Financial Domination Sensation


I Am Financial Domination Incarnate

How long has it been now that you've felt the burning in your body, the ache in your soul, pushing you to the brink of falling forever for Goddess? That feeling won't be ending anytime soon. I deserve to be worshiped. I believe it with every part of me, and I beam ...

Wallet Raped Chris Hard but I Want More

Oh don't act surprised, you shouldn't be shocked that I want MORE! It's not like I keep it a secret about how much I love raping your wallets and draining that cash. It's pretty much common knowledge that when you crawl to me in submission you will experience total loss ...

Poshtopia of Financial Domination

Utopia: u·to·pi·a /yo͞oˈtōpēə/ Noun An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More. Poshtopia: A real place or state of things in which everything is perfect through serving Goddess Posh. The word was first ...

Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination

Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it ...

Be My Pleasure Toy A Financial Domination Fetish Clip

Hello My addicted pets, weak willed wallets and helpless money slaves- Lets say the word of week is CASH. Any time you hear or see that word you will automatically think about Goddess and putting more cash into my hands. You will automatically flick to the image of yourself kneeling before ...

The Posh House of Mind Wash Fetish Financial Domination Fem Domme Clip

In case you didn't notice my Mac was bought and paid for by you BOYS as was expected and I do love it. I may never go back to PC again! My new file is also available, and it's SO dangerous & addicting - in fact, I believe it's such a ...

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  • Enter Poshtopia

    ACCESS over 10 years of mindfuck, brainwash & findom blogs written by ME, your MESSIAH of FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION! Yes I will lead you into temptation and yes I will carve out your heart and your wallet, while making you crave it and need it more than anything. These 10 years of blogs include more than […]
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