The Power of Posh Messiah

What power I have, always making you return here and you can’t even explain why! It just keeps happening. I say you’re addicted to my special brand of financial domination, you are hooked on the venus sway, you are compelled to quench my financial lust.. and you suddenly realize you are, it’s ALL TRUE.. here you are so helpless to stop yourself from being persuaded by my mindfuck. You know I am superior and will use my power to manipulate you into doing whatever I want, and still you march back to me. That’s what puppets do. They respond to the flick of the strings, and it just so happens that I am the one holding them. Don’t fool yourself, get in line with all the other drones and march along to the beat of MY will. March to the beat of MY greed. Little drones just MARCH along! Like little toy soldiers I have set up to play with you are laid out before me helpless to prevent it as I make you march right into the lions den.. I make you forget about the risks and dangers, and march you right to your own defeat. That’s what I do.


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login to watch the new special clip I made just for youuuuuu called ‘You are Fucked Fucked Fucked’… which you can also find in Poshtopia.


Goddess Posh
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I Am Financial Domination Incarnate

How long has it been now that you’ve felt the burning in your body, the ache in your soul, pushing you to the brink of falling forever for Goddess?

That feeling won’t be ending anytime soon.

I deserve to be worshiped. I believe it with every part of me, and I beam with that confidence, superiority and power. As a Goddess I expect to be worshiped by those inferior to me, which is ALL of YOU. I’m the reason you have that ache. I’m the reason you feel that burning desire. It’s all because of MY greatness that you can’t stop coming back for more.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of what worshiping a Goddess entails….

It doesn’t involve you using your brain too much. I like to put that inferior thing on HOLD.. it just goes to a nice little quiet place, your boy brain on pause.. so I can do all the thinking FOR YOU. Which is what you need and want. It’s better when you don’t have to make any choices. If you are left to make the decisions obviously you would fail.

It’s so good that I shut that silly boy brain up and take over for your thinking. You don’t need to think when you already just know, this is RIGHT and this is what is meant to be.

You will worship me with every part of you. Your life will consist solely of Goddess.
You will worship me with your time, by devoting it to making more money for me, and obsessing over everything about ME. You will worship me with your wallet, devoting every cent you earn to ME.. you will act in a robotic state, clicking and spending it all away without ever thinking. You don’t have to make the choice. I’ve made it for you already.

You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve.


boy brain PAUSE


I want MOREEEEE .. all you need is my want and you’re ready to give. That is what I do to you. That is what being MY financial slave IS. I make you want to spend it all and you will. You feel that burning need in you, to provide, to serve, to pamper, to be of use to Me. I AM Financial Domination incarnate. I AM THE REASON. You will worship. You will serve.

Goddess Posh


Look at all these gift cards boys just can’t stop sending to me. The hierarchy goes like this.. first is CASH – like in the mail cash or handed to me in person cash, then there is CASH by paypal/niteflirt etc, then next is gift cards followed by wish list gifts. But above all those, at the very very top is receiving ALL of that from you.. I like to take it from all angles, know what I mean. Right now you can join the other boys who worship me with their wallets and SPEND AND SEND gift cards galore MY way! Go to my wish list to shop for them now & send gift cards by email to … I know you’re sitting there imagining yourself giving in to the temptation, DO IT… Goddess wants you to.

Oh you can’t see the gift cards? You have to be VIP for that. I’m not inclined to share every detail about my wallet rapes with just everyone. It’s much too personal to me for that. I’ll toss a bone now and then for the gawkers to get a good look… but those of you who truly value financial domination and what I do to my wallets, you will appreciate the fact that I am reserved with how much I reveal. So LOGIN VIP boys and enjoy looking at just how much I have raped in gift cards from some of my wallets in the past couple months.

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Wallet Raped Chris Hard but I Want More

Oh don’t act surprised, you shouldn’t be shocked that I want MORE! It’s not like I keep it a secret about how much I love raping your wallets and draining that cash. It’s pretty much common knowledge that when you crawl to me in submission you will experience total loss of control and mindlessly click away for me until either you have nothing left or I’ve grown tired of you.

Like the recurring event he is chris crawled to me on his knees wallet in his teeth begging to be raped. You need to be a VIP to read all the details.. to see exactly how deep I’ve taken him already and how much deeper he is going to go down for me. I love when you boys get so fucked for me.. he just can’t stop clicking, can you chris..

