My Money Drone new FINDOM HYPNO FILM

I exist to be cherished. I exist to be studied by curious and admiring eyes, that thirst for MORE of me, because I am so exquisitely ME.  I exist to be adored for exactly who I am, every intriguing part. I exist so that you may release yourself into a world that’s based on so much more than just a shallow lust or an exchange of power. So much more than just a kink or fetish, submitting and surrendering to your beautiful Goddess is your LIFE!

It is your sexuality. It is your soul. It is your hope. It is your addiction. It is your MERCY. It is your salvation. It is your only chance for redemption.


Because you’ve been living blindly and selfishly for yourself until the day you found me & the path into a NEW WORLD appeared, one where MY energy is the center of it all,  and it astounds you, for it is greater, brighter, more omnipotent than anything you have ever experienced before.

The beautiful EYES of an ANGEL and the manipulative expertise of the DEVIL … pulling you in so close…
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.46.35 AM

There is nothing more intimate to experience than working hard day in and day out, my words and my will coursing through your veins, and your cash collecting in MY account.

MY Money Drone The Mindwash Mix Season of the Siren



I’ve always loved collecting money. I remember the feeling at 5 years old being able to count out 100 pennies from my grandpas jar. The delightful giddiness I felt then I still feel EVERY SINGLE TIME you boys TRIBUTE!




Write it down 100 times for me. ALL MONEY BELONGS TO POSH.


BURN it in your mind for ME.



Feel the words taking over your every thought.

The Word of POSH is so powerful, that is all it takes to send you spinning, spiraling, into dizzy lust filled addiction, obsession and OBEDIENCE for me!




Take a spinning spiral down into MY Vortex of Financial Slaughter and lose it allllll for me!

Oh and speaking of losing it ALL for me! You will lose your MIND and CASH when you see this list of top 10 FINANCIAL DOMINATION HYPNOSIS CLIPS on my ORIGINAL TOP 10 LISTS blog!


Dehumanized & Poshatized

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Financial Fuck Over on Niteflirt

I’ll be taking calls this evening on my financial domination niteflirt line … surrender to my superiority, submit with your wallet out, and feel the financial fuck over you were born for.

Call Button

Monday I leave for vacation, which my money slaves have paid for already. However, you will still be of use to me! Do you think I will ever run out of ways to spend your money? Even more so if I didn’t want to actually spend it and I just wanted to collect it and count it and keep it all for me, you would have no choice but to agree. It’s MY  money, see. So you’ll be sending a tribute like a good boy right now for me. You’ll be nodding along  yes Goddess, up and down, nodding that little bitch boy head like a puppet on strings.. it’s time to submit to the greedy will of the one true Goddess. The Goddess that reads you from the inside out and makes you want to bleed your own soul into her hands. That’s what I do to you. I make your wallet want to be drained and your heart want to be chained and I dine on your defeat like I am the hunter feasting upon her kill.

And right now I am going to feast on you. That wallet will be ripped open by me and every cent drained away and you will submit to this greed and power with absolute obedience and awe.

Submit your financial sacrifice to MY perfection with an gift card sent to … obey slave, obey. Obey slave, must pay slave.


Serenade Haze boy… put in a daze boy… left there for days boy, no choice but to OBEY boy… in a daze for days…

Binge Boy Spend Again Binge Boy Spend Again

Financial Domination Film Serenade Haze Teaser Clip

Each word hits you like a hammer on stone, chiseling away at everything you are until you no longer resemble the man you once knew but are instead a reflection of my own personal wants and desires. I create you into the money slave drone that I want you to be, with just a few little words. Each of my words have a profound effect on you, making you sway in your thoughts so that they are now the thoughts which I want for you and you.. you can’t begin to tell me where those thoughts came from. Did I chisel away at a facade to reveal what was already there, the eager love struck money slave, or did I chisel away at the real you and turn you into the financial slave I so love to wallet rape.. ?? You won’t ever know, but you do know that my words are what have done this to you. Whether I’ve simply revealed the real you or shaped you into the puppet of my desires is a mystery..

