Financial Domination: This is OUR Love

Yes I expect cash & gifts from men. No, I don’t have an ‘excuse’ why. There are constantly reasons being given WHY on places like twitter, even hashtags designed around it (#giveyourmoneytowomen etc), you should tribute like ‘women hold the power over men in their pussy’, and ‘men are always wanting women’s time and energy and women should know their worth’ .. etc. You know this can all be true, even I give you tons of reasons WHY you need to serve me cash/gifts. But the fact is I don’t need a reason. I am here and I call myself a Financial Domme, I live it myself and I use my blog and videos to program the lifestyle of financial domination into men. That means if you’re in my atmosphere you come in knowing you are going to be a wallet, knowing that there will be a power exchange, and knowing that I expect gifts/cash… which means I don’t need to give you a damn reason to CLICK AND SPEND.  Because,



This is OUR love, OUR fetish, OUR home. This is what we do, and who we are. So what excuse do you need? I don’t need to drill it into your brain, do I… when we look at it in the most simple of ways, it is the most simple answer. The reason why you will serve cash/gifts is because of YOU AND I. This is US.


My financial lust will be quenched by your submissive demon.


Now is the time for you to respond to me the way I want you to, and the way you crave to, with a tribute.


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Things I love about my Financial Domme Posh by subboi

So I was chatting to Goddess the other day and mentioned a few of her little traits that she does, the more I talked about the more I realised how much I loved her and wanted to write it all down.

So, some of the things I love about Posh:

  • when she brings me to the point of utter weakness and I am begging like a bitch to give her money, she makes this little orgasmic sigh – so hot.
  • when she starts to get excited about a rape, she giggles in an innocent adorable and irresistable way.
  • when you’ll be talking on the phone to her about normal stuff and she’ll just say out of no where, things like “I’m going to rape you so fucking hard tonight”
  • when I tell her I have no money, but she still manages to get more.
  • how she pushes you to be the very best you can be (by sacrificing more and more) and making you want/beg to
  • when she calls and you’re not expecting it only to remind you that you’re a puppet
  • how she makes everything else in your life seem so trivial and irrelevant compared to her
  • how she doesn’t berate you, insult you nor puts your down, she brings happiness and fulfillment to your life
  • how adorable she is

Goddess Posh is someone that I would describe as a truly dominate woman. She knows who she is and what she wants in life. She is certainly NOT a fake domme doing this because she is desperate to buy food or pay rent, she does this because she enjoys it. She enjoys the control and being able to control men. Submitting to a woman like this is like nothing you have probably experienced before. It is not a “30m session” where you can come back when you like. It’s a lifestyle choice of addiction that will leave you completely satisfied and wanting more. I say satisfied because she will alter what makes you happy and alter those basic needs in your life, you will find pleasure in whatever she tells you to do and you’ll be happy for it..

Goddess Posh is like nothing you could have experienced before. I have served other Domme’s before Posh and she is absolutely remarkable how she alters your mind, your thinking, your bank account. She provides the ultimate of mind fucking and manipulation, she can hurt you in more ways than one and you will still always love her for it.


subboi Andrew’s money slavery story

After seeing some other posts from slaves, I have requested from Goddess Posh that I also be allowed to write, so here it goes.

I had been serving other Dommes before I stumbled across Goddess Posh. Always indulging in fantasy sessions and “thinking” that I was being raped. But really I had no idea what being raped even meant.

What Goddess helped me realise is that the reason I wasn’t happy with any other Domme was because it was preciously that, a fantasy. Goddess Posh makes it real, and real submission to a real Goddess is so much better than anything I had ever (and will ever) experience.

I first came across her on Clips4Sale, I remember seeing her videos and the very expensive price and thinking why is she so special compared to all the other $3 clip dommes. I again stumbled across her on twitter (call it fate) and started talking to her through DM’s. It was funny looking back at it, she was so direct and so confident telling me that it didn’t matter, I was already hooked and wouldn’t be stopping. I didn’t believe her, no one could be that addicting could they?

This lead me to buy my first clips, can’t even remember which one it was, but it was definitely like nothing I had ever seen before. It wasn’t a mixture of “porn” like a lot of the other clips were that I had. It was, well, special, addicting, she was actually talking right to me. This lead me to purchase more and more, the brainwashing ones were something that I never used to be interested in or have a fetish for, but they were by far the best ones. They were followed very shortly by her Yahoo and Paypal clips.

