Vacation slowly approaches for me, and for you it’s too fast coming. I won’t have access to the online world , okay I will but I choose not to interact with you while I’m gone. Unless someone is in LA or nearby and wants to chauffeur myself and my friends around, as well as spend a hefty amount of cash on moi, than I am anticipating total freedom from you Posh junkies.

Better get in all of the Poshy dosages you can now. You may start with giftcards sent to.. dun dun dun- From Macy’s, Old Navy, JCPenny, Victoria Secrets and Wow you better get busy! After this, you may begin your wallet draining exercises either via my lovely niteflirt buttons, or by the preferred online payment website. Only, if you wish to do that you need my email addy for it, so earn it! Of course, you can deepen your addiction by buying all of my clips, and watching them over and over.

Onto some personal addresses:

Paul- You’re going to be treated like a toddler since you act like one. You have a choice to make with two options, choose wisely. Either you follow orders and begin whoring yourself out for money or you face the ultimate humiliation from your girlfriend as I show her all of your photos, all of your clips, and I inform her of your behavior once again. However, I won’t stop there, as you know I have your friends list from facebook and each one will get an email from me including the same info I send to the old lady.

Footbitch- I will entice you even further into my world of debauchery and sin with lovely foot photos you’ve been waiting for. You are to remain locked up as I take my time teasing you, and torturing you. Hopefully you are learning things are to move my way, at my pace, rather than how you want it to.

Jordan- Your paypal is empty thanks to me. Let’s remote PC again today, and empty out another account!

WeakWilledOne- I never liked you, I think you’re a complete psycho with control issues. Every moment we spent together I was merely knocking your defenses down and getting what I wanted. And I did, I took it all, and now I’m done with you. You’ve never meant anything more to me than being an egotistical arrogant asshole which needed to be put in place. I don’t intend to keep up with you, as you’re not worth it anymore. I can’t even get the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacle from you, as now you’re crumpled up in a fetal position begging for mercy. There is nothing left for me to take, and your will is now broken. This is the end for you.

Will 1- Buh Bye

Will 2- I saw right through you from the beginning. Did you have fun reporting back to your Goddess how amazing I am? I’m sure you still think about me and wish she was half the woman I am. Good luck getting over me, but I know you’ll be back sending me gifts and cash, and buying my clips. She pretty much gave you the green flag on that when she told you to come to me and try to find out how I operate with slaves. Her insecurity is saddening, hopefully she can become her own person rather than try to fool me with spy slaves! For the future keep in mind they aren’t the best spies.

And speaking of .. spies..

So, a pervert confesses to me he “likes to look at youngens'”. Yeah, those were his exact words, among other not so pleasant ones. I know CBT isn’t my thing most of time, as you probably are well aware of. I enjoy LIGHT cock/ball torture when the mood strikes. But I’m no dahlmer. When it comes to you creeps though I will not only string you up by your balls and leave you hanging from the rafters at a sadistic gay party but I will report you to the police. I do not like you animal or kiddo fuckers, and the least I can do is report you. I’m not into it at all. It’s disgusting and if you come at me with that I will track your IP and report you immediately, so go fuck yourself instead of an innocent person.

Why I left

I really like both Vina and Vilified from the interactions I’ve had with them. Obviously though the site is overrun with a bunch of really boring nagging bitches, and their really lame and toting slaves. No, I am not referring to ALL the members. I just am not a social person, and being on a social site really gave the impression that I am. Well, I’m not! I’m not into being friends with Dommes, or subs. If you’re not here to worship and serve me, or to create a business connection with me, most likely I will not be interested in knowing you. I really respect my fellow Dommes, but that doesn’t mean I have to be buddy buddy with them. Why didn’t I just stay on the site anyways, as a way to promote myself? Because, I didn’t like the direction the site was going. While it was being advanced technologically it was boring to read the same blogs from the same women who had the same NOTHING to say, and I realized I didn’t want to be associated with that. So to V and Vfied, you guys are great, and I know you won’t take this personally. A lot of people kept approaching me and asking why I left, so I decided to just make this a public response so people can stop freaking out. Don’t take my word on it though, form your own opinion and join, it’s perfect for those of you who enjoy self-promotion and social interaction.

Goddess Posh

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