A Glimpse Into My Superior Money Domme Mind

It’s no secret that I’m invasive. Like a surgeon carefully pulling you apart, making the necessary repairs and then stitching you back up again. I am precise, and thorough. I leave no part of you untouched, and all of you modified. When I stand back and admire my work I see an abused, but nurtured, man that has been twisted into my own little creation.

Before now none have been given the opportunity to look into the eyes of this captor and get into my head. It’s always my greedy words swarming on loop in your mind, tugging at the strings that control you. Never are my layers truly pulled back enough for you to get the full picture. In fact, because of the mystery around me I have you even more captivated and you forget to put up a fight. You forget to resist and simply just give up control completely. Distracted with your burning need to know who I am and what it is that is lurking behind my eyes.

It might be dangerous, Goddess has been known to set traps. Yet, your obsession makes you feel compelled to know.. you couldn’t pass up something like this. Something so intimate.. a glimpse into the mind of your Goddess.. into my psyche.

(click the pic!)

My files are available for sale privately as well as on clipvia, clips4sale and niteflirt .. so plenty of options for you addicts to choose from, although since you’re an addict you did already know that didn’t you…

This file is smaller on clips4sale at 720p so a much faster download.

Also congrats to good boy william for buying me the ring I so wanted! It should be here this week and I can’t wait to wear it.

And … congrats to John for going 38 days without orgasm!

I just love being a Money Domme and raping boys wallets and draining you pay pigs and cash slaves of everything you’ve worked for.. mmmm the life of a financial domme is unrivaled. I am quite pleased with my cash puppets and am looking forward to a week of hard deep wallet draining… especially yours. Yes.. I’m talking to you.

Goddess Posh

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Under the Influence

A glimpse into the mind of Goddess is more than enough to stomp down and smash my psyche and leave me as an obedient servant.

Super Member
Money Slave Bitch

Goddess Posh, a dive into your psyche in order to get to know you better, is like a late Christmas gift to me. An opportunity not to be missed out. I am sure after doctor Posh has operated, the subject will fit its purpose and reality with perfection. After a journey in Your head coming up again we might not understand the outside world, but somehow we understand your words better than before, ready to comply without reasoning. “Doctor Posh another appointment pleeease!

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

mmm thank you Goddess Posh ! you last clip is a great trip in your world, in your mind, it feels so good to drawn in your words ! I love you so much Goddess Posh!