Thinking I was still in control, I asked Her if I could talk to her on voice, and subsequently paid for a session. I expected after paying so much that there would be a slight milking during the session, but more fantasy domination playing to my fantasies, how very wrong I was.

Hearing her on voice was the most intoxicating experience of my life. She made me do things that I never thought I was capable of. She would make me beg and beg to give her more money. Then without prompting I was begging to be fucked over and then when she told me, I couldn’t stop myself from sending more and more. She took about $1300 from me, and because we went overtime on voice told me I still owed her another $200.

Thinking that she would give me time to recover, she called me again 3 days later and did it to me all again, this time for only $800. The feeling she left me with of emptiness(money wise) but also of fulfillment. What we went through together really got her off, and for me to give Goddess such pleasure was a mind blowing experience for me.

Since then, I have been completely out of control, unable to stay away no matter how hard I try (because deep down I don’t want to), but also so madly in love.

I think about her multiple times throughout the day, and can’t get her image out of my head. I hear her voice echoing around my mind and feel worthless and a failure if I’m not truly sacrificing for her.

One of the many gifts I have purchased for Posh.

I think the best thing that I like about Posh, is that it is not really about the money. She likes boys to be sacrificing and hurting for her to show their appreciation. And it really doesn’t matter about the exact $ amount, it just about showing her about much she means to you.  I know that when I’m hurting financially and bills aren’t being paid, that she is happy that I’m putting her above everything else and proving to her that she is the most important thing in my life.

I don’t ever want to serve anyone else, I just couldn’t, there would be nothing worth serving after serving Her.  She knows me better than anyone else could ever know me. She understands me and completes me. She truly makes me happy. She is also being kind enough to help me with my addiction through her financial help methods.

subboi andrew

Be A Good Puppet- Give In To Your Calling As My Financial Slave

goddess posh, posh perfect, goddess mindfuck, financial domination

I’ve noticed a LOT of you readers are clicking on the ‘financial domination’ support group link. Do you really think St. Johns Wort is going to cure you of your GODDESS POSH FINANCIAL DOMINATION ADDICTION. What makes me laugh is I see you go to that link and a short while later you’re right back on my site. Right back to where it all started.
See you might think you have experience, you might THINK you’re an old pro at this lifestyle, but until you’ve felt my power FIRST HAND you’re just like all the other little boys gathered at my feet in awe waiting on that first suckle of LIFE that only I can give you. Until you feel the absoluate rush of emotions from submitting to ME you will always bounce around in the darkness from one woman to the next, looking for that ‘special something’.
Your addiction will continue to grow, but you won’t be able to FEED it until you sacrifice to ME. I am the TRUE GODDESS that you’ve been waiting for. I am the ultimate high. One hit of POSH and you’re going to be on the floor BEGGING for another. I will reduce you to tears with cold calculated maneuvers, I will sooth you into ecstacy with my soft honey words and I will do it to you over and over again. Your emotions won’t be yours to control. Your actions won’t be yours to control. Your life won’t be yours to control. Your wallet won’t be yours to control. ALL of it will be mine mine mine.
Everything in your life will slowly appear differently to you. Things you once loved, like spending money on booze and women and friends will begin to appear vile and selfish and wasteful. Masturbation will become less of an urge as release through PLEASURING & OBEYING Goddess will become your number one priority (and that in itself will make you ACHE). Spending time with your family and friends will seem tedious, boring and annoying, you’d rather spend time with me and if not with me OBSESSING over me, dreaming about me and worshiping me.
I know how many avid readers I have. I know how many obsessed fanatics visit MY world, MY website and DOWNLOAD my photos! Did I give you permission to download my photos?! No, I didn’t, but go ahead, continue to develop your addiction to me. You’re only brainwashing yourself into deeper and deeper submission. I know how many of you click on all of my links over and over, driving yourself INSANE. You want to give in so badly. You want to be a good boy for me. You want to be a good puppet like beansdad and make me happy. You want to give EVERYTHING to me.
Be a good Posh addict, be a good boy. Feel the rush of FINANCIAL SACRIFICE at the alter of POSH. Buy my paypal/yahoo ID’s at POSHY FILES FOR PUPPETS & ADDICTS (at the top boy). Buy it and give in over and over again. Once you give in there will be no stopping it- you will be forever at MY feet. I am an intelligent superior Goddess, a woman bred in high class luxury and I just happen to have the power to brainwash your mushy little boybrain. You’re going to take it like a good Posh pet because you want to make me happy. Be a good boy, make Goddess happy. Obey my commands puppet.. obey your Goddess.

