FIRST before I begin my Christmas blog I have to say: 

GOOD BOY to those of you that have been here clicking for me and giving it all up to me. 

SECONDLY poshyfool you are such a good boy! I want 1k deposited into my paypal by tomorrow or I will be fining you to a week of chastity when you get home from Jamaica. I also want a card stuffed with cash like last year, SURPRISE ME AGAIN, you know I love it. 

mmmm welcome puppet, you know you felt compelled to read my words as soon as you knew they were here. What a weak and addicted POSH junkie you are, and tell me puppet, doesn’t it feel good to just be addicted and taken. You’re being taken again and again by ME and guess what puppet, I love it. Oooh how you LOVE to make me happy with your own sacrifice and suffering. 

Well what better time of year to sacrifice and suffer for ME than the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate in your personal life in POSHTOPIA you celebrate as I want. I love Christmas so you celebrate Christmas with me. I want GIFTS and CASH galore coming in from your puppets. I deserve to have a life of luxury and my day to day life needs to be easy and luxurious. I shouldn’t have to do any struggling or have any discomfort or suffering of my own, should I. 

Notice I didn’t leave that as a question but as a statement. It’s fact. 

It’s you that needs to suffer for ME. Every time you go without you will remember it is so I can have MORE. I deserve to never have to cry or feel fear. I deserve to wake up every morning knowing I am ok. 

That is what you provide when you sacrifice for me. 

I want things to make my already beautiful life even more beautiful and easy for me. So I want service oriented gifts this season. 




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  1. A Private Chef for 3 -4 Evenings of the week & weekly meal preparations is a TOP priority. This is a method many of my Findomme friends use to save time & eat healthfully.  
  2. I already have a part time maid but I want to increase this to a few times a week instead of just weekly. 
  3. A home manager!! I want someone to deal with things I don’t want to have to deal with. Paperwork. Bills. etc. I want to sit back and have fun while someone else does the stupid shit and you boys pump funds into my account. 
  5. A MONTHLY SPA Day & A Weekly Pedicure
  7. Lawn Care Services
  8. And of course lots and lots of cash I can use for investments & vacations. 

I also have a wishlist with important items I desire, so make yourself a useful good boy & go shopping for me. Don’t think about the price, think about how happy I will be with your service. You want to be SUCH A GOOD MONEY SLAVE for me. You crave to be SUCH A GOOD BOY … yessss you want me to look favorably on you this holiday season. 


SHOP NOW!!!! I really want the VISA cards on there because its like BONUS cash for me… I load them into my wallet, and ENJOY.

























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Financial Domination in Action My Addicts

See this image of me in front of a greenscreen… that’s a sneak peek from an upcoming HYPNOSIS video! But this isn’t just your standard hypnosis video…


This video will feature myself and another Domme! She is alluring, hypnotic and oh so dangerous, and she and I are the perfect balance of light and dark evil! Who is she? You’ll have to be a very indoctrinated puppet to find out…

Just know the only thing eternal about you is your soul, and we plan to trap that. Mmmm hmmm that’s right, your very soul is destined to be caged for us.


I’ve received so many Desigual dresses this weak, but do you think it’s enough? Of course not! I’ll be adding more to my wishlist, as well as more jewelry. Robotoine sent me a huge jewelry box and I put all of my extras in there and still have plenty of room so that means more shopping for all of you…. make sure to keep your eye on my amazon list as I may tag you next! You never know when you will be called into action for your Goddess. To see all of the photos, 34 in total, you’ll need to buy them from me like a good payboy. Click the paymail and pay pay pay for MORE of ME! Even if you didn’t have the honor of gifting me a dress you’ll still be buying these photos so you can obsess over my beauty, empty your mind of everything else and just zone in on my gorgeous eyes. You’re so hooked…


Buy My photos and let your weakness fund MY shopping! This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION in action, my weaklings.

