A Craving to Obey your Financial Domination Goddess

What can an addict do but wait on his weak helpless knees for his next dose… in Poshtopia I keep you bitches and toys waiting like you should be.. I don’t bend to your need or craving, but you always bend to whatever I want. I know that the wait only makes each hit that much STRONGER.. that much more EFFECTIVE! In fact you know it too and you see the danger lurking ahead but alas you can not stop yourself from being pulled evermore toward it. Like you’re already aware a puppet on strings just doesn’t get to choose anything. It’s lifeless until I breathe life into it.. purposeless without my expert hands manipulating the binds that wrap around your body and sink deep into your mind.

Which is why, if you haven’t yet, you will immediately buy my new mindfuck file A Craving to Obey .. because I just pushed that button that makes you want to CLICK and SPEND and because like the addict you are.. you are JONESING for more of ME.


It hurts to go without Goddess, doesn’t it .. it hurts to be deprived of providing pleasure to me.. it hurts to be left without your Goddess and without purpose. Because you are wired to need Me, to need THIS. But you’ll never know if you were wired that way before me, or because of me. My Venus Sway mindwash leaves you never certain of where your thoughts and feelings have originated from. Was it always there, part of your DNA .. part of your core.. or did Goddess implant you with her own programming, rewire you to fit her desires.. which is it.. well my helpless little strung out puppet, you’ll never know! But I do.. I know very well, just like I know you very well.. everything about you. What makes your flesh tingle with pain and pleasure, what darkness hides in your mind and in your heart, what temptations you can’t resist.. what triggers you into a drone state for me.. everything about you is exposed and vulnerable to Goddess.


Manipulating you from a weak helpless boy into a drone that can’t stop clicking on me, can’t stop sending MY money for me, can’t stop being treated like nothing more than a wallet to be opened up and drained over and over again.. well it’s all so very satisfying to me. It does give me great enjoyment when I’m counting all the money you helplessly send. Each crisp bill and reminder of MY power and your total absolute adoration of me and incapability to stop me and WEAKNESS for me! We both know that it’s my money anyway. It doesn’t make any sense for you to cling onto cash that is MINE. I am THE FINANCIAL GODDESS after all, I am GODDESS POSH, and you are a DRONE TOY WALLET HELPLESS PUPPET BITCH .. so why should you ever hang onto the money that is mine? Oh it’s simple, you can’t. You don’t have it in you. You only have it in you to click on me again and again while I sit back and allow the pampering and luxury to pleasure me. You suffer and I don’t.

Remember that, always. YOU SUFFER AND I DON’T. 

VIP boys I’ll be adding more photos to the Goddess gallery & more Financial Domination radio content this week, including an update on all the cash and gifts I receive. SPOILED BOYS, YOU ARE ALL SO SPOILED. I can’t be spoiled though, because unlike you I am ENTITLED to everything I receive.. it’s all MINE and I deserve it ALL and there is no other way around that. You don’t deserve a single thing from me though, and with every little bit you receive you become more and more spoiled which means I have to do things to you that make you hurt. It’s for your own good. It’s called balance. I make you hurt and you make me happy. mmmmmm.

Now make yourself useful and shop on my amazon (unless your name is Poshatized Puppet, you don’t get to haha), then send me a cash tribute (even you Poshatized Puppet) because I said so.


Goddess Posh

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7 years ago

thank you Goddess for hurting me. you deserve everything its only right that i suffer.

Poshatized Puppet
Poshatized Puppet
7 years ago

Thank You for allowing me to tribute You. Yes i crave to do so and i am aware that a lot of my behavior is a direct result of Your manipulation.

7 years ago

Thank you Goddess Posh for the new clip, you’re so generous to give new Fix for helpless too drones
We need it so much, because we are so addicted, so helpless without you, but so helpless too with you, yours words, Nobody can resist to you, but nobody want try to escape from poshtopia, because it s the only way for yours pets and i am so proud to be owned by you