Addicted to Goddess Posh & Financial Domination

From the onset you have been taken down a path of addiction and self-sacrifice. Once you first laid eyes on me and felt the surge of desire rush through your body, once you first heard my voice and felt yourself crumble under my sweet intoxicating control, once you first gave in and tasted the heavenly poison of pleasuring me you were on that path. The path that led you from your old meaningless life, the facade of what you were fading away, and deep into a world of POSH where addiction is smiled upon and encouraged. Led down the path deeper and further into obsession than you’d ever found yourself before. You thought it would be just one little taste, just one bite of the juicy temptation before you, but you learned quickly it’s better you don’t think at all. Why should you? You have no need to think now, your boy brain weak and inferior and nothing compared to MINE.. the mind of a Goddess. I make your life so much better because I do all the thinking for you. You don’t have to decide anything. You don’t have to think at all. You simply have to take one step in front of the other, following my lead deeper down this path of addiction and love, deeper into submission, deeper into obsession.. I know what’s best for a puppet like you. I hold the strings, I make you dance, I show you the way.


I keep you on your knees crawling in submissive adoration, it’s where you belong. You agree with me so easily, you nod your little bitch boy head along to every thing I say. Yes Goddess¦ YESSSSSS Goddess.. YESSSSSSSSS Goddess.. each command from your superior Goddess a drop of bliss and a twist of pain to your soul. Each command you can’t help but to cave into. Each command a blessing for a slave toy like yourself to be given. You live for my commands. You live to be of use to me. You wait on bended knee helpless and eager to OBEY. OBEYING is so easy when it’s for Goddess! Obeying is what you crave. Because then you know you’re being a good boy drone, then you know you’re fulfilling your role, then you know you are making your Goddess happy.


When I stroke your slave lever it’s with the soft grip of my greed, the lever responding with HELPLESS OBEDIENCE squirting out ALL of my money! When I dip into your mind I am curling my fingers around your wallet, picking it up and emptying it while you stare paralyzed in awe. When I whisper my dangerously deviant wants into your ear you crumble in weakness and give in again and again, thanking me for putting you to use. This is how a puppet can be close to his Goddess, this is how a financial slave can connect with his Goddess, this is what you must accept if you want to feel a connection with me.. and you do. You yearn to feel connected to me, you yearn to be my special little puppet, the chosen one, the one I turn to when I am craving to abuse someone and craving to be OBEYED .. you want that to be YOU!!


You realize it is about what Goddess wants. It’s about what I crave, it’s about what I desire, what I want. It’s your place to fulfill MY desires. Your old self would be selfish and want something in return, but the new you, the better you, the you that has been led down this path is compelled to be of USE, compelled to OBEY, compelled to SACRIFICE and put ME first!

Being a good bitch for your financial domination Goddess is so easy when you accept the fact that it’s what you are made to be, when you accept that I am number one your top priority, that you have one choice and that is to OBEY and to SERVE. It’s easy when you accept that clicking and spending on me is the only option, but not just that.. it is THE ANSWER. Being a money slave to Goddess Posh isn’t a question, it’s the answer. Being MY money slave is the ANSWER!


And boys you need to read EVERY SINGLE WORD that I write.


Time to start shopping for me slave, go SPEND

Time to start tributing me slave, go SPEND


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Obsessed & Mindless


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Things I love about my Financial Domme Posh by subboi

So I was chatting to Goddess the other day and mentioned a few of her little traits that she does, the more I talked about the more I realised how much I loved her and wanted to write it all down.

