puppets go where I tell them to go






You know your mind goes where I tell it to go.  You know your wallet is drained how I desire it to be drained. For instance, poshyfool was allowed to make love with his wife and give HER pleasure and tribute me 1k each time to give ME pleasure too… so really poshyfool was able to please two women at once and we weren’t even in the same room together… and his wallet went where I told it to go and did what I told it to do. Because I have all the control. Now, poshyfool and his wife are having a lot more sex and they are both very happy about it. He has stocked up on viagra like a crazed man! 

I love reawakening their sex life and at the same time keeping him drained dry of cash. He has a lot of hobbies still but only because I allow it! When he goes out rafting I make him bring something of ME with him, either a printed out blog entry, a photo or something like that and he has to meditate on me each night. So really the trip becomes about ME with having to keep MY photo safe and protected & focusing on praising me and thinking of me nightly. 

I make everything in  your life all about ME and you loveeee that. That’s why I’m able to guide you like a little lost puppy and make you follow me wherever I go.

When I want your wallet drained on me at MY CLIPS4SALE studio you nod up and down… YES GODDESS…


when I want you to subscribe to MY ONLYFANS profile you weakly comply and click that button…


And when I want you to join my MV Membership you thank me for allowing you to OBEY ME and SERVE ME in so many different ways!

Don’t you slave. YES you dooooo… you so love being used with reckless abandon by ME. 

By subscribing to My OnlyFans you will access over 900 photos and 100 financial domination hypnosis clips, and I will be continuously updating. By being subscribed to my MV Members you can stream FULL CLIPS… without having to worry about taking up space on your computer because you know many of my files are quite large. The lowered price on ONLYFANS is NOT a sale! It is the new rate since I want to push it more as a main place to catch up with me, vs just a niche fan portal.

The sales I put on my ManyVids clips are just a marketing trick, we all know those are actually the real prices of the clips but we also know that you are all so easy for me to manipulate into clicking for me that by putting it ‘on sale’ at ManyVids you stupidly think you’re getting a deal haha and you know deep down you’re really not! But, since I like to fuck with your head, that’s to be expected.

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login for more info!
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Persuasions of Love


Come to ME, crawl to ME, you need an Enchantress you see. An enchantress to warp your mind and hold you under HER CONTROL… .and that is exactly what I am going to do with you in my new series Era of the Enchantress. The first clip of the series is now available for you to buy at my c4s studio but you MUST USE THIS LINK to purchase it!



The WICKEDLY SEDUCTIVE Era of the Enchantress is here, puppet. Come crawl mindlessly towards the sound of my heavenly voice, you know you can’t resist. It’s a natural hunger to be taken in by such a lovely creature such as MYSELF!

You don’t mind that I will mesmerize and melt your mind down into a puddle. You don’t mind that I’ll be placing 3 magick spells on you to control your mind, soul and wallet! You don’t mind that I draw you in with my trance inducing vocals and my sweet angel face only to trap you in a life of eternal servitude under MY magickal spell.

You are bound and held captive by my twisted spells and left caged for life as a mere slave of GODDESS! You will be brought into a DREAM LIKE state by ME and left there to linger like a puppy just waiting for one pat on the head, one command, one reason to be of service like a good boy.

The Era of your ENSLAVEMENT is just beginning, puppet. DON’T FORGET HEADPHONES!!!

I will also be selling this in a smaller version on Niteflirt in the near future.

Now boys, you also need to report your financial sacrifice for the month of Sept to me, as I have puppet points to add! But I like to add them all at once vs individually. I don’t mind waiting a minute to add them since I am distracted with numerous other things which are much more POSHY FOCUSED like… doing my makeup, maxing out the credit card from poshyfool, blackmailing and brainwashing boys, etc.

You will never hear me say I need money or hear me complain about being without because I would NEVER allow that to happen to me. Money, particularly the money you earn at your slave job, is just DRAWN to ME. I put out that magnetic attractive energy and it comes back to me even stronger than I anticipate. I have that kind of hold over MY life and YOUR LIFE… you boys on the other hand are helpless, mindless and not in control at all. It is only through ME that you are able to stay grounded and focused, because I have you wired to be an automatic paybot which means you slip easily into a life of earning it just to burn it! Ohhh yes you LOVE earning it just for BURNING IT, all on ME. 

