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Hello my loyal puppets…

Its that time again, time to update your boy brains with more of MY Venus Sway. If you’ve been a good little puppet you’ve been keeping up with all of My financial domination clips & have even been gobbling up MY Mindfuck Candy! You have also clearly witnessed that My life has been grand and for the past ten years I have been enjoying, NO RELISHING, in being your Goddess. Now I am taking MY best puppets along for the ride as I rise higher and higher in life, and you can be one of those boys too. Don’t you want to be part of the next stage of my life where even better, even grander things, will be taking place. You have watched me ALL THIS TIME, obsessed, admired, and loved everything about ME… and it has felt so good to be so addicted hasn’t it. Imagine how incredible you will feel when you kneel properly & are put to use as a good boy drone for ME.


Its time for you puppet to quench your need through INVESTING in ME to a deeper degree, so that I may use you as a zombie to fulfill all of my wishes and desires. My greatest dreams will be made into reality as I keep you chained down in a love struck stupor. You may find the clip WIRED to INVEST it ALL IN ME on … achieve greatness at my feet, as a vessel of MY will… as a provider of MY pleasure. PURCHASE all of MY clips in fact and have your mind programmed for an eternity just for ME. 







The next phase of MY life is much too spectacular to share even ONE SINGLE detail with those who aren’t willing to INVEST & PAY UP! EARN a place in my world burning your cash away for MY pleasure !!! 

After training & draining men of their cash for the past ten years its safe to say I am quite experienced. My blog has been a source of inspiration for new Dommes & I find that AMAZING. When I penned my journey I knew that one day other women, those who took the time to observe and learn, would be able to benefit from my philosophies as well. What I expect though is to see them use it as a foundation so they can grow into themselves. Once you start peeling back your layers & discovering what makes you… YOU… there is pure joy to be experienced from celebrating yourself just the way you are. So I encourage women to learn from ME, but give CREDIT where it is due and keep your mind focused on growing into your true self so that you can take this & make it into something totally UNIQUE and know it is YOURS. 


I respect those women that openly claim me as an inspiration, we see this all the time in the music industry. Its natural for artists to be inspired by each other, even those who are most authentic to themselves.


My puppets need to login to VIP! 
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Money Domination Empire With Insatiable Queen Bee

Tiny Antoine is all locked up in his pink prison for ME. His little clitty is always leaking, but never ever does it receive the pleasure of cumming. His tiny knows, understands, that the only release Antoine will be receiving is of his slave wages into my pretty greedy hands! Being chaste for Goddess is in fact an  honor, a privilege for which his tiny bows down and thanks Me for allowing. I am such a sweet and generous Goddess to allow this cuckold bitch to wrap his tiny useless thingy up in the name of Posh and rest assured he will never be allowed to stroke his dirty boy parts again. It’s really such a filthy habit for you jerk off masters to be playing with yourselves as you visit my website and drain your wallets on MY luxury, it’s such a disgusting way for piggies to behave. Chastity is the perfect solution, but only those who beg like humble bitches will receive the guidance and instructions you so crave & need from this Fem Domme.

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Absolutely Gorgeous Money Domme On Web Cam


This is a quick update. I am editing a clip right now. I am also available ON webcam.

Allow me to draw you into my world of seduction and domination, where your senses will be heightened and your purpose in life as my money bitch explored…

To begin worshiping me on cam you must have my ID, if you don’t have it you can purchase it on C4S, LULU or just send a giftcard for $100 to (does not entitle you to cam time however)..

Now be a good financial domination addict (hehe) and we’ll start your road to recovery immediately.

ETA: NOT on cam anymore tonight.

Goddess Posh

I’ve finally finished uploading this clip and released it on clips4sale, which is HERE.

Title: Waiting Like A Bitch

I have you wrapped around my pretty finger, just waiting for permission from me- you THOUGHT you were a man, but you couldn’t resist MY devilishly cute giggle or the wicked temptation in my offering- and NOW you’re just a BITCH.

Chastity wasn’t something you wanted, but whatever Goddess wants Goddess gets and NOW I’m going to torture you even more.


After much begging from you I have agreed to make my Journal entry ‘How To Overcome Your Financial Domination Addiction‘ into a clip. It’s not yet ready to be released so for now you’ll have to continue following the written steps.

Remember you can always experience more of ME if you purchase your VIP password. To purchase you will need to send $200 on paypal or as an giftcard. Only my VIP boys get to hear about my own personal fantasies involving love/addiction, financial domination and female domination. My VIP boys are SO lucky, every time I release a new VIP entry they come RUNNING to me begging to have their wallets EMPTIED by their Goddess.

