My Amazing Mind Control Powers

I was marveling at the world around me, that I have created for MYSELF. See, MY mind is superior to yours because I believe I control my world and at the same time I believe the universe is vast and has a great energy to be drawn from which I can further manipulate and control YOUR world with as well as my own. Where you have more of a victim mentality, like assuming things are done TO YOU, that the world and the people in it do things TO YOU that make you sooooooooo helpless and soooooo out of control. Isn’t that right… I do things to you because you have a weak little boy brain and I have a SUPERIOR DOMINANT mind filled with POWERS of persuasion and dripping with an energy so vast that it even drowns out your ability to THINK CLEARLY, that is what I do to you! 

I was marveling at how I can simply snap my fingers and any one of the number of minions that are programmed by me will respond with obedience. This is the true power of The Venus Sway. I get into your brain and I warp it with my words and my will. You’re overcome every time you see me, by my sensual and sexual nature. The world has become completely Poshatized and you are happy with this change. Before you were just a mindless sheep, now you are a mindless sheep with a Shepherd to follow. The one TRUE SHEPHERD of lost boys. The one TRUE SHEPHERD to the submissive demons that need to be chained, taken control of and led down the path to fulfillment in serving! 

You have become, and you will always remain, forever MY slave. This is where you were meant to be, puppet. In a world that was designed by ME, by a GODDESS. This is a world where  the rules are made up all by me, where I am the QUEEN and you get to sink to your knees and worship ME with all of you completely. What kind of good boy wouldn’t give up MORE and MORE, even while you lay there bleeding you should be trying to pump out more more more for ME. Even while you suffer you should be thinking about ME. This is the life of a Poshatized money slave and that is what you are for me. You know its true. That’s why you need to buy the clip FOREVER MY SLAVE on my IWC store! 










When you buy my clips you are further ensuring that you will become a VENUS SWAY brain and a POSHATIZED pay slave!! My clips in your collection makes perfect sense, because you like to have high end luxury things to indulge in and that is what I am. I am HIGH END LUXURY!! Just like you do not expect to walk into Tiffany and walk out without spending a pretty penny, you can expect the same with The Venus Sway. You know where good boys go to PAY, its here, to ME. I have always priced my mindfuck financial domination creations for those with a more expensive taste. 

And yes, I do mindfuck you into oblivion and make you thank me and love me for the financial pain I put you through. This is what I do to you and I have no regrets about that. 

I will be at AVN this year for the IWC BOOTHS signing between 4-8pm and I expect CASH TRIBUTES when you make your mushy minded way over to meet me! I will also be available for cash point meets. I know how exciting it must be, the thought of finally being able to meet me and serve me IN PERSON!! Contact me online first, with tribute ready, and we can arrange for you to serve ME in the flesh. CASH SERVICE ONLY!! I am not interested in doing any type of sessions!

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets so you can see my poshydrone jerking his slave lever with sandpaper! His punishment for trying to hoard MY money!!! 

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hes just an experiment now

Being the curious person I am I wondered what are the effects on a POSH junkie that is forced to go without. To unravel the answer to this question I had simply to do one thing, take one of my boys and bring him to the height of his addiction, and then DROP him into an abyss of NO POSH and watch as his suffering unfolds. I had the perfect boy for this already, broken soul.

Broken soul being BROKE of cash is of no use to me, but his emotional and mental torment feeds my sadistic side. After I took the last of his cash I had him leave his girlfriend of 8 years. They still aren’t back together and it’s been … what… 2 years now broken soul? Maybe I should write Kathy and ask her how she is doing. But anyway, back to what I did to this lowly weakling… after I destroyed his last hope of escape by ending his relationship, I then left him. Just like that. I stopped responding to his messages, ignoring every single action he took to get my attention!

I watched as he withered in torment just trying to get my attention, sending me DM’s on twitter, IM’s on yahoo messenger, emails, all begging for my attention with statements condemning me for sending him into such a pit of despair and yet he still couldn’t stop loving me, wanting me, needing me, craving me, and doing everything in his power to get close to me. Through his raging fits he would always fall back down to his knees crying out for me.

Sometimes I’d send him a message or two just to fuck with him. It would calm him down immediately when I would respond, and I would be laughing inside knowing his peace would be only for a moment as I would leave him hanging and needy every time.

His spiral downward began with insomnia, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about ME. He soon progressed into contacting me more and more, his attempts growing in desperation. He began to become aggressive and angry, accusing me of destroying his life for no reason. At times I would remind him that he was the one that choose to leave Kathy, even though it was under MY command (just to get him more worked up). Then I’d go back to ignoring him and watch as he would cry out in agony all for ME.

