My Greed Knows No Bounds & Neither Does your Desire to Pleasure Me

Financial Domination, oh mmm what a rush it is. To feel the quivering weak male beneath me, crushed into defeat by my ever growing power and greed as I happily count all the cash I so easily extracted is beyond bliss. This is the life I’ve given to MYSELF and I deserve it! I deserve every last cent you boys so hungrily hand over. The time has come for your wallet to be opened once again for me, yes boy, spend again boy… spend spend spend again boy! This is what you were made for my wallet drone, to open on command and spend again!

It’s time now to fill your mind with my binge boy trigger! Spend again binge boy, right now, and buy this new mindfuck financial domination mp3.

Trigger your boy brain with MY delicious voice to be in a never ending BINGE cycle! Mmmm binge boy spend again.. you’ll hear my sing-song voice poking your little trigger button all day long, keeping you in a constant state of BINGING on all things Goddess Posh.

In the VIP area there is a new brainwash MP3 that I know you are going to MELT for … just click the link and LISTEN! So easy, you can’t mess up! I make it easy for you to OBEY and to SPEND….
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Season of the Siren Serenade Haze Premiere

Today is the PREMIERE of the new Femme Fatale film series Season of the Siren!!! The first film from the series is called Serenade Haze and I know you puppets have been waiting for it anxiously.. you want to be put in a daze for days in a daze for days, don’t you .. you want to be under the POSHY spell!


My very indoctrinated puppets, you will login so you can buy the full film, as well as the Mindwash Mix companion clip. The rest of you can buy the companion clip right now, but you will come crawling back wanting to become a VIP so you can watch the full hour film too. Click the button and swim away into the sea of Goddess Posh now my puppet… allow the sway of my Goddess curves to wash your mind clean of all thoughts, except one, the thought of Goddess Posh… relaxing under my control… relaxing for the Songstress… my singing is all that you want to hear now, as you are unfolded before me, and left open to my greedy and wicked persuasions.

The companion clip to Serenade Haze, Serenade Haze the 20 minute Mindwash Mix is available on my niteflirt goodies page and on my clips4sale! Poshyfool who has both this months feature film and the clip (he paid $400 to receive them both 5 days early) has watched the companion clip when he has less time available, since it is much shorter, and finds it very effective at keeping him focused on ME, relaxed and my song loops in his mind all day… But when he gets a chance he loves to watch it as the primer to the full film! When he watches them both he can not MOVE, THINK, or do anything at all. He is paralyzed in subspace the entire time…


I love this movie poster my friend Fiona Foremost made for me!! She is not only talented at graphics, but at putting men where they belong, on their knees in service to women.


I’ll see you VIP on the other side…
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Season of the Siren Serenade Haze Preview

Ohhhh yay my little slaves I have for you the preview of the first film in the all new femme fatale film series Season of the Siren. This film is such a visual masterpiece of seductive beauty! I love that I am able to create such elaborate pieces of art, as an extension of my financial domination branding. I want your mind to be sooooooo indoctrinated for me, and this film series is the perfect way to do so! Every month you will experience another level of submission and surrender as I continue to take you under. Down down down you go for me slave boy, yes you do.. …mmm sooooo compelled to serve and be a good boy aren’t you.

You will watch this over and over right now! YES you will like an ADDICT, just get to those knees and PUSH that play button and then watch it on loop while you wait for the full release of this spellbinding film. How exciting, a full one hour of MOI to obsess over! A full HOUR to DROWN in! Drown in the sea of Goddess Posh and never come up for air .. just breathe me in .. like a good puppet.. puppet is in a daze for days in a daze for days. This is just the first of 12 films from the series!! These films have a central theme of being lured to your financial demise by the siren songs I so beautifully sing to you .. lured to obsession, to being a ZOMBIE, and of course you can’t resist..

Ohhhhh my my puppet you just can’t wait for this next piece of MIND VENOM you are sooooooooo helpless to eat up. Yes you will drift off in a trance, yes you will lose yourself totally to me, yes you will fall under my venus sway as you listen to the serenade haze. My soft sensual songs will lure you into helpless mindless obedience, you can’t say no, you can’t stop it, you can only sink, sink, sink, into the sea of Goddess Posh.

