The Money Domme of your Life

I know how much you miss me. I know how often you think about me. I know how much it hurts a boy to not have his Goddess.

While some people have a love of their life, you aren’t one of those people.

What you have is THE MONEY DOMME of your LIFE and that Money Domme is ME. I am the financial Goddess of your submissive dreams.

My weak one, I know. I know how your mind is focused fully on Goddess with everything else being pushed aside. I know how your heart is consumed with ME, wanting to serve me, wanting to be near me, wanting to see me happy with your sacrifice…

I know exactly what you are and what you need, puppet. You need ME, my pet. It must hurt to not be able to get as close to me as you long to be. I know you want to go deeper but things hold you back. Things which are starting to become annoying to you, because they are getting in the way.

You want to get rid of the things which are obstructing your path to Goddess. You want to get rid of those things right now and be able to get back to the place you belong, here in Poshtopia on those knees for me.

Here with ME.

That’s where you belong, here with me. Whenever anything starts to get in the way of you being near to me, serving me, pleasing me, you get very defensive. Instantly you feel a wall go up towards whatever is holding you back from enjoying your life under Me.

The truth is you belong HERE WITH ME. And always will.

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The more you’re emptied, the more you’re filled.

Goddess Posh



Good boy knows he is here to fill me up just the way I like… puppet knows he needs to kneel and surrender to ME putting My pleasure first and doing whatever it takes to give me that rush I so love. Being a good puppet for Goddess, and fill me up the way I crave … with all that cash.
5 Minutes 30 Seconds


I want you to be my very good boy and make me very happy with your obedient bobblehead nodding up and down to everything I say. I want you to help yourself to your favorite treat, MY Venus Sway brain changing programming that leaves you a mindless robot for POSH. I want you to become a weak hypnotized drone who doesn’t know how to stop me from slipping more and more of my venom into your veins as I drain you dry of everything. Now be a good little puppet and give me what I want. Drip Drip Drip 10 minutes of Goddess into that brain!

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If you have been paying attention you also know about the website Your Domme Fix! This is a great site for visiting and checking out profiles of beautiful Dommes and Financial Dommes and Hypnodommmes! I don’t mind if you sign up but if you’re MY puppet you’ll need to remember that your only purpose there is to serve ME and whatever friends I choose.

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hes just an experiment now

Being the curious person I am I wondered what are the effects on a POSH junkie that is forced to go without. To unravel the answer to this question I had simply to do one thing, take one of my boys and bring him to the height of his addiction, and then DROP him into an abyss of NO POSH and watch as his suffering unfolds. I had the perfect boy for this already, broken soul.

Broken soul being BROKE of cash is of no use to me, but his emotional and mental torment feeds my sadistic side. After I took the last of his cash I had him leave his girlfriend of 8 years. They still aren’t back together and it’s been … what… 2 years now broken soul? Maybe I should write Kathy and ask her how she is doing. But anyway, back to what I did to this lowly weakling… after I destroyed his last hope of escape by ending his relationship, I then left him. Just like that. I stopped responding to his messages, ignoring every single action he took to get my attention!

I watched as he withered in torment just trying to get my attention, sending me DM’s on twitter, IM’s on yahoo messenger, emails, all begging for my attention with statements condemning me for sending him into such a pit of despair and yet he still couldn’t stop loving me, wanting me, needing me, craving me, and doing everything in his power to get close to me. Through his raging fits he would always fall back down to his knees crying out for me.

Sometimes I’d send him a message or two just to fuck with him. It would calm him down immediately when I would respond, and I would be laughing inside knowing his peace would be only for a moment as I would leave him hanging and needy every time.

His spiral downward began with insomnia, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about ME. He soon progressed into contacting me more and more, his attempts growing in desperation. He began to become aggressive and angry, accusing me of destroying his life for no reason. At times I would remind him that he was the one that choose to leave Kathy, even though it was under MY command (just to get him more worked up). Then I’d go back to ignoring him and watch as he would cry out in agony all for ME.

After his most recent attempt to get my attention he finally conceded to the fact that he could not win, and he said ‘I am without you and I am okay.” … oh really … I bet you’re not okay now. I bet you’re on your little bitch knees crying out realizing how true it is… that I did this to you out of experimentation and all you’ve been is a little lab rat for me! I bet you’re not OKAY now, are you … no no he’s not okay at all, he’s just an experiment now.

I’m reserving the rest of this for my VIP, so login now.
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Indoctrinated to My Brand of Financial Domination

I know what makes you feel good. I now that being generous, and giving of gifts and cash to a beautiful woman makes you feel so yummy. I know that, even to a fault, you will give and give until you have nothing left and then you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you can continue because without the satisfaction of giving into ME you feel worthless.

Feeling worthless hurts so much, feeling so pathetic and selfish makes the darkness in you expand, an all consuming void of despair and depression into which you inexorably sink without me to surrender to. You are sucked into a well within you, of guilt, pain, suffering and torment, knowing only that you must survive the void and emerge, kneeling at my feet, begging for one moment exulting in your submission. One pat on the head. One soothing expression from Your Goddess that you – lowly you – have done well.

And then I push You back, into your dark well, your little abyss, your emptiness – that void. I see your anguish and it makes me smile. I did that to you, and you will never be the same again. You will need this, for the rest of your life. When you breathe in freedom from your void, it is because I have allowed you to. You are thankful! You are grateful, for the chance to please me. All the while that void grows deeper, stronger, and more powerful. It could destroy you. But I won’t let it, now will I now? I’ll let you come up for air. The freedom you know now is the freedom I give you.