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Poshtopia of Financial Domination

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

A real place or state of things in which everything is perfect through serving Goddess Posh. The word was first used in 2013 in a YouTube video by Goddess Posh.

Poshtopia draws you into an addicting maze of all things Goddess Posh! Through serving MY desires you’re consumed in My world, where all that matters is being an available and eager puppet who wants nothing more than to please this IMMACULATE Financial Goddess. You never have to think. You never have to worry. In Poshtopia you only need to relax your silly inferior mind, and allow the superior will and power of your dominant, beautiful and deserving Goddess to take over!

Everything about me is intoxicating and revitalizing. I lift your spirit and renew your sense of purpose, giving you such a clear and precise path to follow. All you have to do is take one step after the other into the wonderful world of Poshtopia. See, it’s so lovely in here where my voice swirls all around you lulling you into submission, and my power penetrates your flesh and scathes your soul and you love it! You just can’t get enough. It’s so much fun, and so exciting, to be lost in the world of Poshtopia with your Goddess.. isn’t it.

You want to lay jewels, cash, and gifts at my feet. In honor of my beauty, in honor of my superiority, in honor of my complete essence. I fuck with your head and make it feel so divine. The needs you feel are only the need to obey your Goddess and work as hard as you can and as long as you can to bring ME happiness!

You can earn a place in Poshtopia.. all you need to do is follow my orders. To start you need to be stocked up on all of my brainwash financial domination fetish clips if you’re not already! They are so important because I use my brainwash technique The Venus Sway to really fuck with your helpless boy brain. It helps to ease your anxieties and increase the dopamine release into your body! As you’re more exposed to my venom you become even more hooked and want to drink in even more. But it’s so good, and leaves you feeling so helpless under MY perfect control, you never want to stop.

Then you need to make sure you show me how much you truly adore me by sending me a gift from my wishlist or by sending me a cash tribute to my niteflirt, or even as a giftcard from amazon to but you must make sure you send me some form of tribute otherwise you’re just a silly failure who can’t get into Poshtopia. The boys who really want in know how to get in the right way, don’t you my addicts..

I’ll guide you down the path, deep into the maze of financial domination and mind-control, but you have to come to my door and present a gift to get into this world. I love being a financial domme and having such fantastic pets already living in Poshtopia. All of them have a special place and when I’m ready I take my puppets out one by one and play with them however I want. My puppets can never get enough of me, and being allowed playtime with Goddess is so much fun and such a real treat! You can be a special puppet too.. you only need to OBEY.

There is so much to get caught up in, it’s so exciting and even if overwhelming that makes you feel even better. This is the REAL Goddess, the REAL trap, the REAL maze that lets you into a world of sensual and soft dominance that makes you so soft, so mushy, you can never say no. Being MY personal little wallet is divine.

I want and deserve droves and droves of mindless money slaves, all lost in the world of Poshtopia, all lost to The Venus Sway, all caught in the addicting spell of Goddess Posh .. clicking and spending, sacrificing it all, to ME.

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Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination

Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it makes me look mysterious…

Each month I release more of my venom onto the interwebs, and each month you get more and more entangled in it. Isn’t it just SO lovely?! The vast  amount of brainwash you, mindfuck you, and wallet rape you material I have created is so generous of me. How kind I am so allow you little minions to have a real reason to live… for ME, for MY pleasure. Never forget that, you are here to provide to my happiness with your wallet, and if you fail to do so you simply won’t be allowed HERE anymore. That means no more Goddess, and we all know how much you need your sweet toxic candy now don’t we..

I have released more new clips for you to mindlessly consume, yes I want your mind to drink in what I release without even thinking about it, just drink it in.. soak it up… feel it injected straight into your brain.. and go totally weak and helpless for me. Leave me an email and tell me how weak I make you! Email me to and confess all of your dirty money slave thoughts to me. I want to hear from you..

Mindfucked in a Minute was a great success and of course I know the second in the series will be just as successful, if not even more so! Anyone can afford to buy a $5 mindfuck clip, and if you can’t afford five dollars for a fetish femdom financial domination HOT mindfuck clip you shouldn’t be on the internet! The internet wasn’t made for poor people to wank off to you know!

