Enlightenment Through Financial Sacrifice

I know you’re here trying to drink in any drops of POSH you can get your desperate little hands on. I see you, lurking, wishing.. wishing you could be the one to submit to such greatness. It must be humbling to realize what a speck you are in the grand scheme of things. You’re just a blip in time, barely visible in the Universe, you aren’t much at all, and that must make you feel so insignificant. At least here, under my heels, you have more purpose. Here you find yourself being part of the greater good .. part of something much more grand than  yourself.. part of Poshtopia, where MY bliss and pleasure are your path to enlightenment.

You can be significant to me with the right amount of effort. You can stop wishing, stop lurking, and start serving. You can transform from a wandering useless speck in the Universe into a meaningful pet at the heels of this GODDESS!  It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. You can yield to my power or you can diminish into nothing and drift out of here just another nameless, faceless, useless speck! I know you’re drawn to me, my magnetic energy sweeps you right in and pulling away is nearly impossible. But if you’re just going to bob around useless to ME I will make sure you are tossed out of MY orbit and sent floating into nothingness and believe me when I say I won’t give you a second thought, ever. The boys who are serving me as they should be will continue to grow in significance with each and every act of submission, and the useless specks will disappear into nothing. The truly devoted feed my financial lust, enjoying it as it grows stronger and more insatiable, enjoying the pleasure that consumes my world, enjoying being a part of it all. I know you too crave to be a part of Poshtopia, which is a world of UTOPIAN bliss, DOMINATION and submission, where MY happiness is the guiding force behind your every action and each time you stroke my pleasure button with your financial service you fall deeper into obsession and develop MORE significance to Me. It is the perfect balance, we are the yin and yang but ONLY because I allow it. I have all the power and all the control, I am the deciding factor on which of you little specks are allowed access to my INTOXICATING existence!

The good boys, the one’s that love being scooped up by my greedy hands and made into a toy, they appreciate this about me. They will show themselves to me, make themselves known, and stand out amongst all the useless specks that are out there. They do not need convincing. They do not need to be forced. True submissive money slaves adore my financial lust and feel my greed feeds their own desires to serve Me. It is these boys that give me the greatest rush, the most pleasure, the strongest sense of satisfaction. It is these little specks which begin to shine and appeal to me. These are the one’s that I carefully collect…. I pick them out and put them into their own special place in Poshtopia and whenever I want I take it out like a toy off the shelf and play with it to my hearts content. You too can be one of the toys I cherish, or rather one of the prey I delight in tormenting.

Then there are the foolish boys that think being catered to is in fact being submissive (make me feel helpless and a loss of control.. they demand!!). They think that having their butt kissed and being given ‘sessions’ and making a woman WORK for the money he ‘gives’ is service and financial domination. Those little specks usually aren’t drawn into my world because I don’t put out the vibe that I would ever accept that. But it’s funny when once in a while one of you boys that serve me currently gets a little bug up your butt and decides to run away and try something shiny and new that ‘cares about your feelings and fetishes’ and ‘gives you sessions’ .. because you find out quickly just how true and deep the power I have over you really is. You’re quickly reminded that the shallow attractions lead to a shallow connection, that the sessions and butt kissing and catering she does to keep you around makes you feel like you’re the one in control. Like you’re using your wallet to manipulate a woman into performing an act.. and that it doesn’t feel nearly the same, nearly as good, as being under MY influence and knowing you absolutely have no control at all. Knowing that instead of buying an experience, you are experiencing a TRUE exchange of power. So the times when they run off it is simply amusing to me because I know exactly what will happen. You’ll return and you’ll be even more fucked than before.


So what if I take advantage of your weaknesses. So what if I make you love and adore me simply so I can rape your dry of every last cent. So what if I make you beg like a bitch for your own destruction. So what if I manipulate you like a puppeteer with her favorite dolly.. the strings so tightly wound around my fingers.. so what if you get hurt and suffer. You also get to experience Me. Now you get to enjoy the unique mind of this financial domination sensation. Now you get to be a speck with a purpose. So suffer for me. So burn for me. So hurt for me. So open your wallet and SERVE Me!

