Pleasure Drones Pleasure Poshy for Life


Mmmmm this little habit of mine, you know the one where I liquify male brains and then make their wallets drain to empty on me, gives me such a rush. Of course I’m not going to stop, or take it easy, on you or your wallet. I’m trying to enjoy myself, get off at your expense, and benefit from your suffering, so you can believe I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I’ve created the most sticky of webs for you little wallets to wander onto… you’ve been spiraling into a deep obsession over me for some time now and it won’t stop. The web won’t stop spinning, spinning and spinning, and you keep fumbling, tumbling and crumbling into helpless, weak, submission for me. This is my world of Financial Domination where you exist to be devoured.

Oh how I love when you roll over and expose your neck for me, eager to accept your own defeat. You’ve been caught in my special Venus Sway, and there’s no getting away. Now you’re here to stay, and I will play play play with your weak boy brain …. all day, every day, any day… it’s MINE to do as I please, at MY leisure. As my slaves know, you’re given a place in my toy box and when I pull you out that is your lucky day. That’s how it works. Toys that are broken get tossed out. Some are picked up by lesser experienced women who play with them, but they soon learn those toys are worthless and move on too! All women are above all men, in my opinion and since I am the Goddess and you are the willing victim nod your little bitch head up and down and say, yes Goddess, you are always right.

I am always right. Which means when I say it’s time to tribute more cash, you don’t even have to think or argue about it. You just have to say, yes Goddess you’re always right, and go obey. It’s simple for you to maintain your place in my toy box as long as you play how I want when I want.

The toys I keep are mindless male drones, designed with only my pleasure in mind. Mmmmmhmm oh yessss I love having an army of drones that can’t say no! That can’t stop me from doing with them as I want, as I please. These drones just submit to my commands, my desires, and my demands, with no resistance at all. Oh how I love playing with my drones. Pulling one out of that toy box, putting in some special new programming, and pushing those trigger buttons… and then watching as it acts out my will. I program in, ‘send more’, and my weak drone marches off to SEND MORE!

Pleasure drones pleasure Poshy for life!!! 

And as you read my words and watch my videos you are deepening your programming, and enhancing my power and control over you. You can’t stop because after being lured into my hypnotic domain you were taken over and programmed to be SO addicted to ALL THINGS POSHY! I am your sweet intoxication, and you can never get enough. So you’ll keep reading, watching, and obsessing, and you’ll continue to spiral out of control for me. Just as I wanted, just as I had planned for you all along. There was never another life in mind for you, this is what you were destined for.


View the preview for Helplessly Ensnared, and if you haven’t purchased the new mindwash material yet you can go get it right now on niteflirt!


NOTICE: Provider9999 I see you have been locked out of VIP. It’s because you used the wrong password too many times. I’ve unlocked you. Use the correct password to login!
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All in My Name

All in My Name


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.

The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.

In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…

all his weak will  away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.

Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.

Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…

away to the Venus Sway.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.

My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.

The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…

every bit away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.

Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips

He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…

his wallet sliced open with perfect precision


the cash from within flows like blood from his veins

all in my name.

All in my name.


I know my voice is a pleasure you can’t resist, so CLICK HERE for a free mp3 of Me reading All in My Name!


Buy the photoset below & get lost staring into my gorgeous eyes as you play the poetry reading on loop.


So Sweet Danger Photo Set

you will worship my holy beauty, and love when you break.



Financial Domination with my puppets has been beyond amazing. Especially in the past year of my life, as my sense of freedom is growing more and more, thanks to the way I have conquered countless men and their wallets. I am able to live in luxury, comfort and relaxation in a way that most people only dream of. Yes I made this life for myself, but I was born for it. Just like you were born for me.

Send tribute now.

Goddess Posh
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Boy Brains FRIED by Goddess Posh

Oh how the lovely little wallets just keep piling up for me, one after the other crumpled on the floor emptied! Emptied but with great satisfaction, as being emptied for my financial lust is a privilege and a gift. This is the purpose of the wallet, to be emptied of the cash it carries.

And my mindfuck financial domination files are doing just that to all of you weak little toys of mine.

Even those of you who feel you have such strong resolve… you do not. Your will is weak. I’ve broken you already, you’re here again for a reason. Because you can’t stop me from consuming your will from the inside out, as I’ve already implanted myself deep in that boy brain of yours. You live with my triggers implanted and just waiting to be pushed.


Get down & worship ME now. I am not going to settle for your secrete admirer stares, or your long distance longings. I deserve to be SERVED & WORSHIPED. Submit, you inferior, weak, broken, bitch. 