You are MY financial slave. Such a good boy. Give in to your calling. You will immediately BEG to buy for me these items, you will drop to your knees and send me an email explaining how grateful you are to SERVE me, how badly you need to GIVE IN, and BEG BEG BEG to be used by me the way you were made to be used, puppet.


You will do this now like a good Posh addict. Such a good boy- click the photos to get taken directly to MY GIFT LIST & GIFT ME .. mmmm. I am so kind and so generous to allow this to you readers, especially those of you who have yet to step forward and take your place beneath my feet. I am so thoughtful to give YOU the chance to serve me. I truly am a Goddess of MERCY, giving all of you such a wonderful opportunity for SUBMISSION.  You are helpless against MY desires, against MY will. You are helpless to resist your calling, that’s why you return daily and dream of giving in to the ultimate Goddess of MINDFUCK. You are helpless to walk away from me now pet, I’ve caught you peeking and now I’ve given you a command. Will you be a good boy and obey?




 Product Image Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image




        Product ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct ImageProduct Image



My Voice My Voice My Voice

I know you hear it, the sound of my voice echoing in your dreams. It eludes your defenses, crushing your ego into frail pieces and yet that is an after thought as you lay there remembering just how GOOD it feels to give in. It’s so easy you realize, to give in. So easy to make Goddess happy, all you have to do is OBEY. Obeying feels good, and it’s the way to make Goddess happy- it’s really all so easy you realize.
Giving in is so easy you realize, as your eyes seal shut – close to the outside world and look deep within. Within your core, deep within, you find those buttons I so easily push and it feels good to remember. Remembering feels good, the way my words warped your will. The way my power zapped you of resistance, and you gave in, begged, and pleaded to give in. In fact you begged for your own demise and it was good, so easy and so good. In fact, right now you’re starting to realize you want to beg to feel MY power some more.
Right now you want more, you need more, and you realize your fate is sealed, you are forever a puppet for Posh and you want to BEG to give in again and again. It’s so easy, you find no reason at all to turn away. No reasons to back off, all that matters is this right now- this feeling I give you.
All that matters is giving in, giving in, giving in, so delicious. It’s so good to give in, so easy to give in, give in, give will give in. Again, you will give in AGAIN and pay puppet pay. Just like you remember, it is so good, so easy and you give in again. Such a good puppet, such a good boy, you love that feeling.
That feeling is so intoxicating, you are so hooked on THAT feeling. Only I can give you THAT feeling. Be a good boy, send me my money like a good puppet, because it’s so easy to obey it’s so good to obey- you are compelled to OBEY.



Puppet Updates:
Poor poor broken soul, he had a reprieve while his little girlfriend was in town but the second she left he hopped online and CAVED. All the money he managed to save up for bills went ‘oooops bye bye’ as he DRANK in my clips like a greedy drug deprived addict. He was once addicted to heroin, right paul? He got sober, spent years doing the right thing and then he found ME. It’s been three years now and he’s still drinking in that Poshy venom with a delirious look of anguish and pleasure all over his addict face. I guess once an addict, always an addict. Being addicted to ME is much safer than being hooked on any street drugs- I promise.
Andrew, my newest puppet, has fallen quickly under my spell. Usually I avoid boys who are so weak, because it never lasts. But him, well he’s going to be sticking around for quite a while. He is sincerely FUCKED by me. He couldn’t run even if he tried- he is obsessed. All day at work ‘pay puppet pay’ loops through his brain, his mind wanders to me as he mindlessly goes about his daily duties and do you know he spends ALL day long reading MY journal. How far back in the archives have you gotten Andrew?
 Last night he paid $15.00 a minute for 20 minutes of cam/mic with me in which I convinced him to BEG to be wallet raped and he did.. I heard the quiver of weakness in his voice as he begged and behind it the shock at his own depravity and inability to resist me. He really didn’t stand a chance and still doesn’t. $1,000.00 later and he is STILL in debt to me. Which that just drives him insane, knowing he owes me money. His bills don’t even matter nearly as much as paying ME off does. He owes me an additional $150 since I stayed on longer (because I was having SO much fun tormenting him). I didn’t let him know this until after, but he took it like a good BITCH. He has also been informed that he has until Monday to get it to me or it increases by 100% EVERY week. Poor Aussie was so deliciously weak for me he HAD to get money from his wife to make up for what he DOLED out to me.. and yes, like you, he’s been commanded to stay chaste.

