Anything for YOU Goddess

I want a mac. For the past four years I’ve always used PC’s and ALL of them are junk, which I should never have to put up with. How vile! I’ve never had a mac though so I am clueless of which are the best to use. This means little computernerdy’s get to provide some insight and CASH to me. What exactly do I need from a Mac? I don’t think I’ll make clips as often, but some definitely. I want SPEED. I hate having to wait, for ANYTHING- it’s not befitting to my personality either. I also want to be able to travel so a laptop is best, or is it MACbook.. you’re the BOY TOY, you find one for me and purchase!

Take care of this WANT I have.. immediately. Amazon or apple giftcards to

Apple GiftcardI want a MAC!! send giftcards from that clicky click link to

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