Crawl into My world and humble yourself with one of these three options:

1. Send a GENEROUS cash tribute by niteflirt or if you’re so lucky to have such personal access via Paypal or Snail Mail

2. Send a HEFTY http://www.bravissimo.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com so I can SHOP with your slave wages for new lingerie. 

3. Send a BIG FAT http://www.amazon.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com

Weak little puppet can’t say no.

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You Can’t Handle My Curves John

But you can hand over that wallet. It’s ALL mine! I know how weak I make you. I know I make you ALL weak, yes even YOU mark! Not that it matters since you’ll never get to serve me again and I LOVE rubbing it in  your arrogant little face since you seem to think you’re so strong and have “overcome one of the most dangerous financial domes there is” .. haha yeah right. You’ll never be over me, just like JOHN.


Log in ALL VIP boys so you can see this predator looking down on her deliciously weak prey! Of course I can’t even resist using my CURVES to exploit your weakness.. after all MY financial lust MUST be quenched!

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Toying With My Boys


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

You’re weak. Weak for things like my blue eyes which you crave to drown in. You’re weak for things like the luscious full cleavage I so generously seduce you into helplessness with. You are weak for MY golden GODDESS voice that penetrates you to your very core.

In fact you feel weak already don’t you. It’s so exciting to imagine yourself sliding out of control as I seduce you into a mindless helpless state. It feels so good to slide deep deeeeep deeeeep into ever lasting all consuming addiction for Goddess Posh doesn’t it..

You are going to be so mindfucked by this financial domination clip My pet which also includes a seductive hypnotic slide show of never before seen photos that are sure to leave you WEAK and desperate for more.

A Seductive Slide Into Addiction


Ooooooooh you are so anxious to snatch this up aren’t you but because I am so enjoying the way you long for MORE I am not releasing it JUST yet! Oooh ouch that has to hurt a little junkie like you… so close.. so so so close to that dangling carrot and just like that snatched away again.

While you wait for your Goddess Posh fix you will give me MY fix by sending a CASH tribute or GIFT CARD. I’ll accept your appreciation for MY ART in the form of a financial sacrifice.. it’ll sure help make the time go by faster before you can shoot yourself up with more of ME.


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction will be available on both niteflirt as a goody bag and in my clips4sale studio. It’s going to be funny watching you boys check back all evening for the links. Haha. Little addicts. Don’t worry it will be here soon enough.. keep checking my twitter and blog OBSESSIVELY while you wait.

VIP boys login for another photo preview from the newest clip and to read my charming and INFORMATIVE post.

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Love Me with your Money

Collecting cash from my helpless pay pigs, puppets, pets, slaves and adoring admirers – that is what I am here for. Every time I grace the online world with MY presence I expect to see a tribute in some form or other waiting for me. I do not like logging into my email and not having any tribute notifications, so that rarely ever happens. My boys know better than to allow something like that to happen. I deserve to always have boys fanning the flames of my financial lust with their sacrifices. This is why you are here, to WORSHIP, with your WALLET, this addicting, mind-fucking, financial domination QUEEN!!

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and of course I have already started my shopping but there are still many more spree’s to come. I’m a huge fan of spoiling everyone in my family with gifts that I paid for with SLAVE money! It’s so much fun shopping without limit and knowing I can get whatever I want for all the people I care about. And since you are so helpless for me and care about MY happiness more than anything else you are eager to contribute to my outrageous holiday gifting. I will expect gift cards GALORE in the next month. I want a CONSTANT CASH flow as well. Don’t think because I am demanding MORE gift cards than usual that I am demanding LESS CASH! That will NEVER happen. I will always expect MORE. My amazon shopping cart is staying full all the time because I am always shopping in between everything else I do. I will take 5-10 minutes to find something I want to buy & throw it in my cart and then go back to do more shopping continuously throughout the day. At the end of the day when my shopping cart is full I cheek out and pay for everything with the money you boys work so terribly hard for. I don’t set any limits for myself because I know whatever I want I deserve to have and my pets will gladly give it to me.

What power it is to know that I can have whatever I want. I love having a stable of money drones… my inner child is very happy with what I have grown up to be. I have always known I deserved to be put on a pedestal and catered to. Being pampered isn’t for everyone. Most people aren’t comfortable enough in their own skin to enjoy it, and many people think they don’t deserve it because of their low self-esteem or feelings of guilt. I never feel guilty for being pampered and served and living in luxury. Why should I feel bad for having nice things and having an easy life just because others don’t have it as good? Why should I feel bad for focusing on my happiness and pleasure instead of focusing all of my energy onto everyone else? My mentality alone shows I am superior and deserve to be elevated and worshiped.

