Wow so much has been happening. No time to write about it all. I’ve been slipping into the distance just observing. I had a great weekend, I’ll be making a clip about it eventually. You’ll just have to wait patiently won’t you.

Now, on to more important things- I am headed back to school this Winter. I’m still going to ‘CC so tuition isn’t outrageous but I plan on transferring to University in the fall. I’m studying Anthropology and once have my bachelors am going for a Masters in Archaeology. Very happy with this decision. So I only have 5 semesters of school left before I have my degree.

Anticipate me being less around but more greedy when I am here.

I’ll be around later to write a more fulfilling entry, for now you can open your favorite journal entry or clip of me, reread or play repeatedly & max out your CC on paypal for ME.

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