Burning and Yearning!

I’ve truly been surrounded by boys lately, so many pets, and slaves and subbies coming to me and begging to serve. Each of you possessing your own unique kinks and quips, and yet you’re all the same. Every single one of you ask me: “How did you do this to me?” and each time I hear or see that question I have a little laugh.

I love making you bend to my will. I want you obsessed with me, dreaming of me, soaking in my essence and feeling withdrawal when you can’t have me. I want to make you dependent on me. Is that so bad? No, its actually quite erotic & sexy. To have grown men desperate to serve, eager to submit, aching to sacrifice all for me really makes me feel like the Goddess I am. I love to use my charm, intelligence and beauty to keep you on your knees, in your place. Every day you work hard, diligently, to make more money for me. Every day you suffer for me. Yet, I want more. I crave more. I demand more! I deserve more. The more I bite into my own forbidden fruit, the more I want. I demand it from you, and you must obey. We both know you have no choice but to give in to my cravings.

I’ve made a clip for you to watch, because I want to feed your addiction, to hand feed you, to coddle your aching desire and make you feel special. Only because it leads to your dependence, your neediness, your absolute destruction! I’ve actually made two clips for you to feed to your fire, to fuel the fire you have burning for me.

Most of you buy one clip and can’t stop yourself from getting the rest. I know how eager you are to add to your Posh collection. I love to pounce on your simple weaknesses and take advantage of you.

Clip One:

Breast Obsession

I know how much you love my large firm creamy breasts. I know how weak they make you feel. You can’t get enough, you’re an addict, a lustful deviant dirty addict. You are helpless and will submit to me. Give in to my seduction, I know you want to. There is no resisting me. Enjoy the view of my hypnotic, perfect breasts tantalizing your cock and addicting your soul.

Clip Two:


I want you to burn for me, to ache for me. I know you already carry a torch, but I want to scorch you in your soul and make you burn for me non-stop. It’s never enough, I must have more of you. I must take over your mind and make you swallow my essence like a pill. I will burn in you like a wildfire. You are going to ache for me like never before. Submit to my desires, cater to my demands and release all control. Tell me how badly you burn for me.

I am happy and full of desire tonight. My body is aching to force you onto your knees and take complete control over you. I’ve had many bites of my tasty forbidden fruit tonight, I’ve served my own financial lust taking hold of many wallets and not letting go, but I am eager for more. Come to me my puppets, my pets, my slaves of the night and bring with you gifts of sacrifice and servitude. I will have my fill.

Goddess Posh

My clips for sale link: http://www.clips4sale.com/22347

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