This isn’t some little girl playing dress up, or taking off her clothes, for money and slapping on the title of Financial Domme. I am a real true Financial Domme in action. I live and breathe financial domination. This is more to me than some game. This is what I was born to be, and you were born to be under me… pleading with me to victimize your wallet… give you some use… make you some way important to me, close to me… take control and dominate you into helpless compliance… this is more than some role play or fantasy game. This is a passionate exchange of power between two people.


My very indoctrinated puppets need to login now for more sneak peek photos & information!

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I want more than you’ve ever given before

October is here, and I love the fall, but noooooo winter is soooooo close now. I will embrace the cold snow like a champion! I will embrace mother nature and not whine and cry like a brat, but instead allow my slaves buy me a LOT of snow gear to keep me all bundled up and warm. October doesn’t just bring the promise of colder days ahead, but also the change of leaves (which is beautiful) and Halloween. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be dressing up as, but I was offered the suggestion of Cat Woman from a friend. Hmmm interesting thought…

AND not only does October bring ALL of those things but also it is bringing you another Season of the Siren film, titled Destruction in the Key of Seduction



All of you completely corrupted and addicted toys have Friday to look forward to, when I release the preview clip & announce the release date.

Also a little public service announcement: when I say MERCILESS WALLET RAPE that means I have no remorse about draining you of the cash that rightfully belongs to me, and no matter how much you beg and plead that it hurts, I will be digging in deeper and taking MORE. I love to DIG deeper than anyone ever has. I want MORE MONEY than you’ve EVER GIVEN ANYONE ELSE BEFORE!!!!  You see by my allowing you to sacrifice your slave earnings for MY pleasure, I am already showing you mercy. There is a reason I have referred to myself as the Deity of Ruin.



Tribute is expected now, my dear addicted reader.


Login my VIP, and see what penance puppet drone will be paying for his sins.Read more“I want more than you’ve ever given before”

Financial Domination Film Serenade Haze Teaser Clip

Each word hits you like a hammer on stone, chiseling away at everything you are until you no longer resemble the man you once knew but are instead a reflection of my own personal wants and desires. I create you into the money slave drone that I want you to be, with just a few little words. Each of my words have a profound effect on you, making you sway in your thoughts so that they are now the thoughts which I want for you and you.. you can’t begin to tell me where those thoughts came from. Did I chisel away at a facade to reveal what was already there, the eager love struck money slave, or did I chisel away at the real you and turn you into the financial slave I so love to wallet rape.. ?? You won’t ever know, but you do know that my words are what have done this to you. Whether I’ve simply revealed the real you or shaped you into the puppet of my desires is a mystery..

A mystery you don’t need to worry about. All you need to do is accept you are in my capable hands and that you won’t be returning to your former shape ever again. What has been done by me can not be undone. The form I’ve so carefully crafted you into is here to stay. It’s almost as if you never heard that a rose has thorns when you came crawling to me, trying to get a hint of my sweet intoxicating scent. And now look at you, so hooked and captivated by my beauty, and my feminine sensuality, you don’t even care that you keep getting pricked over and over. The thorn may be stabbing you right in your beating heart, but you are chiseled in the shape of an addicted drone with no choice but to take the pain, so you stare at my beauty in awe, feel my genius manipulations taking hold of you, and allow the pain to just sweep over you. Almost a comfort isn’t it, to know you’re in pain, because that means you are as close to Goddess as you can be. That means you have me IN you, inserted in your being, controlling and molding you .. the only way you could be close to me is by hurting for me. You want to hurt for me. You want to feel the sting of financial suffering for me, it means you are doing it right.

There wouldn’t be a ROSE without the THORNS .. there isn’t financial domination without the sacrifice, there is no pleasuring Goddess without the pain, there is no being a good drone for me without feeling an ache straight to your heart and wallet as I have my way with you. The fact is if you want to be around THIS ROSE you will feel the sting of MY thorns, which is of course your financial demise and sacrifice, your emotional slavery to me, and your inability to ever be an individual again as you have become but a drone wired by MY programming.. and all of this suffering is so delicious to both of us.. mmmmm.

