a little quickie

a little quickie

My week has gone by quickly, with yet another successful acquisition of another persons being. Really, I’m not surprised and neither are you. It’s become quite common.

Firstly, my footbitch is becoming quite entwined around the soles of my feet as I slowly drain his soul and replace it with the aching desires of pampering and pleasing me.

I’ve had nerdling on edge about his annoying behavior and immature antics. He just wants to fit in but his tendency to try and do so is often irritating. I keep him highly aroused by not only allowing him to view my cam randomly, but by encouraging him to buy clips from Ally as he adores her breasts. He’s a bit of a pervert, no?

The clips I’ve done which use mind control and hypnosis have really sealed the fate of addiction to Posh for a lot of men. They watch and can not stop watching, nor stop themselves from obeying my orders. It is truly beautiful to have men succumbing to all of my commands, what can I say, it speaks to me. hahaha

Right now I am on cam with my pretty feet torturing boys, they can not stand how cute my toes are. It is pure torture to not be able to really touch my feet. Ahh well, watching them on cam is the next best thing. Knowing that you have pleased me is even better.

Today has been a hardcore financial lust day. I’ve been feeling my addictive nature becoming more abusive towards my pets, pushing them further than their limits can handle, and taking more cash and gifts than they truly can afford. It is just bliss for me to feed my greed, and to see you suffering in the name of MY joy gives me a kinky sense of satisfaction.


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