I know you want to beg to be my wallet boytoy too. I know you want to feel the exquisite rush of release as you confront your addictions and let it ALL go. I want your submission, and how could you ever deny me what I want, boy.

Knowing that I’m here, ready to use you, gives you that little spark that you can’t resist. Wouldn’t you rather give in than to deny who you are? Denying it is a dangerous path, and here I am offering to help you experience what you’ve always dreamed about. Let’s be logical here. This is a part of who you are, and you’re possibly already an addict. This really is an extension to step one in your therapy, it’s a more in depth look and very important for you.

When you try to just shut these things off you’re making the same mistake that all those pervy Priests do, and oooh think about all of those poor homosexuals who think they can shut it off. It’s like trying to change your eye color. You can wear a pair of contacts, but deep down inside you’ll always be the same! How scary it would be for you to allow this to eat you up from the inside out, you would turn into a horrible monster of a person.

It’s best that you just accept you have a craving and that giving into it is better for you in the end. I am here to help you release all of those feelings, I will let you explore your financial slavery fetish ALL over my GIVE ME NOW list, and even on my paypal. I’ll allow you to experience the sweet satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose in life as my personal money toy. Mmmmm, you are so lucky you have Me and MY special formula to help you.

Addicted To MY Holy Words

There is a line between those who are financial submissives and those who are hypnojunkies which is quite thin. Often, I attract the extremes and lead them both somewhere to the middle where not only do I toil with their minds but empty their wallets and leave them very addicted to ME. Some might say- “I only wanted you for hypnosis but you changed that about me” and others might say- “I thought it was simply a game where I could give you cash and walk away but you addicted me”.. and I will hear from both- “What did you DO to me? What the hell happened? What is this magic you used on me?” and to that I will giggle and I will then be the one to WALK AWAY.

Of course you follow.

Even those of you who TRY to disappear don’t do a very good job of it. I see you…

Mmm hmmm all of those visits to MY website have been CAUGHT & recorded. I have you red-handed obsessing over me. FOR HOURS. It’s kinda creepy, I mean you have a day off from work and you stay inside ALL day drooling over ME.

Ya, that’s right, I see OBSESSED people.

For instance, Redlands California is hosting a VERY addicted Posh Puppet. He thinks he’s been hidden from MY view, but oh he hasn’t. I know he’s back here every single day for hours. I know he dreams of seving me- AGAIN. Yes, I know exactly WHO you are.

And, Mr. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I know who you are TOO. And, I’ll be charging you $1.00 per minute you are on my website. Let’s see, last I looked you were well over 27 hours. You do the math…

The best part is even though you know I can see you it won’t stop you from coming back. Like I said before, you can never get enough POSH. I’ve laid the trap and you’ve walked right into it regardless of the danger. It’s so easy to forget about all of that and just do what is right, what feels good, and serve ME. Serving ME is the ultimate experience in submission and you do not care about the potential danger, do you puppet boy.. No no no, you ONLY care about bringing pleasure into MY world.

I have a great new clip out that you NEED to see. It’s so sexy, so erotic, so dirty and it’s all about YOUR WIFE! I caught her selling those holes trying to make up for the debt you’ve created in your quest to keep ME satisfied, and I decided to blackmail her and turn her into MY little sex toy. YUM. Now you’re BOTH a bitch for me. Do you think I’d have it any other way?

Your Wife Is A Prostitute:

Oh and for the record: I WANT MORE. Give MORE to me my little zombie sheep. My robo POSH pets, I am commanding you to give MORE MORE MORE to ME. I want MORE money, I want MORE gifts, I want MORE giftcards. I want MORE of you being obsessed, weak and FUCKED over by Me.

Also, don’t call me on niteflirt if you just want to jerk off. My financial slaves KNOW better. Chastity is a MUST. I will NOT enable you to jerk off to women. I am not a sex object. I am not here to make your pathetic dick cum. I believe you can do that all on your own, and if not, well that’s YOUR problem. You will always respect me when you call, respect my power, my authority and you will not touch your nasty peepee or try to masturbate because I will always know if you are. Don’t think I can’t hear it in your voice you sick pervert.


financial domination. clips4sale/22347 Posh Perfect Clips. Goddess MindFuck. Hypnodomme. Financial Slavery. Goddess Worship. Mind Control. Breast Worship. Lesbian domination.