After his most recent attempt to get my attention he finally conceded to the fact that he could not win, and he said ‘I am without you and I am okay.” … oh really … I bet you’re not okay now. I bet you’re on your little bitch knees crying out realizing how true it is… that I did this to you out of experimentation and all you’ve been is a little lab rat for me! I bet you’re not OKAY now, are you … no no he’s not okay at all, he’s just an experiment now.

I’m reserving the rest of this for my VIP, so login now.
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Pamper Pleasure Provide Financial Domination Mp3

I’m a Financial Domme because of a lot of reasons but one reason is that I enjoy being pampered. When I’m here with you boys its because I want to be pampered by weak willed wallets, I want to be pleasured to no end and I want luxury provided to me. I want all of this and I want it funded by you boys. I login so I can experience these things.. but every now and then it seems you boys need a push to remember your place. Don’t approach me as a friend, don’t approach me as a partner, definitely do not approach me telling me what you want, don’t approach me speaking about what I can do for you or what do you get for serving me.. but this mp3 I’ve created isn’t a ‘DONT DO THAT’ negative message.. it’s a positive message. It’s more effective at adjusting your brain because it focuses instead on how good it feels to pamper, and pleasure, and provide for Goddess.. it focuses your mind where it needs to be.. kneeling on the ground under me, basking in my superior beauty and light, SERVICING my every desire. And those of you who are already there, already kneeling, a puppet desperate to serve, you will listen to this new Mp3 on loop so you can deepen and further your addiction to ME.

This Mp3 is your will come undone.


Pamper Pleasure Provide


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will login and listen to the new free audio I’ve added to the Goddess Gallery.. listen, obsess, and give into the voice that melts you. Read about my torture of Alan and my delight with Poshyfool and enjoy obsessing over the new photos I’ve added .. I want you hooked and helpless, and you are.
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Psychological Damage: It’s Too Late For You now Steven

Recently my most favorite gift to receive has been my new camera from puppet steven, a Nikon D40x and a Canon Powershot G12. I love taking photo’s and both camera’s are a few steps up from my Sony Cyber-Shot. Of course I am obsessive about any of my hobbies so I must always have the latest and the greatest, which means you have a lot to go shopping for. I am allowing you the chance to really make me happy with buying for me camera gear which I will never pay for out of my own money. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it wallet boy.
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Toxic Candy Tastes So Good

Words from my lips, from the mind of a seductive temptress, bring you such sweet intoxicating pain. The pain of knowing you’ll always be on your knees groveling and begging, never quite good enough, always left in the shadow of my beauty. The intense agony of finally accepting the truth, the cold hard truth you had always run from, now displayed in the dirt before you. You’re nothing. Your life is insignificant, hardly even worth acknowledging. You know it’s true, no matter how much it hurts, but sometimes being forced to face the facts can feel surprisingly good. Being force fed the harsh realities of your life, mocked and raped, makes your cock respond and you ache in pleasure at my abuse and disdain of you. Ha, do you know what that makes you? Do you boy?
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Creature of Comfort Fem Domme Money Goddess

Hello my helpless love-struck fans, puppets and slave boys! Did you have a fabulous Valentines worshiping MY photos and words? Did you spend even more time (is that possible?) bowing before your collection of Poshy goods today? That’s a good boy, doing as you’re told and you have been told time and time again to make special time just for meditating on ME daily.

To read the rest of this post you need to LOGIN as a VIP boy! 

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Disposable Money Pets..

POSH: you’re not allowed to talk to me anymore.. andrew the aussie addict
THEBOI: are you serious?
THEBOI: Goddess please don’t do this to me, I gave heaps last week, more than I could afford, I went over on my cards. I’m trying so so hard to get you more money, please don’t ignore me
POSH: so that makes you now disposable, not having money- uh-oh
POSH: guess you better start making me happy
THEBOI: please just don’t dispose of me, I’m am getting more, the credit, pay, tax, please just don’t cut me off like that
THEBOI: you know that I need you in my life
THEBOI: this isn’t fair, you make me fall for you and really enjoy having you in my life, first thing I do in the morning is turn on yahoo to see if your there. You create this addiction to you and then ignore me? This is just plain cruel.
THEBOI: I wouldn’t even do this to an animal

Oooh look, he came back later:

THEBOI: look, I don’t understand what I’ve done that’s so wrong. I have given to you before, and I promised to give again. You said you enjoyed talking to me and that you have connections with your slaves. I could understand if I was being annoying and talking too much, that’s why I tend to not initiate contact, but I don’t understand why you’d do something this mean.


You ARE disposable if you don’t have money, even if I’m the one who used it ALL up. He’ll get to talk to me again, on his humble slave knees, once his credit extension comes through & that personal loan, oh yeah and his tax, bonus and paycheck. Yes, lots and lots of money coming MY way. mmm and that’s how it’s MEANT to be.

For those of you who are participating in my Marriage Therapy, session two has been filmed and released tonight. Remember it is very important for you to watch each session in order for it to work. You can watch them on loop even, that will especially help you out. I am so kind and sweet to offer that to you, aren’t I puppet boy.