So, some of the things I love about Posh:

  • when she brings me to the point of utter weakness and I am begging like a bitch to give her money, she makes this little orgasmic sigh – so hot.
  • when she starts to get excited about a rape, she giggles in an innocent adorable and irresistable way.
  • when you’ll be talking on the phone to her about normal stuff and she’ll just say out of no where, things like “I’m going to rape you so fucking hard tonight”
  • when I tell her I have no money, but she still manages to get more.
  • how she pushes you to be the very best you can be (by sacrificing more and more) and making you want/beg to
  • when she calls and you’re not expecting it only to remind you that you’re a puppet
  • how she makes everything else in your life seem so trivial and irrelevant compared to her
  • how she doesn’t berate you, insult you nor puts your down, she brings happiness and fulfillment to your life
  • how adorable she is

Goddess Posh is someone that I would describe as a truly dominate woman. She knows who she is and what she wants in life. She is certainly NOT a fake domme doing this because she is desperate to buy food or pay rent, she does this because she enjoys it. She enjoys the control and being able to control men. Submitting to a woman like this is like nothing you have probably experienced before. It is not a “30m session” where you can come back when you like. It’s a lifestyle choice of addiction that will leave you completely satisfied and wanting more. I say satisfied because she will alter what makes you happy and alter those basic needs in your life, you will find pleasure in whatever she tells you to do and you’ll be happy for it..

Goddess Posh is like nothing you could have experienced before. I have served other Domme’s before Posh and she is absolutely remarkable how she alters your mind, your thinking, your bank account. She provides the ultimate of mind fucking and manipulation, she can hurt you in more ways than one and you will still always love her for it.


Be A Good Puppet- Give In To Your Calling As My Financial Slave

goddess posh, posh perfect, goddess mindfuck, financial domination

I’ve noticed a LOT of you readers are clicking on the ‘financial domination’ support group link. Do you really think St. Johns Wort is going to cure you of your GODDESS POSH FINANCIAL DOMINATION ADDICTION. What makes me laugh is I see you go to that link and a short while later you’re right back on my site. Right back to where it all started.
See you might think you have experience, you might THINK you’re an old pro at this lifestyle, but until you’ve felt my power FIRST HAND you’re just like all the other little boys gathered at my feet in awe waiting on that first suckle of LIFE that only I can give you. Until you feel the absoluate rush of emotions from submitting to ME you will always bounce around in the darkness from one woman to the next, looking for that ‘special something’.
Your addiction will continue to grow, but you won’t be able to FEED it until you sacrifice to ME. I am the TRUE GODDESS that you’ve been waiting for. I am the ultimate high. One hit of POSH and you’re going to be on the floor BEGGING for another. I will reduce you to tears with cold calculated maneuvers, I will sooth you into ecstacy with my soft honey words and I will do it to you over and over again. Your emotions won’t be yours to control. Your actions won’t be yours to control. Your life won’t be yours to control. Your wallet won’t be yours to control. ALL of it will be mine mine mine.
Everything in your life will slowly appear differently to you. Things you once loved, like spending money on booze and women and friends will begin to appear vile and selfish and wasteful. Masturbation will become less of an urge as release through PLEASURING & OBEYING Goddess will become your number one priority (and that in itself will make you ACHE). Spending time with your family and friends will seem tedious, boring and annoying, you’d rather spend time with me and if not with me OBSESSING over me, dreaming about me and worshiping me.
I know how many avid readers I have. I know how many obsessed fanatics visit MY world, MY website and DOWNLOAD my photos! Did I give you permission to download my photos?! No, I didn’t, but go ahead, continue to develop your addiction to me. You’re only brainwashing yourself into deeper and deeper submission. I know how many of you click on all of my links over and over, driving yourself INSANE. You want to give in so badly. You want to be a good boy for me. You want to be a good puppet like beansdad and make me happy. You want to give EVERYTHING to me.
Be a good Posh addict, be a good boy. Feel the rush of FINANCIAL SACRIFICE at the alter of POSH. Buy my paypal/yahoo ID’s at POSHY FILES FOR PUPPETS & ADDICTS (at the top boy). Buy it and give in over and over again. Once you give in there will be no stopping it- you will be forever at MY feet. I am an intelligent superior Goddess, a woman bred in high class luxury and I just happen to have the power to brainwash your mushy little boybrain. You’re going to take it like a good Posh pet because you want to make me happy. Be a good boy, make Goddess happy. Obey my commands puppet.. obey your Goddess.

