And I thought you were a good little Catholic boy..

Maybe you once were, but no longer. You’ve tasted corruption, and now you long to drown in it. You aren’t satisfied with just a sip, you want me to pour it into your soul straight from the bottle down your throat, filling up every crevice until it spills over your lips and stains your skin.

You’ve led a life of hypocrisy. One in which you put on your pristine Sunday best, pranced to the alter, fell to your knees and begged for the holy being of your choice to give you all of your wildest dreams and more on a silver platter claiming you lived a life of innocence & humble obedience while the whole time you were nothing more than a sniveling wasteful useless depraved mess of a man with no purpose.

That is until I came along. Only when you found me did being on your knees feel truly right. Only when you found me did obedience become second nature. Only when you found me did your wants dissipate.

I gave you purpose, I took control over your life from the inside out. I started with your thoughts, your passions, your desires and twisted them to my own liking. Slowly I seeped out into your world, taking over everything from the way you behaved towards other people, the way you dressed, what you ate, to how you spend MY money. Everything was transformed.

And now, no longer are you the sinner of some false faith, but the believer in a superior life altering Goddess.

Follow behind me with blind faith, the Lion leads the lamb. Where will I bring you next, will I allow you to drown in the corruption you crave so strongly, will I sacrifice your life for my own pleasures, or will I slowly and tenderly shear you, until you’re left exposed and naked before me?

Come, destiny awaits you.

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