Financial Domination Sensation


Weak and Willing Cash Puppets

Hello MY weak and LOYAL puppets! I know you are all back here like clock work looking for the latest updates from me. Hoping to see a blog of mine that is especially tasty, filled to the brim with my hypnotic wordplay and delicious mindtreats and in between each of those ...


The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins I've taken over, I've made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME. I've created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!! I am GODDESS POSH, your ...

You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

  You can't resist the curve appeal.   Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made ...

The Mindwash Minx

Women have held a great power over man from the beginning of time, and most do not realize this. Most will cower in the shadow of a man, hoping for his approval. Most will feed the male whatever he wants for fear it will wander away if not. I won't ...

A Beautiful Burn

Have you noticed the new header on my site and the new easier to read font.. I want you to kneel and stare into the image up there.. look at my beautiful eyes, see the glow of light, feel my superior power overwhelm you.. focus on me, focus on the cash ...

Dazzling Enchantress

OOooooh look what VIP get, a new financial domination mindfuck clip to buy.. which means MORE obsession, MORE addiction, MORE helplessness, and most importantly MORE being financially fucked over for Goddess. It's just part of the territory.. you wander into Poshtopia you're going to end up with your wallet out. If ...

The Mindfuck Artist

I'm not a slave to your need. I'm not a slave to the ache you feel consuming you, the desire that I have implanted into your core that now consumes every part of you.. you're the slave here, not me. Which means I have all the control. I don't kneel ...

Financial Domination Means If You’re Broke You’re Pointless to Me

What happens when Posh addicts are denied a hit of their favorite fix? Witness below as broken soul the bitch boy slave from The Ultimate Mindfuck Parts 1&2 ... the blackmailed financial weakling who doesn't stand a chance against ME crumbles and breaks as the pain of being worthless and ...
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  • My true pets know to go deeper requires financial sacrifice for Goddess. Subscribe to The Venus Sway to sinkkkkkkk deep for me, puppet
  • Era of the Enchantress premieres today!! It will be available on Niteflirt and 
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  • It's time boys.  Era of the Enchantress is here. Available in my Niteflirt store today.
  • Down below Me 
Suffer for Me. 
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  • Sink deeper into submission and addiction just by staring into my eyes. You're hooked in a hypnotic high for me already. #findom #hypnodomme #femdom
  • Once you Posh you can't stop... #thevenussway #curvy #findom #financialdomination
  • You can't deny the power of my Goddess eyes... Surrender and find more of my photos when you join #curvy #blueeyes #femdom #findom

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