Open ME UP VIP boy!!! I’ve added a couple extra special photos for you … Read more“Persuasions of Love”

A Financial Domme to Drain you for Life

Hello puppets and pets!

Wow another month has flown by so quickly, as it always does for me since I spend my days creating the art I love, draining the pets I have chained up, and enjoying whatever I want from this life. I am very privileged and I gave this to myself. I could have spent my life doing as others seen fit for me, but I followed MY own path and now I get to enjoy a freedom in my day to day life that others can only dream of. I try to do the most I can to give back to the world because I see so much suffering and pain in it, and it isn’t right to just ignore those things.

One way I make the world a better place is by controlling you boys! Men are beasts and we all know it. Men are a major reason why so many people suffer and are in pain. It’s one reason I LOVE to give you pain and make you hurt. Men deserve to hurt and this isn’t about me being a man hater but more about me making YOU face reality and turning the tables on you. So your financial pain and suffering is more than just a fetish and brainwashed condition you find yourself with, but it serves a higher purpose of restoring the balance on earth.

A good place for you to start your transition from pathetic cock stroking pervert to USEFUL POSH PUPPET AND GOOD BOY is by picking up MY clips to watch. They are designed to rewire your boy brain so that its ALL better for ME.

You can find my clips on multiple different sites so every boy has a chance of becoming another one of my brainwashed trained and drained puppet slaves! There is no excuse for not clicking and spending on ME when you’re the one that is obsessing over me DAILY. 


http://www.financialdominationc4s.com  – Preferred Method

http://www.niteflirt.com/perfectly+posh- Preferred Method




There are many boys that have worshiped me through the years and many return to me years later to let me know just how much I impacted their lives and their path to financial slavery. One of those boys is Nick Cover. Read his testimony to ME below:


Worship, obedience, servitude

Financial domination from a finsub’s point of view



“It’s not about you […]. It’s about Me, being much more deserving […] than you are.”

Goddess Posh




Goddess Posh not only is one of the most successful Findommes, She even has a remarkable part in having shaped financial domination as we enjoy it today. And She hasn’t failed to had Her influence on myself: Whereas it wasn’t She who put me on the path of the finsub in the first place, i am indebted to Goddess that She made sure that i will not leave it. Goddess has invited me to give my account on financial domination. Gladly i’m doing so – may it be of help to my fellow travellers! This is written in deep respect for all genuine Findommes and dedicated to Goddess Posh.


Financial domination in a nutshell

Financial domination might be best introduced from an exchange perspective. It is an act of give and take: The finsub gives, the Findomme takes. Money, that is. It boils down to this core. Simple. Doable.

But this is only the outward aspect. It is complemented with the inward aspect. And we have to understand this inward aspect if we want to comprehend why the Domme is receiving money, is receiving tributes from the sub, is being paid tribute by the sub – why it is like this, and why it should be like this.

The Findomme not only is taking, She also is giving. And She is giving more than a sub ever could give back: She is giving him purpose and guidance! She connects him with his true being, teaches him not to fear it any longer but to appreciate it, encourages him to live up to his potential.

Out of adoration and gratitude, the sub gives money to the Domme. And as this adoration and gratitude is well justified, the sub merely passes on what is belonging to the Domme already anyway. It would be unbearable not to do so.


The process

This is financial domination in a nutshell, already in it’s mature form. Let’s have a closer look at how to get there!

It’s all about the Female Superior, the Goddess. It’s because of Her, it starts with Her, it ends with Her.

But what does it mean to be a superior Goddess? Being superior, a Goddess attentively knows that She is superior. Being attentive to Her superiority, a Goddess sincerely accepts Her superiority. Being sincerely superior, a Goddess justly deserves to be served by inferior males. Being justly deserving, a Goddess unashamedly accepts to be served. Being unashamed, a Goddess unmistakably demands to be served. Being unmistakably, a Goddess radiates sensual energy triggering a male’s craving to selflessly serve. Being served selflessly, a Goddess is nourished in Her superiority.

