A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

A Seductive Slide Into Addiction

With so much delicious candy available from YOURS TRULY you are in serious danger since you aren’t capable of resistance and I know you will engorge yourself  ALL on ME. You’re in danger of losing EVERYTHING to Goddess but the best part is you don’t even care that you’re the prey.

So of course as usual you aren’t going to be able to deny yourself your most favorite thing ever (MORE OF ME) so you are going to RUN and buy this new clip A Seductive Slide Into Addiction as soon as I release it!

That’s right, it’s not available yet. Awwwwww soooooo sad, you have to wait. I’m just being kind enough to give you the heads up because I know you are sooooo thirsty for more of my sweet sweet venom. And THIS VIDEO is that. It’s a HARD FAST SLIDE deep into addiction.

I’ve been blessed that I have a natural sensuality about me. Between my voice, personality, curves and penetrating eyes it’s a lethal combination for a man. Naturally you respond to me with weakness. Looking at me makes you lose all of your self-control.. say bye-bye to having will power because I’ve got other plans for you. I love taking you deep under and watching as you helplessly slide out of control.. helplessly slide into addiction.. helplessly surrender yourself completely to me.. mmmm

You are soooooo excited to watch this new financial domination clip, you love seeing ME, GODDESS POSH, dominating over you with exquisite beauty, superior intellect and complete entitlement. I know I deserve to be worshiped, loved and served and you adore that about me. You admire the fact that I am so entitled and confident.

In the meantime while you wait for this video to be released you will busy yourself with PLEASING ME! Busy bee’s make the QUEEN BEE happy. MORE HONEY FOR THE HIVE. So buzz off and bring me back all the cash and gifts you can .. because that’s what a good little bitch does.

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