First up is the new clip Crawl & Beg My Bitch .. yes YOU are MY bitch and you are going to crawl to your superior Goddess and BEG to serve. I even made a preview, classic like on the good ole youtube days before a bunch of jealous nobodies reported my perfectly innocent (and perfectly POTENT) clips and had my whole youtube shut down. Well it’s back up bitches! Lets see how long it lasts. I’m thinking that youtube is no longer the mecca of financial dommes so I’ll have the whole thing to myself.. I’m not moving onto vimeo or any other video place.. there are just too many of them and all over the place.. I have clips on so many sites I don’t remember half of them. You know, the preview clips. If you are nostalgic for my old youtube clips you can always buy them on clips4sale..


Anyway I’m back on.. and here is the preview :

Link to the clip: 

Link to Mindfucked in a Minute II:

My wishlist is at 737 gifts.. that’s only 13 away from 750. You know what to do. GO SHOP on my list NOW! There are no excuses to neglect giving Me whatever I want! I posted I want the More than Human book on my twitter today and someone bought it for me, now who was it.. which one of my little admirers is paying attention and behaving the way they should be.. OBEYING Me. Giving me what I want.. mmm such a good boy.

had 25 gifts purchased for me between the 20th of April and 15th of May. Do you think that is enough for an insatiable and deserving and entitled Goddess like myself? Of course you do not, because you know better than to try to think. Your brain is silly and inferior, mine is deep and enlightened and superior. This is why I know that 25 gifts isn’t enough and that you full heartedly agree with me.. nod along little puppet.. and get out my wallet.. and go buy me more.. mmm yes that’s it… that’s what Goddess likes.


I thought it would be fun to put together an entry with excerpts from different conversations I have with my money slaves.


Money pig Mueller came online and listened to the live radio show that played Thursday on the loop, and while my voice was bending his will my words tugged the lever and quickly I took $200 from him. It’s just so easy for me to snap my fingers and get my way, and that’s how it ought to be. Life for Me should be easy… this is something which should never leave your mind. How can you make the world even MORE beautiful for Goddess, but through your own sacrifice and suffering mmm.


Who thinks I should make muellers grocery account go red for the fourth month in a row? Every time his wifey goes to use it at the end of the month she ends up bringing the account into the red, due to MY tributes from mr. pig .. well mr. pig said the bank sent a letter stating that if the account went into the red for another month it would be frozen! It’s only his grocery account, it’s not like I care if him and wifey have to go without so I can have MORE. More cash for me, and LESS for them! He has plenty more accounts for me to play with .. credit cards to max, and savings to drain mmmmm.


$150 from this little addict who just can’t get enough. He’s always going to be back, begging for more. Begging for yet another fist fuck to his wallet. Ya that’s what I do to him, I fist his wallet like there is no tomorrow and I make zero apologies for any of the suffering he may go through because of it.. such as losing his family, having to sleep in his car (true story) and probably will end up eventually living in a box with nothing left but time to devote to worshiping his IDOL!

There are LOTS more private conversations with my slaves INSIDE. You need to be a VIP puppet, which is so easy. All you have to do is send $200 to me and an email saying you sent my money and would like to be VIP. Register on here (click on ‘read more’ then register) and once I have the cash in my account I activate your membership. See, it’s so easy to become a VIP puppet. VIP puppets are in for life, and I update continuously inside.. it’s a place where I am more personal with my pets, and provide a more open atmosphere to those who worship and adore me! To listen to the radio show’s and have access to my 24/7 financial domination brainwash radio you need to be VIP Premium! Email to and get the info from me if you’re that confused. It’s so easy but I know how you boys and your silly little brains get so mushy and confused with Goddess ..

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Be My Pleasure Toy A Financial Domination Fetish Clip

Hello My addicted pets, weak willed wallets and helpless money slaves-

Lets say the word of week is CASH. Any time you hear or see that word you will automatically think about Goddess and putting more cash into my hands. You will automatically flick to the image of yourself kneeling before me and handing over your wallet. This will happen over and over, every time you hear or see the words CASH, and you will not be able to contain yourself! You will explode with desire and need and hand it ALL over to me.. mmmmm! I love turning you into my mindfucked wallet.


Don’t you agree I am a magnificent creature and I am constantly outdoing myself in terms of creativity and it’s obvious that draining financial slaves of all their cash is not something I struggle with! I am always doing MY best and that means so should you. I received a $100 giftcard from nick today and I let him know that I didn’t think that was his best, including with my message a $50 payment request via niteflirt, and he immediately paid it as well as sending me another $100 giftcard. This boy is continuously in debt because he understands GODDESS POSH IS THE BEST FINANCIAL DOMME and he is lucky to suffer for me! Isn’t that right nick..