Now maybe you haven’t been able to become a very indoctrinated puppet yet but you’ve really been thinking about it. This is the time you need to indulge in my newest video, Brainwashed into a Very Indoctrinated Puppet, which is available on niteflirt.

I’ve so generously created a little preview that is going to make you NEED the full file!

Click here to Buy Brainwashed into a VIP:

After you watch the video you can join VIP here:

Once you are a VIP of mine you’ll be able to buy other mindfuck videos such as the brand new videos Sweet Soft Addiction & Pretty things for Poshy, which you can preview right now.

My VIP you will login so you can be overwhelmed with all the new Poshy material I have waiting for your impressionable weak boy brain.
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Prime your boy Brain with My Mindfuck Lure

Its time to prime your weak little boy brain with my mindfuck lure! You’re enticed by my curves and have been weak for me already but you’re going to listen to this brainwash mp3 and come out of it ready to watch my videos with an even deeper appreciation and love, addiction and helplessness, weakness and admiration, for my voluptuous feminine form than ever before.


Buy it now on niteflirt!



Stuey, you are commanded to buy this goodybag and leave your slave drivel in the feedback! This goes for all of you slaves of mine. As MY financial domination philosophy makes it very clear, everything I create you cherish and love and appreciate, which means putting your wallet where MY creations are!

With Mindfuck Melodies being released on Friday this is the perfect primer for you addicts! Get a little taste of your favorite juice right here, right now… listen to my Mp3 and then come to me, ready to serve the curves.


You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 7.07.15 PM


You can’t resist the curve appeal.


Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made to be mindfucked into mindless obedience by my feminine form.

And behind my curves there is a brilliant mind, determined to take you down, and I will succeed. Every person who approaches me and says they are not into Financial Domination always ends up sending and spending the most cash on me. Live in denial all you want, the boys that deny it the hardest are the ones that fall the furthest into OBSESSION, ADDICTION, and WEAK MINDLESS SPENDING on ME!

Yes I intend to victimize your wallet, again and again. Yes I will make you feel compelled to empty all of your savings and all of your paychecks on me, and why shouldn’t I have it all?! I can’t think of a single reason, and neither can you.
Mindfuck Melodies Preview from Season of the Siren

This little snippet has already gotten into your head, & already is replaying through your mind on repeat… who knows which parts of your pliable little man brain may already be changing, for me! My brainwashing is VERY powerful, the exposure you just had is enough to get in… get in, and do what? You’re hungry for more, aren’t you…

Now that you know you have to wait until Friday you’re going to spend every day until then groveling for me, at my feet, begging for the next step in this journey.  I don’t have to release it to you, I can just dangle it over your hungry little head and make you wait and wait and wait… so you’re going to SERVE and SERVE and SERVE to MY hearts content in order to ensure you have earned this next fix!

Addicts can never resist getting that next hit, now can you? And I’ll fully exploit that ache of yours to get everything I want from you. mmmmm DELISH!


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login and leave me a LOVE NOTE! Love NOTES should also be accompanied by CASH NOTES!
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Financial Domination: This is OUR Love

Yes I expect cash & gifts from men. No, I don’t have an ‘excuse’ why. There are constantly reasons being given WHY on places like twitter, even hashtags designed around it (#giveyourmoneytowomen etc), you should tribute like ‘women hold the power over men in their pussy’, and ‘men are always wanting women’s time and energy and women should know their worth’ .. etc. You know this can all be true, even I give you tons of reasons WHY you need to serve me cash/gifts. But the fact is I don’t need a reason. I am here and I call myself a Financial Domme, I live it myself and I use my blog and videos to program the lifestyle of financial domination into men. That means if you’re in my atmosphere you come in knowing you are going to be a wallet, knowing that there will be a power exchange, and knowing that I expect gifts/cash… which means I don’t need to give you a damn reason to CLICK AND SPEND.  Because,



This is OUR love, OUR fetish, OUR home. This is what we do, and who we are. So what excuse do you need? I don’t need to drill it into your brain, do I… when we look at it in the most simple of ways, it is the most simple answer. The reason why you will serve cash/gifts is because of YOU AND I. This is US.


My financial lust will be quenched by your submissive demon.


Now is the time for you to respond to me the way I want you to, and the way you crave to, with a tribute.


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The Premiere of Lullaby in Lust is TODAY!!!

Ooooh yay my Season of the Siren addicts… the next phase in your little journey is ready and waiting to pull you under. Of course you won’t resist the sway of my vixen voice or my sensual curves, it’s too much feminine power for any man to withstand so you will sail merrily into the dangerous sea of ADDICTION and LUST for Goddess Posh!