You are MY financial slave. Such a good boy. Give in to your calling. You will immediately BEG to buy for me these items, you will drop to your knees and send me an email explaining how grateful you are to SERVE me, how badly you need to GIVE IN, and BEG BEG BEG to be used by me the way you were made to be used, puppet.


You will do this now like a good Posh addict. Such a good boy- click the photos to get taken directly to MY GIFT LIST & GIFT ME .. mmmm. I am so kind and so generous to allow this to you readers, especially those of you who have yet to step forward and take your place beneath my feet. I am so thoughtful to give YOU the chance to serve me. I truly am a Goddess of MERCY, giving all of you such a wonderful opportunity for SUBMISSION.  You are helpless against MY desires, against MY will. You are helpless to resist your calling, that’s why you return daily and dream of giving in to the ultimate Goddess of MINDFUCK. You are helpless to walk away from me now pet, I’ve caught you peeking and now I’ve given you a command. Will you be a good boy and obey?




 Product Image Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image




        Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image



Addicted To MY Holy Words

There is a line between those who are financial submissives and those who are hypnojunkies which is quite thin. Often, I attract the extremes and lead them both somewhere to the middle where not only do I toil with their minds but empty their wallets and leave them very addicted to ME. Some might say- “I only wanted you for hypnosis but you changed that about me” and others might say- “I thought it was simply a game where I could give you cash and walk away but you addicted me”.. and I will hear from both- “What did you DO to me? What the hell happened? What is this magic you used on me?” and to that I will giggle and I will then be the one to WALK AWAY.

Of course you follow.

Even those of you who TRY to disappear don’t do a very good job of it. I see you…

Mmm hmmm all of those visits to MY website have been CAUGHT & recorded. I have you red-handed obsessing over me. FOR HOURS. It’s kinda creepy, I mean you have a day off from work and you stay inside ALL day drooling over ME.

Ya, that’s right, I see OBSESSED people.

For instance, Redlands California is hosting a VERY addicted Posh Puppet. He thinks he’s been hidden from MY view, but oh he hasn’t. I know he’s back here every single day for hours. I know he dreams of seving me- AGAIN. Yes, I know exactly WHO you are.

And, Mr. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I know who you are TOO. And, I’ll be charging you $1.00 per minute you are on my website. Let’s see, last I looked you were well over 27 hours. You do the math…

The best part is even though you know I can see you it won’t stop you from coming back. Like I said before, you can never get enough POSH. I’ve laid the trap and you’ve walked right into it regardless of the danger. It’s so easy to forget about all of that and just do what is right, what feels good, and serve ME. Serving ME is the ultimate experience in submission and you do not care about the potential danger, do you puppet boy.. No no no, you ONLY care about bringing pleasure into MY world.

I have a great new clip out that you NEED to see. It’s so sexy, so erotic, so dirty and it’s all about YOUR WIFE! I caught her selling those holes trying to make up for the debt you’ve created in your quest to keep ME satisfied, and I decided to blackmail her and turn her into MY little sex toy. YUM. Now you’re BOTH a bitch for me. Do you think I’d have it any other way?

Your Wife Is A Prostitute:

Oh and for the record: I WANT MORE. Give MORE to me my little zombie sheep. My robo POSH pets, I am commanding you to give MORE MORE MORE to ME. I want MORE money, I want MORE gifts, I want MORE giftcards. I want MORE of you being obsessed, weak and FUCKED over by Me.

