I’m back! I had a great time on vacation. There was so much to do I’ve forgotten most of it already. Time goes by way too quickly when you’re away from home. I’m glad to be back though, my pets were happy to see me- those that walk on 4 legs, and those that are worshiping and adoring me.

I’m keeping this brief, because I still have a lot of unpacking to do, catching up with slaves and friends and family to do, and will be around on and off for a while. I was on cam last night and if you weren’t there to witness it, so sorry- better luck next time!

Don’t think I won’t make time to manipulate my way back into your wallet. For those of you that didn’t keep yourselves busy sending me cash all week, I have extra ammunition in store for depleting your bank accounts back down to zero! Yummy.

Yahoo IM- perfectly_poshprincess

Go ahead, try and make my day.


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