A mystery you don’t need to worry about. All you need to do is accept you are in my capable hands and that you won’t be returning to your former shape ever again. What has been done by me can not be undone. The form I’ve so carefully crafted you into is here to stay. It’s almost as if you never heard that a rose has thorns when you came crawling to me, trying to get a hint of my sweet intoxicating scent. And now look at you, so hooked and captivated by my beauty, and my feminine sensuality, you don’t even care that you keep getting pricked over and over. The thorn may be stabbing you right in your beating heart, but you are chiseled in the shape of an addicted drone with no choice but to take the pain, so you stare at my beauty in awe, feel my genius manipulations taking hold of you, and allow the pain to just sweep over you. Almost a comfort isn’t it, to know you’re in pain, because that means you are as close to Goddess as you can be. That means you have me IN you, inserted in your being, controlling and molding you .. the only way you could be close to me is by hurting for me. You want to hurt for me. You want to feel the sting of financial suffering for me, it means you are doing it right.

There wouldn’t be a ROSE without the THORNS .. there isn’t financial domination without the sacrifice, there is no pleasuring Goddess without the pain, there is no being a good drone for me without feeling an ache straight to your heart and wallet as I have my way with you. The fact is if you want to be around THIS ROSE you will feel the sting of MY thorns, which is of course your financial demise and sacrifice, your emotional slavery to me, and your inability to ever be an individual again as you have become but a drone wired by MY programming.. and all of this suffering is so delicious to both of us.. mmmmm.

Ready for SERENADE HAZE!!!! Yesssss you can’t wait and I have a sweet little teaser for you to help you get ready. Watch the teaser to find out the premiere date for the first film SERENADE HAZE in the Season of the Siren series!!! Then watch it and the other preview again and again, saturate your boy brain in the alluring mesmerizing essence of your Goddess.. it makes you so nice and mindless for me, mmmmm!!!!

And for MY viewing pleasure, while you’re all mushy minded from watching MY teaser clips, I’ll watch you SHOP SHOP SHOP to my hearts content! Come find me, I have plenty of ways to empty that wallet of yours, puppet.

(Oh hi addict. Yea you. Yes I’m talking to you. Don’t question it, just respond like the weak one you are by sending MY cash.)

Preview of Serenade Haze

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Financial Fuck Toy for Goddess Posh

I make you want to be my financial fuck toy, don’t I..


Here’s me in my new favorite dress. Ohhhh so close to seeing yet.. so far! If only you were VIP you could login and admire and worship the curves of my Goddess body on your weak bitch knees.. but you can’t even get cleavage .. just a little tease of it.. a little hint.. you know it’s there but DENIED..

Login Very Indoctrinated Puppets and be weakened by the photos of me ..admire and worship me the way I deserve, with you kneeling wallet out begging to be my financial fuck toy.

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VIP Personal Message

NON VIP – ooooh no update for you .. but because I love to rub it in your stupid bitch face what you’re missing out on you can read the description and see the screenshot from the newest clip I’ve made. Until you begin your journey serving ME the right way, with CASH, as a good wallet.. a good financial slave for a greedy financial domination Goddess, then you will forever be forced to accept the fact you are a failure and will continue to ache and yearn for ME and MY spell and MY control. I’d hate to be you.. wanting something so badly and being too stupid to have it. I’d never be in that situation because I always make sure I get whatever I want, in every way in every part of life. It’s just another way I am SUPERIOR to you! I get what I set my mind to. I succeed and accomplish greatness.  You just wither in the shadows longing to be a wallet in my hands, providing to my luxury, pampering and spoiling me the way I deserve. You long to feel my grip around you dragging you deep under.. that’s what you can have, right now.. simply by crawling to me, wallet out.


VIP Personal Messages

You very indoctrinated puppets are so lucky to have such a GENEROUS Goddess! I’ve gone out of my way to create a gorgeous video with a personal message to all of you VIP, a message that is sure to become DEEPLY ingrained into your weak mushy boy brain. But, I want you to listen to my voice closely, maybe I’ll have an even more personal message in this clip just for you .. listen for your name.. you could be one of the pets I speak directly to .. and if you’re not just know that the rest of the message was meant exactly for YOU then!