Also, don’t call me on niteflirt if you just want to jerk off. My financial slaves KNOW better. Chastity is a MUST. I will NOT enable you to jerk off to women. I am not a sex object. I am not here to make your pathetic dick cum. I believe you can do that all on your own, and if not, well that’s YOUR problem. You will always respect me when you call, respect my power, my authority and you will not touch your nasty peepee or try to masturbate because I will always know if you are. Don’t think I can’t hear it in your voice you sick pervert.


financial domination. clips4sale/22347 Posh Perfect Clips. Goddess MindFuck. Hypnodomme. Financial Slavery. Goddess Worship. Mind Control. Breast Worship. Lesbian domination.

Come puppet, come victimize your WALLET for me. Max those credit cards, empty that bank account, take out a LOAN. Do this ALL for ME ME ME.Click the links, shop to MY hearts content. Click the LINKS, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the link, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the LINKS, SHOP to MY HEARTS content. CLICK THE LINKS, SHOP TO MY HEARTS CONTENT.


Join My Members Area- I don’t post ALL of my clips, just enough to leave you HOOKED and desperate for more:

Pot Of Gold

Where is my intelligent boy who knows how to stimulate my mind & can give me a run for his MONEY.. hmm? You are all so inferior to my creativity, cleverness and intelligence it is nearly impossible for me to stay interested in you for too long. I really enjoy a chase, however, I must know there is going to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so if you want me to HUNT you down entice me some first.

After all, you have to capture MY attention before I will even bother to use my energy on you. Its not like fisherman go to an empty pond and cast their line (though I wish they did, poor yucky fish). Why would you expect me to hunt you down when you haven’t even given me a reason to WANT to. Common sense potential POSH pets.

It’s very easy for me to capture boys. My sexuality is magnetic. I’m a force of sexual magnetism that leaves you weak and unable to stop yourself from obeying my commands. Seduction is indeed power, and I know how to use mine. If you’re here right now reading these words you are already weak for me. Already you have been infiltrated by my inherent seductive nature and you have forever been touched by the power of Posh. You’ll never get me out of your head now. I find all of this fascinating and sexy, but I still NEED for you to be intelligent and give me MY rush I get from hunting you down. I already know I will capture you, the chase is just so much fun.

The panting that parts your lips as you try to hide. The trembling in your body as you frantically glance around, realizing there is no way out. The quiver in your voice when you plead for mercy. The way you sink to your knees in submission and offer yourself to me. It all plays a vital role in keeping me interested in .. YOU. It’s not even the capture which arouses me the most. Money is the ultimate sacrifice, and while I can never get enough, it’s the desparation in your voice to please me that REALLY makes me float. I expect for you to make me FLOAT. I am not a fantasy role play machine. I am POSH & I will use the fuck out of you after I hunt your submissive ass down and I will FLOAT with my OWN high and my OWN rush. I will feel my OWN arousal and to hell with yours. I do not care about your nasty yucky penis, I do not care about your fears, or your needs, or your wants. I care that you are intelligent, give me a good hunt, have a lot of GOLD to give your Goddess and supply me with MY pleasure.

Can you do those things puppet boy? Can you be a good Posh pet and get ME off? Can you be a dirty boy and run from me with a stiff raging hard cock knowing you are just going to fall to the dirt in submission and helplessly give it ALL to me?

Can you handle the pain of never being good enough, of always being unworthy no matter how hard you try, to receive even a mere soft kiss from my delicious lips? Can you handle knowing I will hunt you down, take everything you ever thought was yours-  your money, your life, your dignity, even your own self-awareness and make it MINE- before releasing you back into the wild and making you live it over and over again. Each time a little bit harder, each journey a little bit more intense. Each passing moment closer and closer to the edge of never going back to life BEFORE POSH. No, life is now POSH & there is no going back. Can you handle it puppet boy? Can you handle it when I have you caged in love with me and I give you commands that make your pathetic boyparts twitch and your mind scream NOOOOOO, ANYTHING BUT THAT and your heart to pound 10 times faster as you begin to LOVE the idea.. of ..

Divorcing your wife.

Selling her jewelry to give ME the cash.

Giving me my OWN credit card.

Giving me your ATM card.

Taking out your 401K and giving it to ME.