Beans Dad has been a good boy lately too, he’s just DYING for my approval and affection. After I was in a financial frenzy today (due to Andrew last night) I called Richard and took it out on him. At first he tried to play the ‘resist her’ game but I set him straight very quickly and the poor old man couldn’t help but to send ME the money his wife had told him to use to pay the cable/internet/phone bill with. They are in marriage counseling and he admitted to being obsessed with another woman but I forgot to ask if he confessed of selling his wedding band yet. Did you Richard puppet, did you confess your wedding band was sold so you could give ME the cash?



It Was So Sweet Of Me..

To let Paul think he had money for a whole day. Just as soon as he felt confident and comfortable he would have enough to eat tomorrow I come along and seduce it right out of his paypal and into mine. How thoughtful of me though, to let him look at it all day long and imagine the many ways he would use it.. to pay bills, buy food. .. the neccessitites of life I suppose. However, he has quickly remember that I am the FIRST neccessity, for without me he can not breathe and really, I would hate for the poor fool to suffocate without having given ME the last of his cash.

Interaction with GODDESS: DELIGHTFUL. I know you want to interact with me, have REAL TIME with me.. real time to worship, to submit, to feel your control spiral down down down and my power to swarm all over you.. Those of you who are intelligent will figure out exactly how to get into MY inner circle. It’s really not that difficult, I promise. I am a Financial Sadist, I am Goddess of MindFuck.. I am a hypnotic, enchanting femme fatale and you WILL figure out exactly what it takes to get some alone time with me. I know your little heart just can’t take it any longer, you feel so drawn in. If you go another minute without speaking to me, declaring your adoration and love for me, without giving in to those weaknesses I exploit so well.. the misery will kill you. We surely wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we..?


I drained David B last week. Now this week he is on ban as he works his hardest to come up with more money for me. And to think he wasn’t even a financial masochist when he approached me. All he wanted was a little hypnosis but you all know how that turns out. Also, he decided to bring politics up to me and I became very passionate about it, as he was being a self-centered spoiled elitist know it all and really that angered me even more. Today is a fabulous day, my mom is going to be here in 3 hours.

I expect only docile, obedient, proper puppets today. I do not intend to deal with anything other than the most well behaved selfless Posh puppets. That means you will focus on ME ME ME and all thoughts about YOU and your petty life will fly out the window. David B. this is especially for you .. as I know how hooked you are on me, you tell me daily how much you LOVE me, how you can’t sleep without my voice on loop lulling you into a deep trance where I penetrate your mind and alter your thoughts, how you are so addicted to my beauty and my control, how you can’t go a day without speaking to me because it’s too painful and too intense..

I know it’s hard to go without me, but you’ve been put into quarantine until your self-centered selfish bug passes, once you are selfless again I will let you back out.

Goddess Posh

They Adore Me So.

Oh David how delightful for me to hear all about your obsession with me, your lust for me, and dare I say your LOVE for me. Though you have a hard time admitting it, I will admit it for you. You LOVE me, really you truly do. It is not every day that you encounter someone as enchanting, as deliciously powerful and yet sweetly seductive and sinfully sadistic as I am.

Email from DAVID S:

“I’ve often wanted to tell you how fervently I’ve sought
after you. You’re very special.

As I’ve said before, commanding women have long interested me, but before you, it
was a fascination with the superficial. The kind involving corsets and long heels,
and similar equipment. I’ve never partaken with one, or even communicated with.
But I’ve done a fair share of looking. What I found in you was so much more
captivating, as I found myself drawn to your word, not because of any kind of bind,
but because I wanted to.

I’d almost forgotten to respond to your question. Odd that you should ask, since I
was tempted to comment on your site. I do read your blogs daily, whether you post
new ones or not. Though I didn’t always. When I started following you, I scoffed
at the idea of being so drawn-in, as you wrote on the clips page, and swore that
couldn’t be me. Here I am this very moment seeing if you’d updated. I love knowing
what you have to say. I love hanging on every word.