Come puppet, come victimize your WALLET for me. Max those credit cards, empty that bank account, take out a LOAN. Do this ALL for ME ME ME.Click the links, shop to MY hearts content. Click the LINKS, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the link, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the LINKS, SHOP to MY HEARTS content. CLICK THE LINKS, SHOP TO MY HEARTS CONTENT.


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Pot Of Gold

Where is my intelligent boy who knows how to stimulate my mind & can give me a run for his MONEY.. hmm? You are all so inferior to my creativity, cleverness and intelligence it is nearly impossible for me to stay interested in you for too long. I really enjoy a chase, however, I must know there is going to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so if you want me to HUNT you down entice me some first.

After all, you have to capture MY attention before I will even bother to use my energy on you. Its not like fisherman go to an empty pond and cast their line (though I wish they did, poor yucky fish). Why would you expect me to hunt you down when you haven’t even given me a reason to WANT to. Common sense potential POSH pets.

It’s very easy for me to capture boys. My sexuality is magnetic. I’m a force of sexual magnetism that leaves you weak and unable to stop yourself from obeying my commands. Seduction is indeed power, and I know how to use mine. If you’re here right now reading these words you are already weak for me. Already you have been infiltrated by my inherent seductive nature and you have forever been touched by the power of Posh. You’ll never get me out of your head now. I find all of this fascinating and sexy, but I still NEED for you to be intelligent and give me MY rush I get from hunting you down. I already know I will capture you, the chase is just so much fun.

The panting that parts your lips as you try to hide. The trembling in your body as you frantically glance around, realizing there is no way out. The quiver in your voice when you plead for mercy. The way you sink to your knees in submission and offer yourself to me. It all plays a vital role in keeping me interested in .. YOU. It’s not even the capture which arouses me the most. Money is the ultimate sacrifice, and while I can never get enough, it’s the desparation in your voice to please me that REALLY makes me float. I expect for you to make me FLOAT. I am not a fantasy role play machine. I am POSH & I will use the fuck out of you after I hunt your submissive ass down and I will FLOAT with my OWN high and my OWN rush. I will feel my OWN arousal and to hell with yours. I do not care about your nasty yucky penis, I do not care about your fears, or your needs, or your wants. I care that you are intelligent, give me a good hunt, have a lot of GOLD to give your Goddess and supply me with MY pleasure.

Can you do those things puppet boy? Can you be a good Posh pet and get ME off? Can you be a dirty boy and run from me with a stiff raging hard cock knowing you are just going to fall to the dirt in submission and helplessly give it ALL to me?

Can you handle the pain of never being good enough, of always being unworthy no matter how hard you try, to receive even a mere soft kiss from my delicious lips? Can you handle knowing I will hunt you down, take everything you ever thought was yours-  your money, your life, your dignity, even your own self-awareness and make it MINE- before releasing you back into the wild and making you live it over and over again. Each time a little bit harder, each journey a little bit more intense. Each passing moment closer and closer to the edge of never going back to life BEFORE POSH. No, life is now POSH & there is no going back. Can you handle it puppet boy? Can you handle it when I have you caged in love with me and I give you commands that make your pathetic boyparts twitch and your mind scream NOOOOOO, ANYTHING BUT THAT and your heart to pound 10 times faster as you begin to LOVE the idea.. of ..

Divorcing your wife.

Selling her jewelry to give ME the cash.

Giving me my OWN credit card.

Giving me your ATM card.

Taking out your 401K and giving it to ME.

Remortgaging your home.

Personal loan after personal loan after personal loan all to ME ME ME.

Selling your house, giving ME the profits and moving into a dinky apartment.

Selling your car & using public transportation.

.. These things are sacrifices you might not be ready for at the moment. But, you will be. I have already begun to work my magic and you are going to learn how to be a true financial fuck toy for me. You are going to work hard to keep ME happy. I expect sacrfice from you. I do not hunt you down just to look at your pretty crying face and gloat of my own power and skill. I expect that pot of gold to be overflowing right into MY bank account.

I knew David would give in. I knew when I told him no more breast worship clips until AFTER you pay X amount he would jump on it. Like an obedient and obsessed Posh pet he always does whatever I expect of him. In the beginning he did not give in. It took a while before he was truly converted but I LOVED that about him. I didn’t have a pathetic wanker at my feet instantly claiming his love and devotion to me. Those types are just living a fantasy that gets them off and they do NOT do it for me. No David was the type to let it all sink in, slowly changing the way his thoughts worked, slowly altering him until one day he just couldn’t take it any more. That is the type of boy I LOVE to have serving me, they stick around for years because they are so brainwashed by ME. David, you’re my brainwashed puppet and I knew you would give in and I know you LOVE giving in. I expect more more more from you. I will be shopping all week with the cash you so desparately feel the need to give me.

