Financial Domination Sensation


Puppet Brains Poshy Glazed

Hello MY little puppets!!! Its been too long since I've graced and glazed over your brain with MY Venus Sway programming. We all know just a few choice words from My Goddess mind will send you spinning into submission for me. Already the anticipation of a new blog alone has you ...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Order Order Order Me More Gifts

All addicts may relax knowing I made it home safely from my 3 week vacation. I traveled all over the southwest US... and when I say vacation, I mean vacation. I wore make up one time. I painted my nails once and let them chip. I completely relaxed. I only ...

Financial Domination Film Serenade Haze Teaser Clip

Each word hits you like a hammer on stone, chiseling away at everything you are until you no longer resemble the man you once knew but are instead a reflection of my own personal wants and desires. I create you into the money slave drone that I want you to ...

Pamper Pleasure Provide Financial Domination Mp3

I'm a Financial Domme because of a lot of reasons but one reason is that I enjoy being pampered. When I'm here with you boys its because I want to be pampered by weak willed wallets, I want to be pleasured to no end and I want luxury provided to me. I ...

Puppets Provide Pleasure to their Financial Domme

Spend Puppet Spend Your mind is exposed for me once again, because as usual you are weak and helpless .. and as usual, I am the predator having fun with her prey. My little toy, just rubbing it in what power I have and what control I maintain over you.. you ...

SLAVE your mind in chains Financial Domination clip

Hello MY little addicted bitch .. You're back for more of my words, the words that brighten your dim little world, because they are from a Goddess. A Goddess that you feel so drawn to, so captivated with, so enchanted by. A Goddess that you are aching to serve. I know you're ...

Illuminate your Life with your Aphrodisiac Money Domme

I love my face. It's so adorable, and sensual and .. how could you NOT bow down and worship. Everything about me is so beautiful! Everything about ME makes you weaker and weaker, all you want now is to OBEY. all you want now is to make ME happy.  I ...

Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination

Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it ...
Lose yourself to The Venus Sway™
  • I only like boys that pay
  • Losers make me laugh.  I only let men serve me.  Not nasty losers
  • It's your job to verify for us ladies that you're not just another loser!!! Experienced sub boys know this but you newbies need a reminder.
  • Your #blonde Goddess is ready to be worshipped
.. with your wallet... #findom
  • IG is fun but to really play you need to subscribe at
  • There's no reason to speak puppet.  You're here just to listen and obey.
  • I'm always in my happy place #dreaming
  • New photos for worship coming to my OF soon... #busty #goddess #findom

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