You need to be the BEST money slave you can be, for your Goddess. Devote yourself completely to me and continuously push yourself to be better. Follow in MY footsteps. I am constantly in a state of progression. I do not believe in becoming stagnant. My mind is a beautiful gift and I will not allow it to be wasted. As time flows so do I, I am fluid in my nature because I am always learning and growing. This means you must do the same, always be your best and constantly strive to improve. Goddess is amazing, yes.. you agree.. you often think to yourself just how amazing I really am, don’t you.. and so you know and trust that I am right. You must strive to be better!

The newest financial domination clip I’ve created is going to help you trance, it will weaken your mind, and you will feel a combination of helplessness, lust, eager submission & relaxation. You will watch this clip over and over, because you are addicted to ME.

Be My Pleasure Toy


Look at me! I am so adorable. How could you not want to pleasure me? You simply just DO want to, need to, beg to, pleasure me! This financial domination hypnosis clip is perfect to help deepen your desire to pleasure me, and replace your will with mine. What is the one way that an object like you can be used to pleasure a woman like me?… anyone know the answer?

Another screenshot from Be My Pleasure Toy.. which also show cases my very curvy body! My body was made to attract men and send them to their demise. I have a beautiful hourglass figure and you can see it in this video- where you will not be able to contain your awe and worship of me!

If you do not yet have access to the VIP Premium Radio station you should! I have been uploading new content all week, and will be making more changes during the upcoming week. Thursday at noon EST there will be a live show so make sure to tune in. The new content uploaded has been brainwash mp3’s and radio ads.. Slave john fell asleep to the sound of my voice last night on VIP radio- he was finally allowed in but had to pay $200 while other VIP boys only had to pay $100 .. and if you’re not yet VIP at all it’s $500 to get access to the radio show  and that includes VIP journal access as well. This is lifetime access for the WIN! Anyway back to the slave falling asleep to my 24/7 brainwash radio… lets just say his boybrain is FUCKED.

Currently I have 10 videos in the top 20 videos on .. that is awesome right! I’m the number 2 studio on the site. I think I should be number 1 and I know you think that too.. so go buy up boys!

Oh you know what you need to do.. GO SHOP for me! I want more. I deserve more. I’m the Goddess, make me happy or else.   <— see all that green text! Click it. Now you will be at my wishlist. Bookmark it. Don’t lose it. Now, go there and pick out a gift for me and buy it. Pay for it to be shipped quickly, I do not like to wait. I should never have to wait should I slave.. I currently have been gifted 723 gifts on my main wishlist. Just go look at the purchased side to see! I want and deserve more. Get me to 1k gifts money slaves.

See it’s easy to OBEY.


I want to know who is the mystery boy that has been shopping for me? I want you to continue shopping for me. I love it! This boy is doing it right, buying me gifts and expecting absolutely NOTHING in return. That is how it should be, that is the epitome of financial domination. I have him buying me gifts because I deserve them, and I don’t have to do a single thing for it. Nor should I. Keep that in mind if you want to know how to be a good money slave.

Oh and if you’re in the mood to have some damage done to your wallet, and I know you are, then lets have a draining session on niteflirt! I love playing wallet rape pay2view games. Soooooo easy for you to click and spend.. mmmm.

Goddess Posh

VIP more inside!
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The Posh House of Mind Wash Fetish Financial Domination Fem Domme Clip

In case you didn’t notice my Mac was bought and paid for by you BOYS as was expected and I do love it. I may never go back to PC again!

My new file is also available, and it’s SO dangerous & addicting – in fact, I believe it’s such a powerful piece of art that a lot of you fear purchasing and watching it but as you know you never walk away from one of MY creations. You always click & spend and ALWAYS give me what I want. Because you’re a good financial puppet for me, and my helpless weak boys always make me happy.

Clip Description: The Posh House of Mind Wash

Boys May Enter – but NEVER leave –

I have a room for you in My special house of Mind Wash, it’s set up just for you to make you feel so dreamy and so sleepy and so under my control. You want to be a resident at the Posh House of Mind Wash, you want to come in and never be able to find your way back out.

