Be My Wallet

Startling how much I make you want to be a wallet, isn’t it boy..

You may begin  your journey into financial slavery to me by soaking your mind in MY intoxicating mindfuck. I want you to listen to all of the Mp3 files available on my niteflirt goody page. It will be the first step into a spiral of addiction of many .. many.. many steps… you will fall further into weakness with each taste. You will find a tempting selection of my mp3’s and clips on my goody page, but for access to more of my financial domination mindfuck clips you’ll need to be a VIP boy.

you know what you WANT and NEED~ TO spend and SPOIL and SPLURGE on ME!



There are certain requirements and expectations that come with being a slave to my financial lust.  I don’t accept any other kind of slave than the one’s that serve with their wallets. Financial slavery can’t be faked, it is a real exchange of power and the effects can be found in every part of your life. You will experience true tangible loss of control as you slide deeper and deeper into addiction for me. Your mind will be a helpless captive of my spell, craving to be infused with MORE of my mindfuck while your finances are drained all on me.

I know how weak you’re feeling imagining yourself being a personal wallet for ME.. you’re getting wobbly knees aren’t you .. kneel and learn what I require and expect of you so that you can become one of my money slave’s too.

You may approach me by sending an gift card to or sending a tribute to me at – I expect an email from you after you have sent your first tribute. I train my financial slaves through personal contact on yahoo IM, email, phone, and text. My journals and clips are a great way to deepen your slavery to me, you will be introduced to my venus sway brainwashing and left with the mind of a POSH money drone!



REMEMBER: I LOVE cash MORE than gifts BUT I DESERVE to have it ALL!



1. I am entitled. I know I deserve to have everything that my heart desires. I expect the money you work hard for to be handed over to me, because it’s MINE. I feel I deserve the best and I will accept only the best. I want you to LOVE it that I am so entitled! I want you to feel excited by the fact that I expect to be served, pampered, provided to and living a life of luxury funded by male wallets.

2. My happiness makes you feel really good. So good in fact you don’t even care if you have to suffer if it means putting even the tiniest of smiles on my gorgeous face. Your beautiful Goddess deserves to be happy all the time and if that is at your expense then you will happily hurt.

3. I’m all filled up with financial lust! I am always wanting MORE cash, MORE treasures, MORE gifts, MORE MORE MORE! My financial lust takes major priority in your life, in fact number one priority! This means that other people don’t get birthday gifts, because you would rather tribute me. This means you give up expensive habits, forgo the game, forget about the bar, leave behind your hobbies and stop spending money on anything not necessary. You’re totally devoted to MY financial lust and want every cent of your slave wages that can possibly go to me to be MINE.. whenever you spend cash that could have been on ME you feel guilty, depressed and aren’t able to relax again until you’ve righted your wrong.

4. It excites you that I am so greedy I wallet rape and then say .. turn around and take it again! You love it that I am so insatiable, ruthless, and ABUSE you as much as I want, whenever I want. There are no such things as ‘oh I just sent a tribute yesterday Goddess. I thought I’d get a break.” .. you don’t get a break until I say you get a break! You don’t get to stop until I’m done. So if you just sent a tribute yesterday don’t expect to be shown any mercy. Besides you should be HAPPY to send more (refer to item 3) ..

theface75. You respect and understand I am in a higher position than you. I have more power. I am superior in every way. I will only accept men who know their place is beneath me on their knees in humble service.

6. Being abused for my financial lust doesn’t offend you, in fact it excites you just as much as it excites me! Financial Domination and the lifestyle I live inspire you and entice you. You are not easily offended by my greed or the way I rape wallets. You in fact love it that I live my life as a Goddess on a pedestal abusing the weak bitches below me.

7. It’s common knowledge that tributes come with no expectations of receiving anything in return. You serve with a good attitude, grateful for every morsel of me you are privileged to, and never try to top from the bottom.

8. Expect that your words have no value to me at all, and that MY words are your law.  This means your promises are worthless, only action has any meaning to me. Action being OBEDIENCE: ALWAYS OBEY.. drone will always obey MY words which are law! Your words are worthless, and only your wallet has value to Goddess! Drone will show ME by OBEYING me always. There are no questions asked when I give a command.

9. There will be a dependency in you that deepens over time. An addiction that has the strongest roots you have ever felt, firmly implanted into the core of your being..the desire to be MY wallet, the aching need to SPEND MORE, the haunting desire to go into debt, to suffer, to lose it all. To watch your entire savings be depleted on me, to helplessly spend and click away all of your retirement funds, to mindlessly melt for me.. this all consuming addiction to being my financial slave will not ever go away but just grow more intense over time. As I begin to take over your life, as I slither into the dark recesses of your addict mind, you will be transformed so that you will never be able to escape from the chains of my financial domination. I am your addiction and will control you with it, and you will only love me all the more for it. As I abuse you, the intensity of your admiration will only grow.

10. Do not try to place any expectations on me. I make the rules and at times I’ll make them up as we go along or change them to fit my desires. I’m the Goddess, I expect you to thank me for that when it happens. How kind of me to manipulate and use you for MY own benefit.

11. Learn about the things that make me happiest. Read my journals, join VIP so you can listen to my radio programming & read private journal entries, discover all of my favorite things and show me you have put effort into your service. Cater to MY wants, cater to MY happiness, cater to MY pleasure. If I am in the mood for shopping take me shopping, if I want to be served cash kneel and beg to hand it over, if I want you to buy 100 cases of Fiji water DO IT !!! You are always trying to impress me, show me how much you worship me, and keep me interested in you as my pet. SELFISHNESS is not in your programming.

12. The clips that I make are an expression of myself, and are a form of art. They are here to be worshiped, and also to train your mind to my doctrine. I use my brainwashing method, The Venus Sway, to make you melt into a mindless helpless heap of OBEDIENCE & OBSESSION for me! I make you crave your own abuse, and program you to never feel full.. you always want more, need more, of MY mindfuck, of MY control, of MY greed.. it is like the strongest drug known to man. You want to appreciate my art and not taint it, so you will not be demanding of me to make customized clips. I am not a clip producer and you respect that. I am a Financial Domination Goddess and you will value me and my clips as such.

13. Remember I am who I am, I play no role, and I will not cater to your preconceived notions of what a Financial Domme should be. Love and adore and worship me for who I am, and what I am, the way I am the RIGHT WAY (with financial sacrifice) or kindly exit!


Now that you’ve read my requirements & expectations of you as a wallet of mine you may click the ‘Be My Wallet Agreement’ button and OBEY. Once you click you have no choice but to SPEND!


Be My Money Slave Agreement

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