There are 3 original songs on the soundtrack of the film Serenade Haze:
In the Sea of Goddess Posh
Venus Sway Dream
Puppet Relax Relax Puppet

You’re about to enter the beginning of a years journey in addiction, obsession, worship, and financial enslavement to the song of the SIREN, to the VENUS SWAY, to the DELICIOUSLY GREEDY DESIRES of the one and only Goddess Posh. You’re going to be pulled and lured month to month, by the sirens songs. And at the end of the journey where will you be…. crashing into the rocks for me over and over? Finding yourself spending on me like a good puppet, without a thought or care at all for anything except OBEYING the siren sound.. always obeying, always serving, always worshiping, the siren sound. Can’t live without the siren sound, can’t live without the serenade haze putting you into a daze for days and days in a daze .. so easy to be in a daze.. in a daze puppet has no say and just loves to pay and pay .. puppet loves to pay and pay.. puppet is in a daze.. puppet loves to be my money slave.

The full HOUR FILM (FOR VIP) and the 20 minute mindwash mix (which will be available for ALL to buy in my clips4sale studio and on my goodybags) will be available in JUNE 2015.. which is this month, for those of you too preoccupied envisioning me to keep up.

Mark- stop sniffing around like a little puppy that misses it mama but doesn’t want to come home. You may contact me again when you’re ready to tribute, until then you may keep your little thoughts to yourself. I know they are there. I put them there mark, and more than that, you have a true connection to me that you can’t just pick up and find elsewhere. There’s a difference, and when you come to tell me you were thinking about me but then act apathetic toward me, it tells me two things. One, you miss me and there is a void that nothing else but I can fill and two, you are in deep denial of this. When you are able to send a tribute or gift card you may tell me you are thinking of me again, mark. Until then, not a peep out of you. Enjoy your escapades online without ME in it!

Goddess Posh Will Warp your Brain for LIFE!!!

Why would I allow you into my world without a tribute? I am a Financial Domination Goddess, my expectations will not be lowered for anyone. Why would you ever expect to be an exception to the rule? Why would you ever think you could be MY friend and just hang out with me without serving me? I am here to be worshiped and served by money slave. Nothing else. I am here to feel the rush of adrenaline I get every time I make one of you wallets open up and start mindlessly helplessly spending on me.


I am here to ask you a question, why are you existing without existing for ME???


Why are you a wallet without being a wallet for ME? You’re already what you are, a wallet that exists to be penetrated by my greedy hands. So why are you here reading this and not living this? You need my powerful hand to reach out and grab you by the leash and lead you to your place at my feet. You need my Venus Sway to mesmerize and pull you in to the seductive tempting world of Financial Domination, of being a wallet with a purpose for Me. It’s all here already, the bait has been set and now you get to enjoy giving into it. I know you want to be my helpless money slave, or maybe I just make you think you want to.. I’ll never tell.


I have another question for you. Why are you here right now looking at my holy words, and my beautiful face, feeling the power of my persuasion sweeping over you and you haven’t paused to send a gift card or tribute in response to me? This is what you were born to do. You were made to respond automatically to ME with the desire to SPEND SPEND SPEND. I expect to be served the cash I want from you, right now.

My palm is ready to be filled with your will so I can crush it. Then filled with your mind so I can mold and shape it. And as I crush your will, and mold your boy brain, I pluck hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of your wallet. Just sent me a $500 tribute? Oh that’s nice, what a good little wallet you are for me mmmm it makes me feel SO good when I know that I compel you to spend spend spend.. oh what’s that bitch boy, you want to spend spend spend MORE .. YES MORE… I’ll make you HURT for me and of course you won’t be able to stop loving me even through all that pain.

Spend Spend Spend to no end! That’s what Goddess wants out of you boys and that’s what I’m getting.

