Broken Will: The Soundtrack to your Life

Broken Will: The Soundtrack to your Life

We all know that I am the superior light in your horribly dark and boring life, and without me you have absolutely NOTHING to live for! We all know that this places my value significantly FAR above yours. You have NO value without ME to worship and serve.

If you aren’t making ME happy you are worthless, it’s SO simple and SO easy to understand. I am a gift to you, and it’s only a fool who would pass up the opportunity to give me MY money.

Since I’ve locked my journal up so many of you have fallen to your knees begging to be part of my world. The less I give the more you feel compelled to please me. Which is why my new clip is available to only the few good boys who have access to my paypal address. Yes, I have another NEW file that is EXCLUSIVELY sold through me as a reward to MY puppets.

Only those who actively contribute to MY luxury are rewarded. The reward is knowing that I am in pleasure and feeling the heavy weight of an empty wallet! It’s your PLEASURE to bring ME pleasure!

Purchase “BROKEN WILL: The Soundtrack to your Life”  via MY paypal and BEG like the good boy you are to make ME happy.


I am going to be cutting off more and more of the disgusting outside world and keeping ONLY those who are SERVING ME COMPLETELY and FULLY in MY life! It’s a true honor and privilege to have any access to MY world.

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