Financial Domination Sensation


puppets go where I tell them to go

Boys,  CLIPS UP FOR SALE:        You know your mind goes where I tell it to go.  You know your wallet is drained how I desire it to be drained. For instance, poshyfool was allowed to make love with his wife and give HER pleasure and tribute me 1k each time to ...

Persuasions of Love

Boyyyysssss, Come to ME, crawl to ME, you need an Enchantress you see. An enchantress to warp your mind and hold you under HER CONTROL... .and that is exactly what I am going to do with you in my new series Era of the Enchantress. The first clip of the series ...

Become My Bobble Head Boy

While you approach as individuals you all become the same in the end, POSHATIZED, programmed and robotized for me! You may all be different at first, with many overlapping traits, but by the time I am done injecting you with my Venus Sway mind control programming you are nothing more ...

Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE

    The Season of the Siren NOVEMBER FILM is HERE!!!!   Honey Sweet Codeine Beats Take a bite of this Poshy treat I'll be bringing you deep to sleep with my codeine beats like a piece of meat you'll be used and abused for the pleasure I seek every bite gets a bit more sweet every bite takes ...

Mindfuck Melodies Season of the Siren Premiere

Being trapped in the powerful spell of all things Goddess Posh isn't a surprise. You're weak and inferior, and it's bound to happen. So it's no shock that you're incapable of stopping yourself from traveling deeper on your journey into helpless emotional and financial enslavement for Me! Mindfuck Melodies may be ...

The Premiere of Lullaby in Lust is TODAY!!!

Ooooh yay my Season of the Siren addicts... the next phase in your little journey is ready and waiting to pull you under. Of course you won't resist the sway of my vixen voice or my sensual curves, it's too much feminine power for any man to withstand so you ...

Season of the Siren Serenade Haze Premiere

Today is the PREMIERE of the new Femme Fatale film series Season of the Siren!!! The first film from the series is called Serenade Haze and I know you puppets have been waiting for it anxiously.. you want to be put in a daze for days in a daze for ...

Toying With My Boys

NOW AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE AND NITEFLIRT A Seductive Slide Into Addiction You're weak. Weak for things like my blue eyes which you crave to drown in. You're weak for things like the luscious full cleavage I so generously seduce you into helplessness with. You are weak for MY golden GODDESS voice ...

Financial Domination Mindfuck Clip Updates

I've updated VIP radio to include a "Vintage" Posh hour! It includes the audio from some of my earliest clips including The Ultimate Mindfuck. Even Robotoine did not have a copy of those clips, surprisingly because he asked me, 'who is Paul?'.. kinda odd since he has been serving me ...
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  • My true pets know to go deeper requires financial sacrifice for Goddess. Subscribe to The Venus Sway to sinkkkkkkk deep for me, puppet
  • Era of the Enchantress premieres today!! It will be available on Niteflirt and 
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  • It's time boys.  Era of the Enchantress is here. Available in my Niteflirt store today.
  • Down below Me 
Suffer for Me. 
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  • Mindfuck Candy collector cards are a great way to deepen your obsession!! #hypnodomme #findom #financialdomination
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