Being Fabulous

Isn’t my life fabulous? I can come and go as I please, no boss, no demands. I have been online a lot lately, but it’s starting to get to that time again. You know, when I start leaving the online world to ignore you and play with real time people. It’s just how I am. I need a change of scenery at times, and you know this. Don’t cry to me that I spoiled you with my presence only to take it away again. That’s really not my problem.

So. You want clips of me humiliating you, making you grovel, forcing you to submit to me, your head on the dirt beneath my precious feet- you want ALL that and you want it on youtube. Guess what, you won’t be getting that. This isn’t the “Lets see how many slaves I can please today” show. This is the “Worship Goddess Posh” show- rather simple isn’t it. Stop expecting for me to cater to you. I know how to manipulate and maneuver my way into a mans head and I don’t need to spoil you on youtube in order to do it.

I am cam verified on
If you really need more “proof” sign up to the site and see the cam verification status next to my picture on my profile.

I don’t mind a quick 5 second peek. This is not something either of us should take lightly but if you’re really looking to serve Me that is the fastest and best way to verify I am who I say I am.

Goddess Posh

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