Ready for SERENADE HAZE!!!! Yesssss you can’t wait and I have a sweet little teaser for you to help you get ready. Watch the teaser to find out the premiere date for the first film SERENADE HAZE in the Season of the Siren series!!! Then watch it and the other preview again and again, saturate your boy brain in the alluring mesmerizing essence of your Goddess.. it makes you so nice and mindless for me, mmmmm!!!!

And for MY viewing pleasure, while you’re all mushy minded from watching MY teaser clips, I’ll watch you SHOP SHOP SHOP to my hearts content! Come find me, I have plenty of ways to empty that wallet of yours, puppet.

(Oh hi addict. Yea you. Yes I’m talking to you. Don’t question it, just respond like the weak one you are by sending MY cash.)

Preview of Serenade Haze

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Goddess Posh Will Warp your Brain for LIFE!!!

Why would I allow you into my world without a tribute? I am a Financial Domination Goddess, my expectations will not be lowered for anyone. Why would you ever expect to be an exception to the rule? Why would you ever think you could be MY friend and just hang out with me without serving me? I am here to be worshiped and served by money slave. Nothing else. I am here to feel the rush of adrenaline I get every time I make one of you wallets open up and start mindlessly helplessly spending on me.


I am here to ask you a question, why are you existing without existing for ME???


Why are you a wallet without being a wallet for ME? You’re already what you are, a wallet that exists to be penetrated by my greedy hands. So why are you here reading this and not living this? You need my powerful hand to reach out and grab you by the leash and lead you to your place at my feet. You need my Venus Sway to mesmerize and pull you in to the seductive tempting world of Financial Domination, of being a wallet with a purpose for Me. It’s all here already, the bait has been set and now you get to enjoy giving into it. I know you want to be my helpless money slave, or maybe I just make you think you want to.. I’ll never tell.


I have another question for you. Why are you here right now looking at my holy words, and my beautiful face, feeling the power of my persuasion sweeping over you and you haven’t paused to send a gift card or tribute in response to me? This is what you were born to do. You were made to respond automatically to ME with the desire to SPEND SPEND SPEND. I expect to be served the cash I want from you, right now.

My palm is ready to be filled with your will so I can crush it. Then filled with your mind so I can mold and shape it. And as I crush your will, and mold your boy brain, I pluck hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of your wallet. Just sent me a $500 tribute? Oh that’s nice, what a good little wallet you are for me mmmm it makes me feel SO good when I know that I compel you to spend spend spend.. oh what’s that bitch boy, you want to spend spend spend MORE .. YES MORE… I’ll make you HURT for me and of course you won’t be able to stop loving me even through all that pain.

Spend Spend Spend to no end! That’s what Goddess wants out of you boys and that’s what I’m getting.

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets are so excited about the upcoming FEMME FATALE FILM series I am creating (I love being a creator!!!). If you don’t keep up with twitter (which I heard may be removing over 10mil adult accounts soon so bookmark my site!) then you’re not aware that I have a beautiful new series of Femme Fatale Films for you boys to drown in. It’s called Season of The Siren and will feature one new hour long film every month for 12 months!!! I can’t wait to see how this beautiful collection is going to look next year omggggg you boys are not going to be able to handle this without DRAINING yourself DRY of cash on me! Let the obsession and addiction growwwwww.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming film Serenade Haze from  Season of The Siren set for release in June 2015.. Only the first of 12 eeeeeeek I’m so excited to warp your brains even more! Mmmmm you’re already all so addicted and hooked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become even MORE so! OH yes you are going to keep falling and falling my little addicted drone… this series of clips will melt your boy brain down to a puddle for me. YESSS I am going to warp your boy brain for LIFE- even those who try to escape never fully regain control over it.