Remortgaging your home.

Personal loan after personal loan after personal loan all to ME ME ME.

Selling your house, giving ME the profits and moving into a dinky apartment.

Selling your car & using public transportation.

.. These things are sacrifices you might not be ready for at the moment. But, you will be. I have already begun to work my magic and you are going to learn how to be a true financial fuck toy for me. You are going to work hard to keep ME happy. I expect sacrfice from you. I do not hunt you down just to look at your pretty crying face and gloat of my own power and skill. I expect that pot of gold to be overflowing right into MY bank account.

I knew David would give in. I knew when I told him no more breast worship clips until AFTER you pay X amount he would jump on it. Like an obedient and obsessed Posh pet he always does whatever I expect of him. In the beginning he did not give in. It took a while before he was truly converted but I LOVED that about him. I didn’t have a pathetic wanker at my feet instantly claiming his love and devotion to me. Those types are just living a fantasy that gets them off and they do NOT do it for me. No David was the type to let it all sink in, slowly changing the way his thoughts worked, slowly altering him until one day he just couldn’t take it any more. That is the type of boy I LOVE to have serving me, they stick around for years because they are so brainwashed by ME. David, you’re my brainwashed puppet and I knew you would give in and I know you LOVE giving in. I expect more more more from you. I will be shopping all week with the cash you so desparately feel the need to give me.

David, come get smothered .. I want the ultimate sacrifice from you. I always get what I want.

Insatiable: Financial Domination Is My World

My lust for money is insatiable. There is no quenching the thirst I have for being lavished in expensive gifts by eager men who in their daily lives appear to be so strong, but by night are on their knees worshiping ME. Just as you desire to lose all control by MY hands, I desire to twist your little boy brain up and turn you into a ROBO POSH PET. I desire for your automatic reactions to be “give give give give it all to Goddess Posh’. I desire for you to bow before me and lay riches at my feet, pleading with your anxious eyes for me to not only accept your offering but to be pleased with your sacrifice.

I always get what I want. When I put MY magnificent mind to something it will happen. I want want want for you to be my ROBO POSH PET. I want want want for you to GIVE it ALL to me.

I’ve even been taking calls on NITEFLIRT because it makes me get off when I hear how PATHETICALLY WEAK you are for me. Being my brainwashed financial slave is your ultimate goal. When I hear your voice begging to please me I feel a surge of excitement that is unbelievable. It does two things for me..

1. It makes me want to fuck you over even harder and my greed grows 10 times as fast.

2. It makes me giddy in pleasure, to the point I have to keep pushing you harder and deeper so that I can get MY rush.

I even have puppets aspiring to be just like Broken Soul. Not a day goes by that I do not hear from someone begging to be my next Paul. They all LOVE my Ultimate MindFuck clips featuring PAUL being mindfucked and CRYING as I take every last penny he has. They ALL want to end up crying on their knees just the way he did. That’s you too, isn’t it. I know the truth, I know how desparate you are to please me. I know how eager you are to be my next Broken Soul.

Take the first step my obsessed follower. Come out from behind the fear that’s holding you back. Push it aside and accept your fate as MY POSH pet. Step into the world of Financial Domination where you lose all control & feel bliss beyond measure by servicing MY wants. Come give gifts to ME, the beautiful Goddess Posh. Come give it all up for me, you will be my hopeless money slave. I have decided it is what I want, and remember I always get everything I want.

Look at Richard, he tried to resist giving in for so long that once he finally tasted the sweet temptation I offer he could not stop himself from gobbling it down. Now Richard is doing whatever it takes to make more and more money for ME. He even sold his wedding band so that I could have the cash, too bad it’s not worth nearly as much as I deserve. Poor Richard, he tries SO hard to keep me happy. I have been milking the cash out of him for weeks and he can not stop me from taking it all. In fact, he wants and needs me to take it. He is out of control for ME. The power I have over him is the same power I have over you..