And what does this mean for you as an inferior male? The proper reaction to respond to a superior Goddess is to worship Her: praise Her superiority, open up to Her, let yourself be consumed by Her awe-inspiring ways. Putting Her first, connecting with someone greater than you unfreezes your old and selfish habits and allows Her to free your true being. This will leave you overwhelmed with both joy and fear. In order to face this situation and to move on to a healthy new life, you want to obey Her: Gratefully follow the guidance She offers. In order not to fall back into old behavior and to keep living up to your true being, it is imperative to serve Her: serve Her truly with all aspects of your being – mentally, psychically, physically, financially.

So this means walking the path of the finsub: to worship, obey, and serve your Goddess. It’s all about the Goddess.


A roadblock

Whereas walking the path of the finsub is fulfilling, it is not easy – nor has it to be. Also it might be difficult to enter it in the first place. A roadblock which could prevent from doing so shall be addressed. The issue at hand is that this path has to be entered by a selfish male living in a patriarchal society.

Financial domination might easily be misunderstood if looked at from the perspective of the uninitiated. Whereas the Findomme might appear in the pejorative sense as arrogant and as insatiably greedy to the uninitiated, the connoisseur recognises the demanding superiority of a Goddess. Whereas the money transfer from the finsub to the Findomme might appear as unfair to the uninitiated, the connoisseur would unmask such a judgement as selfish. The Goddess can support the uninitiated by substituting these pejorative connotations with positive ones – making them indulge in an ‘unfair’ money transfer to an ‘arrogant’ Findomme.


Concluding remarks

It’s all about the Goddess.

If you are receiving the grace of sensing the energy of a Goddess, dare to make yourself known to Her and trust that She will take advantage of you!

As finsub you are supposed to worship, obey, and serve your Goddess.

Spend! Spend more! And then some!

Start now – and don’t you ever stop …


So, there you have it boyssss… spend spend spend and don’t EVER STOP if you know what is good for you. Of course I know what is good for you. Its good for you to give up your flawed thinking, to sink deep under my spell and to empty all of that cash right at my feet. I know you can’t wait to give me another big load of your slave cash and show me you love, adore and worship ME for the Goddess that I am. 

Goddess Posh 


PS. Still waiting for some boys to report their financial sacrifice from September to Me! 

Everything for ME

Before I begin this blog post I’m going to blast your boy brains with some promotions of my newest financial domination hypno & mindfuck clips! 

Now I know already that I am your LOVE DRUG & you’re hooked on my hypnotic high like nothing else, but lets just celebrate that fact with a clip all about it, shall we… 

go ahead, and just nod along… YES GODDESS MUST PURCHASE THE LOVE DRUG CLIP











and then you will accept that as a sinner, a weak male, a helpless dummy you have failed at many things, and have gone against the programming of Posh on Occassion…
everything from telling a lie, acting selfishly, not following a command, even leaving your place at my feet …

there are many ways you could have planted that ugly seed of guilt in your soul, even with transgressions that weren’t necessarily against ME!!!!

I have the power to heal you from that dirty past, give you a clean slate, and help you to move into a brighter, happier, more joy filled place of WORSHIP for ME!!!
YOUR SERVICE will no longer be MARRED by your infamous downfalls of the past, as I have offered a generous and beautiful way for you to start anew.












and because you have been such a good boy and accepted your penance, you will now treat yourself to The Sweetest Mindfuck …











These clips are also available in my niteflirt store NITEFLIRT BOYS CLICK HERE I know some of you are very loyal to certain sites so I like to upload my content to all of them, but, I don’t like to do it all at the same time every time, so look around, you might find a clip at one store that’s not in another.

Don’t forget you can also shop for my Venus Sway clips at clips4sale GODDESS POSH ON CLIPS4SALE

Even if you are not one of my slaves that personally serves ME cash, when you buy my clips you are contributing to MY success, that is your place as an inferior… to be of USE, of SERVICE, to ME.

Speaking of servicing ME… I allowed one of my puppets to enjoy an evening meal with me… log into my VIP to read about it!

