A few of my favorite things.. (Again)

*Waking up to an account brimming with the green dough from my European puppets who were busy sending me sweet sweet cash all morning while I slept in.

*Knowing grown men are on their knees, literally, half way around the world aching for the chance to meet me as they are filled with insurmountable desires of giving it all up on my behalf.

*Fixing men with excessive arrogance and out of control egos by using my intelligence to coerce them into submission, persuading them down to their knees bowing at my feet and squashing any sign of insolence out of them using my heels, leaving them allllll better..

*Understanding that being a woman really is a powerful thing, and encouraging other women to discover this for themselves because the more women who know their strengths the stronger all of us are.

*When Paul falls to his knees and cries, begging for mercy, and pleading for compassion only to feel the hand of greed choking the life out of him instead and THEN comes back for more as often as possible.

*When men who are admiring me for months finally get up the courage to approach me, and after admitting their fears, I wrap my world, my essence, around them like a bubble and keep them safe.. for now ..

*Posh Junkies that swoop in and buy all my clips, repeatedly, adding to their shrine of me and building their insatiable obsession until its unbearable and they crumble in a puddle of brainwashed subservience begging for the chance to give me whatever I want.

*Using my feet, and only my immaculate Goddess feet, to control the actions of others.

*Making people feel uncomfortable with themselves because I am myself.

*Controlling men through diet & chastity. They say a way to a mans heart is his stomach and cock.. and I found that’s the way to his wallet as well..

*Trapping you in a cage, like a wild bird, and keeping you as my special pet to take out and play with as I see fit.

*The use of psychological torment and emotional entrapment, sadistic in the least, to wear down defenses of those who try to challenge me and taking money from them as a sign of the true power exchange, leaving them with the knowledge that they never stood a chance in the first place and that all the truth’s they now know will never go away and their reality is forever changed as they are forced to live with the fact that they are nothing without me.

And of course, we can’t leave out all of my favorite MATERIAL things. . that would be ridiculous..

*Luxury sheets, its only fitting I should be surrounded in Egyptian Cotton Sateen as you work extra hard to afford me the things I


*Vacations to warm sandy beaches, hidden get-a-ways and places of historical significance where I can face adventure and leisure, all on your dime of course.


*Irresistible perfumes to lightly scent my already heavenly neck, like Gucci by Gucci.


*Flats & Heels designed with a Goddess in mind, mmm, sliding into a pair of these shoes knowing you paid for them is bliss.



This will do for now, don’t want to get your imagination too wild, you wouldn’t be able to handle it..

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