David, come get smothered .. I want the ultimate sacrifice from you. I always get what I want.

Insatiable: Financial Domination Is My World

My lust for money is insatiable. There is no quenching the thirst I have for being lavished in expensive gifts by eager men who in their daily lives appear to be so strong, but by night are on their knees worshiping ME. Just as you desire to lose all control by MY hands, I desire to twist your little boy brain up and turn you into a ROBO POSH PET. I desire for your automatic reactions to be “give give give give it all to Goddess Posh’. I desire for you to bow before me and lay riches at my feet, pleading with your anxious eyes for me to not only accept your offering but to be pleased with your sacrifice.

I always get what I want. When I put MY magnificent mind to something it will happen. I want want want for you to be my ROBO POSH PET. I want want want for you to GIVE it ALL to me.

I’ve even been taking calls on NITEFLIRT because it makes me get off when I hear how PATHETICALLY WEAK you are for me. Being my brainwashed financial slave is your ultimate goal. When I hear your voice begging to please me I feel a surge of excitement that is unbelievable. It does two things for me..

1. It makes me want to fuck you over even harder and my greed grows 10 times as fast.

2. It makes me giddy in pleasure, to the point I have to keep pushing you harder and deeper so that I can get MY rush.

I even have puppets aspiring to be just like Broken Soul. Not a day goes by that I do not hear from someone begging to be my next Paul. They all LOVE my Ultimate MindFuck clips featuring PAUL being mindfucked and CRYING as I take every last penny he has. They ALL want to end up crying on their knees just the way he did. That’s you too, isn’t it. I know the truth, I know how desparate you are to please me. I know how eager you are to be my next Broken Soul.

Take the first step my obsessed follower. Come out from behind the fear that’s holding you back. Push it aside and accept your fate as MY POSH pet. Step into the world of Financial Domination where you lose all control & feel bliss beyond measure by servicing MY wants. Come give gifts to ME, the beautiful Goddess Posh. Come give it all up for me, you will be my hopeless money slave. I have decided it is what I want, and remember I always get everything I want.

Look at Richard, he tried to resist giving in for so long that once he finally tasted the sweet temptation I offer he could not stop himself from gobbling it down. Now Richard is doing whatever it takes to make more and more money for ME. He even sold his wedding band so that I could have the cash, too bad it’s not worth nearly as much as I deserve. Poor Richard, he tries SO hard to keep me happy. I have been milking the cash out of him for weeks and he can not stop me from taking it all. In fact, he wants and needs me to take it. He is out of control for ME. The power I have over him is the same power I have over you..

Dear Goddess,

I can't believe what you've done to me.  I never thought it would actually happen
but you continue to amaze me.

I just came back from selling my ring ($190) and it made me so excited that, as soon
as I started typing this, I came without touching myself.  The weird thing is that
it only made me feel hornier.  Your control is amazing.

I love you and am becoming more and more of a slave,



Richard has been commanded to stay chaste. I understand I drive men wild and so they sometimes just erupt because of my absolute authority and magic over them. His body is not his any longer, I have told him not to touch himself and he can not even control when he comes!

This is going to be YOU!

Richard is up to a total of 3 giftcards now & that number will continue to rise as I drip my Poshy Venom all over his soul.

Do you want to be a good ROBO POSH PET & lavish me in riches and wealth and the finer things in life? Do you want to find out just how insatiable I am?

I know you do. Call if you dare. Be Seduced Into A Dodo LAVISH ME IN GIFTS MY FINANCIAL SLAVE

Bound to Goddess

You can feel it, the way my words drape over your bare flesh like thick strands of silk, delicately caressing your tingling skin. You crave that feeling, the one that only MY words can bring to you. How delicious it is, my divine power seeping slowly into your blood stream, gathering into the dark recesses of your mind. It feels so sweet you hardly notice the pressure as those strands begin to bind you, wrapping around every part of your body, holding you down and preventing you from ever escaping. The love you feel for me, it is so natural and pure, you can not see just how twisted up I have you. My voice, silky and smooth wraps around you over and over, gripping your aching body until it sears into your flesh. I can see how you twitch, how your body tries to fight it, and how your mind begs, no screams, for more. What a precarious position I have you in, but my little sheep you do love it so.