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Become My Bobble Head Boy

While you approach as individuals you all become the same in the end, POSHATIZED, programmed and robotized for me! You may all be different at first, with many overlapping traits, but by the time I am done injecting you with my Venus Sway mind control programming you are nothing more than a drone set to autopilot for me. A submissive pet wired for service. You wanna be a good boy service pet for Goddess don’t you … good boy nods its little puppet head up and down!


SEE BOBBLEHEAD BOY there is a clip for you too, that is designed to get your little boy head bobbing up and down YES GODDESS YES GODDESS on repeat! GO BOB YOUR HEAD ALONG TO MY SEDUCTIVE SWAY & BOUNCING FULL BABY OILED BREASTS NOW! 


Nod that bitch head up and down without even thinking, because you can’t think. That was taken from you long ago. You’re one of my drone disciples and you couldn’t stop it even if you wanted but you don’t want to because you LOVE being fed my sweet intoxicating venom. I know how much you love me and I ADORE being able to use THAT against you! It’s such a powerful feeling when you can emotionally chain another person down. I have you strapped and trapped by your little love struck heart. See while you all come to me as individuals what you for sure have in common is you are all naturally weak for ME… you have a pure primal instinct to love me, cherish me, adore me, serve me, worship me, be there in every way for me, be used for me, hurt for me, suffer for me, crawl to me, inhale me, breathe me, live in me, through me, consume me, everything about me serenades you into a deep submissive state.

And I take you as that, and I find all of your wiring and I sever it. I alter it. I reorder it. I organize it according to MY plan. I spread you wide open, invade deep down inside of your very being, and transfix myself to your core so that you are no longer just YOU but a totally transformed being in the POSH FORM … now and forever your body, mind, life and finances are altered, for ME. BY ME.

I am the POWER I am the REASON I am the BEING I am the MAGICAL WITCHING FORCE, the BEWITCHING and BEFUDDLING QUEEN that leaves you contemplating for the blink of an eye how did I end up here before you are falling again, faster and further than ever before, and then you ask what is happening to me and still you crash even MORE!

As a good boy addict I know you’ve been opening wide to eat your delicious MINDFUCK CANDY & if you’ve missed out on this particular POSHY temptation you need to hurry & get your fix on. Fill up that junkie brain with more of my POSHY WAVES, my brain bomb mindfuck candy is just what you need for a quick and effective HYPNO TRANCE, brainwash conditioning, mind control programming and worshiping of Goddess!


mindfuck candy collector cards set 5









Did you see my new clips4sale studio yet? This is the perfect place to stock up on your POSH collection & enhance your obsession. Deepen your need and desire for MY Venus Sway by collecting all of my clips right now! 

http://clips4sale.com/116472  <— my clips4sale studio!!!! Today I am sitting at number 3 in Financial Domination & number 5 in the Mesmerize categories! 

As I climb higher you fall deeper into subspace… seeing how I powerfully conquer the charts by conquering the MALE MIND the MALE WALLET the MALE EGO … as I rise higher you feel HIGHER knowing you are inhaling all of that intoxicating FEMDOM FINDOM content I put out, that my mindfuck clips are working there way into your brain, sliding and slipping under your defenses, making you into an automatic clicker for me. You love to click and buy all the clips I release, knowing I am not only dominating BOYS but dominating the CHARTS. The higher GODDESS is the HIGHER you feel and the FURTHER you sink into subspace for ME! 







Subscribe today! If they do not accept your credit card you can send me private payment & I will send you a membership! Just let me know. The email I like to accept gift cards at is poshwebsites@gmail.com Since my birthday is coming up & a big move to a new home in August, I will be expecting PLENTY of cash gifts & gift cards all summer long! I want this summer to be the BEST one yet & that means it will be. 





Honey Sweet Codeine Beats PREMIERE



The Season of the Siren NOVEMBER FILM is HERE!!!!


Honey Sweet Codeine Beats

Take a bite of this Poshy treat
I’ll be bringing you deep to sleep with my codeine beats
like a piece of meat you’ll be used and abused for the pleasure I seek
every bite gets a bit more sweet
every bite takes you just a little more deep


Fill your mind with my beautiful hypnotic songs, the sweet surrender you experience will leave you feeling like a dizzy dizzy dumdum for me and I know all you’ll want to do is have another taste of heaven.

