Bound to Goddess

You can feel it, the way my words drape over your bare flesh like thick strands of silk, delicately caressing your tingling skin. You crave that feeling, the one that only MY words can bring to you. How delicious it is, my divine power seeping slowly into your blood stream, gathering into the dark recesses of your mind. It feels so sweet you hardly notice the pressure as those strands begin to bind you, wrapping around every part of your body, holding you down and preventing you from ever escaping. The love you feel for me, it is so natural and pure, you can not see just how twisted up I have you. My voice, silky and smooth wraps around you over and over, gripping your aching body until it sears into your flesh. I can see how you twitch, how your body tries to fight it, and how your mind begs, no screams, for more. What a precarious position I have you in, but my little sheep you do love it so.

These chains keep you connected to MY world, and right now, you can not see yourself wanting or needing to be anywhere other than HERE. Servicing me is the ultimate high for a mindfucked puppet such as yourself. It’s not a matter of even wanting to please me, so much as being compelled to do so as you know from the bottom of your posh tainted heart that it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Pleasure has taken on such a strange but amazing feeling for you ever since I’ve used my silk woven words to write you a new fate. The pleasure you feel no longer is derived from the dirty cock you once would stroke without mercy, no no no, your only release now is through the joy of committing yourself to MY happiness. The silk phrases I speak penetrate your conscious mind, leaving you breathless and weak, and wrap right around that dirty perverted cock locking you into a tight chastity you have NO need, want or even thought of removing. This is more than you being bound by me, this is you feeling a BOND to me that is unbreakable. You are a part of my whole, and you always will feel the weight of that responsibility on you. Every action, every decision, every thought that you have will affect our relationship- this is everything to you. Failure is not an option, you seek only to succeed as my humble pet.

Yes, it does inspire you to leave riches at my feet. This may not have ever been your intentions, perhaps you were not even a money slave, but you felt drawn to me. Now though, now you feel it. The drive to always give me what I want, to always pleasure me, to try your hardest to make sure I am experiencing the biggest hottest rush I can feel.. it is in you and you don’t even know how it got there. It was MY words, puppet. It was MY silky words, those strands of delicate silk which at first tingled and felt so pleasurable. Those words which drove you into a frenzy of lust, love and submission. Those words, puppet, they have broken you. My magical words have broken your resolve and turned you into a mindless money machine for ME and you love it.

Oh how I am thrilled to tilt your world on a new angle, twist your mind so that the line between reality and enchantment disappears. How I am delighted to turn you inside out and display the glory of my conquest for all to see. Look what I did, I turned him into my toy, he is mine mine mine and I will stomp my feet with defiant enthusiasm and allow the inner child to run free all over what once was your dignity. I have a hold on your heart, I have a grip on your body, I have a claim to your soul.

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This is such a profound entry that i am sure i will want to comment upon the content many times. The awareness You demonstrate about us and Yourself is mind boggling and tells me why You are the most PERFECT Goddess one could ever conjure from the depths of their dreams and imagination. Thank You for this insight.
The photo here stuns me. You are so beautiful.


Her words are beyond captivating…They enter into my mind and seem to take control of my entire being…It’s as if she’s controlling each and every breath I take…Each time my heart beats it’s because she allows it to…I’d like to say she’s one incredible woman but she’s not…She’s a GODDESS!!!

Under the Influence