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets are so excited about the upcoming FEMME FATALE FILM series I am creating (I love being a creator!!!). If you don’t keep up with twitter (which I heard may be removing over 10mil adult accounts soon so bookmark my site!) then you’re not aware that I have a beautiful new series of Femme Fatale Films for you boys to drown in. It’s called Season of The Siren and will feature one new hour long film every month for 12 months!!! I can’t wait to see how this beautiful collection is going to look next year omggggg you boys are not going to be able to handle this without DRAINING yourself DRY of cash on me! Let the obsession and addiction growwwwww.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming film Serenade Haze from  Season of The Siren set for release in June 2015.. Only the first of 12 eeeeeeek I’m so excited to warp your brains even more! Mmmmm you’re already all so addicted and hooked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become even MORE so! OH yes you are going to keep falling and falling my little addicted drone… this series of clips will melt your boy brain down to a puddle for me. YESSS I am going to warp your boy brain for LIFE- even those who try to escape never fully regain control over it.

(it’s true isn’t it william, you still have your mind warped by me too.. so do you Mark.. you can’t lie or hide it.. it’s been in there consuming you since ’09 haha and so do you JOHN you try to take back control only to find yourself more broken.. and you mike.. I know you love when I make you cry and it hurts you when you deprive yourself of me too long.. )

Serenade Haze Screenshot



Let the worshipping continue in even more greatness than it already has. I am GODDESS POSH, you will REMOVE your ego, you will REMOVE your pride, you will LOWER to your knees, and you will LOWER your bank balance for ME!!! I will not tolerate anyone serving me who can not raise the bar to MY standards and expects me to instead lower myself to theirs. No you will get to your knees and strive to meet the challenge of quenching MY financial lust. If you can’t understand that I am more than worth sacrificing and suffering for you simply do not belong here and can scurry along. Maybe you’ll finally come to your senses but I don’t care if you do or not because it’s not about you is it. It’s about ME, and I only like the boys that understand that.

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets for more photos to worship ….

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Pamper Pleasure Provide Financial Domination Mp3

I’m a Financial Domme because of a lot of reasons but one reason is that I enjoy being pampered. When I’m here with you boys its because I want to be pampered by weak willed wallets, I want to be pleasured to no end and I want luxury provided to me. I want all of this and I want it funded by you boys. I login so I can experience these things.. but every now and then it seems you boys need a push to remember your place. Don’t approach me as a friend, don’t approach me as a partner, definitely do not approach me telling me what you want, don’t approach me speaking about what I can do for you or what do you get for serving me.. but this mp3 I’ve created isn’t a ‘DONT DO THAT’ negative message.. it’s a positive message. It’s more effective at adjusting your brain because it focuses instead on how good it feels to pamper, and pleasure, and provide for Goddess.. it focuses your mind where it needs to be.. kneeling on the ground under me, basking in my superior beauty and light, SERVICING my every desire. And those of you who are already there, already kneeling, a puppet desperate to serve, you will listen to this new Mp3 on loop so you can deepen and further your addiction to ME.

This Mp3 is your will come undone.


Pamper Pleasure Provide


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will login and listen to the new free audio I’ve added to the Goddess Gallery.. listen, obsess, and give into the voice that melts you. Read about my torture of Alan and my delight with Poshyfool and enjoy obsessing over the new photos I’ve added .. I want you hooked and helpless, and you are.
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Tushy Adore – Financial Domination Ass Worship Photos

Subtle and sexy.. there’s no need to be blatant and put it all out there. I often get whatever I want from my slaves using my brain alone. But I am a beauty, and it does help that my eyes are so captivating and gorgeous and my voice is so soft and silky and rich .. and my body has such amazing curves. So much curves! Curves that make any man weak, because biologically you’re wired to respond to the hourglass figure I have with a compulsion.. with such intense desire and lust.. and you can’t do anything about it. It’s just part of being YOU.. having the inability to resist MY perfectly feminine figure. Yet, I am so subtle with it.. I rarely ever show anything from the chest down publicly.. no need to. There are plenty of that nature to obsess over on VIP. However the MOST rare photos of me of all would be that of my gloriously thick ass! It is simply put the form of a Goddess, and I am just SO particular about sharing. No need to. I’m brilliant in mind, my body is merely an extension of that. Those who can see my beauty from the inside out are the one’s rewarded with more access to it. The more you appreciate me the way I am, the more I will bring you in and allow you to indulge in worshiping my womanly form.