(it’s true isn’t it william, you still have your mind warped by me too.. so do you Mark.. you can’t lie or hide it.. it’s been in there consuming you since ’09 haha and so do you JOHN you try to take back control only to find yourself more broken.. and you mike.. I know you love when I make you cry and it hurts you when you deprive yourself of me too long.. )

Serenade Haze Screenshot



Let the worshipping continue in even more greatness than it already has. I am GODDESS POSH, you will REMOVE your ego, you will REMOVE your pride, you will LOWER to your knees, and you will LOWER your bank balance for ME!!! I will not tolerate anyone serving me who can not raise the bar to MY standards and expects me to instead lower myself to theirs. No you will get to your knees and strive to meet the challenge of quenching MY financial lust. If you can’t understand that I am more than worth sacrificing and suffering for you simply do not belong here and can scurry along. Maybe you’ll finally come to your senses but I don’t care if you do or not because it’s not about you is it. It’s about ME, and I only like the boys that understand that.

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets for more photos to worship ….

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Her Eyes Chained Me

“..and her eyes..her eyes chained me..”

Is it my eyes that have you all chained up for me or is it your innate weakness that makes you such a captive of mine.. I know you can’t look away. I see you trying to consume as much of me as you can. I know you even steal the photos off of my website for your own obsessive little collection. And to those FOOLISH boys that want to act as if you’re not chained to me? Denial is a funny thing. On one hand you say you are not obsessed with, weak for, in need of, or addicted to ME, but on the other hand you won’t stay off of my website, you steal and collect all of my photos that you can, and you won’t stop thinking about ME.. yes I know you won’t stop thinking about me. I made it that way. Awww you can’t escape from you own brain and I have taken that brain, and made it all mine and all filled with my sadistic and greedy will. My voice dominates that mind. It has moved in and taken over every single square inch of that silly little brain of yours.

Doesn’t it drive you insane that just one little photo of me is all it takes to make you all dizzy … you think you can visit MY website and read MY words and see MY photos and not become CHAINED?


Chained by your own desires and chained by MY beauty and power.. My eyes MESMERIZE you and drive you deep into weakness. Don’t you want to be my good puppet and comply with everything I say? mmmm hmmm YESSS you doooooo so much! you love being chained to me, a helpless slave of my will. Slaves don’t have a choice in anything, they just obey. Slaves don’t get to ask for anything, they just serve. Serve & obey with financial sacrifice.. your little puppet head nods up and down mindlessly .. because I hold the strings. I make you do as I want. You don’t believe me, still in denial? I made you come back here AGAIN, didn’t I ..

That’s why you’re going to go to niteflirt right now & send a tribute. You’re chained to me, a puppet here for acting out my will, and I said TRIBUTE because what I want is for you to BE MY WALLET & since I am the GODDESS holding the strings this little puppet is going to OBEY and SPEND SPEND SPEND until there is nothing left.

Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will want to watch the cute video I made just for you…but as always remember I do have ulterior motives and they are deliciously evil!

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Addicted to Goddess Posh & Financial Domination

From the onset you have been taken down a path of addiction and self-sacrifice. Once you first laid eyes on me and felt the surge of desire rush through your body, once you first heard my voice and felt yourself crumble under my sweet intoxicating control, once you first gave in and tasted the heavenly poison of pleasuring me you were on that path. The path that led you from your old meaningless life, the facade of what you were fading away, and deep into a world of POSH where addiction is smiled upon and encouraged. Led down the path deeper and further into obsession than you’d ever found yourself before. You thought it would be just one little taste, just one bite of the juicy temptation before you, but you learned quickly it’s better you don’t think at all. Why should you? You have no need to think now, your boy brain weak and inferior and nothing compared to MINE.. the mind of a Goddess. I make your life so much better because I do all the thinking for you. You don’t have to decide anything. You don’t have to think at all. You simply have to take one step in front of the other, following my lead deeper down this path of addiction and love, deeper into submission, deeper into obsession.. I know what’s best for a puppet like you. I hold the strings, I make you dance, I show you the way.


