All in My Name

All in My Name


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.

The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.

In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…

all his weak will  away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.

Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.

Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…

away to the Venus Sway.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.

My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.

The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…

every bit away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.

Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips

He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…

his wallet sliced open with perfect precision


the cash from within flows like blood from his veins

all in my name.

All in my name.


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Financial Domination with my puppets has been beyond amazing. Especially in the past year of my life, as my sense of freedom is growing more and more, thanks to the way I have conquered countless men and their wallets. I am able to live in luxury, comfort and relaxation in a way that most people only dream of. Yes I made this life for myself, but I was born for it. Just like you were born for me.

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Goddess Posh

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Oh thank you so much Goddess Posh for this very beautiful siren poem!
Another time you’re so generous to share it with your ViP boys!
All of Posh, we need always more and you’re so sweeT to give more material for our minds!

Active Member
Money Slave Bitch

Goddess You have such a way with words; You paint such stunning visuals with Your flowing, hypnotizing poetry, words and lyrics! Such a marvelous talent! The words are doubly powerful after hearing Your beautiful voice…giving me no choice but to accept them as reality…my fortunate fate as Your complete slave. Thank You Goddess!