These chains keep you connected to MY world, and right now, you can not see yourself wanting or needing to be anywhere other than HERE. Servicing me is the ultimate high for a mindfucked puppet such as yourself. It’s not a matter of even wanting to please me, so much as being compelled to do so as you know from the bottom of your posh tainted heart that it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Pleasure has taken on such a strange but amazing feeling for you ever since I’ve used my silk woven words to write you a new fate. The pleasure you feel no longer is derived from the dirty cock you once would stroke without mercy, no no no, your only release now is through the joy of committing yourself to MY happiness. The silk phrases I speak penetrate your conscious mind, leaving you breathless and weak, and wrap right around that dirty perverted cock locking you into a tight chastity you have NO need, want or even thought of removing. This is more than you being bound by me, this is you feeling a BOND to me that is unbreakable. You are a part of my whole, and you always will feel the weight of that responsibility on you. Every action, every decision, every thought that you have will affect our relationship- this is everything to you. Failure is not an option, you seek only to succeed as my humble pet.

Yes, it does inspire you to leave riches at my feet. This may not have ever been your intentions, perhaps you were not even a money slave, but you felt drawn to me. Now though, now you feel it. The drive to always give me what I want, to always pleasure me, to try your hardest to make sure I am experiencing the biggest hottest rush I can feel.. it is in you and you don’t even know how it got there. It was MY words, puppet. It was MY silky words, those strands of delicate silk which at first tingled and felt so pleasurable. Those words which drove you into a frenzy of lust, love and submission. Those words, puppet, they have broken you. My magical words have broken your resolve and turned you into a mindless money machine for ME and you love it.

Oh how I am thrilled to tilt your world on a new angle, twist your mind so that the line between reality and enchantment disappears. How I am delighted to turn you inside out and display the glory of my conquest for all to see. Look what I did, I turned him into my toy, he is mine mine mine and I will stomp my feet with defiant enthusiasm and allow the inner child to run free all over what once was your dignity. I have a hold on your heart, I have a grip on your body, I have a claim to your soul.

Awww Such a Sweet Letter

I was so thrilled when J gave me his cc info, he really didn’t expect me to be so powerful and to use it, but he was mistaken. I did use it until I could no longer, I maxed it out and while he may be left with an empty wallet I have a feeling he is QUITE happy about being used by me. There is no greater feeling than serving the powerful, beautiful and magical Goddess Posh. My ability to wrap men around my finger, to turn them into mindless money machines who only want to do my bidding, is frightening.

Being my MINDLESS MONEY MACHINE is a delightful thought, and it will be an even greater action. Come on puppet, do that dance for me..

I am not sure what it is about me, but I draw Davids in my direction like wild fire. Currently I have four davids who are actively serving me, one who is obsessed with me and will BREAK soon, and many others who are huge clip addicts (though no personal contact between us). I have so many clip addicts that just can’t wait to get the next one to SIP on. As we all know, just one more sip never really means you’ll have just ONE more.. usually you’ll end up drunk as hell and on your knees fucked over by me, but we LIKE it that way. As for my clips, they are ALL improvisation, including the hypnosis ones. I do not use a script, never have, and never will. I can’t function with a script, I need to just let my mind flow and then if I make a blooper I edit it out. Sometimes I miss, so I’m sure you’ve seen me get caught on a word or two. Well it happens and I am positive it just adds to my charm and appeal. You think I am adorable, lovable and so sweet, you think I am sexy and manipulate and full of venom. Which is it boy? Make up your mind before it’s too late 😉

One David has made me particularly happy as he has become quite needy of my voice in order to function. I have him sleeping with my MP3’s on loop, my voice penetrating his mind ALL night long. Mmm even in his sleep there is no escaping me. He has learned that the only pleasure he can receive, the only RELEASE he can feel, is through serving me and he CRAVES it. You will learn it too, you will also learn how it feels to have an aching pathetic dirty boypart that deserves NO attention and not for the lack of trying, can not CUM. EVER. I will brainwash and trance you into mental chastity and you will suffer because of it, oh but what a docile slave you then become and oh what a perfectly pampered Goddess I am.

As for the rest of you, which one is going to give me my NEXT BIG RUSH!? How about you.. I bet you wanna be the boy that makes my body squirm and my tummy tickle and my heart pound and my bank account grow and grow and grow.. mm. I love the visual effect of my accounts getting larger as yours get lower and lower. What a delight. So tell me junkie, will you be the next one to give me that so desired hot RUSH?