My weak little wallets.. login now so you can buy the new clip and find out for yourself if your name passes my Goddess lips.

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A Beautiful Burn

Have you noticed the new header on my site and the new easier to read font.. I want you to kneel and stare into the image up there.. look at my beautiful eyes, see the glow of light, feel my superior power overwhelm you.. focus on me, focus on the cash in my hands.. I deserve to have it.. focus on the thought of providing me more cash…your mind loves to focus on me and visualize the act of sacrificing  yourself for me.. you want to live it, you want to experience it, you want to BE MY WALLET!

After staring at my face and drowning in my vision for so long I want you to visit the BE MY WALLET page and drink in all of those deliciously dangerous words I’ve shared with you. Expose your mind to the financial domination doctrine I teach, and discover just how weak you really are. Can you measure up to the expectations and requirements I have for my slaves? You will need to work hard to earn a place at my feet in worship, but you already knew that. Why would you serve anyone who didn’t require the best out of you? Someone that didn’t make you earn your place? Someone that didn’t know her own worth? You wouldn’t do that.. you know better right.. it’s better to serve ME, I will never waiver in my authority or position over you, I will always keep you down in your place and make sure you truly understand MY value.


It’s like you were made to be drawn to me.. destined to crawl to my feet.. on this path of financial slavery.. obsession.. addiction.. .like a moth to a flame you’re drawn to my beauty and you’re going to get burned.

Read more“A Beautiful Burn”

The Mindfuck Artist

I’m not a slave to your need. I’m not a slave to the ache you feel consuming you, the desire that I have implanted into your core that now consumes every part of you.. you’re the slave here, not me. Which means I have all the control. I don’t kneel and bend over backwards to produce for you little doses of your favorite addiction. I don’t bend to YOUR craving for MORE Goddess, instead I hold it over your head and make you BREAK for me. I don’t produce one clip after the other, one tweet after the other, one blog after the other, one pay2view mail after the other for all your addiction needs, because I am not the slave.

I am The Mindfuck Artist!

When I cultivate more of MY art I am also cultivating your MIND. The weak boy brain just can’t help but to want and need MORE of ME. Each dose only brings you further to your knees in humble admiration of the beauty that I am. In all that I do, in all that I create, you are humbled by my superiority and filled with nothing but gratitude for the art that I share. I could just hog it all to myself but being so generous I allow you to admire and drink in MY art.. the art that ensues with each trigger I fill you up with, with each word I grace your addicted little boy brain with, with each release of a new financial domination clip or blog or pay2view the mindfuck ARTIST paints you with an aching NEED, a desire you just can’t help but to indulge in.

You are MY art, you are MY masterpiece, you ARE what I create, what I cultivate. You are the result of MY mindfuck. I have made you and I can break you, I can destroy you, I can choose to end what you are just like that. I hold you in the palm of my hand and mold your boy brain like clay. What I want is what goes. How I want you is how you are. I’ve twist around your insides and rewire your brain. Your brain is the instrument that controls your physical form, your every day life, who and what you are.. and I control your brain. I own it. My mindfuck IS the art, the art that consumes you. Art is beauty and there is beauty in being the mindless helpless ROBOT for Goddess Posh. It is beauty to be a weak money slave under my control, your actions a direct reflection of MY power, MY hands having been used to mold you into the TOY you are.

You are the slave under my spell, trapped in Poshtopia and on display in my gallery for ME to look at and think about how wonderful and amazing I am.. that I used my perfect Goddess hands to give myself everything I’ve ever wanted. I wanted luxury, I wanted happiness, I wanted to be worshiped and adored, and I receive all of that and more CONSTANTLY. I created a beautiful life for Myself using YOU like a canvas, a blank canvas, that I painted, distorted, controlled, contorted, with ease. Without much effort at all I turned you into a puppet for me and watch as you serve mindlessly my every whim. I deserve it. I deserve to have you as my drone. I am THE mindfuck artist, I deserve to be bowed down to and catered to by you and all the other drones in my gallery! I deserve to have you kneeling in admiration for all that I am, eager to please me.