And this one is ALL about the sexual relationship between your wife and you. I can help IMPROVE it, really I can. Just know, by the end of the session you will realize that I AM YOUR SEXUALITY. Without me you’ll never feel release or pleasure again, you NEED me.

the marriage counselor 2

Also, clips are being updated on my lulu site now. For those of you who bought clips from niteflirt and had links that don’t work, I will be sending you the correct links as soon as I upload the files, so be patient okay. I don’t really feel like waiting around hours to get you the clips you paid for but since I’m such an amazing Financial Domme, I will work on it.

Why I Don’t Let Losers Serve Me

As a real Goddess I feel it is well beneath me to allow a low life ‘loser’ to serve me. I’ve never been into slang, and as a child always stood out as one that spoke like a little adult and obviously was ridiculed for it. However, everyone could see that there was just something about me that was special, and still is. Now, when I hear the word ‘loser’ I simply do not equate it to ‘fantasy pretending to be a loser and being humiliated and giving you cash’ like some people do, but instead I think of what it really means to me.

To me a loser is someone that has no zest for life and is always just ‘giving up’. Instead of taking responsibility for themselves they blame everyone else for their problems. They would rather sit around all day and wait for the world to come to them, instead of going out and grabbing it by the horns. In the fetish scene losers are men that can’t afford to tribute, that try to top from the bottom, and who expect for me to do dirty things like tell them to eat their own feces or dog food. Why would you think I’d want a loser to serve me?

From what I can see LOSERS wouldn’t benefit a Goddess like myself in the least. I would never go around saying :you’re such a loser now give me money. That is such a contradiction. Yea, you’re a loser yet somehow you have money. How I see it is.. you like to be called a loser and expect ME to get you off via humiliation in order to take the money that should rightfully be MINE anyway. As far as I know losers don’t even have MONEY to begin with so the whole thing doesn’t make any sense to someone of MY intellect. Anyone with half a brain could truly dominate a loser if they wanted to. Where is the power in that?

Losers aren’t allowed into MY world.

I prefer to sink my words into the developed and educated minds of a real man. It’s such a sweet sweet transition from a strong willed powerful man into a weak posh Puppet. What a turn on it is for me to make a man crumble at my feet, to make a man kneel before me and BEG to be taken. Such an erotic experience for me to use the sheer power of MY beautiful mind to conquer a man.

financial domination goddess posh

Now, this doesn’t mean I like stubborn men. Do not approach me and say defiant things like “you can’t do to me what you do to other boys’ because I really am not interested in pulling teeth to get My way and consider those boys to just be full of games AND to be weak. Yup, you’re weak and you have ego issues. It makes you feel like a real man to come off that way, but a REAL MAN knows he is lucky to serve me.

If this turns you away it’s most likely you weren’t good enough to serve me in the first place. This is a lifestyle of mutual interest, and we should be on the SAME playing field. My slaves are just the other half to this, they are the SUBMISSIVE half.

Do not approach me if you’re just a ‘loser’ looking for humiliation and a fantasy role play game. I hate you.

Oh before I forget there are new clips up. The Marriage Counselor – Session One I will be releasing session weekly and it’s very important you join in. As well as ‘On your Knees Puppet’, another PERFECT Posh clip.
financial domination goddess posh

They Adore Me So.

Oh David how delightful for me to hear all about your obsession with me, your lust for me, and dare I say your LOVE for me. Though you have a hard time admitting it, I will admit it for you. You LOVE me, really you truly do. It is not every day that you encounter someone as enchanting, as deliciously powerful and yet sweetly seductive and sinfully sadistic as I am.

Email from DAVID S:

“I’ve often wanted to tell you how fervently I’ve sought
after you. You’re very special.

As I’ve said before, commanding women have long interested me, but before you, it
was a fascination with the superficial. The kind involving corsets and long heels,
and similar equipment. I’ve never partaken with one, or even communicated with.
But I’ve done a fair share of looking. What I found in you was so much more
captivating, as I found myself drawn to your word, not because of any kind of bind,
but because I wanted to.

I’d almost forgotten to respond to your question. Odd that you should ask, since I
was tempted to comment on your site. I do read your blogs daily, whether you post
new ones or not. Though I didn’t always. When I started following you, I scoffed
at the idea of being so drawn-in, as you wrote on the clips page, and swore that
couldn’t be me. Here I am this very moment seeing if you’d updated. I love knowing
what you have to say. I love hanging on every word.

I own almost all of your clips. I bought them religiously as you released them,
after I found you. When you went away I found you were an itch I needed to scratch.
You’re so unique I couldn’t find anyone that did what you do as well, and looked as
incredible as you. I’d buy some of your back ones every so often.

