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I travel within the minds of men and set up vacation on their dime, I dance on their hearts and collect their love with pride. My words are weapons that weaken your will but you are thrilled by the warmth of my honey silk voice and succumb for me again and again. I dine on your loyalty, I drink of your submission, it fuels my financial lust and feeds my greed which gives you such purpose. I’m here to be worshiped and served for everything that I am, exactly as I am. I am THE VENUS SWAY and this is where good boys go to pay.

I am GODDESS POSH and I will have my way with you. Sign up to my OnlyFans so you can absorb my special programming and become another one of my POSHATIZED puppets… you will LOVE having a constant stream of my brainwash bits coming at you… making you SO MUCH BETTER for ME!

Being a Very Indoctrinated Puppet isn’t about what you receive, it is about being taken deeper by ME. Its about losing MORE control. It is about deepening your obsession. It is about showing your true weakness, love and loyalty for ME. Yes, when you register as a VIP you do get access to over 10 years of my brainwash blogs. 10 years of my financial domination words, which are definitely weapons against you. But, what you sign up for is for ME… for the status symbol of being THAT hooked on ME, that weak for ME, that good of a puppet for ME. You want to be MY Very Indoctrinated Puppet, you LONG to have that next to your name.

Subscribing to my OnlyFans is how you will keep a constant stream of my brainwash and financial domination content coming at you. This is where you go for The Venus Sway updates. This is another way to show the depths of your addiction and weakness for me, while also getting closer to me as I spend plenty of time training and draining Venus Sway brains!!!

You will buy all of my clips HERE, HERE and HERE so that you have the entire collection for yourself, and to show your support for My creations… plus they are alllll so good for your boy brain! I make you SO MUCH BETTER with MY intense mind control programming.

So you want to be MY best boy, you want and CRAVE to be MY special BOY don’t you!! This means you need to be a VIP Venus Sway Brain that owns my ENTIRE collection of clips, which is a very close to met goal for Poshyfool!!! He literally needs only a few other clips of mine that are pretty old now. He owns EVERYTHING current, everything since Season of the Siren and on!

In fact he was the first boy to order a custom with my IwantCustomClips option! I doubled the minute rate after that when it was confirmed that I only want to do customs for those who are willing to pay out the ass for it! We all know I am not use to having a deadline or having directions to follow, so that was weird! I definitely deserve a BIG TIP for doing that for MY poshyfool. He deserved it as a Christmas time treat anyway after so many years of loyal and consistent service.

I followed up the release of Your Sweet Addiction (poshyfools custom) with My Baby Blues Brainwash you… another truth we all know, my eyes break ALL of you.


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hes just an experiment now

Being the curious person I am I wondered what are the effects on a POSH junkie that is forced to go without. To unravel the answer to this question I had simply to do one thing, take one of my boys and bring him to the height of his addiction, and then DROP him into an abyss of NO POSH and watch as his suffering unfolds. I had the perfect boy for this already, broken soul.

Broken soul being BROKE of cash is of no use to me, but his emotional and mental torment feeds my sadistic side. After I took the last of his cash I had him leave his girlfriend of 8 years. They still aren’t back together and it’s been … what… 2 years now broken soul? Maybe I should write Kathy and ask her how she is doing. But anyway, back to what I did to this lowly weakling… after I destroyed his last hope of escape by ending his relationship, I then left him. Just like that. I stopped responding to his messages, ignoring every single action he took to get my attention!

I watched as he withered in torment just trying to get my attention, sending me DM’s on twitter, IM’s on yahoo messenger, emails, all begging for my attention with statements condemning me for sending him into such a pit of despair and yet he still couldn’t stop loving me, wanting me, needing me, craving me, and doing everything in his power to get close to me. Through his raging fits he would always fall back down to his knees crying out for me.

Sometimes I’d send him a message or two just to fuck with him. It would calm him down immediately when I would respond, and I would be laughing inside knowing his peace would be only for a moment as I would leave him hanging and needy every time.

His spiral downward began with insomnia, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about ME. He soon progressed into contacting me more and more, his attempts growing in desperation. He began to become aggressive and angry, accusing me of destroying his life for no reason. At times I would remind him that he was the one that choose to leave Kathy, even though it was under MY command (just to get him more worked up). Then I’d go back to ignoring him and watch as he would cry out in agony all for ME.

After his most recent attempt to get my attention he finally conceded to the fact that he could not win, and he said ‘I am without you and I am okay.” … oh really … I bet you’re not okay now. I bet you’re on your little bitch knees crying out realizing how true it is… that I did this to you out of experimentation and all you’ve been is a little lab rat for me! I bet you’re not OKAY now, are you … no no he’s not okay at all, he’s just an experiment now.