I keep you on your knees crawling in submissive adoration, it’s where you belong. You agree with me so easily, you nod your little bitch boy head along to every thing I say. Yes Goddess¦ YESSSSSS Goddess.. YESSSSSSSSS Goddess.. each command from your superior Goddess a drop of bliss and a twist of pain to your soul. Each command you can’t help but to cave into. Each command a blessing for a slave toy like yourself to be given. You live for my commands. You live to be of use to me. You wait on bended knee helpless and eager to OBEY. OBEYING is so easy when it’s for Goddess! Obeying is what you crave. Because then you know you’re being a good boy drone, then you know you’re fulfilling your role, then you know you are making your Goddess happy.


When I stroke your slave lever it’s with the soft grip of my greed, the lever responding with HELPLESS OBEDIENCE squirting out ALL of my money! When I dip into your mind I am curling my fingers around your wallet, picking it up and emptying it while you stare paralyzed in awe. When I whisper my dangerously deviant wants into your ear you crumble in weakness and give in again and again, thanking me for putting you to use. This is how a puppet can be close to his Goddess, this is how a financial slave can connect with his Goddess, this is what you must accept if you want to feel a connection with me.. and you do. You yearn to feel connected to me, you yearn to be my special little puppet, the chosen one, the one I turn to when I am craving to abuse someone and craving to be OBEYED .. you want that to be YOU!!


You realize it is about what Goddess wants. It’s about what I crave, it’s about what I desire, what I want. It’s your place to fulfill MY desires. Your old self would be selfish and want something in return, but the new you, the better you, the you that has been led down this path is compelled to be of USE, compelled to OBEY, compelled to SACRIFICE and put ME first!

Being a good bitch for your financial domination Goddess is so easy when you accept the fact that it’s what you are made to be, when you accept that I am number one your top priority, that you have one choice and that is to OBEY and to SERVE. It’s easy when you accept that clicking and spending on me is the only option, but not just that.. it is THE ANSWER. Being a money slave to Goddess Posh isn’t a question, it’s the answer. Being MY money slave is the ANSWER!


And boys you need to read EVERY SINGLE WORD that I write.


Time to start shopping for me slave, go SPEND

Time to start tributing me slave, go SPEND


My new clip is available on clips4sale & through private sale only!

Obsessed & Mindless


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SLAVE your mind in chains Financial Domination clip

Hello MY little addicted bitch ..
You’re back for more of my words, the words that brighten your dim little world, because they are from a Goddess. A Goddess that you feel so drawn to, so captivated with, so enchanted by. A Goddess that you are aching to serve.

I know you’re aching for me. All you have to do is make one little click & you can call me on my financial domination niteflirt line.. & listen to my perfect soft voice speaking directly to you & you’ll feel so relaxed and at ease. It won’t matter at all what I’m actually saying..the sound of my voice alone will weaken you..
Call Perfectly Posh for financial domination on

SLAVE your mind in chains

Don’t I look so cute here in this screenshot of me from my newest clip SLAVE your mind in chains.. which you MUST have! Regardless if your mind is already in chains for me or if you’ve never even had a Posh video before, you will benefit from watching this mindwash video!

Delve deeper into the world of slavery where you are completely chained to ME.. your mind brainwashed & weak for me, under my control, a SLAVE to Goddess .. over 9 minutes of Goddess Posh to obsess over as you fall harder & further for me.. you will want to fill out a slave contract & be mine foreverrrrr! *hypno* *brainwash* *financial domination* *goddess worship*


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Financial Domination Dirty Talk

New Topsite .. which reminds me.. make sure you’re going to my links & banners page and clicking my banners ALL the time!
Vote For Us @ Financial Domination FemDom MoneyDommes

I know there are some ballbusting humiliation junkies who end up on my site, and for you I recommend Team Tease!