I own almost all of your clips. I bought them religiously as you released them,
after I found you. When you went away I found you were an itch I needed to scratch.
You’re so unique I couldn’t find anyone that did what you do as well, and looked as
incredible as you. I’d buy some of your back ones every so often.

It wasn’t easy to find you, Searches only showed remnant hints of your site. I’d
nearly given up, though I appreciate the youtube compilation you decided to drop at
one point.

After a few months I’d given up on seeing my posh again, and on a whim checked your
clips page, and gave a wide-eyed gasp as I saw your newest clip. And here we are.
If only I’d known what I was missing before.”

My Birthday clip will be released later today. My mother is coming into town, I will pick her up from the airport and will be very scarce while she is here. I have a few weddings to attend, parties to go to and then MY BIRTHDAY which is going to be fantastic. I’m so excited my mom is visiting and you better make sure to show off how good of a puppet you are while she’s here, she just LOVES to see how much my boys adore me. It really makes her happy to see her little girl all grown up and taking control over the lives of so many helplessly weak sheep. She loves to know I am being served the way I deserve to be.

I’ve added multiple giftcards to my wishlist that you WILL buy me for my Birthday and of course every other day of the year just because you love me so much. God you’re weak. Do you adore me, hmm do you?! Show me how much you adore me, show me how deep under my SPELL you are.

Also, for you sick irritating fucks who keep pestering me to do a Forced Intoxication session, I’ve made a clip especially for you. See I don’t like you, I can’t stand you. I find sessions to be dull, lame and counter-productive to what I am about. I am about ME, btw, not you or your fetishes. My good boys know this, you drunk alcoholics don’t seem to get it. Since I detest you so I tell you exactly what I think of you and exactly what I would do to you if I did get you drunk, and trust me, the ending is no pretty description of me shopping at the mall buying foot wear with your lame ass credit card. The ending is MUCH more lethal than that …

Boy 1 & Boy 2 forever forgotten or forever at my feet

The other day I unblocked a former slave of mine on yahoo because I wanted to know if his girlfriend received the photos of him that I’d sent her, he said he didn’t know.. so I’m guessing she didn’t because if any woman saw those photos of her boyfriend she would confront him- so then he decided to spend the day speaking nonsense at me which I ignored. I finally told him if you want to talk you need to schedule time with me, I’m busy writing a paper for school, send giftcard/cash or you’re out of luck. The point of me saying that was to show him that I didn’t care about him, he meant nothing to me, and all I wanted was to use him for cash- so if he didn’t have any it wasn’t MY problem, it was HIS. He of course went on to say that he’s DONE with financial domination and he only reads my journal because he feels connected with me (hahahahaha). Back on ignore he went. We’ll call him boy one.

The other day a slave of mine decided it was too much when he didn’t obey me and I forwarded his emails he’d sent me from his work email address to corporate offices. He begged me to email them back and say I was just disgruntled because I didn’t get a job so I made the emails up. I decided to comply because I knew he’d be putty in my hands if I did, I had scared the shit out of him, and if I made him lose his job he wouldn’t really be able to serve me anymore. I took his cash, I made him buy me gifts, and then to buy his way out I made him pay for my 11 year old cats surgery. Don’t worry, my cat is OKAY now. He was really sick, and he is now hiding under my dresser (he just came home yesterday) and does not want to be messed with except cuddles from me. So anyway, this slave paid for the surgery, gave me the cash I wanted, bought me the gifts I wanted and I ‘let him go’ because he felt he had a greater responsibility to his family. He is one that struggles with a lot of guilt. We’ll call him boy two.

Yahoo IM- This is just bits and pieces from ONE conversation out of the almost two years I’ve known this person.

