Financial Domination Sensation


The Money Domme of your Life

I know how much you miss me. I know how often you think about me. I know how much it hurts a boy to not have his Goddess. While some people have a love of their life, you aren't one of those people. What you have is THE MONEY DOMME ...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Order Order Order Me More Gifts

All addicts may relax knowing I made it home safely from my 3 week vacation. I traveled all over the southwest US... and when I say vacation, I mean vacation. I wore make up one time. I painted my nails once and let them chip. I completely relaxed. I only ...

A Talent For Manipulation

There is a hypnojunkie slave named Beansdad. He has gotten around, and is usually very sincere and quickly drawn in with his devotion. He has been obsessed with me for over a year and has continually tried to escape, always tasting the treats other Dommes have to offer but ALWAYS ...

The Key To My Heart

Yes I could destroy you, but that's not the point. The real point is that you WANT me to destroy you- what kind of fucked up person do you have to be to crave your own destruction at the greedy hands of a dominant beauty? I'll tell you what ...


Tomorrow I will be gone all day shopping, I have plans to spend the fistfuls of cash you handed over MONEYPUPPET. Then I will be *spending* the evening at a nice luxury hotel and enjoying my relaxation and time away from the PC & you slaves. I'm tentatively planning a ...

Sexy Lil' # Here for WORSHIP

I've updated my website once again. I've put it all on wordpress so it is MUCH easier to navigate. I forgot to mention that I took off the option for the banner ad's on my journal, though I will still accept banner ad's/swaps for the other pages of my website. I ...

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    ACCESS over 10 years of mindfuck, brainwash & findom blogs written by ME, your MESSIAH of FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION! Yes I will lead you into temptation and yes I will carve out your heart and your wallet, while making you crave it and need it more than anything. These 10 years of blogs include more than […]
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