The mindwash mix is available on clips4sale & niteflirt!

Buy Now


After you listen to the mindwash mix over and over with your headphones on you’ll realize that as you have been devouring my sweet honey treats, I have been devouring your will, your self-control, and your wallet. Mmmmm!

For me all year is like Christmas because I am always receiving gifts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t expect MORE at Christmas time! Of course I do and I also expect you to mindlessly supply all of the gifts I’ll be handing out to my family and friends. What a privilege for you to be of such use to me. My little wallet mueller knows this all to well as he has become more than just my wallet, he is now my cuckolded bitch! He is no longer allowed to even partake in viewing my films, because he is such a dirty old man for my perfect curves! He isn’t allowed to get a taste of his candy until after he satisfies ME with supplying money and gifts to MY lover, a real man and the only man who is allowed to enjoy the feeling of my creamy flesh pressed against his.

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Mindfuck Melodies Season of the Siren Premiere

Being trapped in the powerful spell of all things Goddess Posh isn’t a surprise. You’re weak and inferior, and it’s bound to happen. So it’s no shock that you’re incapable of stopping yourself from traveling deeper on your journey into helpless emotional and financial enslavement for Me!

Mindfuck Melodies may be a temptation that you know leads to your own demise, but you aren’t able to stop it, and so you’ll sink and enjoy the fall instead.

And oh how I must confess watching all of you little weak boys sailing straight towards me ready to be my mindless toys makes me incredibly sadistically happy. Yesssssss you want to fall, and yesssssss you will fall.


Season of the Siren has yet another addicting addition with this months film, Mindfuck Melodies.


Enslaved for Life
my powerful hold over you can’t be broken
you’re trapped in my grasp
these hands that hold you
while warm and like silk
they squeeze the breath from you
and still you
gaze at me from your humble knees
with love and adoration
those chains keep you in place
locked under my spell
enslaved for life


For those of you who have yet to become a VIP you’re still able to sink that financial ship of yours on my rocky shores, just load up on MORE OF MY MINDFUCK with the Mindwash Mix!!!

Inferior boy brains will bend to the power of my  Siren voice. You will sink in helpless need for me, becoming more and more hungry for my mindfuck, as my hypnotic alluring beauty traps you. This is a perfect way to get a healthy dose of Posh, or watch as an addicted obsessed drone can’t help but to do before watching the full hour film.


Buy Now

Mindfuck Melodies


After I let it be known that I would be hoarding this beautiful intoxicating file all to myself if my financial lust was not quenched by you wallets this week you ALL rushed to provide that cash I love so much!  Mmmm how you all just love to GIVE of your wallets for me… this is good, very good, my programming is working.


Oh you didn’t think you were one of my programmed puppets? This is why I make it so clear you shouldn’t think. Just nod your head along to everything I say, and save yourself some time and energy. You’re programmed by me, to be an obedient drone that has one purpose- providing more cash for me!


Nod your head along and just agree… it’s much easier on you then. Say out loud ‘yes Goddess’, hear yourself giving in, know that my power over you is real and I will use it to get whatever I want.


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The Premiere of Lullaby in Lust is TODAY!!!

Ooooh yay my Season of the Siren addicts… the next phase in your little journey is ready and waiting to pull you under. Of course you won’t resist the sway of my vixen voice or my sensual curves, it’s too much feminine power for any man to withstand so you will sail merrily into the dangerous sea of ADDICTION and LUST for Goddess Posh!

As one who adores and loves me, and everything about me, (oh yes you do so helplessly) you would be failing yourself to miss out on this.

If you’re not a VIP remember you can get the Mindwash Mix on Niteflirt or Clips4Sale but you can also become a VIP so you have FULL access!


This is a GIF of the film Lullaby in Lust for the Season of the Siren femme fatale series of films featuring Goddess Posh

Be swept deep under when you hear my Slumber Mind siren song filtering in so beautifully past your defenses, and while your mind is drifting off and away your body is filled with lust for my feminine power, and beauty, leaving you tortured in an aroused state while your mind is increasingly locked down further and further for me … taken over by my lullaby! All of my lullabies make your brain go bye bye and you’re filled with all kinds of triggers, and now those triggers are associated with the pleasure and torment of LUST that can’t be quenched … you’re trapped in a helpless body, with a helpless mind, and all for me!