I’m so happy to show off my natural beauty. Look at me and love how unique of a Goddess I really am. This isn’t about how hot I look or how little clothes I wear or how cliche of a bitch I can be. This isn’t about catering to your fetish or perversion or fantasy. This isn’t about making money because I need it and have to hustle you boys for cash. Nope. This is about a woman that knows her worth. This is about a woman who loves to be adored, worshiped, and served FINANCIALLY. This is about a woman that wants to use YOU for HER own pleasure. This is about a woman that enjoys being in control. This is about THIS woman. Look at me and face your future, face your defeat and face yourself.




I know you love me. So love Me with your money. It’s the only way.


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Submit to The Divine One

Sophisticated. Classy. Elite. Choosy. Sadistic. Sensual. Deserving.


You will experience a sadistic draining of your finances and a total loss of control at the hands of a sophisticated Goddess… that is if I CHOOSE you! I have exquisite taste and live an elite lifestyle that you need to be able to contribute to. I hold myself to high standards and want the same from my slaves. I’m strict with my rule and sensual in my appeal. You can’t help but to kneel and admit I am so deserving. I deserve the finest that the world has to offer. You’re going to work hard to provide it to me, aren’t you..



Inferior and weak as you are you feel a natural desire to kneel before Me, the DIVINE one!

It feels so good being useful to your superior beautiful Goddess. You crave to submit to me in every single way imaginable- mentally, physically & of course financially..

I am THE Divine One & you are so captivated by me.

….now I’m off to spend more of your hard earned cash and you will busy yourself with sending me more!


Exquisite Essence of your Financial Domme

The exquisite essence of Goddess drives you insane. Everything I do makes you melt in weakness. Here I post words and they alone drive my will and power into your core. You can’t escape from the effects of my spell, which turn you into a mindless money drone. What more could you want than to kneel for me and devote your entire existence to me.. what more could you crave than to spend every moment of your money slave life serving MY luxury, MY desires, MY wants. There isn’t an option for you but to give in and spend on me.

I bring out a compulsion in you that is so overwhelming. I make you beg for your own financial rape. I make you fantasize and dream about being dragged through financial ruin all for MY pleasure. I make you taste it, until you can’t take it anymore and you are falling all over yourself, forgetting about everyone else and everything else in a desperation to serve me! Your mind circles on being abused and used for my financial gain all the time.

Tripping all over yourself you can’t help but to fall hard for me. Whether you love and adore me or whether you revere and worship me YOU WILL CRAWL IN EAGER WEAK SERVITUDE AND SEND MY CASH.


VIP click
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Vulnerable & Exposed Financial Slave

I know why you’re here, because you’re obsessed. Mmmm hmmmmmm .. you can try to deny it, but why even bother. We both know the truth of who you are, and what you are. A bitch. MY bitch.

If you don’t think you’re a bitch then go ahead and stop thinking about me, stop your mind from cycling through my words, from replaying each and every one of my wickedly mindfucking clips again and again, from hearing my voice whisper commands and triggers all day long while you’re slaving away at work.. go ahead and just close this page if you’re not a bitch for me. But you are. You can’t close it. You can’t stop reading. You can’t stop watching. You can’t stop obsessing. Just admit what you are. A financial slave under MY spell. Made to tribute your Financial Domination Goddess over and over mmmmmm such a WEAK bitch you are!

Say it.

I am a BITCH for Goddess Posh. I will do ANYTHING for HER happiness!

Mmm hmm see you’re such a good boy for me obeying my commands, admitting who you are, what you are, what you were made for. You were made to be MY wallet, MY toy, MY personal bank account .. I can withdraw cash at any time and if you have to go without and suffer because of MY financial lust you will bend over like the bitch you are and THANK me for the abuse! You will thank me, and in fact you will helplessly BEG to be used in such a way, and when I so graciously give your life purpose and USE YOU UP and drain you hard and dry you will be sooooo grateful. It’s the way it’s meant to be. There is no option. There is no escape. There is only one way from here, and that’s deeper down into obsession over ME.

