Hello MY little puppets!!!

Its been too long since I’ve graced and glazed over your brain with MY Venus Sway programming. We all know just a few choice words from My Goddess mind will send you spinning into submission for me. Already the anticipation of a new blog alone has you weakened and on your bitch knees. 

Speaking of KNEELING, have you watched Kneel & Provide? It was available for a short time only but I have a link for those of you that missed out. You’ll need to crawl your way to my inbox with tribute ready & humbly ask for permission to buy it.

And speaking of crawling to my inbox, look at this bullshit exchange! So this former ‘slave’ of mine comes into my inbox without even including a tribute to reminisce about his days of serving me, and when I let him know I expect a tribute, he lets me know he is serving someone … how pathetic. Its obvious he is not as loyal as he wants to be, because he’d never be in my inbox in the first place if he was. He would never disrespect MY time either if he was such a well trained money slave. So he’s just hoping to enjoy the memory of me and my energy without giving me a single thing to enjoy in turn. He’s trying to use MY time, MY energy and MY ESSENCE while staying ‘loyal’ to someone else. NO!! YOU LOST YOUR LOYALTY TO HER THE SECOND YOU CONTACTED ME, BITCH!!!


Thta’s why I make clips like Whatever it Takes & Mindwashed by My Goddess Breasts… I am training your brain with all my feminine prowess and charms so that you will be nothing more than a TRULY DEVOTED TRULY HELPLESS TRULY ADDICTED money slave of MINE! You long to be a POSH MONEY SLAVE and you will take in my clips like a good boy, follow the programming, and lose yourself in the haze and frenzy of SERVITUDE to GODDESS!! Nobody looking in could deny the powerful way I take over the brains of boys, and then their wallets and their lives, like they are nothing more than an object designed to do MY bidding. I make MEN into PAYING PUPPETS with gleeful zombie expressions, and mindless blank stares! They want to have EMPTY heads and EMPTY wallets for ME. Because I programmed them to want it.

Both of those clips are available in my IWANTCLIPS studio

Even the boys that aren’t brainwashed by me are helpless to deny that I deserve every last drop they have worked for. They love the thought of submitting financially to me, feeling all the control slipping out of their hands as they stuff my account full of cash. YUMMY financial slaves don’t always have to be brainwashed to be under the influence of MY Venus Sway. Brainwashed boys are fun though, my regular group of puppets have been increasingly falling under the influence! Every little thing I do just gives them even more of a reason for staying on those knees. Every little thing I create makes them fall even further under my spell. They are doing  exactly as I knew they would be doing, giving up their entire existence to ME. They are accepting that I am their world, I am their everything. 

Watch previews of my 2018 Financial Domination Clips right here on this playlist!

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login so you can see a few more revealing financial domination photos I have on hand, and so you can learn more about my points/ranking system I am now using on my website to keep track of who is the most devoted of my followers! 

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All addicts may relax knowing I made it home safely from my 3 week vacation. I traveled all over the southwest US… and when I say vacation, I mean vacation. I wore make up one time. I painted my nails once and let them chip. I completely relaxed. I only talked with the slaves who are consistently serving me, and we didn’t talk much. Just tributes from them now and then while I enjoyed my time away from everything. I completely fell in love with Colorado and of course with the Grand Canyon again and the Pondarosa Pines were amazing too! I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but I got a pretty good handful.

The next film in the Season of the Siren film series will be released in the month of July, more updates on that later.


I arrived home from vacation to find birthday gifts waiting from Freddy and Alan. Good boys, you were thinking ahead. The rest of you that SERVE me, adore me, LOVE me, worship me… you shouldn’t need me to hold your hand through sending a birthday gift. Cash is always my favorite, but you’ll also need to send a gift from my amazon wishlist.