3 original Siren Songs included:
Slumber Mind
Captive Soul
My Eyes Lobotomize

Themes: breast worship, financial domination, goddess worship, femdom, femme fatale, brainwash, siren, trigger, trance, slumber, deep sleep, sensual domination


I am very patient. I know you will break. I know you will fall.
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Season of the Siren Serenade Haze Premiere

Today is the PREMIERE of the new Femme Fatale film series Season of the Siren!!! The first film from the series is called Serenade Haze and I know you puppets have been waiting for it anxiously.. you want to be put in a daze for days in a daze for days, don’t you .. you want to be under the POSHY spell!


My very indoctrinated puppets, you will login so you can buy the full film, as well as the Mindwash Mix companion clip. The rest of you can buy the companion clip right now, but you will come crawling back wanting to become a VIP so you can watch the full hour film too. Click the button and swim away into the sea of Goddess Posh now my puppet… allow the sway of my Goddess curves to wash your mind clean of all thoughts, except one, the thought of Goddess Posh… relaxing under my control… relaxing for the Songstress… my singing is all that you want to hear now, as you are unfolded before me, and left open to my greedy and wicked persuasions.

The companion clip to Serenade Haze, Serenade Haze the 20 minute Mindwash Mix is available on my niteflirt goodies page and on my clips4sale! Poshyfool who has both this months feature film and the clip (he paid $400 to receive them both 5 days early) has watched the companion clip when he has less time available, since it is much shorter, and finds it very effective at keeping him focused on ME, relaxed and my song loops in his mind all day… But when he gets a chance he loves to watch it as the primer to the full film! When he watches them both he can not MOVE, THINK, or do anything at all. He is paralyzed in subspace the entire time…


I love this movie poster my friend Fiona Foremost made for me!! She is not only talented at graphics, but at putting men where they belong, on their knees in service to women.


I’ll see you VIP on the other side…
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Financial Domination Clips4sale Update

I’ve added my publicly available clips to my clips4sale studio. I did leave it up but with only two clips on it, one Joy Ride (I have received a lot of positive feedback on this clip i.e. MONEY) and the other called Crawl & Beg My Bitch (can not be found ANYWHERE ELSE).. I completely forgot I’ve been meaning to add the clips I make available to the public on there as well. So I finally remembered and got that done today. I also moved A Seductive Slide Into Addiction back into the publicly available selection of clips.

This is what I want to add to my clips4sale studio page, but it won’t allow me to. Trying again later from another browser but for now I had to get these words published. My words need to be ingested by you puppets like you need oxygen to breathe.. they are your lifeline. They are the words that keep you wired perfectly for me. They are the words that slip in past your defenses and rewire your programming. You’ve been programmed before me, by society, culture, your family, career, school, social media, etc etc .. now you’re being WASHED CLEAN by The Mindwash Minx and turned into a POSH PUPPET. Poshatized: to be wiped clean and made new in the image of POSH .. in the image I CHOOSE for you .. Many of you have been Poshatized, and many more of you will be. My minions will continue to grow, as will my level of property. That is what I deserve!


So onto the clips4sale text… :


You’ve found yourself in the Goddess Mindfuck Financial Slavery clips4sale store, which means you have one foot over the edge and my sweet delicious voice is about to pull you right over… deep down into a world of ADDICTION, FINANCIAL SLAVERY, HELPLESSNESS, BRAINWASHING, MINDCONTROL and ALL THINGS POSH.

I am the MINDWASH MINX. My clips are well known for their ability to turn you boys into mushy minded ROBOTS. Set on automatic, wired to love and adore and crave being WALLET DRAINED for ME.. for MY luxury, for MY benefit, for MY pleasure..

I am your superior QUEEN BEE. You will kneel and worship with respect. Get on your knees while you watch my clips. Lower yourself. Accept it is a privilege to be able to view MY clips.

I have taken mercy on you addicted masses and am allowing a very small selection of my clips to be available for purchase. The rest are available to MY slaves and VIP only!!!