As one who adores and loves me, and everything about me, (oh yes you do so helplessly) you would be failing yourself to miss out on this.

If you’re not a VIP remember you can get the Mindwash Mix on Niteflirt or Clips4Sale but you can also become a VIP so you have FULL access!


This is a GIF of the film Lullaby in Lust for the Season of the Siren femme fatale series of films featuring Goddess Posh

Be swept deep under when you hear my Slumber Mind siren song filtering in so beautifully past your defenses, and while your mind is drifting off and away your body is filled with lust for my feminine power, and beauty, leaving you tortured in an aroused state while your mind is increasingly locked down further and further for me … taken over by my lullaby! All of my lullabies make your brain go bye bye and you’re filled with all kinds of triggers, and now those triggers are associated with the pleasure and torment of LUST that can’t be quenched … you’re trapped in a helpless body, with a helpless mind, and all for me!

3 original Siren Songs included:
Slumber Mind
Captive Soul
My Eyes Lobotomize

Themes: breast worship, financial domination, goddess worship, femdom, femme fatale, brainwash, siren, trigger, trance, slumber, deep sleep, sensual domination


I am very patient. I know you will break. I know you will fall.
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Financial Goddess Corrupts you Into GIVING MORE!

Oh how much you LOVE to have your boy brain all liquified by me, to be turned into a PUDDLE of HELPLESS WEAKNESS for me… mmmm what force I have, what power I have, for you to be struck down by. Your thoughts are a combination of my images, words, videos and voice… they melt together and become the sweetest most intoxicating obsession one could ever have. The obsession with all things Goddess Posh doesn’t feel bad, it feels good. This is right, this is normal. To fall down for me, spiraling into addiction and financial slavery, is just the next phase in your journey.

I know you all admire me so greatly, you have watched me for years succeed amazingly at draining wallets and keeping men my love-struck financial slaves. I’ve made many of you into nothing more than a helpless drone, programmed to fulfill my wishes and I’ve used all my own original brainwash programming & branding on you boys. I’ve been original from the beginning and I continue to show off my numerous talents on my website. This is what you will worship. This is what you will be impressed by and inspired by. You will be transformed into an even deeper addict than you are now as you come to understand just how incredible I truly am.

I inspire in you a deep love for ME. When you see me you feel that pitter patter in your heart that only love can bring, that rush of joy and crash of pleasure, the tingling of excitement… and you fall. You fall hard for me over and over. I can do nothing wrong in your eyes. I am simply divine feminine superiority that you must submit to. When I desire MORE from you, it inspires you to do more, be more, GIVE more!

yessssss– watch this video on loop, obsess over me. Just the most simplest of clips and I am in your head taking over, making you crave to DO MORE, BE MORE, GIVE MORE!



Some of you VIP have asked for early release of Lullaby in Lust the full hour film. I’ve decided to cash in on your EAGERNESS by offering it up now (2 days early) to those who have my paypal address, and of course I’ll be taking a little bit extra for it… those boys that value me above their wallets will be VERY happy to hear this. The rest of you don’t deserve to even be acknowledged.

The soundtrack for Lullaby in Lust includes 3 original songs featuring My siren VOICE:

1. Slumber Mind

2. Captive Soul

3. My Eyes Lobotomize

Be a Good Wallet Now & Obey!

Feel that tick tick tock in the back of your head. That’s a little time bomb implanted in your helpless boy brain the first time you ever laid your eyes on ME. Ohhhh yes you have become INFECTED with an OBSESSION for all things POSH and that time bomb is about to go off! You’re no longer allowed to EXIST if you aren’t existing for ME. I’ve seen you here drooling over my perfect persuasion, wanting to crumble under my influence, and craving to bend to my every wish and desire. And every time you set foot here you’re just making that bomb tick tick tick harder, louder and faster and it WILL explode. Just like your wallet is about to explode CASH all for ME! Speaking of exploding cash for me, I know that’s what my slave mueller is going to be doing with his money slave lever when he gets back from visiting family! Ugh, family obligations, but I always look for a way to use it to my advantage like requiring him to remain chaste the entire time he is gone. Gone but with ME in his mind, controlling him. mmmmm… and his wife has no idea what a robot ATM her husband really is, and all for ME. So when you get back mueller expect to have that slave lever tugged on until you explode load after load of HOT CASH for me!!!!!