As a financially enslaved puppet you are so eager to go deeper into debt for Goddess. Remember, debt for Goddess is sexy. Sacrifice for Goddess is necessary. Surrender of yourself completely to my whims. I am your only priority now worker bee .. buzz off to make that money then return it all to Goddess. Mmmm yummy! Much sweeter than honey ever could be.


Weakness oozes from you. It’s what you are. WEAK. The facade of strength, of having your life all pulled together nicely into a socially acceptable bundle, well it all crumbles away when in the presence of your QUEEN BEE! You’re just a worker bee underneath it all, programmed to buzz buzz buzz off to your job and bring back all that GOLDEN MONEY for Goddess! MORE for Goddess… ALL for Goddess.. and none left for you. I love counting the slave wages you’ve earned for me, feeling the crisp bills in my perfectly manicured hands, and knowing each one is a symbol of MY greatness. Which is far too much for any little minion like yourself to ever comprehend. You just kneel in my greatness and GIVE IN.


New puppets, old addicts, obsessed minions.. whether already serving me like a good boy or just on the brink of falling.. you WILL give in right now & you WILL make me happy with your financial sacrifice! I know all about you puppet, you’re so exposed and vulnerable for Me mmm.


Shop on my wishlist & click for me on my financial domination niteflirt 

VIP you still get NOTHING! NO MORE FOR YOU UNTIL AFTER THERE IS MORE FOR ME! I am a FINANCIAL DOMME, not your hired entertainment!

Puppets Provide Pleasure to their Financial Domme

Spend Puppet Spend
Your mind is exposed for me once again, because as usual you are weak and helpless .. and as usual, I am the predator having fun with her prey. My little toy, just rubbing it in what power I have and what control I maintain over you.. you can’t even think straight, your mind just keeps looping on one thought.. Spend Puppet Spend and make this beautiful Goddess happy!

Spend Puppet Spend is a follow up to the very effective, & very loved, clip Pay Puppet Pay. But, even if you’ve never watched that one you’ll still love Spend Puppet Spend!

Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Brainwash, Mind Control, No Visual Layering


Available clips4sale, niteflirt & private purchase.

Every gift I receive from you boys is a symbol of my power, your weakness, my control, your helplessness, my beauty, your inferiority, my enchanting mesmerizing hold over you & your devotion, love & worship of ME..

Each gift I receive sets off a series of emotions in me, from pleasure & happiness, to peace & calmness as I accept & realize I am blessed to be a Goddess. Each time I look around my home & see all the things provided to me from my slaves I am reminded of how much you truly need to make me happy, I am reminded of how successful I am at being a Goddess.. that for me it is simply the way it is, the way it ought to be. I am Me, a Goddess for worship & adoration, a hypnotic mind bending femme fatale that leaves you boys without any choice.

There is no choice other than to serve. Money slavery is not the question, it is the answer. Money slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

Your life was missing something, just admit it. The search you’ve been on has led you to one place, over and over again. Right here, to Goddess, kneeling in humble adoration. Here you can bask in my superiority, let go of the reigns, and relax as I guide you down the path of servitude. Your life no longer empty & meaningless, just a drone fulfilling your vanilla life obligations, but full of something so much more.. MY SMILE. MY HAPPINESS. MY PLEASURE.

You go to work and you work work work with ME on your mind. You go to pay your credit card bill and the image of me standing above you with a haughty look on my face pops into your head.. yes it’s only right you should have debt to pay off for me! How else would I ever know that you’re truly trying, that you really care, that you honestly put my pleasure first?

You reach into your wallet only there’s nothing there but photos of Goddess… she has taken it all and you love it. The hurt for me is so good, isn’t it.

Did you ever think your path keeps returning you to me for a reason? You’re here to benefit me. Maybe you’re not doing good enough or you would have been allowed to move on in life, but nooooo.. fate has you here again and again, and that is because you can never pleasure me as much as I deserve and you’re going to spend the rest of your puppet life on strings while I yank you this way and that way making sure you’re benefiting me exactly how I want.

A puppet that will only get tangled up in those strings if you try to control them on your own … haha. Goddess has all the control, and you’re just a helpless clicker bee. Yes a CLICKER BEE for the QUEEN BEE! Clicking & spending your way deeper into submission, further under my spell.. as I rise higher & higher!