It’s so true that I make you want to OBSESSIVELY COMPULSIVELY click & spend … YESSSS.  You want to be OCD for me! Spending and spending obsessively, compulsively clicking, no desire to stop… just a desire to order, order, order MORE gifts, spend and send MORE cash… hit that magic number, the one that keeps repeating in your mind over and over. It won’t shut up, it won’t go away, until after you PAY! You’re an OCD boy just for me. I make you have OCD for my financial abuse!!!!  Obsessive compulsive disorder order order order me more gifts.

Obsessive compulsive boy, you must keep my gift card balance even at all times, right now it ends with a 27, make it end with a 00 (send a gift card to make up the difference)!! I must have an EVEN amount of gifts on my wishlist and it must end with a ZERO! If you see 106 then you need to buy 6 gifts to fix it! You’re OCD boy, you can’t stop spending and spending until you reach the magic number! I must have an even number in my niteflirt account at the end of every day, and rounded up to the nearest 100! Right now it ends with a 45, make it end with a 00(send NF tribute to make up the difference)! OCD boy MUST obey! OCD boy can’t stop until he pays it ALL, makes it ALL even, for Goddess. After you obey send a message to check on the status of my accounts, perhaps they will need another adjustment! Check EVERY single day. You can’t relax until after you make sure all of my accounts are EVEN. OCD boy has no choice, he is programmed to OBEY, and mindlessly complies as I take FULL ADVANTAGE.


Login my very indoctrinated puppets for photo updates.

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Each word hits you like a hammer on stone, chiseling away at everything you are until you no longer resemble the man you once knew but are instead a reflection of my own personal wants and desires. I create you into the money slave drone that I want you to be, with just a few little words. Each of my words have a profound effect on you, making you sway in your thoughts so that they are now the thoughts which I want for you and you.. you can’t begin to tell me where those thoughts came from. Did I chisel away at a facade to reveal what was already there, the eager love struck money slave, or did I chisel away at the real you and turn you into the financial slave I so love to wallet rape.. ?? You won’t ever know, but you do know that my words are what have done this to you. Whether I’ve simply revealed the real you or shaped you into the puppet of my desires is a mystery..

A mystery you don’t need to worry about. All you need to do is accept you are in my capable hands and that you won’t be returning to your former shape ever again. What has been done by me can not be undone. The form I’ve so carefully crafted you into is here to stay. It’s almost as if you never heard that a rose has thorns when you came crawling to me, trying to get a hint of my sweet intoxicating scent. And now look at you, so hooked and captivated by my beauty, and my feminine sensuality, you don’t even care that you keep getting pricked over and over. The thorn may be stabbing you right in your beating heart, but you are chiseled in the shape of an addicted drone with no choice but to take the pain, so you stare at my beauty in awe, feel my genius manipulations taking hold of you, and allow the pain to just sweep over you. Almost a comfort isn’t it, to know you’re in pain, because that means you are as close to Goddess as you can be. That means you have me IN you, inserted in your being, controlling and molding you .. the only way you could be close to me is by hurting for me. You want to hurt for me. You want to feel the sting of financial suffering for me, it means you are doing it right.

There wouldn’t be a ROSE without the THORNS .. there isn’t financial domination without the sacrifice, there is no pleasuring Goddess without the pain, there is no being a good drone for me without feeling an ache straight to your heart and wallet as I have my way with you. The fact is if you want to be around THIS ROSE you will feel the sting of MY thorns, which is of course your financial demise and sacrifice, your emotional slavery to me, and your inability to ever be an individual again as you have become but a drone wired by MY programming.. and all of this suffering is so delicious to both of us.. mmmmm.

Ready for SERENADE HAZE!!!! Yesssss you can’t wait and I have a sweet little teaser for you to help you get ready. Watch the teaser to find out the premiere date for the first film SERENADE HAZE in the Season of the Siren series!!! Then watch it and the other preview again and again, saturate your boy brain in the alluring mesmerizing essence of your Goddess.. it makes you so nice and mindless for me, mmmmm!!!!

And for MY viewing pleasure, while you’re all mushy minded from watching MY teaser clips, I’ll watch you SHOP SHOP SHOP to my hearts content! Come find me, I have plenty of ways to empty that wallet of yours, puppet.