It wasn’t easy to find you, Searches only showed remnant hints of your site. I’d
nearly given up, though I appreciate the youtube compilation you decided to drop at
one point.

After a few months I’d given up on seeing my posh again, and on a whim checked your
clips page, and gave a wide-eyed gasp as I saw your newest clip. And here we are.
If only I’d known what I was missing before.”

My Birthday clip will be released later today. My mother is coming into town, I will pick her up from the airport and will be very scarce while she is here. I have a few weddings to attend, parties to go to and then MY BIRTHDAY which is going to be fantastic. I’m so excited my mom is visiting and you better make sure to show off how good of a puppet you are while she’s here, she just LOVES to see how much my boys adore me. It really makes her happy to see her little girl all grown up and taking control over the lives of so many helplessly weak sheep. She loves to know I am being served the way I deserve to be.

I’ve added multiple giftcards to my wishlist that you WILL buy me for my Birthday and of course every other day of the year just because you love me so much. God you’re weak. Do you adore me, hmm do you?! Show me how much you adore me, show me how deep under my SPELL you are.

Also, for you sick irritating fucks who keep pestering me to do a Forced Intoxication session, I’ve made a clip especially for you. See I don’t like you, I can’t stand you. I find sessions to be dull, lame and counter-productive to what I am about. I am about ME, btw, not you or your fetishes. My good boys know this, you drunk alcoholics don’t seem to get it. Since I detest you so I tell you exactly what I think of you and exactly what I would do to you if I did get you drunk, and trust me, the ending is no pretty description of me shopping at the mall buying foot wear with your lame ass credit card. The ending is MUCH more lethal than that …

Goddess MindFuck Series of Destruction

Destroying your life, that’s what really gets me in the mood. I have this sadistic part of me, but it’s almost child-like, I enjoy pushing you further and further just to see how far you’ll go and the whole time I am giggling mercilessly at you. I find humor in your pain, entertainment in your struggles, amusement from your stumbles. I’m thoroughly pleased when I am torturing you. The torment can be something simple, such as your pet peeve, to something severe such as making you lose a job or spouse or house or life as you once knew it. Whatever I do to you, whatever I put you through, rest assured it is part of a bigger plan. You can’t always see the end, but I always know exactly where it is and what it will be. I have a plan for each and every one of you. I never do anything without anticipating what the reactions may be, and in some case counting on them to further my progress in the ultimate high: YOUR DESTRUCTION.


Released tonight is Goddess MindFuck Series of Destruction Volume 1: Parts 1,2,3

This is the opening volume, which should be viewed first. The other 3 volumes may be viewed in any order after. This volume will ease you into the destruction I have waiting for you, by manipulating you, brainwashing you, addicting you, and bringing your obsession to full force, before humiliating and dragging you down into a dark and frightening place. You will want nothing more than to see all 3 of the other volumes and follow through as my hopelessly addicted pet. Come on, do that puppet dance for me.

Volume 2: Parts 4,5,6 Financial Destruction

Volume 3: Parts 7,8,9 Emotional/Mental Destruction

Volume 4: Parts 10,11,12 Physical Destruction

Ooooh lalalaa… you’re going to be so fucked up boy, as if you aren’t already!

The Key To My Heart

Yes I could destroy you, but that’s not the point. The real point is that you WANT me to destroy you- what kind of fucked up person do you have to be to crave your own destruction at the greedy hands of a dominant beauty? I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.. you are the type of person that is self-centered, so much so that he believes he isn’t. He is delusional in his view of relationships, and the world around him. He believes that he is a slave, when really he just longs to have his desires filled and since his desires aren’t to fuck a woman (doh’) he believes he is superior to other men and really a feminist and woman’s right supporter at heart. This kind of guy makes me SICK, and thus I gain much joy from abusing, manipulating and draining their (YOUR) wallet.You know, real men know how to give in to every demand a woman gives,  FUCK her silly, making her cum over and over and THEN give in to her every demand again!  From the looks of things you really can’t count yourself as a man, can you? It’s okay though, because that just means I can skip the sex and get every single thing I want from you. Listen, you don’t need to leave me comments saying how pathetic you are and how easily I could destroy you. I already know this, believe me.

Hey guess what, I’m still making clips (obviously) and I have released a very sexy, mind mushing, stimulating in oh too many ways, hot clip that will drain you dry. Get out your wallets, I’ve just given you the opportunity to earn the key to my heart.

My devoted followers have long been trying to edge themselves a special place in my heart, and in a giant surge of generosity I have created a clip that not only explains HOW you can become my very special key toting puppet, but also gives you the chance to earn the physical key that I keep tucked right between my perfect breasts. I will ship it along with high resolution photos of it dangling in my sexy cleavage to my number one PET. Not just anyone can earn that coveted position though. Let’s see which one of you can be the best boy ever & earn the key. The Key To My Heart

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