Be A Good Puppet- Give In To Your Calling As My Financial Slave

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I’ve noticed a LOT of you readers are clicking on the ‘financial domination’ support group link. Do you really think St. Johns Wort is going to cure you of your GODDESS POSH FINANCIAL DOMINATION ADDICTION. What makes me laugh is I see you go to that link and a short while later you’re right back on my site. Right back to where it all started.
See you might think you have experience, you might THINK you’re an old pro at this lifestyle, but until you’ve felt my power FIRST HAND you’re just like all the other little boys gathered at my feet in awe waiting on that first suckle of LIFE that only I can give you. Until you feel the absoluate rush of emotions from submitting to ME you will always bounce around in the darkness from one woman to the next, looking for that ‘special something’.
Your addiction will continue to grow, but you won’t be able to FEED it until you sacrifice to ME. I am the TRUE GODDESS that you’ve been waiting for. I am the ultimate high. One hit of POSH and you’re going to be on the floor BEGGING for another. I will reduce you to tears with cold calculated maneuvers, I will sooth you into ecstacy with my soft honey words and I will do it to you over and over again. Your emotions won’t be yours to control. Your actions won’t be yours to control. Your life won’t be yours to control. Your wallet won’t be yours to control. ALL of it will be mine mine mine.
Everything in your life will slowly appear differently to you. Things you once loved, like spending money on booze and women and friends will begin to appear vile and selfish and wasteful. Masturbation will become less of an urge as release through PLEASURING & OBEYING Goddess will become your number one priority (and that in itself will make you ACHE). Spending time with your family and friends will seem tedious, boring and annoying, you’d rather spend time with me and if not with me OBSESSING over me, dreaming about me and worshiping me.
I know how many avid readers I have. I know how many obsessed fanatics visit MY world, MY website and DOWNLOAD my photos! Did I give you permission to download my photos?! No, I didn’t, but go ahead, continue to develop your addiction to me. You’re only brainwashing yourself into deeper and deeper submission. I know how many of you click on all of my links over and over, driving yourself INSANE. You want to give in so badly. You want to be a good boy for me. You want to be a good puppet like beansdad and make me happy. You want to give EVERYTHING to me.
Be a good Posh addict, be a good boy. Feel the rush of FINANCIAL SACRIFICE at the alter of POSH. Buy my paypal/yahoo ID’s at POSHY FILES FOR PUPPETS & ADDICTS (at the top boy). Buy it and give in over and over again. Once you give in there will be no stopping it- you will be forever at MY feet. I am an intelligent superior Goddess, a woman bred in high class luxury and I just happen to have the power to brainwash your mushy little boybrain. You’re going to take it like a good Posh pet because you want to make me happy. Be a good boy, make Goddess happy. Obey my commands puppet.. obey your Goddess.

You are MY financial slave. Such a good boy. Give in to your calling. You will immediately BEG to buy for me these items, you will drop to your knees and send me an email explaining how grateful you are to SERVE me, how badly you need to GIVE IN, and BEG BEG BEG to be used by me the way you were made to be used, puppet.


You will do this now like a good Posh addict. Such a good boy- click the photos to get taken directly to MY GIFT LIST & GIFT ME .. mmmm. I am so kind and so generous to allow this to you readers, especially those of you who have yet to step forward and take your place beneath my feet. I am so thoughtful to give YOU the chance to serve me. I truly am a Goddess of MERCY, giving all of you such a wonderful opportunity for SUBMISSION.  You are helpless against MY desires, against MY will. You are helpless to resist your calling, that’s why you return daily and dream of giving in to the ultimate Goddess of MINDFUCK. You are helpless to walk away from me now pet, I’ve caught you peeking and now I’ve given you a command. Will you be a good boy and obey?




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Posh really has rewired my brain and changed my attitude. Now, all that matters to me, is serving my Goddess. There was a time when I would have been angry and upset that Posh called me her puppet. Now I understand what is really important, what really completes my life. Now, instead of shame, I’m proud to be her puppet and I keep trying to be a better slave. Goddess Posh has become the most important thing in my life.


Beansdad: So young yet so wise. In her marriage councelor clip, Is it that she is so smart or that she has me that fucked up? Everything Goddess says in this clip makes sense. I don’t know if it is because she understands sooooo perfectly or because her blue eyes are sooooo perfect. I’m not sure if she really has figured out the answer or her soft, sweet voice mesmerizes me and takes me to another place. You know what? It doesn’t really matter what it is or how it works. Posh has made another sizzling hot clip, taken me… Read more »