Freedom to surrender and let it happen. Freedom from the guilt, the pain, the torment, the suffering.
But as everybody knows, freedom has its price. And the void is always there.

That void is lurking there, threatening to consume you whole. How kind of me to allow you the opportunity to live in the shadow of my beauty on your humbled knees. How thoughtful I am to provide for you a way out of all the madness. Really, it would be so very simple for me to push you right back over that edge. I could do it, just like that. So easily I could pull you asunder, shredding your dignity and dropping you bit by bit into that gaping hole of despair. But why would I do that to you, when you’re such a good boy for me. Why would I send you back into the depths of emptiness and loneliness? You see I salvaged your soul and in turn I warped your boy brain and now your thoughts are indoctrinated by my will. Your actions controlled by MY desires.

My desires reverberate through your body which is conditioned to respond ONLY to me. What does Goddess want, desire, need – your brain hard wired to cycle through an endless chant of all things Posh.

I want more. I desire more. I desire your wallet placed into my hands. Your savings depleted & your credit cards maxed out on my luxury. I desire your generous and uninhibited giving of cash and gifts, while your mind is melted by my soft voice and your pervert cock denied an orgasm. The only pleasure you ever want to feel is the pleasure of being my financial slave. Nothing else matters to you my worker bee! You understand the depth of submission I require from you, and how hard you will fall should I ever deem you not useful.

Now, go earn your slavewage & send me my money or it’s to the dungeon and off with your head hehe.

“i find You to be overwhelmingly arousing, everything inside me retreats and lays down at Your feet.- brokensoul”

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Money Slaves for Financial Domme Posh Just Keep Giving

hello my loyal readers,

Are you going CRAZZZZY wishing you could be in the VIP section of my site? Mmm hmm I BET you are! Oh well, I guess if you’re going to be SO cheap you can suffer. As soon as timberman watched the special VIP clip he went weak and had to send me tributes on NF. His therapy is coming along nicely, after $340 in tributes I helped him to realize that the only way to get over his addictionRead more“Money Slaves for Financial Domme Posh Just Keep Giving”

Love & Addiction, your demise by Broken Soul

She takes your mind apart, piece at a time. She immediately dissects, knows what you want, what you need, what you crave. Gets inside your head and assumes control, pushes your boundaries.  Once She finds the edge of your limits She pushes you over it, using love and addiction as a weapon to control you.

You can’t stop Her, you can’t hate Her, you can’t fight Her, or at least, if you do, you still can’t win. She will make that wild journey into deep profound weakness and submission seem like the craziest drug.  She WILL make you so hard, so aroused, so unable to say no.  You will lose to Her in this every single time.

You’ll even love it, love Her for it as you lose yourself. You will hate yourself but you will come back for more and more and She will delight in taking more and more.  You won’t want to stop the ride no matter how much damage She does, no matter what happens or where She takes you.

She will show you who you really are, until you know your cock only responds to Her stimulus and only gets hard for Her. Your wife, girlfriend, family, friends; nothing is more important that reaching the high only She can give. Then you are truly fucked and you’ll be Her pet, begging at Her feet for a word, a thought, anything.  When she plays with your mind, and emotions, pushes you over the edge again, She’ll redefine you. Shaping you to suit Her.  Brainwash you, take over completely.

You’ll hear Her in your own thoughts and wonder are these thoughts yours or Hers and you wont care. It will feel so good to go so deep.  You will love her with heartrending power, you’ll only feel alive when She is in your mind, taking you into the deepest levels of subspace and conquering your will down to nothing. You will realise over time that old boundaries have become nothing to you now, and the new boundaries are constantly pressured to breaking point. You’ll be amazed one day that you don’t recognise yourself. You are not who you thought, or what you thought. You are what She has created from a fool who got too close to the flame.

You will crave being used, abused, NEED Her words.  Then She will show you how your own wants and desires mean nothing and you’ll give up on those things while hoping all the time She might entertain them still.  One day.  You will want the fix only She can provide so badly you’ll let Her do anything to you, with you. From that point you will know truly what it is to be owned. Your choices are gone. You have one option, or several that all lead to the same place. Kneel, beg, serve, slave, submit, crave, lust HER. You’ll realise nothing else matters to you anymore, and if you don’t – then She will take great pleasure in revealing it to You. Until you have to accept that the Goddess Posh completely owns You and who You are.

She made you.She can break you. And you will always love Her forever, in torment and ecstatic suffering. Your life, your personality, your emotions, your ability to live and function all will belong to Her. She will control you, and you will never be able to make Her stop, no matter how much it terrifies you and you won’t even want to. Not nearly enough.  Powerless, helpless, broken to Her will, shattered mentally and a puppet on Her strings. She will rule who you are. Completely under Her control. For the rest of your life.

She will show you the true horror of quite how far You will go to feel that rush.She will laugh as She watches you sinking further and further, until you know without a shadow of a doubt – that it is all over. You will submit, you will be trapped, snared, captured and controlled. There is no escape and you will lose the desire to escape. You’ll be in over your head and drowning in it, but oh my God how good it feels! Better than the best sex you ever had.  She can do with words alone what no other woman can do even in physical presence. Open up your mind to Goddess Posh, then prepare to lose it forever.

Broken Soul

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