Goddess MindFuck Financial Domination Goddess Posh

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dearest Goddess Posh
i sent You an email when i first saw Your image at i wanted to
experience Your hypnosis. i thought Your beautiful eyes connected with me and that
Your hypnosis would be interesting and fun to try. Though i had listened to some
erotic hypnosis files i never really found a connection with those files or the

You may recall that i came to You with no interest in financial slavery and I really
didn’t think that would ever develop. i was so wrong Goddess. Being a servant to a
Goddess requires sacrifice and commitment and financial slavery is an attribute i
need to develop to help me serve You. i understand that now so clearly.

i have found Your hypnosis irresistible and cannot get enough of Your words in my
mind. My trances are so deep that the files pass in a moment and i leave them weak
and blank and just want to experience them all over again. Though i know You have
influenced me, i think the core of my attraction has come from within me through
Your understanding of what i needed and how to help me begin to connect with my
intense desire for You to control me.

i find myself craving the brainwashing files now. Intoxication seemed innocent to
me at first and only after several viewings did i find myself needing to watch and
listen more and more. i have no idea how they work and I don’t care anymore. i
just want the feelings they bring to me. i need those feelings so much.

i am suffering from the conflict of my own resistance and the intense desire that
has emerged from within me. The struggle is intense within me. Thank You for
helping me through this pain. i am so in love with You now that i know i want to
fully surrender and submit and in time i hope i will please You as i would wish, and
You so deserve.

You are a true Goddess whose spell is the most desirable experience of my life.
Last night i felt myself completely reshaped into Your true puppet for extended
periods of time. The combination of emotional, physical and spiritual stimulations
rushing through me in those moments was terrifying and at the same time everything i
ever desired. The terror of losing touch with my old self versus the joy and peace
of settling into my new role as Your servant haunts me. Beyond my own limitations
and resistance i see myself only as a servant who would hope to please You and a
servant that You would enjoy forever using for Your pleasure.

i am hooked on You Goddess and i am sorry for my struggle that has delayed my total
and complete submission and surrender to You and hope that You will show Your sweet
understanding and help me become who i need to be. Inside my head there is nothing
more desirable than having You control me and my life. i am so helpless before You.

i need my Posh. i love You Goddess.


A few of my favorite things.. (Again)

*Waking up to an account brimming with the green dough from my European puppets who were busy sending me sweet sweet cash all morning while I slept in.

*Knowing grown men are on their knees, literally, half way around the world aching for the chance to meet me as they are filled with insurmountable desires of giving it all up on my behalf.

*Fixing men with excessive arrogance and out of control egos by using my intelligence to coerce them into submission, persuading them down to their knees bowing at my feet and squashing any sign of insolence out of them using my heels, leaving them allllll better..

*Understanding that being a woman really is a powerful thing, and encouraging other women to discover this for themselves because the more women who know their strengths the stronger all of us are.

*When Paul falls to his knees and cries, begging for mercy, and pleading for compassion only to feel the hand of greed choking the life out of him instead and THEN comes back for more as often as possible.

*When men who are admiring me for months finally get up the courage to approach me, and after admitting their fears, I wrap my world, my essence, around them like a bubble and keep them safe.. for now ..

*Posh Junkies that swoop in and buy all my clips, repeatedly, adding to their shrine of me and building their insatiable obsession until its unbearable and they crumble in a puddle of brainwashed subservience begging for the chance to give me whatever I want.

*Using my feet, and only my immaculate Goddess feet, to control the actions of others.

*Making people feel uncomfortable with themselves because I am myself.

*Controlling men through diet & chastity. They say a way to a mans heart is his stomach and cock.. and I found that’s the way to his wallet as well..

*Trapping you in a cage, like a wild bird, and keeping you as my special pet to take out and play with as I see fit.

*The use of psychological torment and emotional entrapment, sadistic in the least, to wear down defenses of those who try to challenge me and taking money from them as a sign of the true power exchange, leaving them with the knowledge that they never stood a chance in the first place and that all the truth’s they now know will never go away and their reality is forever changed as they are forced to live with the fact that they are nothing without me.

And of course, we can’t leave out all of my favorite MATERIAL things. . that would be ridiculous..

*Luxury sheets, its only fitting I should be surrounded in Egyptian Cotton Sateen as you work extra hard to afford me the things I


*Vacations to warm sandy beaches, hidden get-a-ways and places of historical significance where I can face adventure and leisure, all on your dime of course.