You Very Indoctrinated Puppets will be delighted to hear that available for your consumption are four new photos of Goddess .. dressed in black sheer stockings, pink panties and DOMINATING you from above!! These photos are close up views of my gorgeous curvy tushy and TOO much for any true POSH lover to handle. If you LOVE all things about me, and most likely you do (yea even YOU) then you will appreciate the exquisite full curvy form of your Goddess. Tushy Adore photos are available to VIP only!

Of course they will cost you boys a pretty penny, because hello.. I have VALUE. Just looking at me will drain your bank account…. and MY ass has only been filmed/photographed ONE other time and only ONE boy has that video (john) .. these photos are beyond valuable. They are priceless to any of you Posh admirers, fans, addicts, slaves, wallets and pets.

The rest of you that aren’t VIP but ARE interested in being my wallet rape victim.. you can start your financial service with a niteflirt tribute and follow up email.


(VIP login to see my stocking feet….)

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VIP Personal Message

NON VIP – ooooh no update for you .. but because I love to rub it in your stupid bitch face what you’re missing out on you can read the description and see the screenshot from the newest clip I’ve made. Until you begin your journey serving ME the right way, with CASH, as a good wallet.. a good financial slave for a greedy financial domination Goddess, then you will forever be forced to accept the fact you are a failure and will continue to ache and yearn for ME and MY spell and MY control. I’d hate to be you.. wanting something so badly and being too stupid to have it. I’d never be in that situation because I always make sure I get whatever I want, in every way in every part of life. It’s just another way I am SUPERIOR to you! I get what I set my mind to. I succeed and accomplish greatness.  You just wither in the shadows longing to be a wallet in my hands, providing to my luxury, pampering and spoiling me the way I deserve. You long to feel my grip around you dragging you deep under.. that’s what you can have, right now.. simply by crawling to me, wallet out.


VIP Personal Messages

You very indoctrinated puppets are so lucky to have such a GENEROUS Goddess! I’ve gone out of my way to create a gorgeous video with a personal message to all of you VIP, a message that is sure to become DEEPLY ingrained into your weak mushy boy brain. But, I want you to listen to my voice closely, maybe I’ll have an even more personal message in this clip just for you .. listen for your name.. you could be one of the pets I speak directly to .. and if you’re not just know that the rest of the message was meant exactly for YOU then!

My weak little wallets.. login now so you can buy the new clip and find out for yourself if your name passes my Goddess lips.

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Her Eyes Chained Me

“..and her eyes..her eyes chained me..”

Is it my eyes that have you all chained up for me or is it your innate weakness that makes you such a captive of mine.. I know you can’t look away. I see you trying to consume as much of me as you can. I know you even steal the photos off of my website for your own obsessive little collection. And to those FOOLISH boys that want to act as if you’re not chained to me? Denial is a funny thing. On one hand you say you are not obsessed with, weak for, in need of, or addicted to ME, but on the other hand you won’t stay off of my website, you steal and collect all of my photos that you can, and you won’t stop thinking about ME.. yes I know you won’t stop thinking about me. I made it that way. Awww you can’t escape from you own brain and I have taken that brain, and made it all mine and all filled with my sadistic and greedy will. My voice dominates that mind. It has moved in and taken over every single square inch of that silly little brain of yours.

Doesn’t it drive you insane that just one little photo of me is all it takes to make you all dizzy … you think you can visit MY website and read MY words and see MY photos and not become CHAINED?


Chained by your own desires and chained by MY beauty and power.. My eyes MESMERIZE you and drive you deep into weakness. Don’t you want to be my good puppet and comply with everything I say? mmmm hmmm YESSS you doooooo so much! you love being chained to me, a helpless slave of my will. Slaves don’t have a choice in anything, they just obey. Slaves don’t get to ask for anything, they just serve. Serve & obey with financial sacrifice.. your little puppet head nods up and down mindlessly .. because I hold the strings. I make you do as I want. You don’t believe me, still in denial? I made you come back here AGAIN, didn’t I ..

That’s why you’re going to go to niteflirt right now & send a tribute. You’re chained to me, a puppet here for acting out my will, and I said TRIBUTE because what I want is for you to BE MY WALLET & since I am the GODDESS holding the strings this little puppet is going to OBEY and SPEND SPEND SPEND until there is nothing left.

Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will want to watch the cute video I made just for you…but as always remember I do have ulterior motives and they are deliciously evil!

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The Age of Goddess Posh


It’s the Age of Goddess Posh my pet. It’s the era you want to be part of.  You will invest in my pleasure, you will be a piece of the puzzle, you will focus your energy on being a good boy and reading ALL of MY holy words, allowing the changes to take place, and following the guidance and code of THE POSH MESSIAH.



The Word of Posh Messiah:

Consuming. That’s what MY words are. Life altering. YES. Because your entire life changes when you begin to descend into financial slavery for ME. It starts with just one little click, but it’s so easy to do. You can’t deny yourself the opportunity to INVEST in GODDESS POSH. When  you make that click you’ll want to start making more, I assure you. You’ll be eager to keep going, I know this for a fact. I’ve seen it before. It might start out slowly, even taking place over months, or it could be over night but you’re going to click again… and again. And eventually when you’re releasing the cash into my hands you’ll also be releasing your soul into my cage. I’ll keep it like a little pet, a pretty birdy for me, locked away just for me to coo at and talk to and play with however I want while your shell of a body is set to AUTOMATIC and goes out daily to earn more money, earn more slave wages, slave away day in and day out, spend spend spend, then do it all again. Check the wishlist. Check the site. Check the twitter. Obsess all day and all night. Do it again. Zombie is set to repeat. Emptied of cash, emptied of your soul, emptied of your self-control, and FULL of MY DOCTRINE!



The word of Posh Messiah:

Addicting. That’s what MY words are. Brainwashing. YES! Because you can’t stop reading these words of mine or withdrawal may happen, like a junkie. You can’t deny yourself this little bit of Poshy venom, now can you! And while you’ve been obsessing over MY words you didn’t even realize that I also have been making an investment.. in you! Filling up on these words every chance you can get, aren’t you. Back here reading every single little syllable you can get your greedy hungry little eyes on, and now you’re finding out that this entire time I’ve been using those words to invest in you.. yes! I have invested in YOU! That’s right little INDOCTRINATED fool. My words have been used as weapons of my will, focused into your mind and set off like a little explosion deep in your neurons.. forming trails that are PERMANENT fixtures in your boy brain .. trails of MY will, MY whim.. yes I have invested my time and energy to make you a better drone for me. I have instilled my teachings deep into your mind, deep in your subconscious, using MY Venus Sway and my investment is returning to me TENFOLD!



The Word of Posh Messiah:

Superior. That’s what MY words are. Inspiring. YES!!! Because you feel the ache and the urge to kneel for Me, this superior Goddess, and live a life as a TRUE puppet. With your path laid out before you by me, my desires lighting the way. My superiority inspires you to be a good boy for me, to work hard for me, and to invest in ME. Every time you find yourself back here you are awed all over again by me. Each word you’ve read has only drove you deeper into obsession. Each word has only cemented in place the fact that you are an inferior peon that will kneel and SERVE. Each word has been an investment by me into making you the best wallet you can be. When you read my words you feel inspired to INVEST in Goddess Posh. Blood, sweat and tears aren’t enough for this Goddess though. You’ll need to invest your cash, your slave wages, as a wallet of MINE and believe me you are MINE! That is why you return, addicted, brainwashed, and consumed. That’s why your life has been altered by this superior inspiring Goddess. Because you are MINE.



It’s time to make the smartest investment you’ve ever made, in ME. I’ve already invested in you my pet and the turn around is going to be soooooo sweet. Oh what a delicious pay off .. $$$$$$$$ you helplessly clicking my shiny pretty MONEY buttons, taking those slave wages you’ve worked so hard for, and investing them into MY pleasure mmmmm sooooooo good. Sooooo good to reach my hand into your wallet and pull out whatever I want, while the other hand toys with you so perfectly.. tormenting you so sweetly..



And to think I bet when you first laid eyes on my angelic doll face you felt so sure I could never be your downfall. I bet you took one look and felt safe. Safe to indulge a little in all those desires of yours. Besides, you could stop it any minute if you wanted so no harm giving it a little try with this beautiful Goddess .. no harm at all. Only now you can’t stop. Now you have been exposed to my word and have become an addicted, helpless, financial slave at my disposal. Now you’re looking at this angel face wondering what hit you.