Dear Goddess,

I can't believe what you've done to me.  I never thought it would actually happen
but you continue to amaze me.

I just came back from selling my ring ($190) and it made me so excited that, as soon
as I started typing this, I came without touching myself.  The weird thing is that
it only made me feel hornier.  Your control is amazing.

I love you and am becoming more and more of a slave,



Richard has been commanded to stay chaste. I understand I drive men wild and so they sometimes just erupt because of my absolute authority and magic over them. His body is not his any longer, I have told him not to touch himself and he can not even control when he comes!

This is going to be YOU!

Richard is up to a total of 3 giftcards now & that number will continue to rise as I drip my Poshy Venom all over his soul.

Do you want to be a good ROBO POSH PET & lavish me in riches and wealth and the finer things in life? Do you want to find out just how insatiable I am?

I know you do. Call if you dare. Be Seduced Into A Dodo LAVISH ME IN GIFTS MY FINANCIAL SLAVE

Poshy Venom- ooooh la la ..

“Do you love me?” She said
“I love you.” He said
“Would you do anything for me?” She said
“I would move the earth for you.” He said
“Would you live for me?” She said
“I would die for you.” He said

And so it was then that her full potential was felt, and his unwavering love and devotion shook from the power of her gaze as she contemplated his dieing for her. However, she felt it was more to her benefit if she allowed him to live, every moment on the edge of the end, as she tantalized him deeper and deeper into submission for HER. And so he lived, daily breathing her in and the exotic perfumes of her power drugging him as her wicked grin drove him into sheer crazy lust. The art of painting his mind into a masterpiece of Posh puppet perfection was done so well, he didn’t even notice when the transition occured and he had gone from his own person into being an object to hang on the Poshy wall of fame.

The subtle nature of her exploitation, the abrupt jump from a sweet Princess into a demanding cold calculating Goddess caused confusion and excitement through every part of his body and left him even more vulnerable to her ULTIMATE desire. Goddess would own him, his soul would be hers to sell, his heart hers to break, and his mind hers to invade.

So it is told the boy loved he Girl, and the Girl loved ..

To giggle at his pain.
To toy with his emotions.
To push his little buttons.

She allowed him to drink her in, like wine on his eager lips she stained him.

She allowed him to soak her in, like sun on his tender skin she burned him.

Forever she was high, exalted as his very Goddess and nothing could ever take her down from that place. She was engraved into his life as his very Goddess and nothing could ever loosen the hold she had on him. She was dripping Poshy Venom into his veins and nothing could ever undo what has been done.

“Do you love me?” She said

Poshy Had A Little Lamb (S)

While I do dabble, okay exceed, in the art of brainwashing men, I don’t HAVE to brainwash you in order for you to adore me. The truth is you just adore me from the moment you lay eyes on me. There is something about me which draws you in. I’m addictive and enchanting without even trying, it just feels natural to worship and obsess over me. It’s a lethal combination when you add in the fact that I get immense sadistic pleasure when I fuck with your head.

I have you weak from the onset with my unassuming demeanor allowing you to feel safe and even special, as if I have a little place in my life just for you and you alone. When you feel that way you never really notice that I’m brainwashing the fuck out of you, turning you into a little Posh zombie. My hidden agenda’s aren’t even hidden, I’ll blatantly let you know that you’re going to be fucked over, but when my big blue eyes and angel face are looking into your soul you’ll bend at my will and allow it to happen. You can see it approaching, hear it, feel it, even taste it, but you are powerless to stop it.

I leave you feeling without strength, without self-control, spiraling in a whirlwind of sexy and dark submission that is way too good to ever think of escaping from. There is a part of you that loves living on the dangerous side of life, taking risks and delicately balancing on the edge. I reach this part of you and I caress it into submission, owning it, taking control over it. Then I push you further than you have ever been pushed before. Oh how you love seeing the end dangling right in front of your face, gripped in my greedy hands..