I’m reserving the rest of this for my VIP, so login now.
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I want more than you’ve ever given before

October is here, and I love the fall, but noooooo winter is soooooo close now. I will embrace the cold snow like a champion! I will embrace mother nature and not whine and cry like a brat, but instead allow my slaves buy me a LOT of snow gear to keep me all bundled up and warm. October doesn’t just bring the promise of colder days ahead, but also the change of leaves (which is beautiful) and Halloween. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be dressing up as, but I was offered the suggestion of Cat Woman from a friend. Hmmm interesting thought…

AND not only does October bring ALL of those things but also it is bringing you another Season of the Siren film, titled Destruction in the Key of Seduction



All of you completely corrupted and addicted toys have Friday to look forward to, when I release the preview clip & announce the release date.

Also a little public service announcement: when I say MERCILESS WALLET RAPE that means I have no remorse about draining you of the cash that rightfully belongs to me, and no matter how much you beg and plead that it hurts, I will be digging in deeper and taking MORE. I love to DIG deeper than anyone ever has. I want MORE MONEY than you’ve EVER GIVEN ANYONE ELSE BEFORE!!!!  You see by my allowing you to sacrifice your slave earnings for MY pleasure, I am already showing you mercy. There is a reason I have referred to myself as the Deity of Ruin.



Tribute is expected now, my dear addicted reader.


Login my VIP, and see what penance puppet drone will be paying for his sins.Read more“I want more than you’ve ever given before”

I Am Financial Domination Incarnate

How long has it been now that you’ve felt the burning in your body, the ache in your soul, pushing you to the brink of falling forever for Goddess?

That feeling won’t be ending anytime soon.

I deserve to be worshiped. I believe it with every part of me, and I beam with that confidence, superiority and power. As a Goddess I expect to be worshiped by those inferior to me, which is ALL of YOU. I’m the reason you have that ache. I’m the reason you feel that burning desire. It’s all because of MY greatness that you can’t stop coming back for more.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of what worshiping a Goddess entails….

It doesn’t involve you using your brain too much. I like to put that inferior thing on HOLD.. it just goes to a nice little quiet place, your boy brain on pause.. so I can do all the thinking FOR YOU. Which is what you need and want. It’s better when you don’t have to make any choices. If you are left to make the decisions obviously you would fail.

It’s so good that I shut that silly boy brain up and take over for your thinking. You don’t need to think when you already just know, this is RIGHT and this is what is meant to be.

You will worship me with every part of you. Your life will consist solely of Goddess.
You will worship me with your time, by devoting it to making more money for me, and obsessing over everything about ME. You will worship me with your wallet, devoting every cent you earn to ME.. you will act in a robotic state, clicking and spending it all away without ever thinking. You don’t have to make the choice. I’ve made it for you already.

You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve.


boy brain PAUSE


I want MOREEEEE .. all you need is my want and you’re ready to give. That is what I do to you. That is what being MY financial slave IS. I make you want to spend it all and you will. You feel that burning need in you, to provide, to serve, to pamper, to be of use to Me. I AM Financial Domination incarnate. I AM THE REASON. You will worship. You will serve.

Goddess Posh

Passionately Draining your Slave Wages

Enjoying yourself? Yeah I know you are, once again you’re back here right. Who doesn’t enjoy a good does of Posh mindfuck? I know you must be lost in ‘omg my head is going to explode from being soooooo overwhelmed’ space, overwhelmed by the power and perfection of your amazing Goddess.

How lovely it is for you that I have so many options available with which your eager little money slave fingers can click and spend on. See MONEY SLAVE your job is to pamper me, provide for me, love me, adore me, worship me, cater to my every desire and of course never are you to ever piss off the Queen.

Once in a while after I have a particularly creative or prolific phase I receive comments and questions about how I manage to have the time to create such a vast empire of financial domination wallet rape enticement.. the questioner always concluding that I have a true passion for dominating men and their wallets.

That is exactly correct. It is a passion of mine to mindfuck, brainwash, and wallet rape financial slaves. I love to turn men into my hungry for more debt money machines. It is such a turn on for me to know that you are compelled to pleasure me. And this passion I have excites you, it brings your own feelings to life and drives you out of control for me.

Being your Goddess earns me money, but it’s not a job in the traditional sense. I didn’t make my career financial domination, I made that my lifestyle. And as such it is a major part of my life so of course I not only do not mind building onto my empire and sharing my amazing creative energy with you puppets, but I actually enjoy it!

I enjoy putting my thoughts into action and seeing those actions rewarded. I might have a creative moment where I can pull out many projects in one month and then for three months you scarcely see me blog. Just remember when this happens I am still behind the scenes raping all of those pets who are so very loyal to me. Even if the blogging stopped and clips stopped I’d still have MY toys. My toys are able to provide for me for a very long time without me ever having to worry financially.

I am set. So, I have no need to create more material. When I do it’s because I love it.

Since I am obviously superior to you and much more enlightened to the way things ought to be, I suggest you show appreciation for my creative and mind blowing financial domination “mindfuck you” gifts which are all over this website and the web..

Posh Radio .. Premium VIP Access .. 24/7 POSH BRAINWASHING & live radio shows. This is the sort of thing a true addict will drink up!

Posh Messiah’s Little Money Slave Trap… do you know how hard it is to stop clicking once you start? Go find out.