You want me to live a life of luxury. You want me to be pampered and adored. You want to be provide to me. It’s the result of MY cultivation. The result of MY mindfuck. Your boy brain didn’t stand a chance, it never has and never will. It’s mushy and pliable, and I have used my power to create a beautiful life for myself by treating you exactly as you deserve to be treated, like a bitch! MY bitch! I’ve made you crave being used and abused for my pleasure. I’ve made you want and need things you’ve never even imagined before. I’ve taken you from a selfish boy consumed with his own desires and needs, and transformed you through MY mindfuck, through MY art, into the shell of what you once were. Now you crave only to obey. Now you crave only to please. Now you crave only to serve me endlessly without any reservations, no limits, no holding back. You have been exposed to The Venus Sway so much you can’t remember what it feels like to not have your brain on Goddess but you know you NEVER want to go back to a life void of ME. You never want to fall into that black abyss of no Goddess! It’s much better being a product of MY mindfuck. It’s much better letting go of everything else and just accepting you are MY creation, you are MY puppet.

Oh puppet you may send MY cash now, go ahead and indulge in YOUR addiction and make ME happy by clicking and spending like the mindfucked wallet you are!

I’ll accept paypal, gift cards & niteflirt tributes from you puppet.

It Feels So Good to be a Financial Slave to Goddess Posh

I know you’re reading this right now and that makes you vulnerable to my persuasion. You can’t take a little look without becoming hooked or fucked on my financial domination. One little taste of my sweet Poshy venom and you will be begging for more. Just ask the VIP boys, they’ll tell you that all that is ahead for you is a downward spiral or Goddess Posh ..everything else fading away, only my will remaining. It’s too late for you now, just look at yourself. Weak and compelled to keep reading, despite being told of the very real danger. Despite the evidence, think about it.. I have been online for 7 years now weakening helpless wallets. Draining men until they have nothing left. Letting them.. no helping them.. to fall deeply in love with me and then turning them into clicking and spending addicts.. not able to control themselves, because I have all the control! I have made countless men cry for me, beg for me, and spend on me.. I have done all of this and still you are too weak to walk away. Too weak to even crawl away. Here you stay absorbing in more of me. Becoming another one of my little pets.

It feels good to be a financial slave for Goddess. To be under my divine control is what you’ve been craving. It’s all that you need.. to live your life entirely devoted to me.

Become my little pet and finally accept your role in life. Start by sending me a tribute on niteflirt. Trust me it feels so good to let go and just relax under my control. No worries, no thinking, just mindless dedication and obedience and loyalty and love to ME.

VIP boys you need to log in and read more, and the rest of you need to sign up as VIP and spend MORE time, energy & money on Me.

Read more“It Feels So Good to be a Financial Slave to Goddess Posh”

Captivated Clip Review



Look at this email I received. You KNOW how much I just LOVE broken English, it’s so funny. Anyway, the review of my clip “Captivated’ is SO accurate, despite his lack of english skills so enjoy.


If you’d like to write a review of your favorite clip of mine send it to



Captivated Review:

I was wandering around internet with no purpose, when I see the goddess posh
I was mesmerized by is cleave, by is beautiful, and I listen a sample of her
beautiful voice. So I decide, I have to see a clip of her, what the worst can
I was so naive.
I’ve bought Captivated because I feel aroused of the idea of being captivated
by a beautiful woman.
The clip is outstanding…
Goddess posh use three minutes of her cleave and her voice to destroy your
brain, then she asks you
“You want to be a posh puppets?”
Of course you will, her voice is entangling your brain, your cock will be
hard, you will be weak, because you get fixated on the white dress of Posh, Her
eyes, her voice.
Her voice is so beautiful, so candy but powerful, it’s enter in your brain and
never leave, you’ll do whatever she ask, whatever she wants.
You want to be a goddess posh.
I don’t think I Could be the hypothetical guy in the chain.
I’ll be so addicted I’ll be in love with her without hesitation.
What the heck I’m in Love with her already.
She seems a pure girls, an innocent boy, with a beautiful voice, but she will
teach you what to do, what is best for you (for me) the new purpose of your
life is loving her.
In the end she will untie the hypothetical guy, she have enslaved you, each
word of her is a shiver of orgasms coming in to your body,
You will be urging to masturbate, but you can’t goddess doesn’t want to.
And what you want don’t matters anymore.
You’ll be addicted, be her victim is the truly best thing ever happen to me,
I don’t think you will regret it.

