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All My Puppets Are SO Weak For ME

This past week I have been given so many tributes and giftcards, it’s really been such a joy for me. I love how weak my puppets are for ME, and ONLY ME. I have the power to drive you all into a deep everlasting submission and you never want to wake up from it.

A little birdy I like to call Trigger sent me 1200 in one day and now has listened to my hypnosis MP3’s and drove himself even deeper under my spell. His obsession is only going to grow bigger and stronger- isn’t that right, .. Trigger.  While David spent ALL of his money on me (actually BOTH Davids did) and now they are both broke.. aww so sad for them, but you know what, I think they’ll find some more money soon. They can’t live long without their Poshy.

I was quite thrilled by the Trigger finger, he just adores me so much every time I type a single word he has to run off and send me more money (hence the name Trigger), and who can blame him. I certainly can’t. He might have underestimated just how weak he is for me, but I am sure he realizes now that he has NO control. He has lost all control, and I am the one with complete power over him. Mmmm, I just LOVE being the center of all these boys worlds. I deserve to be honored with submission and sacrifice, for boys to humbly lay gold and riches at my immaculate feet as they realize just how lucky they are to be noticed by me. Come on little puppets, do that dance for me.

New clips for you to OBSESS over! Check out the studio to see details.. mmm good boy.

God I’m gorgeous. I’m such a Goddess..

Things I expect you to buy for me:
amazon gift

Buy Now
Puppet.. buy this for Goddess

Oh by the way, I am LOVING you hypno-obsessed boys. Yummy.

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there just isn’t a more beautiful, more talented, wiser, sweeter, more seductive or sexier woman on the planet. i adore Her, Her voice, Her words to me and the hypnosis sessions are magical rides. being a puppet for Her is a compulsion, not an option.


This is my first time on your site. I can feel your power overcoming me but I am trying so hard to resist U but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!!!

Under the Influence


it’s YOU not U. I am sure you won’t be able to hold out long.. now, go learn how to write properly to a Goddess and come back with your wallet in your teeth.


I am so sorry to have displeased you, Mistress Posh!!!

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