You’ve often fantasized about being with a woman like me, haven’t’ you? Don’t lie, you can’t hide the truth from me. I can see past your feeble facade straight into your weak aching soul- I know you realize how far beneath me you are and understand that you’ll never stand a chance with me. Knowing how hard you are on yourself, I push you to the point where you’re always down, always low and then I bring you intense pleasure – and you begin to associate your pleasure with me. Of course, the only reason I do that is to get you addicted to me, knowing your addiction will drive you straight onto your knees at my feet with your money in my hands.

However, I’ve created a clip where you will be able to hear how much I love you. How rare, and special, this treat is. Quite honestly you know how it will end already, but being desperate for that affection you can’t stop yourself from buying. Go ahead, pay for the clip and find out if I love you, or if I love you not.

Clip Description:

This is a fantasy of mine that I am living out via you. Grab your seat and buy this clip, you’re the one I’m talking to. I start out as a loving adoring girlfriend which wants nothing more than to be close to you, at least until I start batting my eyes and getting things like gifts and cash from you. Eventually you take me on vacation & I get you to put me on your will- at which point you get to see my TRUE colors!

Buy it here:

Titled “I loves you…” & is the 3rd clip down. This is the only time you’ll be able to see me being cuddly with you, so jump on it while you can. Don’t be worried though, I end it with a nice bang to your ego.



a little quickie

My week has gone by quickly, with yet another successful acquisition of another persons being. Really, I’m not surprised and neither are you. It’s become quite common.

Firstly, my footbitch is becoming quite entwined around the soles of my feet as I slowly drain his soul and replace it with the aching desires of pampering and pleasing me.

I’ve had nerdling on edge about his annoying behavior and immature antics. He just wants to fit in but his tendency to try and do so is often irritating. I keep him highly aroused by not only allowing him to view my cam randomly, but by encouraging him to buy clips from Ally as he adores her breasts. He’s a bit of a pervert, no?

The clips I’ve done which use mind control and hypnosis have really sealed the fate of addiction to Posh for a lot of men. They watch and can not stop watching, nor stop themselves from obeying my orders. It is truly beautiful to have men succumbing to all of my commands, what can I say, it speaks to me. hahaha

Right now I am on cam with my pretty feet torturing boys, they can not stand how cute my toes are. It is pure torture to not be able to really touch my feet. Ahh well, watching them on cam is the next best thing. Knowing that you have pleased me is even better.

Today has been a hardcore financial lust day. I’ve been feeling my addictive nature becoming more abusive towards my pets, pushing them further than their limits can handle, and taking more cash and gifts than they truly can afford. It is just bliss for me to feed my greed, and to see you suffering in the name of MY joy gives me a kinky sense of satisfaction.


Lets hear it for the boy(s!)

I’ve always loved to control people. I never realized as a child what I was doing, or even as a teen. I never understood that satisfaction that I was feeling in the pit of my stomach, or what it meant. I only knew that I would have uncontrollable fits of laughter as I sat outside of chaos and made it happen. It always amused me that nobody ever figured out I was the ring master. I’ve always been so efficient at it, and so innocent in appearance, that I’ve never had to defend myself.

I’ve loved the discord I could cause by simply setting people up for it. As I got older I started truly understanding what it meant. Not only did I have the power to control people without them knowing, but I was able to get what I wanted out of it.

Now, with my stable of pets I rarely write about the things they do for me. I know that serving me is an honor and it would be an honor for me to mention you in my journal. So I’ve been doing something since about three days ago to lead up to todays journal.

Does this sound familiar to you pet?

“If you buy this you’ll be my favorite.”

“If you send this amount of money you’ll be my favorite”

“You’ll be my number one if you send me more money than he did.”

“Ooops looks like he bought more gifts than you. You’ll have to remain at the bottom of ladder.”

“I know you want to be at the top don’t you, you want to be number one which means you have to buy this.”

“I love this pet so much he gives me everything I want, what did you give me today.”

“With an attitude like that you won’t be number one.”

“Good boy, now you’re my number one.”

