Addicted To MY Holy Words

There is a line between those who are financial submissives and those who are hypnojunkies which is quite thin. Often, I attract the extremes and lead them both somewhere to the middle where not only do I toil with their minds but empty their wallets and leave them very addicted to ME. Some might say- “I only wanted you for hypnosis but you changed that about me” and others might say- “I thought it was simply a game where I could give you cash and walk away but you addicted me”.. and I will hear from both- “What did you DO to me? What the hell happened? What is this magic you used on me?” and to that I will giggle and I will then be the one to WALK AWAY.

Of course you follow.

Even those of you who TRY to disappear don’t do a very good job of it. I see you…

Mmm hmmm all of those visits to MY website have been CAUGHT & recorded. I have you red-handed obsessing over me. FOR HOURS. It’s kinda creepy, I mean you have a day off from work and you stay inside ALL day drooling over ME.

Ya, that’s right, I see OBSESSED people.

For instance, Redlands California is hosting a VERY addicted Posh Puppet. He thinks he’s been hidden from MY view, but oh he hasn’t. I know he’s back here every single day for hours. I know he dreams of seving me- AGAIN. Yes, I know exactly WHO you are.

And, Mr. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I know who you are TOO. And, I’ll be charging you $1.00 per minute you are on my website. Let’s see, last I looked you were well over 27 hours. You do the math…

The best part is even though you know I can see you it won’t stop you from coming back. Like I said before, you can never get enough POSH. I’ve laid the trap and you’ve walked right into it regardless of the danger. It’s so easy to forget about all of that and just do what is right, what feels good, and serve ME. Serving ME is the ultimate experience in submission and you do not care about the potential danger, do you puppet boy.. No no no, you ONLY care about bringing pleasure into MY world.

I have a great new clip out that you NEED to see. It’s so sexy, so erotic, so dirty and it’s all about YOUR WIFE! I caught her selling those holes trying to make up for the debt you’ve created in your quest to keep ME satisfied, and I decided to blackmail her and turn her into MY little sex toy. YUM. Now you’re BOTH a bitch for me. Do you think I’d have it any other way?

Your Wife Is A Prostitute:

Oh and for the record: I WANT MORE. Give MORE to me my little zombie sheep. My robo POSH pets, I am commanding you to give MORE MORE MORE to ME. I want MORE money, I want MORE gifts, I want MORE giftcards. I want MORE of you being obsessed, weak and FUCKED over by Me.

Also, don’t call me on niteflirt if you just want to jerk off. My financial slaves KNOW better. Chastity is a MUST. I will NOT enable you to jerk off to women. I am not a sex object. I am not here to make your pathetic dick cum. I believe you can do that all on your own, and if not, well that’s YOUR problem. You will always respect me when you call, respect my power, my authority and you will not touch your nasty peepee or try to masturbate because I will always know if you are. Don’t think I can’t hear it in your voice you sick pervert.


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Come puppet, come victimize your WALLET for me. Max those credit cards, empty that bank account, take out a LOAN. Do this ALL for ME ME ME.Click the links, shop to MY hearts content. Click the LINKS, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the link, SHOP to MY hearts content. CLICK the LINKS, SHOP to MY HEARTS content. CLICK THE LINKS, SHOP TO MY HEARTS CONTENT.


Join My Members Area- I don’t post ALL of my clips, just enough to leave you HOOKED and desperate for more:

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Broken Soul
10 years ago

The mind is the most precious thing we have. Once i let Goddess into mine, it’s never been the same place. Sure, She can stimulate parts of my mind to give me mindblowing, soul shattering orgasms, when i am extremely lucky. But mainly She pours in the poison, increases the corruption, twists it into Her domain so that i don’t know myself. There is a small part of me in here left, holding on and screaming in the terror and the agonised ecstasy as i powerlessly am victim to what She does to me. My home within my mind is… Read more »

David S
David S
10 years ago

I tried to please Goddess, and succeeded for a while, but I am no longer worthy of her. As she’s asked of me, I must apologize for not giving her all I could, and all she deserves. I selfishly thought of my finances before her. I failed my test as her loyal follower and as such I’m unworthy to serve a Goddess such as her. My punishment for my betrayal is to be cut off for future affection and clips of Goddess. I’m no longer worthy of her attention or affection, and know for my selfishness I can never hope… Read more »