kneeling in admiration for all that I am, eager to please me.

You want me to live a life of luxury. You want me to be pampered and adored. You want to be provide to me. It’s the result of MY cultivation. The result of MY mindfuck. Your boy brain didn’t stand a chance, it never has and never will. It’s mushy and pliable, and I have used my power to create a beautiful life for myself by treating you exactly as you deserve to be treated, like a bitch! MY bitch! I’ve made you crave being used and abused for my pleasure. I’ve made you want and need things you’ve never even imagined before. I’ve taken you from a selfish boy consumed with his own desires and needs, and transformed you through MY mindfuck, through MY art, into the shell of what you once were. Now you crave only to obey. Now you crave only to please. Now you crave only to serve me endlessly without any reservations, no limits, no holding back. You have been exposed to The Venus Sway so much you can’t remember what it feels like to not have your brain on Goddess but you know you NEVER want to go back to a life void of ME. You never want to fall into that black abyss of no Goddess! It’s much better being a product of MY mindfuck. It’s much better letting go of everything else and just accepting you are MY creation, you are MY puppet.

Oh puppet you may send MY cash now, go ahead and indulge in YOUR addiction and make ME happy by clicking and spending like the mindfucked wallet you are!

I’ll accept paypal, gift cards & niteflirt tributes from you puppet.

Good Boys Pamper & Provide

A good boy knows his place is beneath me, serving My desires. With my greed comes YOUR purpose. This is how a boy who adores me and worships me should think.. with MY happiness comes your purpose.

Good boys pamper & provide for Goddess. Good boys know that I deserve the BEST and should never have to go without. A good boy loves to be of use to Me, providing luxury and pampering me like ROYALTY.

I simply will not accept anything less than the best for myself. I am a beautiful intelligent woman with an extremely powerful sexuality that draws you in so easily and captivates you so thoroughly.. and you’re not the only one who feels that way about me. This leaves you with LESS VALUE to me.. there are many of you and one of me.. so you NEED and WANT desperately to stand out from the herd and be the BEST puppet you can be for ME. I want and deserve the BEST and you need to provide it.

A good boy knows his place is to pamper and provide. I know you want to be MY good boy, don’t you .. I know you do. You love it when I tell you what a good boy you are for me. But you need to BE a good boy for me to say that..

Good Boys Pamper & Provide is the perfect training tool for you .. you’re already so hooked on me but you need to show me how much you truly ADORE me and soak your mind in more POSH venom. This video clip comes in TWO versions. One which is the brainwash version and the other which is a standard version.. both should be watched for the full brainwash effect.. and both should be watched because you’re a total addict that must drink in every single drop.


I also made a fourth edition to the Mindfucked in a Minute series. You must buy this one.. I love it! Mindfucked in a Minute 4: Financial Fuck Toy


The clips are available on niteflirt, clips4sale and clipvia as well as directly through me. If you’re new to the world of Posh you should definitely check out the Mindfucked in a Minute series but it will only be enough to leave you aching for more.

I also added another new youtube video this week. How lucky you are to be able to listen to my beautiful voice and look into my amazing eyes and lose yourself completely to me. To just drift off helplessly for Goddess, your mind awash with only POSH..

Focused on my pleasure, on my happiness.. your body and mind on automatic for me.. a drone that is programmed to respond to your feelings of adoration by needing to express them through complete submission to ME.. to MY will.. to MY greed.. to MY desires.

It’s just better when you’re that way for me. It’s so much easier to not fight it, to just give in and allow the rush to take over as you lose all control for me. Mmm isn’t it better when you enjoy it.. it’s inevitable that you’ll give in. Inevitable that you’ll be MINE. You might as well just relax and allow it to be easy.. simple.. rewarding… to be of such use, to be on automatic for Goddess..

To get started with your clicking and spending you need to go to my wishlist and SHOP! I have added MORE demands to the list, I want them all.. you are a money slave, it’s your job to provide and clear it off for me haha. I want every gift and why shouldn’t I have them? You do adore me and want me happy so it’s obviously a simple response from you.. Yes Goddess anything you say Goddess as you wish Goddess..

Which is why when I say I want the Apple Desktop that is at the very top of my wishlist you respond with YES GODDESS .. AS YOU WISH GODDESS… RIGHT AWAY GODDESS..

You’re here to PROVIDE. To PAMPER. To WORSHIP. I want you on your knees while you shop for me… you can send giftcards to for the Mac or just buy it yourself for me..

I want you to suffer, sacrifice, and submit. I want you to surrender your wallet and cash to MY desires and be consumed with always producing MORE cash and MORE luxury for Goddess. I want you to be wrapped up in MY greed unable to stop thinking about supplying more to your Goddess. I don’t NEED the mac, I already have one that works perfectly fine, but I want one. Which means you NEED to give and give and give, because MY wants are your purpose.. and I just gave you a path to take. So put one little foot in front of the other and go click and spend on me on MY wishlist RIGHT NOW!

Look at the beautiful banner my amazing Financial Domme friend Feminatrix made for me. Isn’t it so cute!


VIP’s there is a new video inside waiting for you which this lovely photo is a screenshot from.

Read more“Good Boys Pamper & Provide”

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