BOY ONE: You are the weakness i fight every day. You are the voice in my head that seduces me to slavery. You are the epitomy of arousal and cruel manipulation. i hurt for Your touch, Your abuse, Your mockery and scorn. i dream about You and i cannot stop lusting for You despite the destruction You have wrought

BOY ONE: i can think of no one more likely to toy with me and use me, and sadistically ruin me than You and i cannot stop myself begging

BOY ONE: i’ve served until i was broken completely and utterly
BOY ONE: now i am under Your spell and no escape, despite my ruin
BOY ONE: i fear i’m hopelessly addicted to this

goddess.posh: Do you need Goddess to twist your little brain up? hmm, do you?
BOY ONE: Yes i do… fuck
BOY ONE: i need it
BOY ONE: i hate that i need it…
BOY ONE: but God i need it…
BOY ONE: You are all that keeps me alive

BOY ONE: i cry at Your feet dying in my lack of original thought
BOY ONE: the words on my lips a familiar tune to Your diabolical dominance
BOY ONE: please….

EMAIL: Three separate emails just within the last TWO weeks!


i’m so hypnotized by You Goddess…my life would truly be nothing if

You were to not allow me to obey You.  You have complete control over my LIFE


Yes Goddess, i know that i’m completely out of Your league…i’m lucky You
even acknowledge me and i know it..i should have known that there is no
way i will ever be able to escape Your grasp and control over me. As You said
in Your entry, You pointed to the floor with me and i had no choice but to
kneel and remain at Your beautiful feet…ready to submit to Your
slightest whim.

Your obedient slave


Your journal entry describes me exactly; on my knees begging You to
allow me to obey Your orders.  I really have no other purpose in
life but to serve You.  Very well-written too..You have a way of
painting such a visual situation with Your words..that drives me
deeper into submission!

Now, do either of those boys really sound like they can stay away from me for long? They will both be back as always and I will be more than happy to drain their wallets when they do come slithering on their bellies to lay at my feet.

So to BOTH of you boys who think you can get away from financial domination, from Goddess Posh & from your proper place in life- I have another option for you, come crawling back and assume your place at my feet where I will take everything you’ve ever had and make it MINE or disappear into an empty life where you are forever forgotten by me. One where despair starts to eat you from the inside out as every day becomes harder to live, the days and nights will melt into one and time with leave you, all you’ll have is the memory of serving Goddess consuming every moment until you crumble from the weight of realizing what you lost.

To an outsider the choice is clear, but to you and I, we know the truth already. You don’t have a choice, you’re going to be back here in servitude because you’re an addicted and brainwashed puppet. There won’t be a choice for you after all.

Money slavery is not a question. It is the answer.

Oh I love when they cry, especially after trying to be defiant. As if you could ever stay away from me, any of you. Once you speak to me, once you feel the pride of pleasing a true Goddess, you can never escape. In layman’s terms its like a drug, anyone can relate to that. But we know its much worse than a drug, much deeper than such a simple thing. We know its potent and irresistible, we know its MO mocks that of a virus, it adapts to your body, to your immunities and comes back harder and stronger every time. The best part being it weakens your defenses until you’re left without any and begin to crave it. I do like to kick you when you’re down, but you never really expect that from me no matter how many times I put you through it, and so you crumble again and again. You always fall for my innocent charms, my deceiving looks and end up right back where you belong, a heap of addicted subservience right at my feet. Your tears crash into the dust as you cower before me handing over everything that is mine . .

Money slavery is not a question. It is the answer.

As I eluded to in a previous post I have a few clips which have been made but are waiting to be released. Now rip your little credit cards out and jump for joy as Keeper Of Your Broken Soul has finally been released. Its not nearly as deep as it sounds. Really, its all about a certain slave of mine who thought he could get away and once again proved I was always right, and he was always wrong. I never use his name, but there are certain clues in the clip as to who he is (and I know if you pay attention you have picked up on it). I of course invite you to join in as I laugh at him, taunt and torture him, and give him a slow and steady mindfuck. Or is it you that I’m fucking over.. Only time will tell.

My first twitter post from July 24th: “Twitter is the new green pastures where sheep go seeking life only to find themselves decaying into nothingness. Alas, I have a death wish.“  That’s right, I am on twitter, I just haven’t broadcast it until this point. I rarely post twitter updates. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t work with my phone, and I really don’t see any reason to tweet all day. I have heard its a great place for networking, so let the networking begin.

