Financial Domination Sensation

Addiction to Financial Domination Goddess Posh

Your addiction to ME, to my sweet venom, is like a bottle of fine wine. It grows better with age. The longer you tuck it away on it’s special place in the wine rack the stronger, and the sweeter, it becomes. Imagine yourself walking by it daily, taking glances at it. It’s there, teasing you, taunting you. One day though you may even forget it’s there.

Then suddenly you’ll notice it again. You’ll take it off the rack and gently examine it. You’ll read the label, run your hands over the smooth glass, and you’ll reminisce about when and where you got that bottle of wine. The memories will come flooding back. You’ll feel all the emotions just as strong as you did all that time ago and you’ll want nothing more than to crack open that bottle of wine and take a sip.

And you will. Imagine the first sip after so long of going without. Imagine how good it will feel, how indulgent and delicious it will feel in your mouth and in your blood. You won’t be able to stop.

If you think you’ve managed to escape your addiction to ME, think again. Every day you visit my site, thinking you’re strong enough now to resist MY power. You think you have what it takes to look, but not touch. And maybe for a moment you do, but you’ll always have the addiction to being under MY control in the back of your mind. Once you’ve tasted my sweet venom it becomes a part of you.

My will has slowly taken over your mind and corrupted your DNA. I’ve rearranged your brain so that it’s on automatic, programmed to respond, to MY will. I’ve infiltrated your blood so that your heart beats only for ME. I’ve danced on  your soul claiming it as my own. Do you really think tucking me away will get rid of the impact I have had on you and will continue to have on  you?

I’ve altered your DNA.. corrupted it.. to turn you into nothing more than a helpless walking Posh pet. To make you into the kind of robotic disciple of MY law which I deserve to have. Obedient, weak, vulnerable.. so go ahead, and tuck me away, but you will never be able to wash your mind clean of MY influence. When you finally take one sip, just one little sip, you won’t be able to stop. It will taste so good to give in and feel that power taking over your body. Your mind on empty is so tempting and your body out of your control entices you to no end, you just want one more sip and another.

This is your fate. To be drunk on MY addicting spell, to be warped and helpless under MY control, to be weak and mindfucked for more of MY sweet venom. It makes you feel so good, admit it. Say it, it makes you feel SO good to be under the control of Posh.  Admit how it feels to be a wallet for me, an objectified pay pig who LOVES to be drained and emptied over and over again. Can  you really escape from that feeling? Do you really have what it takes to undo the brainwashing, the addiction, the mindfuck that I give you? Are you strong enough?

You’re not .. are you. Even if you were, you don’t want to, because it feels so damn good to be used by a superior Goddess. It feels SO good to be abused for Goddess. To be manipulated into doing things you didn’t even know you wanted to do.. it makes you crumble in weakness. Nothing feels as good as giving in and admitting how weak you are. Trying to fight it takes so much out of you. It’s much easier to just give in and focus on how much more meaningful your life is now that you have Goddess to serve. Serving a superior woman feels so much better than denying your addiction and ignoring it. That only drives you mad with lust and need.

See didn’t reading that make you feel so good and weak..

In Holiday news My tree is going up this week! It’s white with pink bulbs and soooooo cute. I have so many ornaments for it, from Eric last Christmas, and now I expect you to start sending my gifts WRAPPED UP to go under my tree. I received another gift from my helpless Arizona Addict (you know who you are) and he wrapped that one up with a note too – that’s how I expect ALL of my gifts to arrive.

Good boy Eric for finally giving into your Goddess and expecting NOTHING in return from me.

So addicted financial slaves you can shop on my wishlist & send me MORE presents!

There WILL be a live broadcast this week. Stay tuned.

Until then, wallets out, cocks put away and minds weak and mushy ALL for Poshy.

Goddess Posh

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