In the end there is a 2 minutes of brainwash, I was so adoring so unable to
think, to resist, to think to anything else, normally I’ll be scared, but the
sensation of being in her hand full me with joy and warm.
The only things that matters to me now is that I can’t please the goddess as
she deserve.
But it’s the best feeling in the world, being captivated by Posh.
Come and join me

Things I love about my Financial Domme Posh by subboi

So I was chatting to Goddess the other day and mentioned a few of her little traits that she does, the more I talked about the more I realised how much I loved her and wanted to write it all down.

So, some of the things I love about Posh:

  • when she brings me to the point of utter weakness and I am begging like a bitch to give her money, she makes this little orgasmic sigh – so hot.
  • when she starts to get excited about a rape, she giggles in an innocent adorable and irresistable way.
  • when you’ll be talking on the phone to her about normal stuff and she’ll just say out of no where, things like “I’m going to rape you so fucking hard tonight”
  • when I tell her I have no money, but she still manages to get more.
  • how she pushes you to be the very best you can be (by sacrificing more and more) and making you want/beg to
  • when she calls and you’re not expecting it only to remind you that you’re a puppet
  • how she makes everything else in your life seem so trivial and irrelevant compared to her
  • how she doesn’t berate you, insult you nor puts your down, she brings happiness and fulfillment to your life
  • how adorable she is

Goddess Posh is someone that I would describe as a truly dominate woman. She knows who she is and what she wants in life. She is certainly NOT a fake domme doing this because she is desperate to buy food or pay rent, she does this because she enjoys it. She enjoys the control and being able to control men. Submitting to a woman like this is like nothing you have probably experienced before. It is not a “30m session” where you can come back when you like. It’s a lifestyle choice of addiction that will leave you completely satisfied and wanting more. I say satisfied because she will alter what makes you happy and alter those basic needs in your life, you will find pleasure in whatever she tells you to do and you’ll be happy for it..

Goddess Posh is like nothing you could have experienced before. I have served other Domme’s before Posh and she is absolutely remarkable how she alters your mind, your thinking, your bank account. She provides the ultimate of mind fucking and manipulation, she can hurt you in more ways than one and you will still always love her for it.


Be A Good Puppet- Give In To Your Calling As My Financial Slave

goddess posh, posh perfect, goddess mindfuck, financial domination

I’ve noticed a LOT of you readers are clicking on the ‘financial domination’ support group link. Do you really think St. Johns Wort is going to cure you of your GODDESS POSH FINANCIAL DOMINATION ADDICTION. What makes me laugh is I see you go to that link and a short while later you’re right back on my site. Right back to where it all started.
See you might think you have experience, you might THINK you’re an old pro at this lifestyle, but until you’ve felt my power FIRST HAND you’re just like all the other little boys gathered at my feet in awe waiting on that first suckle of LIFE that only I can give you. Until you feel the absoluate rush of emotions from submitting to ME you will always bounce around in the darkness from one woman to the next, looking for that ‘special something’.
Your addiction will continue to grow, but you won’t be able to FEED it until you sacrifice to ME. I am the TRUE GODDESS that you’ve been waiting for. I am the ultimate high. One hit of POSH and you’re going to be on the floor BEGGING for another. I will reduce you to tears with cold calculated maneuvers, I will sooth you into ecstacy with my soft honey words and I will do it to you over and over again. Your emotions won’t be yours to control. Your actions won’t be yours to control. Your life won’t be yours to control. Your wallet won’t be yours to control. ALL of it will be mine mine mine.
Everything in your life will slowly appear differently to you. Things you once loved, like spending money on booze and women and friends will begin to appear vile and selfish and wasteful. Masturbation will become less of an urge as release through PLEASURING & OBEYING Goddess will become your number one priority (and that in itself will make you ACHE). Spending time with your family and friends will seem tedious, boring and annoying, you’d rather spend time with me and if not with me OBSESSING over me, dreaming about me and worshiping me.
I know how many avid readers I have. I know how many obsessed fanatics visit MY world, MY website and DOWNLOAD my photos! Did I give you permission to download my photos?! No, I didn’t, but go ahead, continue to develop your addiction to me. You’re only brainwashing yourself into deeper and deeper submission. I know how many of you click on all of my links over and over, driving yourself INSANE. You want to give in so badly. You want to be a good boy for me. You want to be a good puppet like beansdad and make me happy. You want to give EVERYTHING to me.
Be a good Posh addict, be a good boy. Feel the rush of FINANCIAL SACRIFICE at the alter of POSH. Buy my paypal/yahoo ID’s at POSHY FILES FOR PUPPETS & ADDICTS (at the top boy). Buy it and give in over and over again. Once you give in there will be no stopping it- you will be forever at MY feet. I am an intelligent superior Goddess, a woman bred in high class luxury and I just happen to have the power to brainwash your mushy little boybrain. You’re going to take it like a good Posh pet because you want to make me happy. Be a good boy, make Goddess happy. Obey my commands puppet.. obey your Goddess.