In the sub-culture of financial domination we have our own way of doing things. One thing I like to do is talk dirty with my old man slave. Oh yeah I love it. Instead of talking about his cock and my pussy we talk about other things, like his money slave lever and my purrrrrrfect little kitty .. which, being so young and bald and beautiful, is more than any man can dare to dream about and thus overpowers his ability to think straight and turns him into a money machine that just won’t stop spitting cash out ALL over me 😀

Oh what a bad Goddess I can be, talking about wrapping my soft smooth hand around the money slave lever and tugging on it.. ever so gently, I wouldn’t want it to expel my cash too soon .. no I’ll let it build up so I get a NICE BIG LOAD of cash out of MY toy.

You see, he knows he is never going to look at, touch, taste, or even be in the same country as my beautiful kitty. So, this talk is nothing more than the fantasy talk between him and I that takes financial domination to a more erotic level without actually crossing a line into crass or overly sexual talk.

My ATM is never out of money and never turned off. Whenever I want I can simply command him to empty his slave wages into my account. Just like that. But, it’s more fun when I tease and poke and slowly drive him to a point where he can not take it anymore. Oh and the lever is only allowed to shoot money.. nothing else comes out of that money machine but MY cash. He’s so brainwashed by me, this post is full of TRIBUTE triggers for him.. mmm hmm The Venus Sway has his mind all mushy and mixed up hehe.
You must be a VIP boy to read the rest of this story about my cash cow and his paypig wife.


Goddess Posh talking dirty during a wallet rape:

ooooh ya that’s it that’s it you loveeeeeee being raped, omg it feels SO good doesn’t it .. mmmm ya just like that, click and spend my dirty little pay pet, you just can’t help it.. Goddess makes you so weak and SO helpless..give it to me just like that.. you know how Goddess likes it don’t you .. mmm hmm I like it hard and deep.. I want it all! Don’t stop there, more more more, another 500 ya mmm it’s SO hot when you drain your wallet on me..”

Haha just some humor but come on admit it, you liked that didn’t you naughty boy.
Goddess Posh

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Intoxicating Financial Domination Goddess

Here we are in December and already 11 days shy of Christmas. If you’re reading this & you have yet to contribute to MY Christmas .. what is wrong with you? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to SHOP SHOP SHOP for me!

Click here and send me a special gift, right now .. go ahead. Mmm good boy, that is what I love – when you OBEY.

Send giftcards to …

I’m practically finished shopping for Christmas, but I’m never finished shopping. Which means you are never finished sending my cash. You boys can tell me about the 24k you’ve sent in the past year, or the $500 you sent two days ago, or the $3k you sent last month but it’s not going to melt my heart and make me suddenly less greedy! Your past tributes do not ensure your place with me. You must continuously strive to provide and serve! You wouldn’t see me hanging out in Macy’s if I didn’t have cash to spend, so I don’t expect to see you hanging out with me (every chance you get) if you’re not able to tribute. Of course, if you are one of my long term slaves you know I will take the time to build a relationship and develop real control over you.. mind, body and wallet. If you’re new to me though do not approach me without a tribute first. That is MY rules, if you don’t like it you’re not meant for me and I don’t care!


(NO GBJ that last portion was not about you .. so don’t panic omg)

I know you’re completely drawn in by my greed. It’s so intoxicating, to see Me in my beauty and in my power, take over one boys world after the other .. turning them each into a drone whose sole mission is to provide MORE CASH to Goddess. I know you can’t look away. That each day you’re drawn back for more, eager to drink in my words and feel yourself weaken by my presence. I know all of this about you, I know your intimate most personal desires even better than you do. I have captivated you, and now you’re just a tool waiting to be put to use. Ready to be used by me, to craft a beautiful life of luxury in which I will never have to go without anything I want (and why should I.. ).