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SLAVE your mind in chains Financial Domination clip

Hello MY little addicted bitch ..
You’re back for more of my words, the words that brighten your dim little world, because they are from a Goddess. A Goddess that you feel so drawn to, so captivated with, so enchanted by. A Goddess that you are aching to serve.

I know you’re aching for me. All you have to do is make one little click & you can call me on my financial domination niteflirt line.. & listen to my perfect soft voice speaking directly to you & you’ll feel so relaxed and at ease. It won’t matter at all what I’m actually saying..the sound of my voice alone will weaken you..
Call Perfectly Posh for financial domination on Niteflirt.com

SLAVE your mind in chains

Don’t I look so cute here in this screenshot of me from my newest clip SLAVE your mind in chains.. which you MUST have! Regardless if your mind is already in chains for me or if you’ve never even had a Posh video before, you will benefit from watching this mindwash video!

Delve deeper into the world of slavery where you are completely chained to ME.. your mind brainwashed & weak for me, under my control, a SLAVE to Goddess .. over 9 minutes of Goddess Posh to obsess over as you fall harder & further for me.. you will want to fill out a slave contract & be mine foreverrrrr! *hypno* *brainwash* *financial domination* *goddess worship*


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Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination

Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it makes me look mysterious…

Each month I release more of my venom onto the interwebs, and each month you get more and more entangled in it. Isn’t it just SO lovely?! The vast  amount of brainwash you, mindfuck you, and wallet rape you material I have created is so generous of me. How kind I am so allow you little minions to have a real reason to live… for ME, for MY pleasure. Never forget that, you are here to provide to my happiness with your wallet, and if you fail to do so you simply won’t be allowed HERE anymore. That means no more Goddess, and we all know how much you need your sweet toxic candy now don’t we..

I have released more new clips for you to mindlessly consume, yes I want your mind to drink in what I release without even thinking about it, just drink it in.. soak it up… feel it injected straight into your brain.. and go totally weak and helpless for me. Leave me an email and tell me how weak I make you! Email me to posh@poshmessiah.com and confess all of your dirty money slave thoughts to me. I want to hear from you..

Mindfucked in a Minute was a great success and of course I know the second in the series will be just as successful, if not even more so! Anyone can afford to buy a $5 mindfuck clip, and if you can’t afford five dollars for a fetish femdom financial domination HOT mindfuck clip you shouldn’t be on the internet! The internet wasn’t made for poor people to wank off to you know!

First up is the new clip Crawl & Beg My Bitch .. yes YOU are MY bitch and you are going to crawl to your superior Goddess and BEG to serve. I even made a preview, classic like on the good ole youtube days before a bunch of jealous nobodies reported my perfectly innocent (and perfectly POTENT) clips and had my whole youtube shut down. Well it’s back up bitches! Lets see how long it lasts. I’m thinking that youtube is no longer the mecca of financial dommes so I’ll have the whole thing to myself.. I’m not moving onto vimeo or any other video place.. there are just too many of them and all over the place.. I have clips on so many sites I don’t remember half of them. You know, the preview clips. If you are nostalgic for my old youtube clips you can always buy them on clips4sale..


Anyway I’m back on.. and here is the preview :

Link to the clip: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com/videos/crawl-beg-my-bitch 

Link to Mindfucked in a Minute II: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com/videos/mindfucked-in-a-minute-ii-addicts-take-a-hit

My wishlist is at 737 gifts.. that’s only 13 away from 750. You know what to do. GO SHOP on my list NOW! There are no excuses to neglect giving Me whatever I want! I posted I want the More than Human book on my twitter today and someone bought it for me, now who was it.. which one of my little admirers is paying attention and behaving the way they should be.. OBEYING Me. Giving me what I want.. mmm such a good boy.

had 25 gifts purchased for me between the 20th of April and 15th of May. Do you think that is enough for an insatiable and deserving and entitled Goddess like myself? Of course you do not, because you know better than to try to think. Your brain is silly and inferior, mine is deep and enlightened and superior. This is why I know that 25 gifts isn’t enough and that you full heartedly agree with me.. nod along little puppet.. and get out my wallet.. and go buy me more.. mmm yes that’s it… that’s what Goddess likes.