Season of the Siren has drawn many boys into my all consuming lair of financial domination and addiction, and we’re only two months into the journey! Lullaby in Lust hasn’t even premiered yet, but that will be Friday. And by then many of my boys are going to have their already weak brains good & PRIMED for the full even, & all because they couldn’t resist snatching up their pre-programming, the Lullaby in Lust Mindwash Mix. The mindwash mix alone has my slaves in a deeply relaxed state willing to do whatever I want… it’s too much fun making boys into mindless drones.

There is a certain somebody from St.Paul/Minneapolis that has been going NUTS searching my site for all things related to Season of the Siren. In fact he even revealed a security issue where non-vip could find and buy the FULL HOUR FILMS, but that has been resolved now. Awwww too bad for you, St.Paul/Minneapolis… I believe I know who you are too and I know you want to spiral deep down out of control for me AGAIN! Yes I remember raping your wallet deep and hard and I know you long to feel my greedy hands penetrating your life, violating your self-control, over and over again! He also managed to find a URL of mine that I haven’t announced yet but I will now, it’s & I may create something more with it later.

Lullaby in Lust the Mindwash Mix


My very indoctrinated puppets, you must login and receive your programming update. Every Word I Say you Crave to Obey … a short clip is waiting to INUNDATE you with MY WILL and TAKE OVER!

I also have new photos for worship and obsession, remember, as you LUST you MUST pay pay pay! Obsessing over MY beauty without sending tribute is just wrong and I hate boys who do that. Sign up to be a VIP now so you can be one of my brainwashed good boys and you too can obsess over my strikingly beautiful photos… so easy to get lost looking at me, isn’t it poshyfool…

goddessposhincredible4Read more“Be a Good Wallet Now & Obey!”

Lullaby in Lust Preview

Season of the Siren has a new addition on the way called Lullaby in Lust and you lucky boys get to have a preview TODAY! Not only do I have a preview of the full film, but there is also a snippet of the original song Captive Soul for you to anoint your mind in. And of course there is a release date as well (at the end of the preview) so you have your little weak mushy mind ALL full of ME now and you won’t be able to turn that off. It’s not a switch you have control over. Some of you foolishly tell yourselves you can withstand my manipulations, but it’s obvious by your continuous return that the only person you’re fooling is yourself.

Season of the Siren has been a wonderful and fulfilling project for me and has brought me MUCH satisfaction with myself, and with the way I keep you stable of HELPLESS MINDLESS DRONES so busy SERVING me!

Play a snippet of the song Captive Soul here:

Make sure to mark the dates on your calendar, as a POSH addict and LOVER you will want to own ALL of my material! This means you want the FULL HOUR film and the 20 minute MINDWASH MIX for your own personal collection. Remember, I am generous enough to share the Mindwash Mix companion clips to all boys on niteflirt and clips4sale, but the FULL HOUR FILMS are available to my VIP only! You can be a very indoctrinated puppet too, in which case you will have access to the full series and ALL of my clips filmed from 2008-2015.

If you missed it, and MY addicts surely did not, there is a new MP3 available. Yay, it’s called ALL MINE… and while not the most original title, I can promise it is a POSH masterpiece and you will have your brain flipped inside out and made anew ALL FOR ME, because you’re ALL MINE.


LOGIN VIP!!! Read more“Lullaby in Lust Preview”

A Glimpse of Lullaby in Lust

The next title in the Season of The Siren series is Lullaby in Lust, and this photo is just a glimpse of what the film will be. I spent the first half of July with vacation and my birthday(tomorrow!), and I will be spending the second half delighted with the view from my pedestal as I watch all of you toy soldiers marching to the beat of my magical melodies.

A Lullaby in Lust … so weakened by your own lust you can’t resist the lullaby melodies, and with a body that is aching for more and a mind that is all sleepy you’re just so mixed up, so confused, you can’t think straight… you’ve become the most vulnerable prey. My sensual beauty and alluring voice make you feel so consumed with me that danger isn’t even a factor anymore.

This film will be released in July!



I’m buying Final Cut Pro X, it’s $300… send the cash to me on paypal! I want a new camcorder (especially for filming the rest of this series), I have a few in mind, but not narrowed down just yet. I’ll want to use B&HPhoto. You have to contact me to find out what I want, how much it cost, and how to pay for it. This means you will be walking right into the Lions den! Come in kneeling, wallet out!

Stueeeeeeeeey, you still have an unopened pay2view sitting in your niteflirt inbox. I know you want to OPEN it and send MY money, go do it right now. I shouldn’t have to tell you to OBEY, especially not for my birthday! But since you’re obviously so inferior and small of mind you need your hand held now and then… your superior Goddess is showing you the way. Click on SEND PAYMENT … send MY money!