Two gifts right there, made through my Goddess energy, are ready to be used up and appreciated by you.. yes YOU.. I know how obsessed you are. I know how much you think about me. I know how often you are here. I see and know all about you, and you can not hide or run or escape. You are a toy, and you will be played with by ME however I want.

Right now I want you to kiss my perfect Goddess ass in total appreciation for all that I’ve done. I am so generous to allow my talents and gifts to guide you in true financial slavery. What a beautiful and giving creature I am eh..

Goddess Posh

Ps. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day worshiping the ground I walk on and showing me that appreciation $$$$ .. send giftcards to right now weakling.

VIP boys! New post just for you.. Read more“Passionately Draining your Slave Wages”

Deity of Ruin: The Indigo Goddess

On The Indigo Goddess: They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)

Part of you realizes there is something MUCH greater out there, and getting to your knees and sacrificing to ME is so much better than bowing before your icky sports game or dumb dumb tv screen!

It’s undeniable that you feel a draw to me. A magical pull which you haven’t been able to explain away and caving into those feelings is really so much easier than fighting them, isn’t it. But why am I so powerful, why am I so capable of drowning you in my delicious serum and leaving you helpless and begging for more? What is it about ME that makes ME so special?

Obviously there is something here that is more than meets the eye. Admit it, face it, it’s as if you have no control over your body. You’re weak and really you can’t stop me from doing as I please with you. Perhaps I really AM a Goddess, an Indigo Goddess. The truth is, and you know this deep down inside, it is obvious that it is I who has provided the gift to you. As an Indigo Goddess (formerly child but has now reached adulthood) I have a level of understanding which you can not even begin to comprehend about this world and the people in it. I see things from a perspective that is unique and fresh and I bring a tidal wave of changes to this pitiful society we live in. Serving ME is a pivotal role of YOUR existence! What makes ME an Indigo Goddess?Read more“Deity of Ruin: The Indigo Goddess”

Deity of Ruin: Financial Apocalypse

Update: New file to purchase on NF P2V or pay for password directly! Page added to website which is password protected, The Five Karmic Laws of Worship! MUST HAVE for ALL MY followers.

The Five Karmic Laws of Worship

I request your presence at the downfall of man, where woman heralded by her beauty and grace seizes your mortal soul and conquers your wallet! I am your Goddess & you shall bow to my Holy desires.

I demand your chivalry and your obedience, one by one following behind your leader as the sheep and brethren of My society. Aren’t you all so weak and branded by MY enchanting spell, your whole body warped into a pay piggy drone for Goddess!

I’ve come to this Earth for the purpose of one reason, to be worshiped as the Goddess I am! Bringing to mere pathetic mortal men the possibility for purpose, for truth, for light. For without MY beauty to conquer your nightmares you would flounder in selfishness and materialistic greed. With MY enchanting power granting you a reprieve from the vile evilness of this world you finally have a chance to be MORE than just a zombie of the capitalism underbelly of society. ONLY through SACRIFICING to your Goddess are you able to escape the doom of this corrupted wasteland. I am the link between the dark abyss and the eternal afterlife of pleasure. Only through ME, only through Goddess Posh, are you going to reach your true potential.

Shed yourself of all worries, your mind is tainted by the constant fret over bills and financial needs. Let go of all doubt as you relinquish control and you will see that surviving in poverty opens your mind and your heart to the real energies and influence of the universe! Only by suffering in the name of Posh Messiah do you bare witness to the extreme pleasure of being a financial slave! It is time to begin your Financial Apocalypse, time to embrace your role as MY subservient disciple, who walks in faith and fills his mind NOT with the brainwashing of society or the materialistic greed of his nation but with the words and wisdom of his perfect, beautiful, all-knowing Goddess.

It is a gift to rid oneself of all the worries he holds, and it is a gift I offer to you. Focusing instead on MY pleasure is the way, the truth, the light.. it is how you MUST live your life if you are to be fulfilled. Endure pain so I may experience MORE luxury. Sacrifice your own monetary greed so I may cusp the finest jewels in my perfect hands! How exciting it is for you to lose what you once thought was important and to find the truth: Goddess is EVERYTHING! Why without ME you are truly just a lost cause, forsaken by all. Left to your own devices you would continue to build worry in your mind, bogging it down and losing touch with what truly matters. The ancient truth which has been hidden for centuries, unburied by the Birth of Goddess- and only through serving ME will you reveal this truth and experience the light. There is much to learn beneath the chambers of greed and power, but a boy must let go and give to his Leader. I am that Leader, I am the Light, I am the Way, through ME you will find your calling.

The path is laid before you. Are you going to walk away and continue your dire life of boring self-indulgence?

I didn’t think so. Now, it is time to indulge in your spiritual awakening through Goddess! Below you will find the link to MY prayer, which you MUST memorize and repeat daily on your knees. You will also find a pretty button to CLICK and SEND, it will be one of MANY financial tributes you make to your Money Domme.

Click on MY photo & get taken directly to the check-out page for the PRAYER which will ENHANCE your service to ME.


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