(Oh hi addict. Yea you. Yes I’m talking to you. Don’t question it, just respond like the weak one you are by sending MY cash.)

Preview of Serenade Haze

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I’m a Financial Domme because of a lot of reasons but one reason is that I enjoy being pampered. When I’m here with you boys its because I want to be pampered by weak willed wallets, I want to be pleasured to no end and I want luxury provided to me. I want all of this and I want it funded by you boys. I login so I can experience these things.. but every now and then it seems you boys need a push to remember your place. Don’t approach me as a friend, don’t approach me as a partner, definitely do not approach me telling me what you want, don’t approach me speaking about what I can do for you or what do you get for serving me.. but this mp3 I’ve created isn’t a ‘DONT DO THAT’ negative message.. it’s a positive message. It’s more effective at adjusting your brain because it focuses instead on how good it feels to pamper, and pleasure, and provide for Goddess.. it focuses your mind where it needs to be.. kneeling on the ground under me, basking in my superior beauty and light, SERVICING my every desire. And those of you who are already there, already kneeling, a puppet desperate to serve, you will listen to this new Mp3 on loop so you can deepen and further your addiction to ME.

This Mp3 is your will come undone.


Pamper Pleasure Provide


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will login and listen to the new free audio I’ve added to the Goddess Gallery.. listen, obsess, and give into the voice that melts you. Read about my torture of Alan and my delight with Poshyfool and enjoy obsessing over the new photos I’ve added .. I want you hooked and helpless, and you are.
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What power I have, always making you return here and you can’t even explain why! It just keeps happening. I say you’re addicted to my special brand of financial domination, you are hooked on the venus sway, you are compelled to quench my financial lust.. and you suddenly realize you are, it’s ALL TRUE.. here you are so helpless to stop yourself from being persuaded by my mindfuck. You know I am superior and will use my power to manipulate you into doing whatever I want, and still you march back to me. That’s what puppets do. They respond to the flick of the strings, and it just so happens that I am the one holding them. Don’t fool yourself, get in line with all the other drones and march along to the beat of MY will. March to the beat of MY greed. Little drones just MARCH along! Like little toy soldiers I have set up to play with you are laid out before me helpless to prevent it as I make you march right into the lions den.. I make you forget about the risks and dangers, and march you right to your own defeat. That’s what I do.


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login to watch the new special clip I made just for youuuuuu called ‘You are Fucked Fucked Fucked’… which you can also find in Poshtopia.


Goddess Posh
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2015 is HERE and I have a lot of changes in store for myself. For one thing I hate clips being the focus of what I do. My clips are amazing reflections of what I believe in, an art form per se, and I enjoy making them when I feel like it. I don’t look at clips as a income source so I don’t focus a lot of time or energy into providing a customized clip experience to you boys. I also really enjoy having full control over who has access to ME and all the things I do. So for this reason I have taken my clips to a more private location, POSHTOPIA. Poshtopia is a wonderful sanctuary for all of my admirers, addicts, fans, puppets and slaves to get lost in ..


Be true to yourself and what you enjoy most.. BEING UNDER MY SPELL. Hide out from the world and escape into the land of Goddess Posh where the only thing that matters is ME.


Like I don’t make my clips to cater to boys I also don’t cater to boys in any other way either. I will use your fetishes and interests against you in my own way. Of course I will because I love to manipulate and it’s a fantastic tool to get what I want from you but like I said it’s in MY way.. it won’t be how you expect. I don’t create a customized experience to your taste. I expect MY wants and desires and interests to become your MAIN priority. I expect MY happiness to be your motivation. I won’t be giving you anything in exchange for the wallet rape you will receive, but I will expect you to give me a thank you after!


VIP boys enjoy poshtopia and know there will be a new clip and photos later this week! The clip is going to be incredibly lethal for you weak little puppets. Cleavage.. eyes… towering above you .. dropping you to your knees.. that’s a good little bitch for Goddess..