I thought it would be fun to put together an entry with excerpts from different conversations I have with my money slaves.


Money pig Mueller came online and listened to the live radio show that played Thursday on the loop, and while my voice was bending his will my words tugged the lever and quickly I took $200 from him. It’s just so easy for me to snap my fingers and get my way, and that’s how it ought to be. Life for Me should be easy… this is something which should never leave your mind. How can you make the world even MORE beautiful for Goddess, but through your own sacrifice and suffering mmm.


Who thinks I should make muellers grocery account go red for the fourth month in a row? Every time his wifey goes to use it at the end of the month she ends up bringing the account into the red, due to MY tributes from mr. pig .. well mr. pig said the bank sent a letter stating that if the account went into the red for another month it would be frozen! It’s only his grocery account, it’s not like I care if him and wifey have to go without so I can have MORE. More cash for me, and LESS for them! He has plenty more accounts for me to play with .. credit cards to max, and savings to drain mmmmm.


$150 from this little addict who just can’t get enough. He’s always going to be back, begging for more. Begging for yet another fist fuck to his wallet. Ya that’s what I do to him, I fist his wallet like there is no tomorrow and I make zero apologies for any of the suffering he may go through because of it.. such as losing his family, having to sleep in his car (true story) and probably will end up eventually living in a box with nothing left but time to devote to worshiping his IDOL!

There are LOTS more private conversations with my slaves INSIDE. You need to be a VIP puppet, which is so easy. All you have to do is send $200 to me and an email saying you sent my money and would like to be VIP. Register on here (click on ‘read more’ then register) and once I have the cash in my account I activate your membership. See, it’s so easy to become a VIP puppet. VIP puppets are in for life, and I update continuously inside.. it’s a place where I am more personal with my pets, and provide a more open atmosphere to those who worship and adore me! To listen to the radio show’s and have access to my 24/7 financial domination brainwash radio you need to be VIP Premium! Email to posh@poshmessiah.com and get the info from me if you’re that confused. It’s so easy but I know how you boys and your silly little brains get so mushy and confused with Goddess ..

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My Money Rape Orgasm Mp3


Financial domination is such a thrill for me. OMG I just adore being your favorite money domme who you simply can not get enough of. Giving into MY pleasure isn’t really giving it, it’s stepping up and becoming a better person. It’s rising up to MY level and giving me what I deserve. Which is always more pleasure, more cash, more more more.. mmm

So of course when my long time pet idealsubject was granted release from his orgasm denial and allowed to hear MY voice on skype. I just had to record it. I knew it was going to thrill me.. but as much as it did… mm! Having control over your wallets, lives and cocks is such a turn on for me.

This is an mp3 you do not want to miss. Hearing me in that much pleasure is a rare treat and audio heaven! This is what you crave you to do to Goddess with your service.. click and buy now .. I know you will listen to it over and over ..

Also available to buy through me directly!

Goddess Posh

My Money Rape Orgasm Mp3
Find yourself lost in my sweet seductive voice as I drain my long time pet of MY cash, and allow him release after a week of denial … but the best part is… you won’t hear just that. Now you will be privileged to hear how much it truly arouses me to be the Goddess in control of your wallet and cock. It excites me so much I can’t help but give in to the pleasure myself… this is a very rare recording of my heavenly voice as I give in to my financial lust and experience an intense physical reaction wink

Financial Domination with Goddess Posh is Better

I make everything *better*.. so much BETTER. Everything is better through Goddess Posh. It rolls off of the tongue, try it. Go ahead, say it.. everything is better through Goddess Posh. Mmm, doesn’t it feel divine on your lips. Financial Domination is better with Goddess Posh. Clicking and spending is so much better when it’s for Goddess Posh. Life is better when it’s all about Goddess Posh. Everything sounds better when it comes from Goddess Posh. You are better when you serve Goddess Posh.



Financial Domination sound file #2 .. Play the file from the previous blog and this one together in a loop.. while you stare into my eyes and fall deeper and deeper into submission for me! Helpless to stop from clicking & spending. It feels so good to be a human ATM financial bitch.. being a slave to my financial lust has it’s perks.. who else is going to keep your wallet so sleek and slender but I?






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