Goddess Posh

Toying With My Boys


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

You’re weak. Weak for things like my blue eyes which you crave to drown in. You’re weak for things like the luscious full cleavage I so generously seduce you into helplessness with. You are weak for MY golden GODDESS voice that penetrates you to your very core.

In fact you feel weak already don’t you. It’s so exciting to imagine yourself sliding out of control as I seduce you into a mindless helpless state. It feels so good to slide deep deeeeep deeeeep into ever lasting all consuming addiction for Goddess Posh doesn’t it..

You are going to be so mindfucked by this financial domination clip My pet which also includes a seductive hypnotic slide show of never before seen photos that are sure to leave you WEAK and desperate for more.

A Seductive Slide Into Addiction


Ooooooooh you are so anxious to snatch this up aren’t you but because I am so enjoying the way you long for MORE I am not releasing it JUST yet! Oooh ouch that has to hurt a little junkie like you… so close.. so so so close to that dangling carrot and just like that snatched away again.

While you wait for your Goddess Posh fix you will give me MY fix by sending a CASH tribute or GIFT CARD. I’ll accept your appreciation for MY ART in the form of a financial sacrifice.. it’ll sure help make the time go by faster before you can shoot yourself up with more of ME.


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction will be available on both niteflirt as a goody bag and in my clips4sale studio. It’s going to be funny watching you boys check back all evening for the links. Haha. Little addicts. Don’t worry it will be here soon enough.. keep checking my twitter and blog OBSESSIVELY while you wait.

VIP boys login for another photo preview from the newest clip and to read my charming and INFORMATIVE post.

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Financial Domination Mindfuck Clip Updates

I’ve updated VIP radio to include a “Vintage” Posh hour! It includes the audio from some of my earliest clips including The Ultimate Mindfuck. Even Robotoine did not have a copy of those clips, surprisingly because he asked me, ‘who is Paul?’.. kinda odd since he has been serving me for many years and should have read about Paul in my journal at some point. Which, btw, Paul is still dying to be at my feet but I ignore him endlessly. He asks me how I can be so cruel as to encourage the demise of his vanilla relationship only to turn around and not ever speak to him again.. well Paul it’s called TRIBUTES. If you can’t TRIBUTE your FINANCIAL DOMINATION GODDESS you won’t be hearing from me, I can promise you that. So now he gets to suffer without both myself and his ex-gf.

I’ve also added a modern Posh hour to the VIP radio and this includes the audio from ten of my most recent clips.


There are two new financial domination mindfuck clips on my clips4sale studio for you Posh drone’s to indulge in. Run quickly to buy then watch and obsess and of course respond with your helpless obedience by shopping on my wishlist and sending tribute!


Charmed & Chosen
financial domination mindfuck clip Charmed & Chosen

Charmed by my superior beauty and master manipulations your boy toy brain is so helpless and exposed to all of my wicked desires.

You want to be the chosen one, the boy I use for my own pleasure by treating you like a financial fuck toy and leaving you to suffer.

Hurt for Goddess slave, you’re too weak to and charmed to resist. You crave to be chosen to be abused for MY luxury.



Trapped By My Lovecuffs


I’ve carved my name right into that weak little boy toy heart of yours.. I’ve made you fall harder and deeper in love than anyone ever has. Now you’re just a victim of your own love for me, helpless to resist my every whim, and craving my use and abuse.

I’ve cuffed you to me for life and you will kneel and thank me for allowing you to LOVE me so much! It doesn’t matter how much you have to suffer all you care about is Me.


Poshatized Puppet made this montage for me from a few of my clips in this past year.

Mindfuck Incarnate



Almost all of my files are available for direct purchase now. I also have some of new files available for niteflirt pay2view, and my two newest clips will be added later this week.

The Royal Mindfuck

A Craving to Obey

Go Deeper for Me Puppet




VIP you will see an update this month including new photos & stories about the wallets I’ve been raping. For now though you can continue to click and spend like the addicted money slaves you are. My boys know it is not about what they get, but about what they give to ME. I deserve MORE, always MORE! And I’m in the mood to rape a wallet deep and hard .. and you will beg for it and cry like a bitch.


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