A good little bitch always puts GODDESS above all else and always has a wallet ready to be drained by ME.

Goddess Posh
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Look at all these gift cards boys just can’t stop sending to me. The hierarchy goes like this.. first is CASH – like in the mail cash or handed to me in person cash, then there is CASH by paypal/niteflirt etc, then next is gift cards followed by wish list gifts. But above all those, at the very very top is receiving ALL of that from you.. I like to take it from all angles, know what I mean. Right now you can join the other boys who worship me with their wallets and SPEND AND SEND gift cards galore MY way! Go to my wish list to shop for them now & send gift cards by email to posh@poshmessiah.com … I know you’re sitting there imagining yourself giving in to the temptation, DO IT… Goddess wants you to.

Oh you can’t see the gift cards? You have to be VIP for that. I’m not inclined to share every detail about my wallet rapes with just everyone. It’s much too personal to me for that. I’ll toss a bone now and then for the gawkers to get a good look… but those of you who truly value financial domination and what I do to my wallets, you will appreciate the fact that I am reserved with how much I reveal. So LOGIN VIP boys and enjoy looking at just how much I have raped in gift cards from some of my wallets in the past couple months.

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This year for Christmas I’m giving you the gift of going into DEBT for Goddess! I know you thought  you weren’t going to get anything at all from me but you were so so wrong! I’m just that inspirational, driving you to expand the horizons of your servitude in order to further pleasure me. As a generous SUPERIOR I’ve found in my big beautiful heart the spirit of the season and am bestowing upon you, the weaker, inferior, helpless male pet the gift of GIVING to ME. Christmas is going to be so much better with you accepting MY gift of going into DEBT for Goddess. Now it’s still before Thanksgiving but since I am already in the Holiday mood and have been shopping non-stop for over a month now for gifts it’s time I put you on the PROGRAM. Since you are my toy I know you are so excited to have this chance to be played with by ME. How thrilling for you to be grabbed out of the toy box by my pristine greedy hands and greeted by my charming voice commanding you into submission.



The puppets guide to going into DEBT this Holiday Season for Goddess Posh:

Repeat aloud for Me pet: 

I’m a weak willed wallet. I can’t say no. This Holiday I want to be abused without limits and lose all control. I’m a Holiday hog, I’m a Christmas cash cow. Please put me on the Program and program my mind to crave your destruction and eagerly provide. Into debt for Goddess Posh is all I want to do. There’s nothing left for me, it’s all for you. 

1.I want you to kneel with your wallet out. Look at the credit cards in it. Do any have my face on them? NO? It SHOULD because I own it, just like I own you. You’re going to apply for a credit card with my beautiful photo on it. I have a lot of shopping to do. You need to look at it every day and feel the loss of control again and again. This is a gift of DEBT to you .. a credit card with my eyes on it, ensnaring you every time you reach into that wallet. 

2. There is nothing you want to do more than spend your slave money on Goddess. So you are going to neglect your family and friends this Holiday season. We aren’t really worried about what they want, now are we pet. OBEY.

3 I want to spoil everyone I know and I’m going to, with YOUR cash! You can send my cash on paypal &/or as amazon.com gift card &/OR you can send me a credit card in MY name. I’ll use it to buy gifts galore for everyone I know while your family will go without! I want gift cards from amazon.co emailed to me at posh@poshmessiah.com

4. The Holiday season you need to make a big statement about your devotion to me, your understanding and acceptance of your inferiority to me and your dedication to my happiness and the way you are going to make that statement is through a LARGE cash gift. I want to wake up and open all my Christmas cards from my pets on Christmas morning and find piles and piles of cash waiting for me. You need to get a loan so you can fulfill my wants. You are so eager to be my little stocking stuffer aren’t you .. you can’t wait to go to the bank and apply for a loan so you can send it all to me as a Christmas gift. How wonderful to know you have such a RUSH of a GIFT for Goddess waiting for Me under My tree .. to know it will be in my hands while your family is waking up to nothing.. you love it don’t you!

