As You Wish

As You Wish

If you know me at all you probably already know how much I adore The Princess Bride. I felt inspired by Wesley’s devotion and love for Princess Buttercup, the way he always responds “As You Wish” to every little command she gives, because her happiness is by FAR the most important thing to him.. It really makes me think of my pets, and how deeply you cherish me as your Goddess. I felt that a clip which brainwashes you into responding ‘As You Wish Goddess’ to each and every command I give, and then FOLLOWING through with the orders would be perfect for us. This is where our relationship has taken us. I know you agree with me, and you can buy the clip along with all the rest here:

I’m so pleased to have financial pets that are ready and willing .. no not even that, but BEGGING me to allow them to sacrifice everything in my name. I am the first priority, and I love it. This is where I belong in life, as the number one priority on your list. After Posh you will write “MORE POSH” and after more posh you will write “Posh Still” and after posh still you will jot down “Goddess Posh Above All” & then you will write “Nothing else matters” and you will forget about ANY OTHER PRIORITIES you foolishly had PRE POSH.

It is the Era of Posh and you are MY doting follower. I expect complete financial servitude in my slaves. To be able to financially submit to your Goddess is a feeling like no other, nothing can compare. In the end you will do yourself no justice if you continue to try and hide from what is only true to who you are- you are a financial slave, and you are a Posh puppet. I will make you feel oh so delicious when I allow you to give it ALL to me. I will make you cave into yourself with pleasure as you hand over your credit card, your body shaking, and fear soaring through your veins, arousing you in unexpected ways. I will pillage your mind and turn it into a brainwashed and obsessed haven of financial sacrifice, with complete submission & servitude for ME, your one and only Posh, Goddess of MindFuck!

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