*Irresistible perfumes to lightly scent my already heavenly neck, like Gucci by Gucci.


*Flats & Heels designed with a Goddess in mind, mmm, sliding into a pair of these shoes knowing you paid for them is bliss.



This will do for now, don’t want to get your imagination too wild, you wouldn’t be able to handle it..

Vacation slowly approaches for me, and for you it’s too fast coming. I won’t have access to the online world , okay I will but I choose not to interact with you while I’m gone. Unless someone is in LA or nearby and wants to chauffeur myself and my friends around, as well as spend a hefty amount of cash on moi, than I am anticipating total freedom from you Posh junkies.

Better get in all of the Poshy dosages you can now. You may start with giftcards sent to.. dun dun dun- From Macy’s, Old Navy, JCPenny, Victoria Secrets and Wow you better get busy! After this, you may begin your wallet draining exercises either via my lovely niteflirt buttons, or by the preferred online payment website. Only, if you wish to do that you need my email addy for it, so earn it! Of course, you can deepen your addiction by buying all of my clips, and watching them over and over.

Onto some personal addresses:

Paul- You’re going to be treated like a toddler since you act like one. You have a choice to make with two options, choose wisely. Either you follow orders and begin whoring yourself out for money or you face the ultimate humiliation from your girlfriend as I show her all of your photos, all of your clips, and I inform her of your behavior once again. However, I won’t stop there, as you know I have your friends list from facebook and each one will get an email from me including the same info I send to the old lady.

Footbitch- I will entice you even further into my world of debauchery and sin with lovely foot photos you’ve been waiting for. You are to remain locked up as I take my time teasing you, and torturing you. Hopefully you are learning things are to move my way, at my pace, rather than how you want it to.

Jordan- Your paypal is empty thanks to me. Let’s remote PC again today, and empty out another account!

WeakWilledOne- I never liked you, I think you’re a complete psycho with control issues. Every moment we spent together I was merely knocking your defenses down and getting what I wanted. And I did, I took it all, and now I’m done with you. You’ve never meant anything more to me than being an egotistical arrogant asshole which needed to be put in place. I don’t intend to keep up with you, as you’re not worth it anymore. I can’t even get the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacle from you, as now you’re crumpled up in a fetal position begging for mercy. There is nothing left for me to take, and your will is now broken. This is the end for you.

Will 1- Buh Bye

Will 2- I saw right through you from the beginning. Did you have fun reporting back to your Goddess how amazing I am? I’m sure you still think about me and wish she was half the woman I am. Good luck getting over me, but I know you’ll be back sending me gifts and cash, and buying my clips. She pretty much gave you the green flag on that when she told you to come to me and try to find out how I operate with slaves. Her insecurity is saddening, hopefully she can become her own person rather than try to fool me with spy slaves! For the future keep in mind they aren’t the best spies.

And speaking of .. spies..

So, a pervert confesses to me he “likes to look at youngens'”. Yeah, those were his exact words, among other not so pleasant ones. I know CBT isn’t my thing most of time, as you probably are well aware of. I enjoy LIGHT cock/ball torture when the mood strikes. But I’m no dahlmer. When it comes to you creeps though I will not only string you up by your balls and leave you hanging from the rafters at a sadistic gay party but I will report you to the police. I do not like you animal or kiddo fuckers, and the least I can do is report you. I’m not into it at all. It’s disgusting and if you come at me with that I will track your IP and report you immediately, so go fuck yourself instead of an innocent person.

Why I left

I really like both Vina and Vilified from the interactions I’ve had with them. Obviously though the site is overrun with a bunch of really boring nagging bitches, and their really lame and toting slaves. No, I am not referring to ALL the members. I just am not a social person, and being on a social site really gave the impression that I am. Well, I’m not! I’m not into being friends with Dommes, or subs. If you’re not here to worship and serve me, or to create a business connection with me, most likely I will not be interested in knowing you. I really respect my fellow Dommes, but that doesn’t mean I have to be buddy buddy with them. Why didn’t I just stay on the site anyways, as a way to promote myself? Because, I didn’t like the direction the site was going. While it was being advanced technologically it was boring to read the same blogs from the same women who had the same NOTHING to say, and I realized I didn’t want to be associated with that. So to V and Vfied, you guys are great, and I know you won’t take this personally. A lot of people kept approaching me and asking why I left, so I decided to just make this a public response so people can stop freaking out. Don’t take my word on it though, form your own opinion and join, it’s perfect for those of you who enjoy self-promotion and social interaction.