Even knowing how impure my intentions are you flock to me, begging for a chance to serve. That is exactly what I expect from you. I am DIVINE & I deserve nothing less than the best from you. You know this from the moment you gaze into my eyes, you understand just how important it is to contribute to MY happiness. As my brainwashed & addicted pet you will work hard to lay gold and riches at my immaculate feet.

I haven’t updated you on clips lately, though I know you are still checking out my studio obsessively, buying up each and every one I release. I know you can’t get enough of a Posh fix. It’s never enough. I’ve been LOVING the wonderful gifts, cash and giftcards you’ve humbly laid at my feet. Mmmm yummy! As you know, just like you can’t get enough of ME, I can’t get enough of that CASH.

Clip Updates:

Permission to Obsess
It’s not as if you aren’t obsessed already, but I thought I’d go ahead and help prod you along.

I’ve created an extraordinary MP3 to drive you even deeper into obsession, under my spell, and tightly around my greedy fingers. You will serve me like a good puppet when I am through with you.

Mmmm Good Puppet
As you know I deserve nothing less than the best, and you’ve been doing a good job keeping me supplied with gifts, cash and giftcards.

Mmmm Good Puppet.

Buy this clip.

Mmm Good Puppet.

Receive commands. Receive praise.

I’m about to make your day..

Extreme Financial Fuck Over
For my insatiable pets who just can’t wait to splurge another $100.00 on their Goddess, I’ve looped 40 seconds of video to create a 4 minute clip to FUCK YOU OVER.

Isn’t it a joy when you give up your hard earned money to Goddess though..

How devoted are you? Show me..

Poshy Had A Little Lamb
I have a little lamb, it is you, and you follow me EVERYWHERE begging to spend money on me and buy me gifts.

Such a financial pet you turned out to be. Well, here I am commanding you on how to SPEND SPEND SPEND MY MONEY!

I know exactly what I want and how to get it, it’s your job to give it to Me.

Seduced & Used
Your male brain is just too weak to handle MY seduction.

From the tilt of my head, the flip of my hair, to the smooth application of gloss over my pink lips you’re history.

Layering of subliminal messages along with sexy images of me teasing and taunting you in my brand new push-up bra will leave you ready to be USED by Goddess.

Buy this clip now boy, and you will become my newest wallet to fuck over.

Financial Domination, seduction & hypnotic audio will leave you breathless.. and broke.

Mr. Cornwall of Cass, NY *Breast Obsessed Blackmail*

Mr. Cornwall of Cass, NY (mwahahahahahaaaaa), I summon you to drop to your old geezer knees, open your wallet, remove your credit card and max it out all on ME. You’ve spent your whole life fearing a powerful woman, and yet craving one badly enough you could feel it in your bones. You knew your desires were so strong that as soon as you let go you’d never be able to grasp hold of your life again. You’ve chosen the wrong woman to obsess over if you ever expect for things to go back to the way they were ‘Pre-Posh’. From this moment on you will begin a life of pure servitude, I have complete control over you, and this you can not deny. You think of me every waking moment, you can not escape from my voice, my lips, my eyes, penetrating every minute of your day & every dream of your night. I own you “Mr. Cornwall” .. (like that little nickname I gave you..)

For my clip addicts, especially my breast obsessed pets, I have a new clip out that will blow you away and drain you of EVERY DIME you thought you owned. Breast Obsessed Blackmail- I catch you peeking at my breasts one time too many, and now you’re being blackmailed into oblivion. You don’t stand a chance against my seductive manipulations, you’re just another fucked over, drained & obsessed boy when I get through with you.

