The Venus Sway is in your blood its in your brain it swims and swims through your veins
I’ve taken over, I’ve made the change that you need to become the BEST BOY for ME.
I’ve created a POSHATIZED puppet from NOTHING because I AM THE POSH MESSIAH!!!

I’ve warped your life with my powerful mind altering clips and words so greatly that you can’t even remember what it was like BEFORE POSH. Before POSH was a lifeless existence, one that just floated along meaninglessly while the world spun around it. Now you have ME and a path to stay on, a light to follow, that leads you right into the warmth of my Venus Sway! Here you are programmed to achieve greatness for me, giving a new purpose to your days. As a VENUS SWAY mind controlled DRONE you have no say and you mindlessly bob your bobble head up and down to my will.

Now you may already follow me on but that doesnt mean you shouldn’t stock pile my original mind control brainwash clips for your own private collection. On you can stream all the clips, but you may not download them. To buy your own personal copies of my financial domination clips you need to CLICK HERE and USE your credit card or even PAYPAL to check out! Yes I have set up my own payment processor and they conveniently are allowed to accept paypal so you boys have no excuse at all to not able to buy MY hypnotic, trance inducing, spell binding, femdom clips!

There is also the side of POSHY that you all know is there, and love, but are rarely invited to partake or enjoy- the KINKY side! That is why you will not see that my UNCHAINING the KINK is going to CHAIN you down and turn you into even more of a mindfucked POSH addict than you already are!

Subscribe on for the KINKY FETISH CLIPS you know your depraved and dirty side is craving, the side of you that needs to be taken forcefully by me, the side that wants and craves to feel my hand on the back of your head as I make you take my strap-on cock down your throat… I know about THAT side and I will take that side of you and use it to MY advantage!Venus Sway Unchained




Quite a few of The Venus Sway mind control clips have been added on my Niteflirt goodybags store, and on VENUSSWAY.COM! Take a moment to look into my eyes, and then go and enjoy being a weak puppet for me. Enjoy the feeling of being taken by ME. Know that it is a privilege, an honor, to be here and used for MY pleasure. Know that being controlled by ME is a kind of intimacy you won’t find anywhere but here. Surrender to ME, and we will both be in euphoric pleasure as you slip deep down into a drunken stupor for me.


Venus Sway LOVE Addiction



Boys, you simply MUST become CHAINED up by my UNCHAINED KINKY SIDE and suffer your CBT fate for me! I plan for those boy balls to be SWOLLEN and IN PAIN by the time I am done with you, and don’t think the only way you will pay is in pain, bitch. You’ll also be paying in cash, as usual. Also, be aware, the most sexy and kinky wishlist items have been hidden on a list I share ONLY with my unchained boys! I also post more fetish focused content, like Feminization, CBT, Forced-Bi, Ass Worship, sissification, strap-on, CFNM, SPH, ETC




I have opened The Venus Sway Studio on Clips4Sale, which you boys know I was the TOP FINANCIAL DOMINATION seller on there for 4/5years straight! I always had multiple clips on the top 50 in the category and was in the top 50 of the site overall more than a few times. However, I pulled all my old clips down and archived them for later use. If you  missed out on any of those clips I am slowly releasing many of them on the two different Venus Sway websites!  As an expert in Financial Domination and controlling the male species I feel its only right that for my TENTH year of DOMINATING MEN as GODDESS POSH I will increase my hold over this realm by staking MY place, MY claim, as a producer. I WILL PRODUCE MY STARS and you will fall HARD. 

My newest content from 2016-2017 will be found in my new Clips4Sale studio, but surprise, I am also producing clips featuring other ladies as well. These ladies will be known as The Venus Sway STARS!!!!! Of course this will include my sister Sasha Star! Don’t forget to subscribe to her femdom fetish onlyfans account, she loves to make men bow to HER and SLAVE away! Foot FETISH freaks will LOVE HER too, she LOVES shoes, having her feet worshiped, getting pedicures and manicures, and walking all over you! She LOVES to humiliate small cock losers & be a total brat to weak bitches, making them pay and pay while she just does whatever she wants! There will be NO MERCY from this girl.



Tushy Adore – Financial Domination Ass Worship Photos

Subtle and sexy.. there’s no need to be blatant and put it all out there. I often get whatever I want from my slaves using my brain alone. But I am a beauty, and it does help that my eyes are so captivating and gorgeous and my voice is so soft and silky and rich .. and my body has such amazing curves. So much curves! Curves that make any man weak, because biologically you’re wired to respond to the hourglass figure I have with a compulsion.. with such intense desire and lust.. and you can’t do anything about it. It’s just part of being YOU.. having the inability to resist MY perfectly feminine figure. Yet, I am so subtle with it.. I rarely ever show anything from the chest down publicly.. no need to. There are plenty of that nature to obsess over on VIP. However the MOST rare photos of me of all would be that of my gloriously thick ass! It is simply put the form of a Goddess, and I am just SO particular about sharing. No need to. I’m brilliant in mind, my body is merely an extension of that. Those who can see my beauty from the inside out are the one’s rewarded with more access to it. The more you appreciate me the way I am, the more I will bring you in and allow you to indulge in worshiping my womanly form.

You Very Indoctrinated Puppets will be delighted to hear that available for your consumption are four new photos of Goddess .. dressed in black sheer stockings, pink panties and DOMINATING you from above!! These photos are close up views of my gorgeous curvy tushy and TOO much for any true POSH lover to handle. If you LOVE all things about me, and most likely you do (yea even YOU) then you will appreciate the exquisite full curvy form of your Goddess. Tushy Adore photos are available to VIP only!

Of course they will cost you boys a pretty penny, because hello.. I have VALUE. Just looking at me will drain your bank account…. and MY ass has only been filmed/photographed ONE other time and only ONE boy has that video (john) .. these photos are beyond valuable. They are priceless to any of you Posh admirers, fans, addicts, slaves, wallets and pets.

The rest of you that aren’t VIP but ARE interested in being my wallet rape victim.. you can start your financial service with a niteflirt tribute and follow up email.


(VIP login to see my stocking feet….)

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$500 to bow before MY tushy & WORSHIP

You already know I deserve the money  YOU work for, so me attaching a clip in which you get to see MY perfect tushy in it- that is SO generous of me! I am going to rape you of all that cash and SO much more anyway so you WILL click & you will SPEND on this file I so thoughtfully made- just for you.

I know you want this file, I know you need it, because for years you have begged and pleaded with me to shatter your world with the breath taking perfect image of my ass. Now you will bow before it and send MY cash as you worship and adore my tushy.

You will spend $500 to beg and worship beneath my ass & then you will send more – because I love and deserve MORE. Purchase on clipvia, niteflirt or paypal/greendot.

PRICE IS DOUBLE NOW! Instead of $250 it’s now $500 to see my bottom in a pair of panties, something which will NEVER happen again. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to worship my ass! The fact is you have begged for SO long now & I know you would do anything for the chance.

PS. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION FILE. Will not be available for much longer.

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