It’s a natural instinct in you as a man to want to provide. I’m not sexist, I might be slightly feminist, and still I enjoy traditional gender roles. I like having boys who provide and take care of me, because it’s a man’s job to pamper and adore the beautiful Princess isn’t it… and to worship & serve the Goddess. I am all you need. I bring you that sense of purpose, fulfillment, and loss of control that you crave and I do it so easily. So effortlessly. I glance in your direction and my eyes turn you to mush, I wash your mind over with my silken words and you being so ensnared with my voice barely register the devious suggestions I implant in you. While I think men and women are equal, it’s obvious you’re not equal with me. Because I’m not just another woman, I am the one who lights up the fire in you. I’m the one that makes you feel SO excited, SO eager, SO ALIVE. I’m not ‘like a drug’ in your veins, I am the life force that pumps through your body .. you can’t even remember how you lived before me and now you’re realizing it’s because you never really did.

Now you will let go of those chains which hold you back, the one’s you place on yourself because of fear, doubt, & anxiety. Cast them away and focus instead on how you can bring fire into MY life, the way I do into yours. Excite me with your service, your cash tributes,  your gifts, your addiction.. show me how weak you are, how strong I am, and how much you truly adore and love me. Worship me on your humble knees and allow the passion I ignite in you to transform into my total domination over you. And that wallet.

It’s the Holiday season, and now, no matter what you were to me this year (a slave, admirer, fan, observer) it’s your chance to really show me how much I mean to you and how much you can’t get enough out of pleasuring me!

Click & spend my little toys!

A note from William (his twitter is @Poshysgoodboy)

It is hard to truly describe the effect Goddess Posh’s clips
have had on my life and my mind. They are so ingrained into my very being that
I can no longer tell what were parts of my natural submissive self and which
parts have been subtly implanted by Goddess. Neither do I want to know. Just
like my memory, the line has become fuzzy over time and now I simply cannot
imagine a day going by without a reviewing of an original Goddess Posh clip.
The overriding essence of each Goddess Posh clip is truth.
In every gaze from her eyes, every utterance from her glossed lips speaks a
Goddess that knows she has her viewer exactly where she wants. I think this was
what first brought me to her clips and made me return time and again (or maybe
she wanted me to return and this was always part of her plan). More than any
other so called “Goddess”, here was an image of true perfection; a Goddess that
spoke with such sincerity and passion that you knew she believed every word and
knew it would only be a matter of time before you would too. It was less a case
of her invading my mind, more a case of me inviting her in and being thankful
for it. I cannot imagine my life without her control.
Of course naturally her truth became my truth.  Day after day of watching and
re-watching her clips and any shred of resistance to her will falls to her blinding perfection.
With every day that passes my addiction grows stronger, my mind falls deeper
and her grip over my life tightens. I knew I had to have them all and so my
addiction to Goddess Posh clips grew equally with my addiction to Goddess
herself. I watch my clips obsessively and lose myself ever more with every
viewing. She never fails to deepen my desire in fulfilling her wants and wishes
and I becoming increasingly better at taking in all those little words, like
gospel. It just feels so good to just listen and obey.


A few of my slaves are on twitter – they obsessively read my tweets and stalk my every move right boys.. now you can do the same to them. hehe

John is @yeboevals

William is @poshysgoodboy

Mueller is @idealsubject

EG is @PoshPuppet

hookerpet is @weakpet

bumbler is @t9er1

Anyway I don’t know if I’ll be updating my clip store or blog before Christmas again. I probably will .. but you know you can reach me on my niteflirt line and on yahoo. Just remember if you are new to me do not add me on yahoo messenger without sending a tribute first. So many of you think you can add me and then I’ll fall for your little lines. Hello, I am not new to this buddy. Move along. I’m not desperate for money so you can’t dangle any magical carrots in front of my face and expect me to jump.  Money does not control me. I control boys and their money, not the other way around.


Happy Holidays to all!
Remember, Goddess comes FIRST. It’s time we victimize your wallet, don’t you think.. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without your cash in MY accounts. Where it belongs.


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The Only Thing you Need is Financial Domination with Me

What brings a smile to my most gorgeous, most sweet, most adorable face?