It’s the AGE of GODDESS POSH my pet. It’s the era you CRAVE to be part of.
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Toying With My Boys


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

You’re weak. Weak for things like my blue eyes which you crave to drown in. You’re weak for things like the luscious full cleavage I so generously seduce you into helplessness with. You are weak for MY golden GODDESS voice that penetrates you to your very core.

In fact you feel weak already don’t you. It’s so exciting to imagine yourself sliding out of control as I seduce you into a mindless helpless state. It feels so good to slide deep deeeeep deeeeep into ever lasting all consuming addiction for Goddess Posh doesn’t it..

You are going to be so mindfucked by this financial domination clip My pet which also includes a seductive hypnotic slide show of never before seen photos that are sure to leave you WEAK and desperate for more.

A Seductive Slide Into Addiction


Ooooooooh you are so anxious to snatch this up aren’t you but because I am so enjoying the way you long for MORE I am not releasing it JUST yet! Oooh ouch that has to hurt a little junkie like you… so close.. so so so close to that dangling carrot and just like that snatched away again.

While you wait for your Goddess Posh fix you will give me MY fix by sending a CASH tribute or GIFT CARD. I’ll accept your appreciation for MY ART in the form of a financial sacrifice.. it’ll sure help make the time go by faster before you can shoot yourself up with more of ME.


A Seductive Slide Into Addiction will be available on both niteflirt as a goody bag and in my clips4sale studio. It’s going to be funny watching you boys check back all evening for the links. Haha. Little addicts. Don’t worry it will be here soon enough.. keep checking my twitter and blog OBSESSIVELY while you wait.

VIP boys login for another photo preview from the newest clip and to read my charming and INFORMATIVE post.

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A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

With so much delicious candy available from YOURS TRULY you are in serious danger since you aren’t capable of resistance and I know you will engorge yourself  ALL on ME. You’re in danger of losing EVERYTHING to Goddess but the best part is you don’t even care that you’re the prey.

So of course as usual you aren’t going to be able to deny yourself your most favorite thing ever (MORE OF ME) so you are going to RUN and buy this new clip A Seductive Slide Into Addiction as soon as I release it!

That’s right, it’s not available yet. Awwwwww soooooo sad, you have to wait. I’m just being kind enough to give you the heads up because I know you are sooooo thirsty for more of my sweet sweet venom. And THIS VIDEO is that. It’s a HARD FAST SLIDE deep into addiction.

I’ve been blessed that I have a natural sensuality about me. Between my voice, personality, curves and penetrating eyes it’s a lethal combination for a man. Naturally you respond to me with weakness. Looking at me makes you lose all of your self-control.. say bye-bye to having will power because I’ve got other plans for you. I love taking you deep under and watching as you helplessly slide out of control.. helplessly slide into addiction.. helplessly surrender yourself completely to me.. mmmm

You are soooooo excited to watch this new financial domination clip, you love seeing ME, GODDESS POSH, dominating over you with exquisite beauty, superior intellect and complete entitlement. I know I deserve to be worshiped, loved and served and you adore that about me. You admire the fact that I am so entitled and confident.

In the meantime while you wait for this video to be released you will busy yourself with PLEASING ME! Busy bee’s make the QUEEN BEE happy. MORE HONEY FOR THE HIVE. So buzz off and bring me back all the cash and gifts you can .. because that’s what a good little bitch does.

Thank Me With Tributes

Your words are meaningless.

I scoff when you send me tweets and emails and instant messages with nothing but your words. Do you honestly believe your words hold any value to Me? When you thank me with your words you’re just becoming even more invisible to me. As such an addict who really truly deeply adores me you obviously don’t want to use JUST WORDS and disappear into the background.. completely overlooked by Goddess. You want to stand out to Me which means your thank you needs to be in the form of a financial tribute.

I’ll be accepting your slave wages in the form of cash or gift card. VIP login so you can see a couple new photos of me with a 1k cash tribute I just received recently. SEEING GODDESS POSH HOLD MONEY MAKES YOUR MIND GO SO WEAK AND HELPLESS FOR ME.

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