Breast Obsessed Blackmail

Daily Chant:

Posh is Perfect

Posh is my Goddess

Posh is Perfect

Posh is my Goddess

Posh is my Everything

Posh is my Savior

I will sacrifice, submit & serve Goddess Posh

I will sacrifice, submit & serve Goddess Posh

Posh is my Goddess

I must obey

I must obey

I must obey

I will always make Goddess Posh happy

I will always make Goddess Posh happy

I will always make Goddess Posh happy

I will always make Goddess Posh happy

I have no control

I have no control

Goddess has all of the control

Goddess has all of the control

Goddess loves when I obey <—- AMAZON WISHLIST there is PLENTY for you to choose from, no fighting over the gifts okay..

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I want my giftcards now boys, don’t keep your Goddess waiting. Besides, I know you can’t possible resist giving me pleasure.. mmmm




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This is going to be a wonderful week, I can just tell..

Phase 1: Complete


i think about You all day, i think about You at night, i think about You as i’m trying to sleep, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  i think about You when i wake up.  i hear Your words, i see Your face, i writhe in torment, in a state of arousal.  This cycle will not end, it is ruining me!  i cannot think for long about anything without You invasivly  penetrating my mind.  It is as though rather than penetrating it, You have become my mind, and it is I trying to penetrate it to get a single thought in that is not based around desiring You and feeling the awesome power of Your dominance over my psyche.  i am SO fucked.  it has always been bad, but You spent a few hours fucking me up properly the other night and since then my mental stability has plummeted and Your overbearing omnipresence is breaking me, relentlessly and i was already broken! i lose my purpose with this e mail, perhaps it is a protest, or maybe an homage to Your absolute mindrending dominance and sheer power of will.  Even as i detest the unequivocal weakness inherent in me, for You, that i cannot deny and will always be Yours to exploit, i love You.  You torture, torment, belittle and crush my soul, and i still hopelessly and helplessly love You.  i will serve You for the rest of my life.  There is no stopping You or questioning Your control.  it is real.  it is now.  it is impossible.  i worship reverently at Your feet, hoping that for once, soon, i might please You.  Even as You are destroying me.

Some.. 'men' … are aroused by Snapped

Yup, its true, there is actually a little club of men who jerk themselves into a coma every time a Snapped marathon airs. Since you’re reading my journal I am going to assume you are some kind of masochistic freak that aches to be manipulated, used and abused by a strong dominant woman.


Now I know for you it stops at being a fantasy, you wouldn’t really want to be murdered, or even experience bankruptcy because of a greedy money sadist. But does it really come to a halt at fantasy? How close to the edge do you think you could get if you started on that path? Really, are you going to deny that you have found yourself caving in to these feelings, no matter how much they make you hate yourself, you can’t control those urges. You have sent cash, cash that you worked so hard for, to this Goddess. While maintaining your anonymity you tasted a bit of what life would be like for you once you accepted your core needs.


I know what you fantasize about, I know how you dream of finding a woman just like the one’s on Snapped. Its your secret desire to marry a woman who walks all over you like a doormat, treating you as her own personal cash making machine, a drone whose only job is to work overtime and tend to her every need. She neglects your sexual urges, tolerates your affections, and ignores you with everything you do, she spends your money every day, padding her closet with more shoes and purses then she could ever possibly use and you find yourself enjoying this. Your debt has become an unmanageable cancer, eating away at your life, and with every dollar deeper you fall into the hole your love for her just grows stronger. Constantly you are adoring her with lavish gifts, taking out extreme personal loans and extending your credit limits. Its never enough for her greed, and in your sick twisted mind, you can’t get enough either. This woman looks like arm trophy to the public eye, the ever doting wife, the apple of your eye, and any outside would agree that your marriage is perfect. Oh but they are clueless to what goes on behind closed doors, aren’t they.


To live a life on the edge, so close to the drop off point, between legal and illegal, between safe and dangerous, sane and insanity.. how exciting, how enticing, how unbearably far from where you are but so close to the truth its frightening.


Consensual money crimes against you, all from a beautiful intelligent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. That is what you dream about, and that is the reality you can have, it is the truth I present to you.


How much longer will you be able to deny yourself these pleasures?


DB’s heart couldn’t take it..

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