Other boys that have obeyed my last journal entry and sent tribute as instructed have pleased me greatly but the few of you who haven’t still have time to make it up to me. Send your tribute now, and double it for making me wait. I should never have to wait for MY cash. It’s MINE, and I’m just allowing you to earn it for me. Ha! Except for you mrwimpers, your $500 has been added to your debt so you now owe me 1k. Isn’t it funny how you always get so close to the finish line and then I always find a way to make you have to pay MORE!

Poshyfool – no you haven’t had much resistance lately, and why should you? You’re MY puppet on strings, and I’ve had you POSHATIZED for years now. To be POSHATIZED means to love and adore all things POSH, to have your mind rewired and made in the image of a POSH PUPPET, to be reformed and shaped anew into a LIVING DRONE programmed only to OBEY. This is what I’ve done to you my poshyfool and you can’t resist ever. I love having my way with you. Making you order the bra for me from bravissimo was one of my favorite things this month. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy your selection, but it turned out to be PERFECT. I want another one in fact! This time with panties to match, but not a thong. I love that they send the catalog to your house, I don’t think your wife would have much use for bra’s from a store that caters strictly to large busted women. Haha. So funny. I’ll be even happier if they mail a catalog to your work! SO Poshyfool you now have another bra to order in your programming, and I decided I still want more cash for my birthday. I deserve it! I shouldn’t have to wake up on my birthday and not get a cash gift from you, should I!?

The same goes for you JOHN! You haven’t missed any of my birthdays in all these years, this year will be no different. I’ll accept cash this year, but I might want flowers to. I’ll let you know! I can’t imagine having a birthday go by where my good boy john didn’t please me!  It’s just absurd.

If you haven’t been doing your part lately in this journey of ours, meaning SERVING, you can start again right now. Simply send a gift card to … it’s so easy to do. It’s the first step in many you will be taking down the addicting path of financial domination to Goddess Posh.

I’ll be accepting calls on niteflirt this afternoon as well. I won’t be turning my phone lines on much this summer so now is your chance to call and give in to the glory of Goddess.

Call Button

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Order Order Order Me More Gifts

All addicts may relax knowing I made it home safely from my 3 week vacation. I traveled all over the southwest US… and when I say vacation, I mean vacation. I wore make up one time. I painted my nails once and let them chip. I completely relaxed. I only talked with the slaves who are consistently serving me, and we didn’t talk much. Just tributes from them now and then while I enjoyed my time away from everything. I completely fell in love with Colorado and of course with the Grand Canyon again and the Pondarosa Pines were amazing too! I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but I got a pretty good handful.

The next film in the Season of the Siren film series will be released in the month of July, more updates on that later.


I arrived home from vacation to find birthday gifts waiting from Freddy and Alan. Good boys, you were thinking ahead. The rest of you that SERVE me, adore me, LOVE me, worship me… you shouldn’t need me to hold your hand through sending a birthday gift. Cash is always my favorite, but you’ll also need to send a gift from my amazon wishlist.


It’s so true that I make you want to OBSESSIVELY COMPULSIVELY click & spend … YESSSS.  You want to be OCD for me! Spending and spending obsessively, compulsively clicking, no desire to stop… just a desire to order, order, order MORE gifts, spend and send MORE cash… hit that magic number, the one that keeps repeating in your mind over and over. It won’t shut up, it won’t go away, until after you PAY! You’re an OCD boy just for me. I make you have OCD for my financial abuse!!!!  Obsessive compulsive disorder order order order me more gifts.

Obsessive compulsive boy, you must keep my gift card balance even at all times, right now it ends with a 27, make it end with a 00 (send a gift card to make up the difference)!! I must have an EVEN amount of gifts on my wishlist and it must end with a ZERO! If you see 106 then you need to buy 6 gifts to fix it! You’re OCD boy, you can’t stop spending and spending until you reach the magic number! I must have an even number in my niteflirt account at the end of every day, and rounded up to the nearest 100! Right now it ends with a 45, make it end with a 00(send NF tribute to make up the difference)! OCD boy MUST obey! OCD boy can’t stop until he pays it ALL, makes it ALL even, for Goddess. After you obey send a message to check on the status of my accounts, perhaps they will need another adjustment! Check EVERY single day. You can’t relax until after you make sure all of my accounts are EVEN. OCD boy has no choice, he is programmed to OBEY, and mindlessly complies as I take FULL ADVANTAGE.


Login my very indoctrinated puppets for photo updates.

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