Goddess Posh

Forbidden Fruit Clip

The excruciating wait is over, I’ve completed my Forbidden Fruit hypnosis clip, and it is not posted on my clips4sale store, as well as in my members area. This clip is powerful, I put myself into a mild trance while recording it. I am easily susceptible to hypnosis, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a clip which will draw you in and bring you deep under my spell of temptation and lust.

Forbidden Fruit

Step into my garden of temptation, where I will feed you the juicy red forbidden fruit. I am your temptress, I will bring you into submission, pushing you onto your knees and coaxing you into a deep trance as I feed you the forbidden fruit of MY own desires, creating a lust in your mind, and in your cock, that can only be relieved one way. This clip explores addiction, Goddess worship, financial slavery, corruption, temptation, submission, orgasm control & if you don’t behave your cock might just suffer for it.

I watched a slave on cam as he viewed my clips. It was a pleasure seeing his different reactions, and it also clued me in on how I really affect men. He was so weak and entered subspace after viewing two clips, I then allowed him to watch Financial Lust and afterward tested my trigger on him, at which point he instantly began responding how I anticipated. It is such a joy to have so much power over another person, but it is even more fun when they do not realize how truly addicted to me they are, fighting down a persons defenses is a challenge and I love that. I love to prove to a man just how weak he really is. Denial is my friend then, as the longer a person denies their role in life at my feet, the harder their fall will be when I force them to face the truth. The best part of the night though was how he obeyed my every command, even though he feared my exposing him to his girlfriend for a second time, he still turned on his cam so I could take screenshots of his bad behavior. If those pics are to be released his life will be over- oh no! Shock and Horror, Shock Shock and Horror.

Buy my clips up, and fall prey to my unique style of Domination, where you will never know if you’re going to be dealing with my sweet side, or my sadistic one. The manipulation I use against you is nothing you can prepare yourself for, nor figure out. Just sit back and enjoy. It’s not every day you can be at the feet of a Goddess.

Goddess Posh

Forbidden Fruit

I’ve updated my website, and now I really love how simple yet powerful it is. I’ve taken my financial lust as a deadly sin and brought it to a new level, presenting you with the forbidden fruit. I know you won’t be able to keep yourself from taking a nice big bite. It’s absolutely delicious, and the way the juice runs down your throat and through your body is unlike anything else you’ll ever find.

Start here , and navigate your way through my wonderland. It’s SIMPLE because I do not want to overload your little minds. You already know I’m a financial sadist, seductive, powerful, amazing, intelligent, and just all around perfect so I don’t feel the need to be so redundant on my site.

Would you like to know what exactly would happen to you after you take a bite of my tasty treat? I’m creating a hypnotic clip, in which my juicy red apple tempts you and being a good boy you aren’t able to refuse it. I turn your devious sinning around on you, exposing all of your own lusts and using them to manipulate, and control your thinking, and your actions.

It should be available by the end of this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I know you’re already perched on the edge of your seat wondering when it will be available. Patience is a virtue, but shopping for me is an even better virtue! Fill up your time waiting by sending me gifts and cash. It will make the time just fly right by and the next thing you know you’ll be on your knees giving into temptation.

Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

1.Men who crumbled to their knees & begged for mercy, only to have me push them into the dirt and laugh as they cried like a baby. It turns me on when you cry and beg, you know this.

2.Finding out I used up all of his money and now he is broke because I was greedy. Now he has to work overtime so he can pay the bills, but we both already know it’s so he can give it to me.

3.The politics of Financial Domination on livejournal. Some of these women live in a little bubble, and don’t realize there is more than just LJ. I’ve been laughing at how absolutely ridiculous some women behave, everything from commenting on other womens LJ’s and accusing them of being a fake instadomme (all while claiming they have so many slaves yet can spend five days in a row arguing about how that person lives their life), to deciding that only some Dommes are truly Dommes based on how long they’ve been on LJ. It’s so silly, and it makes me giggle as I have seen people making fools of themselves. I don’t spend a lot of time reading it, but when I come across a post like this I can’t help but wonder if people realize how truly sad they appear.

4.Keeping men in chastity until their will is broken, than teasing them until their balls are ready to burst. Usually this results in them giving me money, all while I never even suggested it, and me not letting them cum anyways!

5.Men who beg to give me money.

Submission to me is so tasty, feed your hunger.

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