I’m sure a few of those have been said to you within the past few days. Well that’s because I knew if I played favorites I’d inspire you to try harder, and it definitely worked. Not only did I get whatever I wanted from all of you, but I also caused a couple of you to duke it out on yahoo and the whole time I sat back laughing. Neither of you realized I was feeding the other one lines to say, and you were both quite desperate to be my favorite. Boy 2 was feeding it to me the whole time, it was kinda funny. But honestly, the way you two behaved.. neither one of you is in the running to be my favorite anymore. Both you sound like 9 year old boys, and I don’t keep that kind of immaturity in my stable.

boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:11 PM): Goddess Posh loves me more
boy2(3/30/2009 7:44:19 PM): That’s not what she said.
boy2(3/30/2009 7:44:27 PM): She told me I sent her the most cash.
boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:37 PM): I just asked her right now and she said I’m her favorite so you can get off it you probably don’t even give her everything you have do you loser
boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:49 PM): how does it feel to not get mentioned in her blog if you’re such a big spender?
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:45:02 PM): I’ve never seen you on there either. why did you send me a message, i only care about goddess not you
boy1(3/30/2009 7:45:21 PM): but I’m her favorite and she told me you said you wanted to kick my ass
boy2(3/30/2009 7:45:58 PM): i am starting to think You don’t like me
boy1(3/30/2009 7:46:16 PM): what gave you the clue genius. i can’t believe she keeps you around loser
boy2(3/30/2009 7:46:50 PM): she just told me that i’m her favorite so you can go away now
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:46:58 PM): and I will kick your ass
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:02 PM): I told you to wait
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:47:07 PM): what the hell are you talking about
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:28 PM): should have waited
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:33 PM): you talked to goddess and now shes mad at me you stupid cunt but at least I get to send her more cash to make up for it

boy2(3/30/2009 7:48:03 PM): i just send cash because i love her so i don’t need to wait around for permission like you
boy1(3/30/2009 7:48:12 PM): you’re lucky she told me to stop talking to you

Anyways, after causing all of them to run around like their feet were going out of style trying to buy me gifts and give me cash, I decided it was time for the “Big Reveal”..

And who is the number one?

I’ll tell you, it’s not who you think it is. I’ve known all along that it wasn’t you, but it sure was fun getting your hopes up and making you try for it. hahahaha.

Number one is ME. Should have realized that from the beginning. hahaha– I am self-centered, the center of my world, and the center of your world!
Stop trying to be the top pet and start trying to make sure I am happy ALWAYS. That’s the best way for a pet like you to live your life, and when I feel you are selfless enough I will give you special attention. Until then you’ll always be at the bottom of the barrel.

Goddess Posh

corset1 picture-1782 picture-1787 picture-1792

The Dangerous Side of Beauty

I have been somewhat unavailable online lately, but I’ll be around most of this week. I do have clips available for those of you who are craving your Posh Dosage. I am selling them both on c4s and niteflirt.

I do have a new one available. Yesterday was nerdlings birthday, and in being the wonderful Goddess I am, I generously got on cam. I was doing this mostly for myself as it gives me pleasure to torment him and deny his orgasm, but I also knew there would be other slave boys hoping to get a peek and they would become a side dish to my main course, so to speak. I do have a big appetite when it comes to weak men and their wallets. As I watched myself on cam I realized how beautiful I looked, and couldn’t blame them for being so weak for me. I then decided since I was having such a great day I would make a clip all about My beauty. It’s called “The Dangerous Side of Beauty”-

This clip is powerful – you are transfixed on my lovely luscious lips while I apply lipgloss, the whole time feeding you suggestions. I believe you will reach a very suggestive state of mind, similar to being in a trance. We explore obedience, financial slavery, and addiction among other things. Those who are weak for beauty will especially benefit from this clip. I suggest you buy it now, and watch it again and again.

Preview: For those who can’t handle the real thing.

Clips Store: Shop til’ you drop! Perfect enticing entrancing manipulative clips

I opened my front door today and there were eight packages waiting for me to open them. Lovely, but most were just some nail polish from my foot bitch. He’s starting to become my favorite pet.. I know that makes you insecure, so you’re just going to have to step it up. He buys me whatever I want. Yesterday he paid for 5 pairs of shoes, and the day before he bought me 2 pairs of shoes along with I don’t remember what else. I love each and every pair and I don’t ever have to ask for a thing. What have you done for Me lately? Hmm, are you trying to remain at the bottom of the rung, or do you want to be at the top? You’re going to have to work hard if you want to get to the top my pet.

