You came to me in the middle of the night, begging to understand how you could be so much in love with the one which destroyed your existence as you knew it and forced you to see reality-

and what a lonely wretched creature you have allowed yourself to become under the facade I ripped away, the smile that was plastered onto your pathetic weak attempt at being normal was wiped away by me in one foul swoop.

The reality I have chosen for you is a privilege many spend every day of their lives wishing they could have- every breath you take will be in my name. I am there now, in your deepest thoughts, a voyeur into your soul exposing each secret you’ve buried long ago. Your life is in my hands and you can not escape, and deep down inside you know you don’t want to. There has never been an acquisition of another persons being as successful as my acquisition of you.

Those of you who long to become a part of my life, I can complete you. I will complete you, the same way I complete him and so many others. I will surround your life with my essence, controlling every move you take, allowing you to serve me with every ounce of your being. It takes time to learn the inner workings of your mind, and the journey to complete surrender is as thrilling as the destination.

The journey starts here.

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