Driving a wedge between you.. and ..

everything else in your life.

No need for sleep, now is there. Your body can relax and melt to the musical tone of my rich sensual voice as your mind is taken on a journey into helpless obedience, who needs sleep when they are being programmed to automatic pay pet for Poshy? Not you.

No need for cash, now is there! Your stress will float away as each dollar of your slave wages is placed securely into MY pretty hands, one after the other, click click click so easily. Who needs money when they can devote their entire pay check and all their hard earned puppet cash to MY pleasure! Not you.

No need for family, now is there.. Your anxiety and burdens of taking care of THEM will wash away by the all consuming need to stare deeper into MY beautiful eyes and become more helpless and more mesmerized for ME. Who needs family when everything which makes sense and which matters can be found in the gentle gaze of your loving Queen. NOT YOU.

No need for god, now is there. Your delusions which misled you in a life of impurity will shatter into a million little pieces as the raw truth of MY purity and my perfection surrounds you with such force you can feel my will, and my superiority, in every breath you take. Who needs religion when you can bask in the glory of a TRUE Goddess whose immense power overwhelms your mind, body and heart. Not you.

No need for sex, now is there!! Your selfish habit of jerking and fucking for your own icky cum will crumble in shame when confronted by the sweet lust in my whispered moans as you bring ME to pleasure over and over, with each deposit of the cash I am SO entitled to. Who needs sex when giving to Goddess feels like heaven on Earth and makes your body ache with intensity!! Not YOU.

I am the most important, the most devastatingly greedy, the most wickedly demanding Financial Domination Goddess there is. You WILL sacrifice for MY luxury, you will SUFFER for MY pleasure, you will SERVE on your humble slave knees and accept this is more than an addiction, this is the ONLY WAY for you to ever matter. I am the ultimate MONEY DOMME & you will BEG to submit to ME. Face it bitch, the ONLY thing you need is to be a good boy for ME.

Call me on the Financial Domination HOT HOT HOTLINE and tell me JUST HOW FUCKED you are.

Read more“The Only Thing you Need is Financial Domination with Me”

The Financial Domination Sensation

I consider myself, and so do you, to be a complete sensation in the Financial Domination ‘scene’. My uncanny ability to soak your mind in MY essence is only the tip of the tempting iceberg. I know how you feel, drawn to me, pulled into MY world. I know how intense your need & how deeply rooted your desire to pleasure me really is. The question here, my deliriously addicted puppet, is will I ALLOW it! Will I ALLOW you to BASK in the glory of serving MY whims?

Of course you can always call me on Niteflirt. Right now I am taking calls at $30 a minute! In five minutes you will have gone through $150 and in one hour $1800 – OMG, how exciting is that. I know you LOVE being my good boy, and you do realize talking to ME in all of MY astounding awe-inspiring beauty is worth SO much to a little peon like yourself. In fact you’re DYING to call me right now and fill MY niteflirt account with all of your hard earned cash. Go ahead slave-bot, call now and feel the crushing wallet-rape as your bank account is emptied into mine – where it belongs! How lucky you must feel to be able to talk to me at all and experience such a personal mindfuck.

If you’ve never signed up to niteflirt NOW is your chance! There is no more perfect time than now to call and surrender cash to your Goddess. Imagine, money you’ve worked so hard for handed to me and then I blow it all on my most favorite things like vacations, BOOKS, perfume, DIOR MAKEUP (I can never have enough) and I LOVE little ornaments & still buy them, even when it’s NOT Christmas! hahaha. Last Christmas I received so many Tinkerbells, and Swarovski ornaments but now I have this gorgeous new curio cabinet to fill up with new expensive trinkets and will delight myself on emptying your wallet for MY treasures.

Call Perfectly Posh for phone sex on

I know my current niteflirt drones are going to be SO happy to see my rate at $30 a minute and will be calling and BEGGING for me to raise it!

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