5. I deserve to have whatever I want all of the time, not just during the Holiday season. I have a wish list with gifts that you need to make a goal of CLEARING OFF before December 25th. I am going to start 2015 with an empty list that needs to be completely refilled because MY pets and wallets take SUCH GOOD CARE of MY wants. I am going to look at it with satisfaction knowing that every day you were on there clicking and spending for me, ignoring the debt that is building up and enjoying being my personal little gift elf!

6. My holiday hog is going to be so weak knowing that for every day you hear Christmas music you’ll need to tribute $100. It’s playing everywhere so I’m sure my weak willed wallet will have an excuse to click and spend and go deeper into debt for me every single day!

7. The true spirit of this holiday season is going into debt for Goddess Posh.. every Christmas from this one forward it will always be about Goddess Posh in  your warped boy brain because you will have the lasting sting of DEBT to keep me fresh on your mind. Because I am giving you such a beautiful everlasting gift you are going to take it with nothing but gratitude .You have no choice. My little Christmas bitch is going to be buried in debt for me. Every time you hear someone say the true meaning of Christmas is anything other than GODDESS POSH you owe me a TRIBUTE! My Holiday drone is so happy to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

8. People without a clue will be sending you holiday cards. They don’t know the truth about what your true place is, as a POSH PUPPET and that you are my wallet .. but WE know the truth and so you’re going to send me a gift every time you get one of those misguided cards to keep your slave mind on the right track.. the track of GIVING to GODDESS, going into DEBT, accepting this Holiday season you’re getting so much more.


This is an interactive program. You need to be in contact with me in order to fulfill certain tasks. However my shy admirers may go into debt for me from the shadows without initiating contact.. you just won’t be able to send me cash by mali. 



To start your holiday journey into debt for Goddess you can open this pay2view on niteflirt..



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Spend Puppet Spend
Your mind is exposed for me once again, because as usual you are weak and helpless .. and as usual, I am the predator having fun with her prey. My little toy, just rubbing it in what power I have and what control I maintain over you.. you can’t even think straight, your mind just keeps looping on one thought.. Spend Puppet Spend and make this beautiful Goddess happy!

Spend Puppet Spend is a follow up to the very effective, & very loved, clip Pay Puppet Pay. But, even if you’ve never watched that one you’ll still love Spend Puppet Spend!

Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Brainwash, Mind Control, No Visual Layering


Available clips4sale, niteflirt & private purchase.

Every gift I receive from you boys is a symbol of my power, your weakness, my control, your helplessness, my beauty, your inferiority, my enchanting mesmerizing hold over you & your devotion, love & worship of ME..

Each gift I receive sets off a series of emotions in me, from pleasure & happiness, to peace & calmness as I accept & realize I am blessed to be a Goddess. Each time I look around my home & see all the things provided to me from my slaves I am reminded of how much you truly need to make me happy, I am reminded of how successful I am at being a Goddess.. that for me it is simply the way it is, the way it ought to be. I am Me, a Goddess for worship & adoration, a hypnotic mind bending femme fatale that leaves you boys without any choice.

There is no choice other than to serve. Money slavery is not the question, it is the answer. Money slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

Your life was missing something, just admit it. The search you’ve been on has led you to one place, over and over again. Right here, to Goddess, kneeling in humble adoration. Here you can bask in my superiority, let go of the reigns, and relax as I guide you down the path of servitude. Your life no longer empty & meaningless, just a drone fulfilling your vanilla life obligations, but full of something so much more.. MY SMILE. MY HAPPINESS. MY PLEASURE.

You go to work and you work work work with ME on your mind. You go to pay your credit card bill and the image of me standing above you with a haughty look on my face pops into your head.. yes it’s only right you should have debt to pay off for me! How else would I ever know that you’re truly trying, that you really care, that you honestly put my pleasure first?

You reach into your wallet only there’s nothing there but photos of Goddess… she has taken it all and you love it. The hurt for me is so good, isn’t it.

