Captivated Clip Review

Captivated Clip Review



Look at this email I received. You KNOW how much I just LOVE broken English, it’s so funny. Anyway, the review of my clip “Captivated’ is SO accurate, despite his lack of english skills so enjoy.


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Captivated Review:

I was wandering around internet with no purpose, when I see the goddess posh
I was mesmerized by is cleave, by is beautiful, and I listen a sample of her
beautiful voice. So I decide, I have to see a clip of her, what the worst can
I was so naive.
I’ve bought Captivated because I feel aroused of the idea of being captivated
by a beautiful woman.
The clip is outstanding…
Goddess posh use three minutes of her cleave and her voice to destroy your
brain, then she asks you
“You want to be a posh puppets?”
Of course you will, her voice is entangling your brain, your cock will be
hard, you will be weak, because you get fixated on the white dress of Posh, Her
eyes, her voice.
Her voice is so beautiful, so candy but powerful, it’s enter in your brain and
never leave, you’ll do whatever she ask, whatever she wants.
You want to be a goddess posh.
I don’t think I Could be the hypothetical guy in the chain.
I’ll be so addicted I’ll be in love with her without hesitation.
What the heck I’m in Love with her already.
She seems a pure girls, an innocent boy, with a beautiful voice, but she will
teach you what to do, what is best for you (for me) the new purpose of your
life is loving her.
In the end she will untie the hypothetical guy, she have enslaved you, each
word of her is a shiver of orgasms coming in to your body,
You will be urging to masturbate, but you can’t goddess doesn’t want to.
And what you want don’t matters anymore.
You’ll be addicted, be her victim is the truly best thing ever happen to me,
I don’t think you will regret it.

In the end there is a 2 minutes of brainwash, I was so adoring so unable to
think, to resist, to think to anything else, normally I’ll be scared, but the
sensation of being in her hand full me with joy and warm.
The only things that matters to me now is that I can’t please the goddess as
she deserve.
But it’s the best feeling in the world, being captivated by Posh.
Come and join me

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