Good bye for now,

Goddess Posh

Financial Lust Clip

As my loyal subs and fans know I’ve been considering bringing myself to the next level of mind control via hypnosis. I want to make it clear that I’m not a trained hypnotherapist, or hypnotist. Anything I participate in is a combination of natural ability, instinct and self-learning. I won’t claim to be the next Lycia or Isabella Valentine, nor is that my goal. I simply enjoy controlling the minds of weak-willed (and not so weak-willed) men. I am a confident woman with the ability to do whatever I choose and now I have chosen to bring you even further into obsession with me.

In this clip you stare into my beautiful stunning eyes as I corrupt you from the inside out. I exploit your dirty secrets and replace them with my own desires, which is of course Financial Lust. The preview certainly doesn’t do it justice,  you’ll have to buy the clip HERE to get the full effect.

Grr see preview here, since apparently youtube is too afraid to keep a Goddess like me on their site. Not as if I broke any terms of service with it, I didn’t, but apparently they can not handle me. Here is the link:

Foot Torture!

I know you’re one of those boys which dreams about being my own personal slave. It irks a little piece of you that I have a very good boy come over here every day to clean my house, cook me dinner and buy me groceries. It drives that jealousy wild when you realize he gives me his whole paycheck every week. In return he is given the satisfaction of knowing he has done well for his Goddess, he has been selfless and thoughtful and he has worked hard to keep me happy. I know you’re in agony wishing it could be you instead. I thought I’d throw you a little bone, maybe give you a taste of what you’re missing and rub it in a bit.

This clip I made shows my gorgeous feet from the subs perspective. It starts with you on the floor looking at me in my shoes as I taunt you, until I remove them and find my feet are dirty! Ooops.. and then it shows the very slave who comes here daily, the one you wish you could be, as I refuse to let him touch my perfect immaculate feet- it’s almost as if it’s you looking at my toes, holding my pink soles in your palms, bringing me pleasure. Of course it ends with him handing me $300.00 in cash. Oh if only you could be so lucky, but alas,  you are just a lonely old pervert sitting on the PC without the courage to take any action. Awww too bad!

Foot Torture Preview

Full clip is 10 minutes and available here:

Financial domination is my main focus, it gets me off as you know. I have much financial lust, and those who serve me are required to quench my thirst. I’m not only interested in it, but I won’t just take on a fetishist. Those who serve me must also have a craving for financial slavery, and we will incorporate other forms of kink/BDSM as well. If you don’t understand then you aren’t a financial slave and we aren’t compatible. Those who know how it feels to experience that relationship are drawn to me and together we will explore the deepest realms of servitude.

You are busy shopping for Me

Once again I bestow you with the pleasures of seeing me. As it turns out youtube doesn’t love me anymore, I think they are jealous and who can blame them! I considered creating my own youtubesque site for Fem Dommes and then the lovely MistressMitsukai stepped in and sent me this link: – talk about saving the day! The most important thing is that I can upload my clips and embed them on my site as they were before and you can go back to obsessing over me. Now I can rest assured that my arsenal of addiction fueling clips is back to consuming your life!

And without further ado I give you Me (Again!) :

This is a one minute preview- View the full clip here:

Goddess Posh speaks to you with her hypnotic honey voice, pulling you deep into her web as her fingers and feet pound out the beat of your heart- the beat of your heart as you submit to her every whim. You wouldn’t make Goddess Posh wait, or you would be crushed beneath her tapping pink finger nails, and her sharp high heels. It is your place to worship Goddess from beneath her arched perfect feet.

View the full clip here:

Unfortunately my plans were changed, so I will be gone tomorrow instead of tonight like usual. I know some of you had big plans for tomorrow, with the whole cam thing and what not but you’re just going to have to wait. Some of you were hoping to finally experience release but that wasn’t going to happen anyways.

My site will be finished with replacing the clips later tonight. In the mean time I am feeling exceptional financial lust today, so you can go ahead and bring Me your wallet on a silver platter.

Goddess Posh

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