You are MY financial slave. Such a good boy. Give in to your calling. You will immediately BEG to buy for me these items, you will drop to your knees and send me an email explaining how grateful you are to SERVE me, how badly you need to GIVE IN, and BEG BEG BEG to be used by me the way you were made to be used, puppet.


You will do this now like a good Posh addict. Such a good boy- click the photos to get taken directly to MY GIFT LIST & GIFT ME .. mmmm. I am so kind and so generous to allow this to you readers, especially those of you who have yet to step forward and take your place beneath my feet. I am so thoughtful to give YOU the chance to serve me. I truly am a Goddess of MERCY, giving all of you such a wonderful opportunity for SUBMISSION.  You are helpless against MY desires, against MY will. You are helpless to resist your calling, that’s why you return daily and dream of giving in to the ultimate Goddess of MINDFUCK. You are helpless to walk away from me now pet, I’ve caught you peeking and now I’ve given you a command. Will you be a good boy and obey?




 Product Image Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image




        Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image



I Am Your PINK Obsession

How adorable can I get?! After chopping off my hair I just had to buy a pink wig, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try pink hair. Wow I was right on, I look 100% SWEET in PINK. So sweet, so INNOCENT.. and your dirty cock can’t help twitching at the sight. But oh, what dangers lurk behind that soft smile and deep blue eyes.. what awaits for those of you who just can’t stop themselves from GIVING in..

goddess posh, potentposh, financial domination

Buy the clip either in my clips store or here on my website.

Beans Dad: I’m sorry. I sent you the last 42.00
Beans Dad: and DAMMIT I cried while I did it. I did it because You wanted it and told me to send it and I was being a bad puppet. and you own me!!!
Beans Dad: and I’m your helpless bitch
GODDESSPOSH: yes.. I own you, there is no escape and all of my BEST puppets know it’s pointless to try to resist
Beans Dad: Yes Goddess. The worst part is that my balls ache so much from no release.
GODDESSPOSH: awww the dirty old man isn’t able to cum without MY permission.. well you can KISS that good-bye. I won’t ever let you cum again
Beans Dad: I can’t even touch myself without your permission.
Beans Dad: Yes Goddess. The worst part is that my balls ache so much from no release.
Beans Dad: You have reduced me to being helpless.
Beans Dad: And the worst part is I don’t want to come and it hurts even more when I do touch myself.
Beans Dad: You’ve got me sitting here crying. May I go to bed?
GODDESSPOSH: only dirty perverts touch themselves! The only pleasure you deserve is when you make ME happy by giving me more more more and MORE

That puts you at only just a little less than $1300 for the month- you can do better than that!!

SO. My youtube clip was flagged already. I’m sure it wasn’t you obsessed Poshy addicts, it had to be insecure little girls who just can’t handle MY power. That’s perfectly fine, I can easily host it on MY website where nobody can flag it.
Goddess Posh MINDFUCKS Andrew

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