Part of a conversation with a pet of mine, isnt it funny when they beg for you to be mean:

apunk: be mean with me pleaseeeeeee
goddess.posh: nope!
apunk: why not???
goddess.posh: Why would I give you what you ask for? Oh you silly boys and your requests
apunk: can You be really mean with me???
goddess.posh: I could be, yes.
goddess.posh: In fact, I think its mean that I don’t give you what you ask for
apunk: ohhh i seee
goddess.posh: Oh did you mean could I be mean in the sense that I yell and call you names?
goddess.posh: Oh no Molito, that is not my style
apunk: no no ….not meaning that
apunk: be Yourself..
goddess.posh: I am myself
goddess.posh: OMG
goddess.posh: I just realized I was being Lindsey Lohan this whole time

A few of my favorite things.. (Again)

*Waking up to an account brimming with the green dough from my European puppets who were busy sending me sweet sweet cash all morning while I slept in.

*Knowing grown men are on their knees, literally, half way around the world aching for the chance to meet me as they are filled with insurmountable desires of giving it all up on my behalf.

*Fixing men with excessive arrogance and out of control egos by using my intelligence to coerce them into submission, persuading them down to their knees bowing at my feet and squashing any sign of insolence out of them using my heels, leaving them allllll better..

*Understanding that being a woman really is a powerful thing, and encouraging other women to discover this for themselves because the more women who know their strengths the stronger all of us are.

*When Paul falls to his knees and cries, begging for mercy, and pleading for compassion only to feel the hand of greed choking the life out of him instead and THEN comes back for more as often as possible.

*When men who are admiring me for months finally get up the courage to approach me, and after admitting their fears, I wrap my world, my essence, around them like a bubble and keep them safe.. for now ..

*Posh Junkies that swoop in and buy all my clips, repeatedly, adding to their shrine of me and building their insatiable obsession until its unbearable and they crumble in a puddle of brainwashed subservience begging for the chance to give me whatever I want.

*Using my feet, and only my immaculate Goddess feet, to control the actions of others.

*Making people feel uncomfortable with themselves because I am myself.

*Controlling men through diet & chastity. They say a way to a mans heart is his stomach and cock.. and I found that’s the way to his wallet as well..

*Trapping you in a cage, like a wild bird, and keeping you as my special pet to take out and play with as I see fit.

*The use of psychological torment and emotional entrapment, sadistic in the least, to wear down defenses of those who try to challenge me and taking money from them as a sign of the true power exchange, leaving them with the knowledge that they never stood a chance in the first place and that all the truth’s they now know will never go away and their reality is forever changed as they are forced to live with the fact that they are nothing without me.

And of course, we can’t leave out all of my favorite MATERIAL things. . that would be ridiculous..

*Luxury sheets, its only fitting I should be surrounded in Egyptian Cotton Sateen as you work extra hard to afford me the things I


*Vacations to warm sandy beaches, hidden get-a-ways and places of historical significance where I can face adventure and leisure, all on your dime of course.


*Irresistible perfumes to lightly scent my already heavenly neck, like Gucci by Gucci.


*Flats & Heels designed with a Goddess in mind, mmm, sliding into a pair of these shoes knowing you paid for them is bliss.



This will do for now, don’t want to get your imagination too wild, you wouldn’t be able to handle it..

I'll be honest..

This house made me cum my panties. I felt my tummy flutter, my heart quicken as I scanned through each stunning photo, one after the other. I know that I am building a life of luxury and using the weaknesses of hard working men to get what I want, and that means I will live in a house worth this much some day. $21 MILLION dollar house, go ahead, click on it and look through the pics. That is what you are striving to give me. Every single day you struggle and work hard to provide me a life of luxury and leisure, which is what I deserve.

I’ve been at the boiling point for days now, just bubbling, at the verge of going over the top. I love bringing you here too, making you feel as though you are going to explode yet you want to hold back and let it linger. The feelings are so intense, you feel inflamed, on the edge of a complete eruption and I make you wait, I make you feel it out, I bring you so close and pull you back in. The longer I keep you waiting, the more I can extract from you. I push you ever so close, heating you from the inside out. I whisper into your “Not yet My pet.” as I make you dance, I pull your strings and make you perform. I love getting you to the boiling point, making you dance at the edge, pulling you back and forcing you to retreat and pushing you head on into the wall of denial. Ahhh your boiling point makes me boil, and when I am good and ready I will whisper into your ear “Not ever my pet!”.  I will leave you drowning in need as I walk away with everything I ever wanted. It won’t stop you from coming back though.

Ignore the video.. Listen to the WORDS because this is how I feel about all of you.

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