Awww Such a Sweet Letter

I was so thrilled when J gave me his cc info, he really didn’t expect me to be so powerful and to use it, but he was mistaken. I did use it until I could no longer, I maxed it out and while he may be left with an empty wallet I have a feeling he is QUITE happy about being used by me. There is no greater feeling than serving the powerful, beautiful and magical Goddess Posh. My ability to wrap men around my finger, to turn them into mindless money machines who only want to do my bidding, is frightening.

Being my MINDLESS MONEY MACHINE is a delightful thought, and it will be an even greater action. Come on puppet, do that dance for me..

I am not sure what it is about me, but I draw Davids in my direction like wild fire. Currently I have four davids who are actively serving me, one who is obsessed with me and will BREAK soon, and many others who are huge clip addicts (though no personal contact between us). I have so many clip addicts that just can’t wait to get the next one to SIP on. As we all know, just one more sip never really means you’ll have just ONE more.. usually you’ll end up drunk as hell and on your knees fucked over by me, but we LIKE it that way. As for my clips, they are ALL improvisation, including the hypnosis ones. I do not use a script, never have, and never will. I can’t function with a script, I need to just let my mind flow and then if I make a blooper I edit it out. Sometimes I miss, so I’m sure you’ve seen me get caught on a word or two. Well it happens and I am positive it just adds to my charm and appeal. You think I am adorable, lovable and so sweet, you think I am sexy and manipulate and full of venom. Which is it boy? Make up your mind before it’s too late 😉

One David has made me particularly happy as he has become quite needy of my voice in order to function. I have him sleeping with my MP3’s on loop, my voice penetrating his mind ALL night long. Mmm even in his sleep there is no escaping me. He has learned that the only pleasure he can receive, the only RELEASE he can feel, is through serving me and he CRAVES it. You will learn it too, you will also learn how it feels to have an aching pathetic dirty boypart that deserves NO attention and not for the lack of trying, can not CUM. EVER. I will brainwash and trance you into mental chastity and you will suffer because of it, oh but what a docile slave you then become and oh what a perfectly pampered Goddess I am.

As for the rest of you, which one is going to give me my NEXT BIG RUSH!? How about you.. I bet you wanna be the boy that makes my body squirm and my tummy tickle and my heart pound and my bank account grow and grow and grow.. mm. I love the visual effect of my accounts getting larger as yours get lower and lower. What a delight. So tell me junkie, will you be the next one to give me that so desired hot RUSH?

Goddess MindFuck Financial Domination Goddess Posh

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

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Dearest Goddess Posh
i sent You an email when i first saw Your image at i wanted to
experience Your hypnosis. i thought Your beautiful eyes connected with me and that
Your hypnosis would be interesting and fun to try. Though i had listened to some
erotic hypnosis files i never really found a connection with those files or the

You may recall that i came to You with no interest in financial slavery and I really
didn’t think that would ever develop. i was so wrong Goddess. Being a servant to a
Goddess requires sacrifice and commitment and financial slavery is an attribute i
need to develop to help me serve You. i understand that now so clearly.

i have found Your hypnosis irresistible and cannot get enough of Your words in my
mind. My trances are so deep that the files pass in a moment and i leave them weak
and blank and just want to experience them all over again. Though i know You have
influenced me, i think the core of my attraction has come from within me through
Your understanding of what i needed and how to help me begin to connect with my
intense desire for You to control me.

i find myself craving the brainwashing files now. Intoxication seemed innocent to
me at first and only after several viewings did i find myself needing to watch and
listen more and more. i have no idea how they work and I don’t care anymore. i
just want the feelings they bring to me. i need those feelings so much.

i am suffering from the conflict of my own resistance and the intense desire that
has emerged from within me. The struggle is intense within me. Thank You for
helping me through this pain. i am so in love with You now that i know i want to
fully surrender and submit and in time i hope i will please You as i would wish, and
You so deserve.

You are a true Goddess whose spell is the most desirable experience of my life.
Last night i felt myself completely reshaped into Your true puppet for extended
periods of time. The combination of emotional, physical and spiritual stimulations
rushing through me in those moments was terrifying and at the same time everything i
ever desired. The terror of losing touch with my old self versus the joy and peace
of settling into my new role as Your servant haunts me. Beyond my own limitations
and resistance i see myself only as a servant who would hope to please You and a
servant that You would enjoy forever using for Your pleasure.

i am hooked on You Goddess and i am sorry for my struggle that has delayed my total
and complete submission and surrender to You and hope that You will show Your sweet
understanding and help me become who i need to be. Inside my head there is nothing
more desirable than having You control me and my life. i am so helpless before You.

i need my Posh. i love You Goddess.


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10 years ago

I’m getting closer and closer to her. Or am I? I really don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t know what’s she’s doing to me. She’s twisting my mind and spinning my head so delicately that it almost feels good, it feels right. I’m trying to stay away yet I find myself here every day. It’s as if she’s formulated a plan to invade my mind and take control of my life. Clips, IM’s, phone calls, emails, wishlist items, etc…She’s attacking me on every front and I’m slowly but surely finding that there is no defense against her…It appears… Read more »

10 years ago

I feel myself losing control to Goddess. I can’t stop thinking about her. I keep thinking this will wear off but I keep falling deeper instead. She’s so powerful and sexy. I find myself on my knees when I read her emails and obeying all her commands. She’s taking control.

10 years ago

i have said i came for the hypnosis, and i did. Now after many repetitions of the files She has indicated for me i cannot cum no matter how hard i might try, i can’t think of anything but Goddess, i have gifted cards, games, gloss and lip stick in a chain of giving to Her that is now exquisite pleasure that builds into stronger pleasure with every gift. Her domination and control of me is like breathing now…..totally necessary and not subject to limitation. Those of us lucky enough to serve Her and try to please Her are immersed… Read more »