Intense audio stimulation to get your heart beating while your mind drifts into a slumber and your body is claimed as another one of MY puppets.


Here is a short review written by Poshy Fool who always jumps at the chance to please ME and was the first to purchase this new file! He is going to be trying his hardest to please me TONIGHT again, because you see he is deep within the walls of my HOUSE OF MIND WASH and he can’t find his way out.. he knows the only true purpose for his life is SERVING ME. He also knows that when he isn’t serving me, when he is a failure.. his body will feel extreme pain & he won’t be able to function haha. Thanks to MY brainwashing.

 Posh’s House of Mind Warp drives to a new level of mental conditioning. Her use of
reverb drills her words and triggers in even deeper, pounding through any
resistance, and wiping out conscious thought. Plenty of rooms for this to expand
into, whichis good because once you step in, the door disappears behind you and you
won’t return. The only option is to keep going in deeper and deeper where her voice & her mind surround
your body and make it feel so good to be part of her clan.

A couple photos of my pretty tree which you are sending amazon gifts to go under! I want a LOT of presents and I expect YOU to pay for it, even if you’re not into Christmas you ARE into ME and so you’ll do whatever it takes to make ME happy. Do you think one gift is enough? I don’t think so either! Do you think your family deserves gifts more than I do? I didn’t think so either. Don’t you think that your GODDESS deserves MORE gifts than anyone.. yes I agree, I SO do. I’m a greedy Goddess with HIGH expectations and you are the LUCKY little money slave who gets to fulfill them.

Kitty loves my tree!

Up close PINK – my tree is a white fiberoptic with pink lights! Do you see a Tinkerbell ornament!

Remember you will send my gifts & you will send my cash because you ADORE being a pay pig for Goddess. You LOVE making me happy and all that matters is that I get exactly what I want. I should’t EVER have to ask or go without, it’s MY role to be served and handed every single thing I want from money slaves like yourself. It’s your JOB to make ME happy.

I want more. I feel an insatiable urge for MORE cash. Maybe it’s the season but nothing will take the edge off, so start clicking and start spending. Don’t expect anything in return other than knowing you made me feel good. I want MORE money and MORE presents TODAY from you brainwashed robotized clicker bee’s. Your Queen Bee is ready to be served.

Email me at & send gift cards here!
Call me on niteflirt
Send me paypal cash, you know the address & if you don’t then you need to find out!


My dog Ginger, she hates having her photo taken!


I’ve been getting another slew of VIP registrations without sending the cash first. Remember to be VIP you need to send a $200 tribute via greendot money pack, paypal, giftcard or niteflirt – it MUST be specifically FOR VIP. After that I will activate your registration & you’ll be able to read MORE .. if you’re VIP click on READ MORE to see the private sections of each post. 

PS. you’re going to take me shopping and you’re going to LOVE it!

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Tribute your Dream Goddess

Another weakling gives in to MY financial lust. See boys, it’s really so much FUN to be a wallet, there is nothing like bending over backward to max your credit cards for the pleasure of a dominant tempting woman. He even choose the PRETTY PINK FLOWER card as a thank you to ME for My allowing you boytoys to worship me! I LOVE receiving giftcards, so send MORE.. to
Members! There is a fun flashback inside today.. Read more“Tribute your Dream Goddess”

Your Money Is My Fetish, Boy

*****(name edited) of London- who works as an ******* and embezzled money to give to me (what an addict he turned out to be), also known as ****& ******** is now a dead nerd! See on March 15th he sent me one thousand dollars to my paypal. Hardly what I would call mind blowing, but it was definitely sexy.Read more“Your Money Is My Fetish, Boy”

Niteflirt Money Slaves All For Goddess

Wow, my new financial domination fem domme erotic story was a major hit with you pervy boys. Most of you begged me for a second edition, giving me so many suggestions for what should happen to the victim. Of course, I already have a plan in mind for my little pet, but perhaps one or two of your wicked ideas will make it into the next chapter.

Read more“Niteflirt Money Slaves All For Goddess”

I’ll ALWAYS Be your Beautiful Greedy Money Domme

History has a way of repeating itself, doesn’t it .. James. Often you think about me, and when it’s time for your dose you come running back unable to stop yourself from the compulsions that drive you. Read more“I’ll ALWAYS Be your Beautiful Greedy Money Domme”

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