Did you ever think your path keeps returning you to me for a reason? You’re here to benefit me. Maybe you’re not doing good enough or you would have been allowed to move on in life, but nooooo.. fate has you here again and again, and that is because you can never pleasure me as much as I deserve and you’re going to spend the rest of your puppet life on strings while I yank you this way and that way making sure you’re benefiting me exactly how I want.

A puppet that will only get tangled up in those strings if you try to control them on your own … haha. Goddess has all the control, and you’re just a helpless clicker bee. Yes a CLICKER BEE for the QUEEN BEE! Clicking & spending your way deeper into submission, further under my spell.. as I rise higher & higher!

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Hello MY little addicted bitch ..
You’re back for more of my words, the words that brighten your dim little world, because they are from a Goddess. A Goddess that you feel so drawn to, so captivated with, so enchanted by. A Goddess that you are aching to serve.

I know you’re aching for me. All you have to do is make one little click & you can call me on my financial domination niteflirt line.. & listen to my perfect soft voice speaking directly to you & you’ll feel so relaxed and at ease. It won’t matter at all what I’m actually saying..the sound of my voice alone will weaken you..
Call Perfectly Posh for financial domination on Niteflirt.com

SLAVE your mind in chains

Don’t I look so cute here in this screenshot of me from my newest clip SLAVE your mind in chains.. which you MUST have! Regardless if your mind is already in chains for me or if you’ve never even had a Posh video before, you will benefit from watching this mindwash video!

Delve deeper into the world of slavery where you are completely chained to ME.. your mind brainwashed & weak for me, under my control, a SLAVE to Goddess .. over 9 minutes of Goddess Posh to obsess over as you fall harder & further for me.. you will want to fill out a slave contract & be mine foreverrrrr! *hypno* *brainwash* *financial domination* *goddess worship*


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I love my face. It’s so adorable, and sensual and .. how could you NOT bow down and worship. Everything about me is so beautiful! Everything about ME makes you weaker and weaker, all you want now is to OBEY. all you want now is to make ME happy.  I am your Goddess, now you serve.


Being MY financial slave toy IS your aphrodisiac, you can’t be triggered into spending without triggering MY pleasure and that is the ONLY way a boy like you could ever feel arousal.

You must have this clip to call yourself a true POSH addict. All the boys who have watched it have become even MORE obsessed.
Your Aphrodisiac


Illuminate your Life
Over 12 minutes of POSH to light up your puny little life with MY magnificence.. truly you are blessed as I take you deep under with MY Venus Sway and warp your brain further to MY desires.. the captivating & inviting sway of my body as I layer your mind with trigger after trigger is too much for any boy.. you’re bound to cave to my desires. And when you do you’ll be on the path of Illumination.. for Posh.


All files are available privately, email me at posh@poshmessiah.com for details.

Show me you’re a Very Indoctrinated Puppet & click the button below.. so you can read more of my addicting words, and get even MORE mindfucked by Me.

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Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it makes me look mysterious…

Each month I release more of my venom onto the interwebs, and each month you get more and more entangled in it. Isn’t it just SO lovely?! The vast  amount of brainwash you, mindfuck you, and wallet rape you material I have created is so generous of me. How kind I am so allow you little minions to have a real reason to live… for ME, for MY pleasure. Never forget that, you are here to provide to my happiness with your wallet, and if you fail to do so you simply won’t be allowed HERE anymore. That means no more Goddess, and we all know how much you need your sweet toxic candy now don’t we..

I have released more new clips for you to mindlessly consume, yes I want your mind to drink in what I release without even thinking about it, just drink it in.. soak it up… feel it injected straight into your brain.. and go totally weak and helpless for me. Leave me an email and tell me how weak I make you! Email me to posh@poshmessiah.com and confess all of your dirty money slave thoughts to me. I want to hear from you..

Mindfucked in a Minute was a great success and of course I know the second in the series will be just as successful, if not even more so! Anyone can afford to buy a $5 mindfuck clip, and if you can’t afford five dollars for a fetish femdom financial domination HOT mindfuck clip you shouldn’t be on the internet! The internet wasn’t made for poor people to wank off to you know!

