Goddess Posh Will Warp your Brain for LIFE!!!

Why would I allow you into my world without a tribute? I am a Financial Domination Goddess, my expectations will not be lowered for anyone. Why would you ever expect to be an exception to the rule? Why would you ever think you could be MY friend and just hang out with me without serving me? I am here to be worshiped and served by money slave. Nothing else. I am here to feel the rush of adrenaline I get every time I make one of you wallets open up and start mindlessly helplessly spending on me.


I am here to ask you a question, why are you existing without existing for ME???


Why are you a wallet without being a wallet for ME? You’re already what you are, a wallet that exists to be penetrated by my greedy hands. So why are you here reading this and not living this? You need my powerful hand to reach out and grab you by the leash and lead you to your place at my feet. You need my Venus Sway to mesmerize and pull you in to the seductive tempting world of Financial Domination, of being a wallet with a purpose for Me. It’s all here already, the bait has been set and now you get to enjoy giving into it. I know you want to be my helpless money slave, or maybe I just make you think you want to.. I’ll never tell.


I have another question for you. Why are you here right now looking at my holy words, and my beautiful face, feeling the power of my persuasion sweeping over you and you haven’t paused to send a gift card or tribute in response to me? This is what you were born to do. You were made to respond automatically to ME with the desire to SPEND SPEND SPEND. I expect to be served the cash I want from you, right now.

My palm is ready to be filled with your will so I can crush it. Then filled with your mind so I can mold and shape it. And as I crush your will, and mold your boy brain, I pluck hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of your wallet. Just sent me a $500 tribute? Oh that’s nice, what a good little wallet you are for me mmmm it makes me feel SO good when I know that I compel you to spend spend spend.. oh what’s that bitch boy, you want to spend spend spend MORE .. YES MORE… I’ll make you HURT for me and of course you won’t be able to stop loving me even through all that pain.

Spend Spend Spend to no end! That’s what Goddess wants out of you boys and that’s what I’m getting.

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets are so excited about the upcoming FEMME FATALE FILM series I am creating (I love being a creator!!!). If you don’t keep up with twitter (which I heard may be removing over 10mil adult accounts soon so bookmark my site!) then you’re not aware that I have a beautiful new series of Femme Fatale Films for you boys to drown in. It’s called Season of The Siren and will feature one new hour long film every month for 12 months!!! I can’t wait to see how this beautiful collection is going to look next year omggggg you boys are not going to be able to handle this without DRAINING yourself DRY of cash on me! Let the obsession and addiction growwwwww.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming film Serenade Haze from  Season of The Siren set for release in June 2015.. Only the first of 12 eeeeeeek I’m so excited to warp your brains even more! Mmmmm you’re already all so addicted and hooked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become even MORE so! OH yes you are going to keep falling and falling my little addicted drone… this series of clips will melt your boy brain down to a puddle for me. YESSS I am going to warp your boy brain for LIFE- even those who try to escape never fully regain control over it.

(it’s true isn’t it william, you still have your mind warped by me too.. so do you Mark.. you can’t lie or hide it.. it’s been in there consuming you since ’09 haha and so do you JOHN you try to take back control only to find yourself more broken.. and you mike.. I know you love when I make you cry and it hurts you when you deprive yourself of me too long.. )

Serenade Haze Screenshot



Let the worshipping continue in even more greatness than it already has. I am GODDESS POSH, you will REMOVE your ego, you will REMOVE your pride, you will LOWER to your knees, and you will LOWER your bank balance for ME!!! I will not tolerate anyone serving me who can not raise the bar to MY standards and expects me to instead lower myself to theirs. No you will get to your knees and strive to meet the challenge of quenching MY financial lust. If you can’t understand that I am more than worth sacrificing and suffering for you simply do not belong here and can scurry along. Maybe you’ll finally come to your senses but I don’t care if you do or not because it’s not about you is it. It’s about ME, and I only like the boys that understand that.

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets for more photos to worship ….

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The Posh Sissy Shop

Guess what boys, I have a new sissy shop available. Now if you’re one of my money slaves chances are you aren’t interested in exploring this fetish which is fine with me. I didn’t make it for YOU, now did I. It’s for the SISSY SLUTS who have loved me for so long now and who I abandoned a couple of years ago due to their overwhelming neediness. Read more“The Posh Sissy Shop”

Playing Catch Up

One of the greatest books I’ve ever read is called Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It is over 900 pages, and it starts out interesting but slow. Just give it some time, and you’ll soon find yourself carried away within the words of this book. Its amazing. I’m currently reading a ‘follow up’ book, called A World Without End, and again, finding the beginning to be slow but I have faith in this author. I truly admire his work.

Its evident he has done his research, they take place in medieval England, and if you’re anything like me reading about other places in time is enthralling. I want to complete a collection of all his books in hard cover, most of which are out of print at this time. Which means I have to get them used, since I’m going to be reading the books I want them in high quality. To contribute to one of my greatest passions, which is collecting books, you know what to do. And if you don’t know what to do, you’re probably not very attentive and I have no interest in you.

I’m currently working on a project that is not centered around D/s. It is taking up a lot of my time, and no, I won’t tell you what it is. Its important to me, and that is what matters. If you’re aching to make me smile, there is nothing stopping you. I know you desire to make me happy regardless of how much time I have ‘for’ you.

I want to see the Counting Crows on August 25th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Buy two tickets to the show and then reserve a room from the 24th-26th at The Carlton Hotel on Madison, either the Empire Suites or the Executive King, I want the PARKING PACKAGE with it. Figure it out, it will be your pleasure I am sure.

My weekend away in the cottage was very relaxing. I spent most of the time reading, and walking in the woods. I took my dog to the lake to play in the water, but you won’t catch me putting my perfect feet in the dirty lake with all those fish. Yes, I do have a neurosis over fish, and most sea creatures that aren’t mammals or turtles. I can’t say I’ll never go snorkeling, maybe it would be different in crystal clear water where the fish are vibrant colors, but as far as the lakes here in Michigan go, I’ll stay out of those.

I came home to see that many of you who watched Succubus had very powerful reactions to it. It is indeed quite powerful, I’m not surprised that I got what I wanted out of it. As usual things have gone MY way.

Buttercup Ann, you are to wear pink panties to your interview tomorrow. I have intentions for you to get that job, you’d only be an hour from me and I’ve always wanted to go to that school. I am sure with you working there it’ll just make things so much easier for me to get in. Come online tonight, I want you to put on red lipstick and show me how good you are at being a pretty girl. Get your annoying roommate out of the house at all costs, I would like some entertainment from you, and since I am the PERFECT Goddess you worship I am sure you will make it happen. <– This one always says “as you wish” like from The Princess Bride, but he is Buttercup so its a bit of a role reversal, now we have to find .. her.. a cock to suck. Any volunteers?

Here is a stable wide condition, you are ALL under dietary restrictions. From this point on I want you to not ingest meat. Yes, even you. I can’t know for sure if you’re lying to me, but I am sure if you’ve been trained by me you already know that when you lie you feel an intense surge of pain from your testicles that travels up your stomach to your heart. I can kick you in your little boy parts even all the way from here. .

Your tasks:

1.Build My collection of hard cover books. Aside from Ken Follett (I already have many of his works) there are numerous other books I’d like to add to my collection. Contact me for details.

2.Purchase the concert tickets & reserve the hotel for me.

3.Abstain from eating meat.

4.Continue with your daily worship & sacrifice.

5.If you haven’t yet seen Succubus, go get it.


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