Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE



The Season of the Siren NOVEMBER FILM is HERE!!!!


Honey Sweet Codeine Beats

Take a bite of this Poshy treat
I’ll be bringing you deep to sleep with my codeine beats
like a piece of meat you’ll be used and abused for the pleasure I seek
every bite gets a bit more sweet
every bite takes you just a little more deep


Fill your mind with my beautiful hypnotic songs, the sweet surrender you experience will leave you feeling like a dizzy dizzy dumdum for me and I know all you’ll want to do is have another taste of heaven.

The mindwash mix is available on clips4sale & niteflirt!

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After you listen to the mindwash mix over and over with your headphones on you’ll realize that as you have been devouring my sweet honey treats, I have been devouring your will, your self-control, and your wallet. Mmmmm!

For me all year is like Christmas because I am always receiving gifts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t expect MORE at Christmas time! Of course I do and I also expect you to mindlessly supply all of the gifts I’ll be handing out to my family and friends. What a privilege for you to be of such use to me. My little wallet mueller knows this all to well as he has become more than just my wallet, he is now my cuckolded bitch! He is no longer allowed to even partake in viewing my films, because he is such a dirty old man for my perfect curves! He isn’t allowed to get a taste of his candy until after he satisfies ME with supplying money and gifts to MY lover, a real man and the only man who is allowed to enjoy the feeling of my creamy flesh pressed against his.

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oooh teddy bears are so sexxxy

Nerdling is so desperate to cum all the time, I always think of new ways for him to do so which will humiliate him after a few days of building it up. hahaha..

This time he’s going to buy a teddy bear, put a hole between it’s legs and sew a sock in there. He’s going to have his very own teddy to fuck. Of course, he’s sending me my own teddy bear for Valentines day and it will be virgin.

My chastity slaves know if they beg to cum too often I’ll eventually take it out on them by making them humiliate themselves while doing so. If you can’t control your cock and balls then I’ll make you feel like shit for it.

I still have room for a cuck boy to join Me. I’ve not been approached by one yet. It’s available. I know you’re out there wanking to the thought so get off your ass and start serving Me & my lover.

Goddess Posh

*Listening to Tracy Chapman Fast Car*

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