First up is the new clip Crawl & Beg My Bitch .. yes YOU are MY bitch and you are going to crawl to your superior Goddess and BEG to serve. I even made a preview, classic like on the good ole youtube days before a bunch of jealous nobodies reported my perfectly innocent (and perfectly POTENT) clips and had my whole youtube shut down. Well it’s back up bitches! Lets see how long it lasts. I’m thinking that youtube is no longer the mecca of financial dommes so I’ll have the whole thing to myself.. I’m not moving onto vimeo or any other video place.. there are just too many of them and all over the place.. I have clips on so many sites I don’t remember half of them. You know, the preview clips. If you are nostalgic for my old youtube clips you can always buy them on clips4sale..


Anyway I’m back on.. and here is the preview :

Link to the clip: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com/videos/crawl-beg-my-bitch 

Link to Mindfucked in a Minute II: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com/videos/mindfucked-in-a-minute-ii-addicts-take-a-hit

My wishlist is at 737 gifts.. that’s only 13 away from 750. You know what to do. GO SHOP on my list NOW! There are no excuses to neglect giving Me whatever I want! I posted I want the More than Human book on my twitter today and someone bought it for me, now who was it.. which one of my little admirers is paying attention and behaving the way they should be.. OBEYING Me. Giving me what I want.. mmm such a good boy.

had 25 gifts purchased for me between the 20th of April and 15th of May. Do you think that is enough for an insatiable and deserving and entitled Goddess like myself? Of course you do not, because you know better than to try to think. Your brain is silly and inferior, mine is deep and enlightened and superior. This is why I know that 25 gifts isn’t enough and that you full heartedly agree with me.. nod along little puppet.. and get out my wallet.. and go buy me more.. mmm yes that’s it… that’s what Goddess likes.


I thought it would be fun to put together an entry with excerpts from different conversations I have with my money slaves.


Money pig Mueller came online and listened to the live radio show that played Thursday on the loop, and while my voice was bending his will my words tugged the lever and quickly I took $200 from him. It’s just so easy for me to snap my fingers and get my way, and that’s how it ought to be. Life for Me should be easy… this is something which should never leave your mind. How can you make the world even MORE beautiful for Goddess, but through your own sacrifice and suffering mmm.


Who thinks I should make muellers grocery account go red for the fourth month in a row? Every time his wifey goes to use it at the end of the month she ends up bringing the account into the red, due to MY tributes from mr. pig .. well mr. pig said the bank sent a letter stating that if the account went into the red for another month it would be frozen! It’s only his grocery account, it’s not like I care if him and wifey have to go without so I can have MORE. More cash for me, and LESS for them! He has plenty more accounts for me to play with .. credit cards to max, and savings to drain mmmmm.


$150 from this little addict who just can’t get enough. He’s always going to be back, begging for more. Begging for yet another fist fuck to his wallet. Ya that’s what I do to him, I fist his wallet like there is no tomorrow and I make zero apologies for any of the suffering he may go through because of it.. such as losing his family, having to sleep in his car (true story) and probably will end up eventually living in a box with nothing left but time to devote to worshiping his IDOL!

There are LOTS more private conversations with my slaves INSIDE. You need to be a VIP puppet, which is so easy. All you have to do is send $200 to me and an email saying you sent my money and would like to be VIP. Register on here (click on ‘read more’ then register) and once I have the cash in my account I activate your membership. See, it’s so easy to become a VIP puppet. VIP puppets are in for life, and I update continuously inside.. it’s a place where I am more personal with my pets, and provide a more open atmosphere to those who worship and adore me! To listen to the radio show’s and have access to my 24/7 financial domination brainwash radio you need to be VIP Premium! Email to posh@poshmessiah.com and get the info from me if you’re that confused. It’s so easy but I know how you boys and your silly little brains get so mushy and confused with Goddess ..

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